Evidence That Can’t Be Ignored

Here I’ve collecting events in our physical/historical world that are non-normal phenomena I’ve been involved with. I don’t think I’m going to try and recreate all such events that have taken place in my life; I’ll address only those that are contemporary to the website’s timeline. I’m including only events that are striking; not just any weird coincidence that occurs – events that had some sort of related validation. These following descriptions have only enough detail to get the point across; no need to be too verbose about it. The focus levels are described in my Resource section of the Main Menu.

I am also adding a link to a short section concerning events that are not strictly proven in some way by a witness or other physical proof, but the events are none-the-less remarkable. That section is linked here: The Uncanny

While at the TMI Gateway Course January 2015:

During the very first lesson of the course (Saturday night) which introduces one to focus 10, while in session I had a vision of the back of a twin engine commercial jet aircraft as it was parked on a tarmac. I have never seen an image like this before as I have never walked on a tarmac, nor have I seen a jet from behind like this. The image was in black and white; like looking at a photograph. The plane was not on a runway, it appeared parked.

I was startled by the clarity of the image as I studied it. At that time I assumed this pertained to some crash event that I would later hear about in the news; apparently apprehending an image that pertained to the future. Although I largely disregarded the image as it presented nearly immediately when I was in session, due to its’ clarity I reported it to the group debrief discussion group after the hemi-sync session and thought nothing more about it.

The following Friday at the end of the course is the day everyone travels home. I flew out from Charlottesville’s local airport. I have never flown out of this airport before and was surprised that the aircraft did not have an air-bridge for boarding. We walked out on the tarmac to board our craft. As I climbed the stairs into our aircraft when I looked ahead of us there was another twin engine jet parked on the tarmac directly before us. I immediately recognized the jet as being the exact image of what I saw earlier that week viewed from the exactly the same angle as in the vision but now the airplane was in color of course.

I was not at all alarmed about our flight. In fact I was completely confident about my flight. About midway through the flight the captain announced we had mechanical problems, not be alarmed by the emergency vehicles when we would land; he stated we would be landing hard. At that time I was able to, let us say decide, that there was nothing wrong with the plane.

When we landed we landed normally, not hard. I did not detect anything unusual about our landing, however our plane was kept a distance from the terminal as we were immediately surrounded by firetrucks and ambulances. We waited about 20 minutes and were finally allowed to taxi to the terminal.

Entering the terminal I connected to the WiFi to check my emails and had an email from my sister who I hear from only a couple times a year. She was writing that she had a feeling that she should be contacting hospitals and wondered if I was ok.

While at Lifelines Course at TMI (March 2015): Finding the Deceased.

Lifelines is a TMI course about F23-F27 with an emphasis on soul-retrievals. In one exercise we were directed to break up into small groups, each person writing the name of someone they knew deceased on a slip of paper and place that into a hat. The goal was to randomly select the name of a person and given only that, to find that deceased person and/or retrieve information about that person; bringing back the info for verification.

The whole story is recounted in my Lifeline notes. What I will state here is that I did find the deceased individual for student ‘L’ as the deceased person appeared when he died given only his name. I brought back a complete description of his face and build, along with information specific about the nature of his character. The women that provided this young man’s name verified that that was exactly the person (a cousin) and this also greatly freaked her out!

Spring-Early Summer 2015 – Experiments w/ Accelerating the Growth of Plants:

At this time I was working on Joe Gallenberger’s MC Squared take-home course. Among various lessons this course provides winter wheat seeds for growth experimentation.

The experiments I performed entailed using identical styrofoam bowls and paper towels with seeds buried in moistened paper towels; one group control, the other group’s growth ‘motivated’ by me. I set up two bowls of same number of seeds buried in dampened towels. I would measure and cut the same sized towels. Identify the most similar seeds for two groups of about 5 or 6. Placed them buried with exactly the same number of towels (depth) and provide the exact same amount of waterings to the assemblies.

Using 2 bottles of water, I would provide an ordinary dose of water (one bottle) and the other bottle of water I treated with motivational ‘intention’ to carry more growth energy then the control water. I would then intend one bowl of seeds to grown more while doing nothing with the control group. I would run that test about one week long and then measure the seedlings. This experiment was repeat many times. I should mention that I performed one test in which a bowl of seeds w/ water bottle was setup for Gateway course students I knew so they could tried and accelerate seeds too. In this test they did do it and they outperformed me somewhat; that group was five individuals I think.

In all my tests all my seeds germinated and my ‘motivated’ group seedlings would always be at least 76% longer then control group. I repeated this test five or six times getting consistent results. My ‘motivate’ batch was always obviously larger than control.

However there was one test during which I doubted it would work while using another source of energy from an ‘entity culture’ I’ll call them. Doing it that way, and with a moment of doubt, not one seed even germinated while the control group was normal.

