The Uncanny

Late 2015

I’m vague in details here to protect someone’s primacy. I had a friend in Shaman training and doing quite well; remarkable at times, this person’s experiences. Then this person told me of a spirit that was helping, that the shaman was getting to know it.

After awhile something about this spirit felt wrong to me so OBE I went to see this creature. Seeing it I knew it did not wish to ascend as it should, rather it intended to live out its existence here utilizing the shaman. So I called to all the other spirits around my friend and said to them, “This creature is not of good will and does not belong here. If you agree with me, let the spirit be driven out”, and they agreed.

Over the next week to a couple of months I casually asked my friend about the spirit that was helping and I was answered it was gone. I watched this over time. Then one day my shaman friend wanted to know why I was asking and so I explained the spirit did not intend well and so with forces around the shaman it was dispelled.

I think my friend resented the loss and I also suspect the spirit was only expelled locally.

July 2016

On my favorite trail there was a fork in the path where a small cairn of 3 stones was faithfully maintained. Then for some weeks someone kept knocking it down. I got fed up with that and curse any that knock down the cairn and blessed those that maintained and respected it. Two weeks later this is what I found at the fork in the trail.

Fall (around late October) 2016

First, some background info to this story: May 3rd of 2016 while in manual meditation I was met by the Sachem and his Shaman (Native American ancestral spirits) who conducted a friendship ceremony with me. At that time the Sachem said, “You must come to my people. You must bring your power”.

That Fall 2016 (living out of my car) I drove about 14,000 miles wandering throughout the Rockies visiting many reservations – speaking into existence things for all those peoples.

At one time coming back from the Washington coast I had been in rain for about ten days which got really old. Entering Montana, then driving along Hwy 2 on the south side of Glacier National, it was raining and cold. As I got out of the mountains entering the BlackFeet Nation’s reservation the Sun came out and formed a rainbow over the highway. I drove through the rainbow’s center arched over the highway before me onto the reservation. This lasted about 20 minutes.

I drove into Browning and stopped at a gas station. There were two wild dogs that looked quite rough and I went to them. The dogs looked as having human eyes and I directed them to watch over the reservation.

From there I headed out to the Sweetgrass Hills which are the holy lands of the Blackfeet; a very long and slow drive. When I was in the hills I wondered where would be a good place to call the Spirits and in the distance I saw two big black birds.

As I drove on it appeared they were flying directly to me and now clearly saw they were eagles. Then it was obvious they were coming to me so I slowed and as I pulled over on the gravel road I leaned over and rolled down my passenger-side window.

I slowed to a stop and leaning over to look out my passenger window, as they flew down to the elevation of my car window I could see two golden eagles hovering outside my car window about 50 away feet. They took position level with my window and they looked at me as I looked at them.

They hovered for about 15 seconds until they were too low and slow. One landed and opened its wings facing me. The other also touched down but got back up and in a moment flew off slowly. The eagle that was on the ground stayed facing me not quite one minute then flew off.

The two dogs and the two eagles are a pair of twos signifying, a partnership – arms clasped (2-2s); the Sachem and his Shaman; ancestral spirits of the Old America tribes.

Late November 2016

I went to the Medicine Wheel in the Big Horn Mtns intending to call the Spirits. It was a snowy trail and as I walked up toward the Medicine Wheel I saw a man walking down the trail. Note, this is not the tourist season any more. It is cold and snowing in the Big Horns. The Medicine Wheel is in the open high ground over 9,600 ft in elevation. People aren’t visiting this site anymore at this time of year.

When the man got close I concluded he was a shaman judging by the feathers he wore. He walked directly up to me and stopped in front of me baring the trail. I stopped facing him.

Then he said to me, “You have been called here”, and I answered “Yes”. He added, “You have been called to pray for my people”, and again I answered, “Yes”.

Then he passed on and I continued up the trail to the Medicine Wheel. At the Wheel I called the Spirits and a hawk flew directly over-head circling.

Mid-May 2018

I was in the Enchanted Circle area of New Mexico and thought to go visit for a couple of weeks some folks I knew who were serving as hosts in a campground.

During this time we had bears in our campground at least once a day – everyday. One got between me and my RV; wasn’t much of a problem, but that bear became more persistent as days passed.

During this time the ranger decided the bear had to be put-down as it was becoming a bigger problem and they were not equipped to catch it. We had several other bears in our locality. The host told me the ranger’s decision; they were going to shoot the bear the next day, so I called the Bear Spirit (who I met earlier Fall 2016 Wyoming). I told the Bear Spirit what man had planned and warned the Spirit to take the bear somewhere else.

The next day no bears appeared. Some days later I left the area but later that year I met these same hosts at another area I go to that is where these hosts spend their winter. I asked what happened to the bear. They explained no bears ever came back, but they did have to shoot one large mountain lion which they showed me a picture of.

December 4th, 2002

I wrote in the beginning of this Evidence discussion that I would only mention things that happened during the time period of the Hemi-Sync training notes. I add this note due to its pertinence to my discussion on sidereal time, solar cycles, and psychic ability (see: Sidereal Time and Psychic Ability ).

During the AM hours of December 4th, 2002 I had a lucid dream. In this lucid event I saw a total solar eclipse but I could only see it briefly due to the passing clouds interfering. That following morning I happened to learn from the news that a solar eclipse did indeed take place on 12/4/2002 in South Africa around 5PM their time. The news article stated the event was muted by cloud cover. As an aside in those years I wasn’t keeping track of solar eclipses.

How does this pertain to solar cycles? During December 2002 we were just coming off of solar cycle 23’s maximum. I went back in my astronomy software to examine the location of Sgr A when I was sleeping back in 2002. It is interested that during the AM hours when I was asleep I had excellent to good Earth core shielding against the galactic core’s cosmic radiation. This is explained in the above discussion link.

July 22, 2020 (Rio Grande Headwaters)

This morning as I was calling the Spirits the Presence of the Light was with me and She said, “I am with you – now“. There was a nest of three Osprey in the same area with me over 300 yards away. As She said this I saw an Osprey leave its nest. It flew straight and directly to me, then circled over me three times. After that I watched it fly straight back to its nest. For an introduction to this entity, the Presence of the Light, see first contact notes: The Illuminating Light (Mar 2018-April 2018).

On the third day after that, again when calling the Spirits, the osprey left its nest and flew directly to me. Again it circled me 3 times then flew back (3-3s). But what does 3-3s mean1?


Morning (Utah desert): Calling the Spirits. A sparrow lands at my feet and stays with me a bit.


Morning (Utah desert). Calling the Spirits, the Sky Spirits and Star Spirits: The sparrow returns and fluttering over me touches down to lightly land on my head, then flew off to land on my right shoe.


Morning (Cibola Nat. Forest). Calling the Spirits: When addressing the Star Spirits a crow arrives flying from south to north across from me. I try to call the crow spirit but think that’s dumb. Then the crow turns its flight, a 90 deg turn, and flies directly east to me; about 150 feet. When it is directly overhead it turns about 90 degrees and resumes its flight to the north.

  1. It is said the number 3 has been historically considered as the perfect number. It is the number of times: birth, life, death; the beginning, the middle, the end; the past, present, and future – the number of the Divine. The significance is not just that there was a number 3 but also it has perfect geometry, 3 – 3s!