Collection: First Pleiadian Encounters

My chronicle of over six years of psychic contact with two Pleiadians following nearly two years of successful Monroe Institute hemi-sync meditation training. The following collection evolved from the First Encounters notes to now – all the notes and linked notes about those encounters.

First Encounter (6/27/16)

(No EC Shielding in the first three encounters)1


I had a long steady meditation today; able to catch and settle out stray thoughts, memory loads, misc images; a tight solid mediation, catching stray thoughts at the root of their emergence.

Later this evening I was watching a Netflix series and getting bored with it I shut it off. In that silence I paused for a moment contemplating how I might use the rest of my evening when suddenly, I heard as clear as if someone was standing next to me say, “We wish to speak to you”. This was strongly enunciated in my mind, with the clarity of being audible, surprisingly strong and clear.

I was skeptical however, about things popping into my mind, but since this was so clear and I discounted the last time something like this happened I thought I better check this out2. That last happened a few weeks ago. I recognized a call from Devenoir and I dismissed it as a result of my bad tempered mood at the time.

What struck me about this contact was not just the strong clarity of this voice but that it had a distinct worldly material quality about it, rather than the distant ethereal atmospherics I note in communications with non-physicals.

I wondered if my usual contacts wanted to speak with me why didn’t they take the opportunity during my earlier meditation? But I decided to be open so I went back into meditation and responded, “I am willing to listen to any that speak knowledgeably in truth, free of guile or deceit”. In response I heard, “We wish to arrange a meeting”.

I was of course totally skeptical about that but thought I’d go with this, see where this might lead, and then I heard, “We see you are familiar with this mode of communication”. I replied, “How are you doing this?” They explained “It has been implanted – not an implant as you think – it is a thought-construct that has been implanted [in you]”.

That didn’t surprise me given the modifications made in the past outside of focus 27 by those I call the Intellect Engineers, associates of some Master Creators. For a moment I wondered if this could be communications from the thought-construct ship (Sa-Tash’s vessel) which I recently encountered while it was docked in focus 27 during the Exploration 27 course. I immediately rejected that as conjecture. I seemed to know that idea was wrong.

There was a pause in the communications and I decided not to hurry things, curious to see how this would go, so I thought I would give it time to unfold. This reminded me of my first meeting with the entity I nick-named The Traveler, who for fun I also called Tatooine. So given the apparent long pause I left the meditation, got up and went to put some dishes away; stuff like that.

After that I returned to my room thinking about how sudden and clear the earlier awareness was. That is unusual. After a few moments of thinking about this I went back into meditation to see if they would resume communications after this pause. Once I settled in I announced, “I am ready to accept your contact at this time.”

Again there was a pause but now I felt a presence so I called out asking, “Who are you?” In reply I heard, “We are ple……memm…..nms…pla….. mmm…ediumns [trying to understand their pronunciation] – Pleiadians3“. I bowed to the presence in greeting as is my custom.

Puzzled I said, “[I don’t understand] You wish to speak with me“? “Yes – You have knowledge of times”, they answered. Wondering if they were referring to the knowledge gift the Middle Council gave me about a year ago which I can’t access I replied, “I’m not sure I have the knowledge you need”. “You do”, they insisted emphatically.

“We wish to concur … [(?) – language barrier – (?) – unclear], conjoin[?] … council[?] … to discuss in council. Is this allowed?” they asked. I considered their request wondering if purposes stated by other superiors would allow this. Should I open conversation with an off-Earth species without some direction from greater Purpose? I wondered about that for a moment, but then I made my decision and answered, “If you wish to speak with me truthfully, free of any deception, then yes. I am willing to be in contact with you”.

I inquired, “Are you able to form an image or representation of yourselves so that I may apprehend you as individuals?” “Yes. We are two”, was replied. Loose images began to form before me on the order of 15 feet away and then more clearly, I saw the image of a tall man with long straight blonde hair and fair complexion dressed in a form-fitting garment.

Another image emerged and I perceived a women shorter then the man standing to the man’s left. She also appeared fair with long straight blond shoulder-length hair; dressed the same as the other individual. Both individuals appeared to be at the height of their physical prime; in perfect athletic fitness; appearing to have radiant health; evolved mental composure.

The male I considered would be a handsome man to many, but the woman – as we looked at each other – I was absolutely stunned by her overpowering amorous beauty; like something pierced through me. She completely overwhelmed me. Whatever composure I had – it was now gone.