In none of my tests did any seed ever fail to germinate and grow, whether test control or motivated group except the complete failure of all seeds in my ‘doubted’ group for that one test – all dead. When investigating the dead seeds that I treated with the energy the ‘entity culture’ gave me they explained that when using their force any hint of doubt can be disastrous. They also took my mind back and showed me the exact instant I doubted and kill the seeds.

As an aside I would let all my seedlings continue to grow in the light on a window sill. Over time all the plants ended up being about the same size. My ‘motivated’ seedlings did not have any advantage over the long run of natural time when I stopped motivating them.

Dec 21st, 2015

My son’s old jeep won’t start; dead battery in frigid winter Midwestern states conditions. He was going to have it towed to a warmer place and jumped. I went into meditation and fix the vehicle (about 1,200 mikes away). Also during my mediation I direct my son to try vehicle again. Leaving meditation I got a text that he thought he’d tried starting the jeep one more time and it started right up.

While at Exploration 27 – May 2016:

Event A

In one session we were direct to go observe and describe events observed at the Healing/Regeneration aspect of focus 27. In this session I observe another student while I was at the aspect. I call her over to me to sit down and observed while we were OBE in f27. She came over to me in the non-physical of focus 27 and sat with me.

During debrief I asked her what she remembered. She remembered someone calling her over to a bench and sitting with them, but could not see who called her. She also drew a picture of one of the healing apparatuses she saw, and it was the same that I observed at the healing aspect of 27.

Event B

In this session we were to explore the learning/knowledge/instruction aspect of focus 27. Here I was with a non-human ‘entity’ instructor (I call it) in the non-physical aspect of focus 27. During that discussion/lesson with that ‘entity’ I detect Student L who is a doctor, the director of an ICU unit (not the same individual mentioned above) standing w/ us. In the non-physical, while with the ‘entity’ I recognized there was more of the lesson for Student L so after the session, during debrief, I wrote down the lesson’s explanation of the allegory the ‘entity’ was providing us, while in the non-physical (out of body) and gave that written note to her. After reading it she stated that it completely pertained to what she was experiencing there.

Event C

The students are directed to go to the ‘TMI There’ construct, observe, and to look for any outstanding objects. I found a single large red rose and brought back the description and sentiment detected from the rose; reporting all this back to the debrief group. Later Instructor A told me she created the rose at ‘TMI There’.

Fall 2016

Knew a person ‘E’ that had serious problems with one roommate who did a lot of drugs. That person had violently damage parts of the apartment while enraged. One time ‘E”s other roommate called ‘E’ to tell him that the roommate was having another violent outburst; violently damaging the kitchen.

‘E’ was apprehensive of returning and confronting the violent problem. After ‘E’ left I setup a small grid while energizing it and projecting a deep calm into their apartment. That evening ‘E’ texted me saying there was no problem at the apartment at all, the violent roommate was completely peaceful and everyone got along.

While at Starlines I – October 2016

Event 1

In the Starlines course there are many lessons that involve the students working as a group (group energy), at least in the initial phase of the specific hemi-sync lesson, ie working in the non-physical realm, is what I’ll simply call it here.

In the first group energy lesson I did not travel or meet-up (out of body) with the group classmates as the lesson instructed us but rather I went somewhere else that I know of in the non-physical. During that session Instructor A came looking for me (knowing I was not with the group) during OBE and found me at a non-disclosed non-physical location where she asked me (in the non-physical) why I was not with the group. I explained I had my own purpose for this lesson. She then left me alone. We did not speak of this.

Then in the next course lesson I decided to go with the group and had a rather profound experience (See Starlines notes). Telling the group about that during our debrief discussion Instructor A asked me if I was glad I decided to go with the group this time. This indicated she did knew what transpired in the previous lesson. Again, besides comment from her, we never spoke – in the physical – about the incident.

Then about one year later at Starlines II this Instructor A was at that course and while in the lounge area I asked her about our (non-physical) meeting the previous year and she said remember the event regarding our discussion in the non-physical though we have never spoken about it before.

Event 2

In the post-session student debrief following a group energy exercise, an interesting aspect: when the instructors asked about the experiences first at Alpha Centauri the group was silent. After some moments I spoke up saying I was told not to go. Then suddenly a few others in the group also vocalized they too had received warnings during the session to not go to that place. Others in the group had nothing to add. Everyone including the instructors were surprised not knowing what to think of this turn of events. (See my Starlines I notes)

Event 3

This transpired while return thru F27 in one session. At that time I thought to go visit F27 aspects but I couldn’t decided which one to visit. I then settled on the idea of going to the education aspect. There I clearly saw student A and so I thought to imparted gifted healing skill energy into his being and for the rest of his life. When completely I left the session.

