“You experience things and then they’re over and you still can’t explain’em – Gods, aliens, other dimensions…” – Tony Stark (Iron Man 3)

Welcome to the MtnGoat’s website. This is the story of the MtnGoat’s Monroe Institute Hemi-Sync (and non-Hemi-Sync) psychic experiences. Yes. It is totally crazy.  

Here I provide two types of collections with general reference information in the Main Menu: One collection contains some of the MtnGoat’s life-long thoughts regarding difficult questions in life; at least what I’ve published to date. That collection is called The Sayings of the MtnGoat.  The 2nd collection, also in the Main Menu, is what I call the The Lore of the MtnGoat.  That is the continuing recount of the psychic experiences of the MtnGoat. (For an excellent introduction to what Hemi-Sync is, see this CIA disclosed document that reviews the Monroe Institute, development of Hem-Sync, and its reported results; an interesting read:

In the Main Menu/MtnGoat Lore one finds many chapter entries that are distilled collections of experiences/encounters that over time pertained to specific non-human individuals. These may appear as mythologic-like entities, others as self-aware non-physical complex-thought forms; that is, non-corporeal conscious-forms of intelligence. Others are alien; maybe operating beyond our normal awareness via some abstract spaces – possibly quasi-physical or formed non-physical bandwidths of being.

Being physical we readily think in terms of the physical, but what do we truly know about our own physical world? In 1931 the physicist Wolfgang Pauli postulated the existence of a particle called the neutrino. It wasn’t until the late 1950s that Cowan and Reines experimentally discovered the elusive particle. What initially made this discovery so difficult was that the neutrino doesn’t interact with matter strongly enough to be readily detected.

Stars produce neutrinos and from our Sun alone there are about 65 billion neutrinos passing through the size of your fingernail every second, yet we have no awareness of them outside of very elaborate and very expensive physics experiments. Here’s an example of one elementary particle that is incredibly prevalent yet we have no real experience with this flowing sea of neutrinos. In terms of ‘real’ encounters, statistically one neutrino can pass through a piece of lead one light year thick and not interact with that matter. Given how elusive the very small may be how elusive is the very big?

Consider the Milk Way galaxy, our home: Recent estimates of the mass of our galaxy – counting stars, the black-hole core, interstellar medium, and numerous possible planets added together yields a guesstimate of about 1.5 trillion solar masses, yet how aware are we of something so big and massive that surrounds us all the time? Not very.

Let’s make this easier. At a personal level how aware is an individual of the approximate 1000 species of bacteria and as many as 80 different species of fungal that reside on one’s own body? Clearly the human’s awareness of our own physical domain or even one’s own physical body is highly limited.

The idea that there are ‘forms’ in the non-physical is also outside our conventional mode of thinking but open any mathematics handbook and one finds a myriad of abstract forms that readily have physical world applications. Consider Space: it separates this massive universe into cosmic scales of flowing filaments of galactic clusters while not neglecting the space between the molecular and atomic structures that construct our physical world, yet Space ‘itself’ is something one cannot touch or measure w/o some physical referral. If Space is an emptiness by definition, while clearly being there in some manner, then the formless is all around us, permeating us, possibly serving as archetypes; like the equation of the circle, a mathematical abstraction that completely describes or governs any circle we can make or draw.

Some of the individuals, entities – whatever – detailed in the Collections are far beyond the Earth Life System (ELS). Others are very close to home – perhaps part of a deeper aspect of the natural world, a world that would be completely normal to the shaman. Weird huh.

As there are a variety of storylines that pertain to the above mentioned specific individuals’ collected notes I am presenting them chronologically building a framework of the associations; illustrating how the experiences unfolded in whatever different states or phases of existence were encountered. Some stories are occuring in parallel with each other. One may begin by reading any collection but one may need to start at the beginning to understand how the heck these bizarre encounters developed as there are strong lines of continuity, hidden meaning, and lessons. It would be helpful to read the Monroe Institute’s Focus Levels Overview (TMI: UK) in the Info and Resources menu section as one reads along.