The image that appeared as the man addressed me, “I am Atur and this is Anosh”, as he gestured to the women beside him. Again I offered a small bow in greeting them both. Seeing they could open communications with me from who knows where I asked, “You are more advanced than I, why speak with me?”

The two turned and looked at each other as if puzzled by my statement or considering something. I was aware there was something they wished to say so I asked them, “What do you wish to convey”? Instantly there was a powerful rush of information that came across as rapid streaming compressed complexes of notions; ideas that I could only just glimpse while not grasping the whole conceptualization. Overwhelmed I interrupted them saying, “Please slow your communication rate”, and then there was dead silence.

I felt I lost my meditation state; mentally grappling with maintaining my grip on our engagement. I began to over-think everything as I sought to recover from the transfer load and from – the unavoidable awareness of Anosh’s presence.

To deflect that I ask, “What is it you wish to council regarding”? “We wished at this time to seek permission from you. This contact is formal”, they explained. There was a pause as I detected another dropout in my mental state of awareness. Then they began to withdraw and as the images faded I was left with the impression this was the first step into something new.

Follow-up note (6/28/16)

This morning I googled names of Pleiadians and the first hit was a discussion by a women describing her experience with Pleiadians via her Quiji board. She explained how all the names of the Pleiadians she encountered via Quiji began with the letter A and the Pleiadian names her friends also all started with A. I accepted this as something like a coincidental validation that I should continue to accept the previous evening’s experience as authentic, at least for now. I will wait without dismissing any thoughts and see where this leads. I will however, if we have another encounter, request the in-person visit. I could use something tangible to interact with.

7/12/16 The Second Meeting w/ Atur and Anosh

Again bored watching TV after a long busy stressful day, I became aware of visitors. They didn’t have to say anything. I seemed to recognized them – that it was happening. So I allowed myself to settle in for a mediation, got my ear plugs and light blind for my eyes.

First I requested to all about me to only allow truth in this contact – free of delusion. Then I announce, “I am ready. Who is there”? Next I clearly heard, “It is Atur and Anosh”. I requested, “Would you please form an image”. “This is not allowed”, they answered.

I wondered suspiciously about that but in a moment I thought it made sense – to not become dependent on images so I added, “You understand that I have all the influences of being human, capable of self-deception, delusion, and misunderstandings. If I cannot apprehend you clearly how would I know what you say”? They answered only saying, “Understood”.

I decided I would listen to what they had to say as they continued, “We wish to assist you”. I countered, “In what way do you intend to assist”? ‘With your training”, they added but I retorted, “I have had mentors before that I believed would teach me, help me to learn. Why should I not think you will be here one moment only to be gone the next”, I challenged? “Very astute”, is all they offered in reply.

For sake of conversation I asked, “I don’t know that referring to you as Pleiadians is correct or that my enunciation is proper but should I consider you are from the region that on Earth we call the Pleiades Constellation”? “Yes. That is correct”, they answered. “We will be a physical representation”, they added.

I asked, “Who is sending you”? “The Great Ones”, they answered. I stated, “Previously you said you wish to arrange a meeting”. “Yes”, they answered. “When will that be”? I inquired. “Soon”, is all they would say and I thought, sure I’ve heard that before.

I added, “Since you state that you will be a physical representation I will conclude the truth of these conversations when that representation actually occurs. This validation will depend on you. If there is no physical contact I can only conclude this is a delusion and that will certainly reflect on everything that has transpired. If I am deluded about this, I can be deluded about much more”, I bluntly stated to them.

After a bit, the conversation seems to fade in clarity or conviction. I recognized the external contacts seemed to be evaporating for me.

Aug 24th, 2016 Another Conversation w/ Atur and Anosh

I am skipping earlier events of the day.

Later this day I had numerous realizations; a growing awareness that something was reaching out to me but I kept on with my schedule of daily stuff feeling disinclined to be lured into a possible wild goose chase based on some whim of a thought.

That evening while in the kitchen I again has this sense and decided to go into manual meditation (w/o hemi-sync). I proceeded to focus 12 to see what’s up. After a moment I was settled in and announced, “I am now available to receive your communication”, and I waited. To my surprise since I had gotten use to many sessions resulting in what I call ‘dud’ experiences, I clearly observed a women.

She appeared at a distance on my 10:00 o’clock. There also appeared to be a man slightly behind her on my 11:00 o’clock; just behind her on her left as she faced me. I could not determine exactly what I was perceiving regarding the second figure.

After a pause, when the construct consolidated, the women slowly approached me until she stopped at a distance that I would describe as similar to 8 feet, if one may use the concept of distance. She was still roughly on my 10:00 o’clock position.

