Ancients: The Ancients are among those first; but not the first. These primal awareness forms were enunciated during the initial moments of Creation. It may be they are also foundational to the multiverses as they are not limited by physical creation. In a sense it’s fitting They are the first topic in this glossary at this time.

Angels: In Earth terms and classically speaking, the word angel is a transliteration of the Greek word angelos. It is not a translation of the word angelos. In the Greek angelos means messenger.

Angelos is found in both Koine (common) Greek and Antic (classical) Greek. Notably it is found in the New Testament and Septuagint (O.T. written in Koine Greek) and represents a messenger visitation.

The Hebrew work for angel is malek or malak, the plural form is malachim; the meaning is the same as that in the Greek;

Broadly speaking, images of winged advanced beings dates back to the Sumerians, Egyptians, is found in many cultures. There are other angel-like species outside our Earth Life System (ELS).

True to the Greek and Hebrew sense of the meaning, angels are often messengers but they also act as guides/conductors to places. In addition to having momentary tasks they may have roles, as in maintaining the purpose of some station of purpose, or other assignments. They may also have a characteristic function as in the case of guard angels for example.

Ancestral Spirits: Residing in, and working from, focus levels 24-26 these spirit-agents address some purpose within the ELS; the full extent of that is unknown to us. In some cultures these would be called Ancestral Spirits. For other cultures such agents may be called saints for example, whether named, not named;these have similar roles as Ancestral Spirits.

AS (Alpha Squared (F42) and Alpha X (F49)): Alpha Squared (including Alpha X) is a telepathic communication network created by other alien cultures. It appears and serves as a virtualized (non-EM) space-station/conference-center and has associated functionalities. AS facilitates communications between non-physical conscious-forms and physical-forms that are psychically capable of accessing non-physical constructs. AS42 designates Alpha Squared in focus level 42.

Benedictions/Blessings/Gifts: Speaking into existence an augmentation to some individual(s) signature form and/or that form’s life-path.

Crystal Monument: The Crystal Monument is the natural phenomena’s representation of likely the main campus crystal at TMI, Virginia. This structure is not associated with any of TMI’s group-energy constructs and it may be encountered in Focus 12 and Focus 27 (at least).

Dragon: The word dragon appears in the languages of most cultures on Earth. It is thought the notion has developed independently in Europe, China, the Americans, etc as the root notion of dragons have distinct differences (or stigmas) between these cultures. Slavic mythology was particularly interested in dragons. The dragon is a pertinent image in many cultures’ psyche even today.

Beyond common Earth lore, the dragons are one intelligent part of the creative force’s dualism and process. They are master builders; known to be gifted in crafting matter via Earth, Air, Fire, and Water elements on all scales.

One example of their nature’s personification would be the image of the volcano. The volcano can produce a terrible and devastating natural momentary event; the root agent unseen. However, the actions and materials a volcano offers create vast fertile farm lands that endure for thousands and millions of years; landscapes rich in ecoclines.

The violent shocking event of a volcanic eruption illustrates the un-tame nature of the dragons. Being un-tame they are their own collective often sticking to themselves; having their own wisdoms.

From the illustration above one recognizes the dragons are master builders and master destroyers. There are at least two categories: Earth Dragons and Celestial Dragons. Dragons also vary in age, size, color, and skin. The extent of their age I believe is measured in billions of years; the extent of their activities is not known. Dragons may be encountered in focus-levels from Earth Core EC42 through the extra-ELS levels to F42, at least.

Finally I should comment the dragons are not derived from our mythologies. Our mythologies are derived from them. The dragons comment their appearance is not literal however, they have nurtured this image as they state it is most suitable in depicting their nature. For more discussion see: Divine Virtuosity – Musings on the Art and Philosophy of Good Life. (Sunday, October 17, 2010) and: Ride The Dragon

Elohim comes from the Hebrew/Sumerian. Who are they exactly? Who knows. That word is only one representation although a very old Earthly one, yet not an exclusive word. The so-called Elohim, agents largely involved in Earth’s creation as just one project, reign far beyond the Milky Way’s Local Group; a limiting distance is not known. They are a plural conscious-form and cultural organization; not necessarily one species. The way I describe plural conscious-forms is to consider the function of a flock of birds or school of fish; a collective of individuals moving in unison.

ELS: The Earth Life System is everything physical and non-physical out to focus 27 so this includes, but is not exclusive to, human Earth-bound awarenesses that entails the living and the Earth-bound dead residing in what some consider to be heaven, hell, and everything in between.

Labradorite Sphere: The labradorite sphere at my SP27 in focus 27 serves the same general utility as the TMI energy crystal in focus 27 at the TMI There construct and the V8 energy crystal at TMI’s Voyager 8 construct in focus 34. These are not literal crystals. They are common thought-constructs to which intention and energy may be applied or withdrawn. The labradorite sphere is a my personal energy construct in F27.

Sa-Tash: This is a nickname. His actual name I can’t pronounce. He is a non-physical individual from a long past physical culture that is said to have existed billions of years ago; one of the earlier successful civilizations. His interests and services pertain to the physical and the more formed non-physical universe; a subsection of the non-physical.

Shepherds of Creation: This is a term I coined. It is the best human description I can come up with that represents a role in the Cosmos. This role is not specific to one species or group occupying some level. Any can serve as a Shepherd of Creation, however some agents are more powerful then others and have greater extent.

Sling-Shot Technique: This technique was innovated by Franceen King of The Monroe Institute. It is a transition method for accessing focus-level 34 outside the ELS. The method is not a necessary means for accessing F34 however.

Telaidian: Telaidian is a physical individual representing what an advanced culture may pursue rather then the path mankind has chosen. His planet is thought to be somewhere in the Arcturian System but he is not an Arcturian. The Arcturian Group is huge and astronomers believe it is a remnant of a former galaxy that collided with our Milky Way five to ten billion years ago.

TMI: The Monroe Institute

TMI There: The TMI group-energy construct in focus 27, used in the TMI Advanced Courses.

Voyager 8 or V8: The TMI group-energy construct in focus 34, used in the TMI Advanced Courses.

Master Builders: Master Builders work with Master Creators as their name implies they are builders in the creative process.

Master Creators: Master Creators is a role and identify. There are numerous agents of various types and levels that serve that architectural purpose. In the notes, the article chosen before the term Master Creators, as it appears in the notes, indicates subtle distinctions.

Old Ones: It is unclear whom the Old Ones are but they are currently prevalent. They may be, but are not necessarily solely related to the Old Elohim. It may be the Old Ones are what the Old Elohim (or some of Them) became over the recent billions of years. One difficulty in defining the Elohim is they’re not the only plural-conscious forms out there having various relationships with other plurals and individual agents. We may use the phrase clans in talking about some Elohim relations.

Old Elohim: The current Elohim at times refer to the Elohim who reigned during the time of Earth’s creation as The Old Elohim.

Optimum Earth Core Shielding: See Sidereal Time and Psychic Ability

Pleiadians: I have no idea how this culture’s name is actually pronounced but this standard Earth-based pronunciation is accepted by them. They are one example of an advanced physical species that is psychically capable of interacting with physical and non-physical forms.

SP27: The MtnGoat’s personal locale or residential construct in focus 27