After the session’s student group debrief meeting I asked student A if he saw me at the education center (as i stood directly in front of him there). He said no, but he ‘was’ at the education center and received wondering gifts of healing there that he was looking forward to using in his practice.

March 14, 2017 – OBE Travels to Focus 27.

During one of my personal travels (not during a course) to focus 27 I observed a friend there, student A (who lives in Europe), but recognized he was in a sleep state so I emailed student A:

“‘A’, where you in F27 dreaming last night? – B”

His return email:

“Amazing! Yes, I was there.  I have not been in F27 for a few weeks. But I decided to use Starlines (hemi-sync) CD and went to F27 and I clicked out and slept…. . My awareness didn’t last in higher focus level.

How did you recognize it? It is really amazing and I am surprised that you asked me about it.”

While at Starlines II October 2017:

During Starlines II and actually many previous courses I was able to effect (either increase or not increase) the energy of other people’s experiences. This I test often. In one case there was a young women who had been to 12 previous TMI courses and had NO experiences at all. I decided to boost her session. This resulted in her fleeing her CHCK unit running to the instructors as she had an anxiety attack due to the high energy she experienced. Oops.

(The CHCK unit is the booth/bed the student uses in the sessions. Its wired with sound and communications so the student can listen to the hemi-sync for the respective sessions)

February 2018 Other non-physical events shared with others.

I use to follow a ‘consciousness’ forum and a few people there were working on a common environment experiment they called The Doorway or The Room (of doorways). I did not participate and let them all know I was not participating in that experiment, but after many weeks I then went out-of-body to their door-room leaving from focus 21 and create a brightly flaming torch light that contained an instruction, along with two bright flashes of light in that group’s common ‘Room’ environment. Without going into all the details here soon:

Within a day or so one person reported to the forum discussion group individuals participating in the ‘Room’ exercise:

“When I finally got to turn off my dual awareness, I looked back at the flame and watched as it began to change. The reds got bright and I could see a white shell/energy field around the flame. For some reason it reminded me of the color of a Candy Cane. I was then drawn into it and saw it was a swirling portal of some kind. I followed it as far as I could. It soon ended up in some weird dimension of color and form, but not physical form. It looked like it could be some kind of message, yet it wasn’t written in any language I had ever seen. The forms and color started moving really fast now and soon overwhelmed me.”

After that I reported to the group that I created the torch flame/light.

The above person added,

“The ever brightening flame took over the entire scene and like I said, it drew me in. The place was devoid of anything that we would consider “physical” in this reality here. It almost felt like a “Download”, especially when it began rapidly warping at the speed it did.”

Another person in that ground describes her ‘doorway/room’ as if she is sitting on a mound looking at the room from the outside. She then reported,

“While sitting on the mound the door turned lighter with the top half being glass (this is the second time I’ve seen this doorway). I saw a flash of light and a shadow pass by. MntGoat I thought and was just going to tell Shu {the nick-name of the first observer she was in discussion with} that he (the MtnGoat) had joined when I went to the next page here and saw his post {post from me that i created the light}, lol.”

She later added in a private messaged me:

“I know this is what I saw {referring to my description} and came here to see if anything had been posted by you. The light faded away just as I was reaching for it. It shone brilliant yellow like sunshine coming through a window. There was no window, just light….

“But this is interesting, looking to my right I saw a very solid white streak that looked painted on the cave wall near the ceiling. I’t certainly did not fit with the rest of the scenario. I ventured closer and had to climb a bit to reach the white part. It almost felt like a portal but I didn’t have whatever it took to enter….That white streak looked like a cone and then later when I saw the bright light and that light was above the cone. Together they very much looked like a TORCH! …. I did try to touch the white paint but couldn’t. It was like paint rather an object I could hold. I just knew it was you but I certainly have a lot to learn. I’ll try even harder next time. I posted this in a private conversation but wish I had posted it before I read your post just to satisfy those who have trouble believing. Sorry I missed a chance to connect with you on that level. :-(“

I then revealed to the group that there were specifically two bright flashes w/ the flaming torch. When I was creating the bright flashes I actually stopped and dimmed it because I was concerned that they were too bright. Interesting the first observer above mention that some alien critters complained about the brightness and told him to not let the lights be that bright. At that time I explained that I was aware of that and had already dimmed the light.

Around mid-May 2018: The Osprey

It was a Wednesday and as I was camped on a large lake in New Mexico I saw an osprey a few hundred yards off shore. I decided to call the Osprey Spirit and the bird turned flying straight toward me. I held my arm outstretched wondering if it would land, but once it came over land then just 100 yards out, I realized that was a dumb idea since my arm was bare and I realized the Osprey’s talons would be quite sharp. I then dropped my arm and the osprey flew directly over my head and was gone.

The next morning I went out early and stepping outside I found a fresh osprey feather a few feet from my door on the ground.