She appeared as a slender figure with long straight blonde or silver hair and a lovely face that I would describe as similar to a perfectly symmetric facial geometry of a slender European women with high cheekbones. She was – perfectly lovely.

I didn’t know who this was but seeing her face clearly I keenly felt this must be Anosh. I could not detect a specific expression on her face other than what I would describe as business-like. The whole image of her was a soft white and I was certainly puzzled by what she wore.

She looked to be dressed in something of a most rudimentary gown. Draped from neck to just below her knees she wore a straight unfashioned plain cloth, like a sheet. There were no pockets, no stitchings, nothing that gave the garment any adornment or distinction. Actually when I considered it, the garment reminded me of a hospital gown. She was bare foot. As strange as the appearance was, the image of her was quite clear – of that there was no doubt.

Later, in hind-sight, I realized in the past I’ve been quite intimidated by the goddess-like beauty of some feminine encounters. They can stir strong attracting-conflicting emotions during communications, but in this case, dressed as she was, she presented a very neutral aspect of herself which allowed me to process our encounter free of any distracting effect on my part, so to speak.

I greeted her placing my hand over my heart but didn’t know why I did that rather than offer the small bow, as is my customary greeting practice. I’ve never done this with anyone else.

The women, in a manner that conveyed no emotion, looked at me and asked in a rather strong business-like tone, “What does that gesture mean?”

Surprised by her blunt question and by what I did I explained, “This is my way of expressing my intention to be truthful in greeting, to express the compassion that I share with those I hold dear with those I am meeting – to express my sincerity”.

I inquired who they were though I suspect but found I had passing moments of poor acuity in understanding what I was knowing their responses to be. This immediately frustrated me.

Then this woman took a few steps closer to me. She was just four feet away or so. Abruptly, and quite bluntly, this figure again in a business-like tone addressed me saying, “You are sad. Why are you sad?, as if the observer was only generally familiar with humans and our emotional circumstances.

I was taken off-guard by her personal question but realized I was in a rather unenthusiastic mood; tired of these experiences going nowhere, the often unclear and cryptic messages I’m left with and the poor apprehension of the full content of the encounters. But now – there was no doubt – this individual had read me quite clearly.

I realized – I was sad. I didn’t know why but I felt I should offer her some honest account of my feelings since she asked and so I explained, “It saddens me to be loosing the ability to detect these meetings more clearly. I have met some in the past whom I became attached to but now I am no longer able to contact them clearly as I once had. This loss discourages me. It saddens me to see those relationships diminish”. As I said this I fell into the depths of my sadness.

For a moment I tried to determine who the other figure was but I just could not lock in on apprehending that portion of the image. Then I felt I had a mind-to-mind contact with who I guessed to be Atur. In response to this sense I understood something like a confirmation regarding this identity but I questioned the discussion content with him as that connection seemed tenuous. I just wasn’t sure what it meant.

At one moment I inquired regarding the previously discussed meeting and received confirmation that was being planned. I sought to convince myself, if that was Atur – then this is indeed Anosh, but why would she be dressed like that I wondered.

The sadness grew on me as things were not more clear. I reminded myself I had no reason to conclude this female figure was actually Anosh; that I was jumping to conclusions. I also wondered whether I was truly communicating with Atur. It all began to fall apart.

I became very frustrated by the situation and for the sake of conversation I bluntly inquired, “Why are we meeting? What is it you seek?” I don’t remember which of the two responded but I heard, “This communication is for developing acquaintance”.

I struggled with detecting any sort of consistent stream of conversation. Questions I offered seemed to disappear into the blackness; detecting no reply. After awhile, frustrated with the situation I said, “If we are to develop acquaintance then I need communication.” I sensed that was understood but again the stream of communications was becoming more sparse to me. I really didn’t know what I was actually receiving any longer.

In time the whole thing bummed me out. I grew tired of trying to communicate with the fading images. I thought to myself, if we are to communicate let’s communicate and I lost interested in struggling with this contact any further and then Anosh disappeared. I focused on the mind-to-mind contact with Atur.

I wondered if I was being chauvinistic trying to communicate with Atur when it was Anosh that opened this conversation with me but I know what it was. I was avoiding contact with who I knew was the overpowering and beautiful Anosh; the apparent inner conflict I find in myself?

The whole experience saddened me and I announced I was leaving the conversation; that I could not apprehend them adequately to maintain any meaningful conversation and so I gave up and left the meditation.