{Sidebar note: Following the Starlines 2 notes I’m maintaining one timeline w no collections overlapping. I’m focusing on maintaining current notes while backloading in more preliminary collections that explain who’s who along with the needed background info. After this someday I’ll go back and fill in more notes that pertain to the beginning of all this. I have limited interest in detail ‘proofing’ the notes so they may seem rough in places. This is not a novel; these are my notes.}

Ok – so what in the world is all this about one asks?  Well… first one should know this began some years ago when the MtnGoat was in the hospital and had what some call Out of Body (OBE) experiences. Afterwards he sought to find out more about these experiences. The OBEs were new but what some may call divine or prophetic messages during the life of the MtnGoat, validated in our physical-historic world, were not.

Learning of The Monroe Institute (TMI) the MtnGoat started to use their Hemi-Sync technology developed by Robert Monroe, founder of the Institute. This blew open the door to other transcendent, or intersecting aspects of reality(s); things that are beyond the reach of our conventional perceptions and conventionally agreed constructs of what our physical world is. This raised important questions about reality.  What or who is the ‘supernatural’? Where is that place that is the domain of such entities?  How can one understand things that we consider mythological or supernatural as these things appear to have their own realities largely separate from our awareness for whatever reason? These appear to exist though they are not physically real as we think as they operate in some space-state or consciousness bandwidth other than our own. Those entities (and their respective cultures) reside where truth is defined by ‘them’ to be a valid construct.

How far can the human mind reach in terms of distance for lack of a better word? What other forms of awareness or perception are we capable of – beyond our known physical perceptions? What might the mind be able to apprehend if it could be quiet enough and more highly focused? Where do we ultimately originate from? Do we all come from the same place? Is there a plenum of conscious existence environments other than our own? Here one is set adrift by the ontological problem and what is the full scope of being or existence; then how do we actually ‘know’ that is authentic – true?

How does one discern that which may be fanciful imagination from that which is so fantastic that it is impossible to believe?

In these discussions I do not try to provide an interpretation of what these states ‘are’, but I can say that encounters/discussions with things like angels (a species), shadow-beings (the Dark), intelligent natural functions (ie intelligent principles of nature), the dead, that which is beyond our dead and our heavens, telepathic contacts with species far from our locality of physical space, and the diverse supragalactic god-class beings; one group I refer to generally using a loose interpretation of their existential role as The Shepherds of Creation1 . These and others are encountered.

Of those some are apprehended as ‘God’ by a human being but these super-beings do not advertise themselves that way; that conclusion is just a human’s reaction to being awe-struck by an encounter with the scope of mind and the power of presence that the truly celestial intelligences present; some older then eons.

I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago — whether in the body I do not know, or out of the body, God knows — such a man was caught up to the third heaven. 2nd Cor. 12:2

Implicit in the experiences are questions that pertain to our beliefs in religion, philosophy; what one thinks is real and provable; what happens when one dies, is there a God or some other form of ultimate being, etc etc? One may ask ‘who’ are ‘they’? What are they doing and what are their goals? Do they care at all about mankind and this planet – that which is made of mere spent star-dust?

In time the MtnGoat learned to access the above contacts in meditation without the need of Hemi-Sync; all done awake, not in a dream modality. This is not channeling. It is being ‘there’ – with them – while some come here to be with us, some having always been among us.

Throughout life honest and critical thinking requires one be flexible enough to discard limiting ideas that are found to be dogmatic, antiquated, superstitious, self-delusional, or just forms of wishful preconceived fantasy possibly learned/mimicked from others. This doesn’t necessarily require an abandonment of religious principles or notions, perhaps just a reframing or refining of them.

How can these things be objectively known when one only has esoteric experiences to show for it? There are however, some events that have taken place in our physical world’s historic-construct that have demonstrated the validity of these non-normal experiences and consciousness environments; at least enough so that the experiences cannot be dismissed as a whole. That discussion is provided in the Main Menu section called Evidence That Can’t Be Ignored.

This site is not intended to promote The Monroe Institute (TMI) but as some readers may already have an interest in TMI I’ve created collections of notes that pertain to specific courses I’ve taken there. If you intend to take any of those specific courses I suggest you do not read the respective course notes until after you take the course. Reading the notes before-hand may front-load2 your experiences but there is no ‘rule’ about this; do as you feel best for you, but one should not expect their experiences will be like those described in the notes.