During Starlines I: October 2016

Tuesday AM session Ex 2: F42 – Visiting Orion Nebula

In this session I tried to get to the Orion Nebula but only encountered a welcome message, nothing else. Then suddenly I found myself unexpectedly yanked back instantly appearing at TMI Voyager 8. I again saw the small craft with the two alien pilots docked along side V8. They stated they were there to take me to the Pleiadian system so I accepted and we left.

After traveling a bit we entered some planet’s atmosphere and descending I observed something like a landing area fashioned on an immense rock pedestal jutting up through and partially shrouded by the clouds. It was – an amazing sight.

During the approach I could see below two individuals waiting at the landing area. Once landed, meeting the two, I had the impression but could not see clearly identify that these two individuals were indeed Atur and Anosh, the two Pleiadians I met previously.

We greeted each other and they led me from the landing area which now seemed as an adjacent appendage to a greater structure that was more deeply shrouded in the clouds. We entered what I would describe as an enormous hall of great height. Once inside the hall I saw it towered above us as an enormous cathedral shaped structure having immense stone arches . The structure was a staggering height to see, awesome in appearance. After allowing me some time to look at the structure above the two started the conversation impressing me that this was Atur & Anosh.

They explained that they generally work in pairs. I understood they are somehow related to humans in a larger cosmic sense and that they are aware of the utility of working in female/male pairs when addressing humans. They conveyed a bit about themselves and somethings I learned was that Anosh has a love of planetary (earth-like) bodies and animals which is her principal interest. Atur I learned is interested in cultures and civilization [engineering]. These two explained they had messages for me to give to mankind, to be delivered per my knowledge of the timetable. We had a flurry of various discussion topics that I can’t bring back. Following this I was returned to Voyager 8.

Dec 25th, 2016 – Brief Encounter at the Alpha Squared Space Station Memory Room

~7:00PM (1:31LST) Fair to good EC shielding. 4.1 protons/cm3. Flares: A7 4

The segment below is an excerpt from a larger body of notes. In that context while going to AS42 (Alpha Squared in F42) I briefly encountered Atur and Anosh in the hallway outside my suite:

…. As I was about to enter my room (my suite at AS42) I noticed Atur and Anosh. I thought to disregard these images as they seemed out of context but then Anosh stepped up to me and placing her hand on my arm she said, “We are concerned. We detect your anguish”.

I tried to examine their faces to see whether I could determine whether this was truly them. It’s been a long time since I had clear glimpses of their faces but I could see in Anosh’s face her genuine concern and so I said to her, “Can you help me resolve this doubt, this never ending question about these experiences”?

She removed her hand from my arm and withdrew stepping back slightly as she said, “We cannot. It is not our domain [place to interfere]”. After this I thanked them, turned and entered my room…

4/28/2017: Segment from The Ancients chapter in the Collection: The Wise One & The Ancients

In these notes I went to visit the Chamberlain at The Tower in the City of the Elohim. Below is an excerpt about the Pleiadians:

….Inside I ascended the steps around the tower’s interior wall and soon arrived at the top level. It was at this time that I realized clearly this level did have a roof. That was something I puzzled over in the past, what was above that room? Immediately I detected the Chamberlain; approaching him I bowed slightly in greeting. “May I ask you a number of questions”, I began. To which he appeared to affirm I may.

“Chamberlain, do you have awareness of the history of my physical existence”. “I do”, he answered. I asked, “Then are you able to address questions I have that pertain to more then this book”, as I rested my hand on the book which had been the center of our previous conversations. “Yes. I am”, he patiently replied. “Can you tell me who is it you represent?” I asked. “Your family”, he replied. I continued, “Is there also a civilization, a community body with administration that you may represent?” He answered, but I was not able to understand his words. I realized the meaning he expressed indicated that the matter was beyond my comprehension at this time [in scale, scope, or construct].

Still keeping my right hand on the cover of the closed book, I sought to stay anchored and to maintain focus on constructing my questions, I turned to another topic, “Are you aware of the non-human life-forms I am encountering outside of the Earth system?” “Yes”, he again affirmed. “Are you aware of my contacts with the thought-vessel that travels across the Universe addressing paradoxes – the leader I know as Sa-Tash?” I asked. “That individual I do not know”, he replied, “However, I know of the purpose and tasks you refer to”.

“Why am I meeting this group – their craft?” I asked. “It is very important that you become familiar with the nature of their work”. He added, “You already understand its purpose”. As he said this I realized I did have more understanding of that purpose; that given the many levels and myriads of intentions creatively at work there are bound to be conflicts in intention. Some conflicting intentions that positively work together are constructive, while other interfering intentions may work destructively in some cases, appearing as dilemmas, paradoxes, disharmonies – these often requiring resolution.

After that tangential realization I returned my attention to the present moment with the Chamberlain, “Are you aware that the Pleiadians, Atur and Anosh, have contacted me? Is this truly so [actually Pleiadians]?” “Yes. We had coordinated with them in this matter”, he replied. I was surprised by his answer but it made sense as previously Atur and Anosh said they were sent by the Great Ones (above 7/12/16).

August 4th, 2017: Sa-Tash takes me to Visit Atur & Anosh – From Sa-Tash Collection

These past weeks has been very hard. So many things going wrong in big ways. What in the world is really going on? I just don’t get it. Why? I can’t get through at all in any of my meditations. What about these faint signals? Who knows. I suppose there is a reason for this but I don’t understand why someone won’t just tell me. I’ve more or less have given up trying. Two months from now I go to TMI. This is going to be a long dark wait.

Today I’m extremely tired; been quite sick for a couple of days. I’m fed-up with all of this. It’s like being in a trap, isolated. So I decided to go lay down for awhile with a couple of my large crystals. The large amethyst aways makes me feel better and I like to be with my large fluoride too. The two create deep tranquility. I also put on some good hemi-sync, zoned-out, and did nothing but breathe. I’m just gonna coast out – screw the mnemonics and focus levels – but then I was surprised to find my breathing was very connected; suddenly feeling the local mountains; the clouds rolling in – I could feel the energy. It was so good to just lay down and do nothing.

After awhile I caught a glimpse of F23 – so beautiful. Why let me see these things at all and then close me out? Why let me see any of it at all? After a long rest I went to the Crystal Monument (F27). It’s a comforting place for me.

Once there, touching this huge crystal, I decided I would just stay here and be with this great stone. After a long time I decided to sit down on one of the small benches that encircles it. Here too I did nothing but sit for a long time. Then, as I was looking out into the distance in F27 I was surprised to see Sa-Tash walking up. I don’t get it. Why would he be here? But regardless of what I thought, he was clearly there walking toward me.

“Sa-Tash is that you”, I asked and continued, “I don’t understand. Why are you here (in F27)”? “We are docked and I noticed you were here so I came to see you”, he explained. I was uncertain whether I believed what was happening. Then Sa-Tash offered, “Would you like to come with us?”, as he made an inviting gesture with his arm.

This was all so surprising. The signal was faint, but it was clear. What could this mean I wondered, but as he waited for me I thought what else do I have to do and so I agreed. We walked together a short distance from the Monument to a very tiny craft. I asked, “Why do we need a shuttle”? Sa-Tash replied in his pleasant diplomatic manner, “It is for effect”. I smiled.

The tiny craft took us up to his ship. The shuttle rose up to and entered through the lower vent of the craft. This appeared to be the same ship I was on before, when we first met during the Exploration 27 course. Once inside we walked to the piloting area. The command area seemed busy and Sa-Tash gestured directing I sit down in one of the piloting seats that was unoccupied. As I sat I observed Sa-Tash standing on the main corridor’s deck that separates the upper and lower levels of the piloting area. From there he gave a few commands and the ship leaped forward. Something – was it like light – raced across the view-screen.

As we traveled I asked Sa-Tash where we were going. He said, “We’re going to meet some friends of yours. I believe the names of your Pleiadian friends are Atur and Anosh. Surprised by his statement, and still a bit bewildered, I muttered yes in reply.

Very soon we appeared in the atmosphere of the planet where I had met Atur and Anosh before.  I saw the landing area below as I had seen it during the Starlines course. The ship descended but we came to hover over the landing area perhaps 25 feet above that deck rather than land. Then Sa-Tash and I went to the very small landing platform that used some sort of descending telescoping/elevator system. It had just enough room for us to stand together. Once on the landing platform we walked up to the two Pleiadians waiting for us and I recognized this was Atur and Anosh.

Walking up to greet them Atur reach out to shake hands with me and Anosh leaned forward giving me a small kiss. I didn’t understand why we were meeting. I wondered, is this really happening. Then Atur said to me, “We want you to know you are not alone. We are all with you”.

Gathering my wits, I turned to Sa-Tash and said more formally that it was very good to see him; that I am always glad to see him. Then I turned to Atur and Anosh and explained that I was also very glad to be with them as well.