I should mention at TMI I have met persons from all over the world and all walks of life. I’ve met lawyers, clinical psychologists, a neurosurgeon (not the one your may be thinking of), a very high-level government official from Asia, a doctor who is the director at a US hospital complex and who authored a book recounting her patient’s NDE experiences in her ICU units, along with many other interesting people. All – well maybe not quite all – are very down to Earth individuals that have had enough validation of their own supra-natural experiences that they continue to study it.

During the course of the MtnGoat’s life he has been an athlete, a mechanic, musician, machinist, physicist working in experimental physics, scientist working in various fields of developmental engineering, a board certified healthcare professional, and now – dare I say it – a mystic. His life interpretation has large influences from the modern scientific, Judaic-Christian, Taoist, and Classic Western thought. Trained as a physicist and having also studied philosophy the MtnGoat is aware of many aspects of detailed thinking while one should note that his track coach did warn him that he thought too much.

What is the explanation for encountering purpose driven forms of intelligence that are deep and richly present though beyond the limits of our normal perceptive awareness? It is interesting to note that in current physical science there are now known at least 17 different phase states of solid water though we mostly just know one (ice) in our daily experience; even the quantum states of an element’s electrons exist in diverse quantized that is uniquely specific states. Could there similarly be many states of mind beyond the one which the individual uses to frame or comprehend their ordinary grounded daily life? Could it be that the roots of mythology are not simply a collection of children’s fairy tales or peasant’s tribal folklore?

It is interesting to note that the brain’s brainwaves are now known to be effected by subtle magnetic field changes though most are not aware of it at a conscious level. What some researches call the first concrete evidence, in a recent publication Transduction of the Geomagnetic Field as Evidenced from Alpha-band Activity in the Human Brain, published in the journal eNeuro March 2018 collaborating researchers from CalTech, Princeton, and the University of Tokyo write:

“We report here a strong, specific human brain response to ecologically-relevant rotations of Earth-strength magnetic fields. Following geomagnetic stimulation, a drop in amplitude of EEG alpha oscillations (8-13 Hz) occurred in a repeatable manner……..Although many migrating and homing animals are sensitive to Earth’s magnetic field, most humans are not consciously aware of the geomagnetic stimuli that we encounter in everyday life…… We found two classes of ecologically-relevant rotations of Earth-strength magnetic fields that produce strong, specific and repeatable effects on human brainwave activity in the EEG alpha band (8-13 Hz).”2

If mankind is just now empirically proving changes to human brain alpha waves effected by the Earth’s magnetic fields, what other effects are there in the beta, delta, gamma, theta, and ultra-low brain wave sets that are externally caused and completely escapes an individual’s waking awareness?

Minds neutralized, corrupted by television, mega-entertainment, bulk-education, institutional religion (or reaction to that), the pursuit of personal securities and desires, along with the pollution of modern cynical and institutionalized dogmatic thinking, or even just legally too stoned… all contributed to many having turned a dull mind away from considering deeper or far-reaching things. It is up to the reader to decide what he or she believes is real or true, and what the full breath of reality might be.

Provided here are incredible experiences – most just too incredible. These experiences if taken seriously, though not scary, can be disturbing in that they challenge one’s comfortable notions of how things are.

Some Practical business: 

In communications with the non-normal one encounters literal words/phrases, notions/concepts, and implicitly conveyed understandings/frameworks that are not necessarily verbally stated. In quoting such conversational elements in these notes I include those implicitly conveyed understandings in [square brackets]. Sidebar informational thoughts added for the reader’s clarification that pertain to a statement in the notes are given in (curved brackets).

Some passages are proofed better then others; just a matter of how interested I am in rereading stuff. Sorry.

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The MtnGoat

  1. A role may not necessarily imply a single species or individual but the role may be performed by a mix of individuals, species, and cultures that are able to share common mind via their common purpose. Some have no name as they directly know each other require no label/identifier. 
  2. For a layman’s discussion about the experiment see