Hardly a moment later I nearly began to cry saying, “I feel so far away. Once I could see but now I am nearly blind – and I don’t understand why”. I felt like I was mentally, emotionally – psychically broken as I could barely say, “I’m all alone there [alone among the humans]”. Then Atur said, “We know”, and Anosh added, “We understand”.

Emotionally crushed I muttered, “Everything – is just so far away”. Anosh took my hand and held it. Then I believe it was Sa-Tash who said, “We want you to know that you are not alone and that we are all with you”. Then they waited for me to compose myself.

What did I feel in Anosh’s hands? I can’t identify it. What was that feeling? We stayed together for quite awhile as I settled down. (For a brief instant I saw an alien face interleave and it was gone.) In time I felt better. It was so good to be with friends who understand.

After a long visit Sa-Tash turned slightly indicating it was time to go as he said, “I do not want to break my promise that we would take none of your time”. I smiled and after saying goodbye I turned and followed Sa-Tash to the ship. Once inside it was like we just disappeared. Everything was so fast. In a matter of heart beats we were in back in F27 at Earth.

Sa-Tash lead me to the small shuttle and returned me to the Crystal Monument. We didn’t have much for words in terms of goodbyes. After a brief moment at the Monument Sa-Tash turned away and left. I was alone standing next to this great crystal.

I remembered when I first encountered this phenomena when I was at Gateway (TMI). What does this structure mean?

October 2018: While at TMI Starlines 2

An excerpt from one session notes from the Starlines 2 Collection

We (the Wizard and I) began to traverse the City which appear to all be constructed of light. There were no shades of gray or darkness, only variance in brilliance as it was built with shafts, rays, and panels of light.

When we got to the Tower it too was made of light but now there was a different structure, one not of large stone block, but rather interlace bits of light. These too had another structure; one made of threads and rays, but still rectilinear.

Entering the Tower I saw the same staircase that spiraled up around the interior wall of the Tower. Looking at its structure, it was like seeing the Matrix but made out of white light, and this was clearly not machine code. We climbed the stairs and when we arrived at the top floor I briefly looked out at the City. The once glittering beautiful city rich with color in F21 now in F42 was completely made of light. Then I looked to the table that serves as the bookstand in my previous conversations with the Chamberlain and walked over to it.

When I looked down at the book I saw that it and the table were just as they were in F21, appearing vaguely real in their natural colors, not made of light at all. When the Chamberlain arrive he too appeared in varying brilliance of light. The Wizard then spoke up offering to explain that he was there to moderated my sense/direction of questions for the Chamberlain.

I asked him why we were meeting like this and he reached forward to the book on the bookstand before me, to open it. He opened to the first page we’ve discussed before, the one that shows the Earth surrounded – everything in position. After a moment’s pause, he turned the page slowly to the next and there I saw the image of one ship landed on Earth. I asked him, “What does this mean”? He replied softly, while gesturing to the image, “This ship is coming to meet you”.

I wondered who would be coming and he immediately responded as if knowing my thoughts, “The Pleiadians”. Continuing he said, “You already know this”. “Yes”, I replied. I was beginning to feel this when I was in Montana. It was then…. as if seeing, feeling their ship approach, like it was about to happen. I clearly thought it, that they are going to arrive, as they have said. Now I thought to myself, what joy that it would be as I have grown attached to both Atur and Anosh, my close friends and allies, that they would be here, ones that understand.

Then the Wizard abruptly interrupted saying to me, “Clarify when”. So I quickly asked the Chamberlain, “When will this be?” “Within the year…for you”. I made the mental note – by next Fall. It seems an eternity away but I also considered that I will then know the truth of this. In one year – one way or another – I will know. Then the Chamberlain turned and left. The Wizard and I also left together.

I can’t remember anything about getting back.

January 2nd, 2018: Brief Excerpt from the Acceptance (Jan 2018) notes

….When I turned away I suddenly found myself back from the memory chair. Then reentering my suite I approached Tellaidian and Sa-Tash. I first turned to Sa-Tash and taking his hand I said, “Sa-Tash, I hope to be all you need of me”, and then I turned to Tellaidian saying, “Master, I will go as you have directed. You have guided me well – far beyond. Please continue guiding me as your wisdom dictates”.

With that said, and slightly worn-out, I left the suite. In the hallway I found Atur and also Anosh who was standing back a bit behind Atur looking shy and I decided it must be discussed. There we had an extensive private conversation among ourselves (between Anosh and myself )

I wasn’t sure how to leave these companions I’ve come to know. They are my friends, the few allies that understand, but knowing I had to go back I turned away and headed down the hallway. I took the elevator to the main hall, and left.

January 10th, 2018: Another excerpt from the Acceptance (Jan 2018) notes; Section: A meeting w/ Tellaidian

While visiting Tellaidian in his conference area: As I was considering what Sa-Tash had explained, clearly and abruptly Atur walked up to me on my left. I greeted him asking if he knew Tellaidian to which Atur replied, “I only know him indirectly”, but then Atur leaned over to me saying quietly, “May we speak in private”? I turned looking at him considering this and seeing only Atur I wondered where Anosh was. I then turned to Sa-Tash and Tellaidian excusing myself and walk over to Atur where he was now standing a short distance away next to the window.

When I approached him he leaned close to me saying emphatically in a soft tone, “You must speak to Anosh”. I wondered at this asking, “Why”? Continuing with a concerned look on his face he appealed to me, “Her feelings are deep. They vex her – within her…. If you would speak with her”.

Looking to the lounge entrance I saw Anosh standing there quietly and then she walked up to me slowly. When she was close I could feel the disturbance and looking into her face I took her hand and holding it to my chest I said, “Anosh, I must feel what you feel. I need to know my perceptions are correct. I do not wish to misunderstand you”.

Then I extended my senses to detect her and enveloping her being I said, “If I am correct, this pain is in your heart – I did not know your kind could carry this”, and I energized myself extending light into her, filling her and all about her being as I said, “Be whole Anosh… be free of this pain”. We stood face to face as I held her in this focused energy.

As I continued to hold her hands I turned to Atur, “I need to understand these things. I do not know your culture. You are more advance then I. Why come to me?” To which Atur countered, “We are more advanced then you only in practice – not in substance”. Then I let go of Anosh’s hands and they turned away slowly. As they walked away to the entrance I called out to them, “I look forward to us meeting. You’re coming this year… right”? And they gave me the strangest look that made me wonder with some concern. What does that mean I thought.

January 12th, 2018 excerpt from Acceptance (Jan 2018)

While at As42 meeting Tellaidian… I thought to do a practice meditation (w/o hemi-sync), to just work on the blank slate. I went back to 12 without any affirmation. Then Anosh punctuated my mind. I pushed the thought aside, but again she strongly preoccupied my whole mind. Repeatedly I pushed her out as I thought to myself, I really have no control over these memory loads. I just can’t clear my mind of her – but then I wondered… Is this Anosh?

Again she intruded and given my inability to keep a clear mind I allowed my mind to look at the input. Then alone, she walked up to me boldly demanding, “You MUST SPEAK to me”, and I was surprised at the strength of the thought. Then I accepted – this was Anosh. She stood directly in front of me; close to me, appearing deeply conflicted. I took her hands and holding them I spoke to her. We had a long private conversation. (Is what’s happening what I think is happening?)

After a time Atur appeared and he approached us. In lighter conversation I again explained I needed to know more about their culture. After some more light conversation I crafted a special gift for Anosh and imparted it to her. I also formed a gift of benediction for Atur and offered that for him as well. After this Anosh and I let go of each others’ hands and as she was about to turn and join Atur she kissed me on the cheek.

She appeared happy and as Atur looked at her joy, I now understood, this radiant face is that of his sister. Atur appeared to be very happy seeing his sister’s joy. Then looking pleased to see Anosh’s well-being Atur turned to me. I said to him, “It will be a joy when we actually meet”. To which Atur replied, “It will indeed be a great day of joy”.

With that they both turned and departed. I found I was glad to see Anosh this way. I have never seen her like this. She has always been serious.

January 28th, 2018: Excerpt from Acceptance (Jan 2018) notes

During a meeting w Tellaidian:

….I wondered what this meant saying, “I find no reason to go back to the Concourse”, as if it didn’t matter, but he insisted a couple of time adamantly, “WHEN you go back, BE vigilant”! I wondered why he was being so strong in this apparent warning as I had no intention or plans of going back. Why was he so sure that I would go back there someday I wondered.

After a time with him we had no particular topic of discussion when suddenly I saw Anosh approaching out of nowhere. She made a strong impression as she boldly walk directly to me. This reminded me of the times we first met as now she was again poised, confident, clear and strong-minded – as then. Now she stood directly before me. We stood faced to face with each other. I decided to be more formal but I did take her hand in greeting.

She asked me, “What does this gesture mean?”, as she looked at me directly. I could clearly see aspects of her face as I answered, “Anosh, I do this to convey my sincerity… to you“, and after a brief pause she said, “I desire you continue… to hold my hand”, and I continued to hold her hand as I wondered about this meeting. I decided to add nothing more to this contact with her other than this and she also said nothing more.

Then after some moments she turned and walked away as suddenly I saw a Pleiadian ship pass the station’s front view area. It was clear. I struggle with this wondering why I was seeing their ship as I watch her head down the hallway crossing the station to where it seemed the ship may dock, and she was gone. I wondered was I being shown this as a prelude to when they actually come to meet me? Is this so I recognized their ship? Why would I see their ship while I’m here at AS?

The rest of the meditation was incidental. I was gone about 90 minutes.

Feb 24th 2018 From February Brief Excerpts of the Wise One

Entering the Great Hall I found it was dark but a strong vivid feeling come over me that I have never before known here. I found…. I found I was happy to be back. It was just so good to be here. I was surprised and relished in the feeling, the deep unexpected relief this place offered. Then from the depths of the Hall I heard, “Welcome”, and here too I was so glad to be with the Wise One, to be with One that I do trust – so good to be back.

I replied to Him, “Thank you. Thank you for bringing me back… to be with You”. Then the Wise One continued, “We said you may be with Us, and so We have brought you back to show you this – so you know… You may indeed be with us”, and I knew the truth of this; that whatever doubts I may have, whatever questioning… This is true.

Then unexpectedly the Wise One said to me, “You desire the Pleiadian; the one called Anosh”. “Yes [I have, but] I acknowledge [the higher] council in this matter. I understand the feelings and passions – their possible falsehood. I will not allow myself to be driven by that”, I answered, but the Wise One continued as if pointing out to me, “She is a superior being – beautiful. There is nothing wrong with this. It is a natural desire”, in a non-critical manner that surprised me.

Then I sensed something to my right. I looked and saw the one that says she is my Elohim mother. Seeing her clearly, I wondered at this lovely face. Was I mistaken? Was this Hera I considered, but then I saw Hera stepping up onto the portico from just behind the first figure, stepping up from the step below . The two figures standing together clearly looking so similar; mother and daughter. I could see the light of the city behind them as they stood just inside the Hall. I turned and went to them. It was so very good to be with them – my family. Everything felt whole – to be home.

March 9th 2018

Went to AS in focus 42. As I arrived I immediately found Anosh w/ Atur standing very close to me, as if waiting for me. Anosh was about one foot away with Atur standing just behind her right shoulder. They invite me to their ship which was docked. I spent considerable time there examining its features. I wondered who the older Pleiadian was; could that be Atur’s and Anosh’s father?

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The section notes called Anosh in the We Wish to Be with You notes still in draft.

  1. One wonders why these first few encounters had such good clarity when statistically this is a poor perception time for me relative to the Earth-core shielding of our galactic core’s interference. My only explanation is these encounters were initiated by the Pleiadians, not me. For explanation see: Sidereal Time and Psychic Ability 
  2. There is one other time something with the strength of being audible spoke to me loudly. One soul-retrieval I did pertained to a man who died of a heart attack in his home. I found him outside his home reluctant to leave. He wasn’t particularly old and I was surprised by the event. The retrieval itself was more like, an insistent turning him away from his former life. As weeks and months passed I often found myself appearing near his home only to find a little girl maybe three years old wandering in F23. Her name was Melissa and I realized she was psychic; looking for her father, the man who died of the heart attack. I would talk to her a bit, reminding her to stay with her mother, then turn her around and point the way back to her home. This happened many times. Then one evening while working at my desk I heard, “SEND HER HOME”! So I went into meditation and when I got to F23 I found Melissa, hugging my leg tightly. We had a bit of a talk and I more persuasively sent her home to her mother. Some, in the New Age movement, believe our society forces the conventions of our physical world onto young children destroying their psychic potential. In my experience people come to this World to be in this World, not to leave it prematurely. After a time I no longer encountered Melissa. 
  3. I want to say at the outset I could not understand the Pleiadians’ pronunciation of their name. It was a very complicated sound. I certainly could not sound it out nor put it into a word I could pronounce if I needed to. I think through an ack/nak process we converged on a sound I could relate to that was somewhat similar and they decided it was acceptable, but these people do not call themselves Pleiadians as we sound out that name. 
  4. In this chance encounter I’m back in decent EC shielding w/ little solar wind or flare. See Sidereal Time and Psychic Ability