The Middle Council

The Middle Council

January 26th, 2016 ~7:00PM (3:34 LST) Very Good EC Shielding. 6.7 protons/cm3. Flares: C1

I just got into focus 10 and considering some questions I had when I became aware of an angel approaching me on my left. It crossed before me and came to stand facing me on my 1:00 o’clock position. Then a second angel approach similarly from my left and it too crossed to my right going to stand next to the right shoulder of the angel that first arrived. The two stood and faced me. Then I felt another angel arrive that seemed to be standing on my left; I wondered whether that was Devenoir but I didn’t know.

I bowed and greeted them. Then the first angel that arrived spoke to me, “The Council wishes to speak with you”. This really surprised me as I was only thinking about pursuing some questions at this time; having no idea what the angel was referring to. I inquired whether the Council wished to speak with me now and the first angel replied, “At your convenience”. I then asked how I should do this as I wonder whether I needed some particular focus level and the angel replied, “In whatever manner suits you”. Then they drifted off one by one.

Just after they left, Ethereal appeared and gracefully drift up to me. She moved in floating goddess-like wisps of beautiful soft light that levitated on a faint ethereal breeze. She came to my left side and as usual there was the strong comforting feel about her. Then she rested her hand on my left shoulder for a moment and kissed me lightly on the cheek. She pass silently behind me moving beyond like a passing mist. I felt glad to have her visit, and at the other fairly clear recognitions of these various beings that I’ve come to know – a wonder.

Given that, I wondered what to do next as I consider my questions but just then, before I was about to turn my concentration, I was interrupted by a much greater presence that interleaved in. It interleaved with me, over me, and then it addressed me, “We have observed your thoughts – how you intend to use your power and we are please with this”. There was little I could say but their reassurance of approval felt positive.

As I was deliberating ‘how’ to go about meeting the Council I wondered whether I should try this manually (meditation w/o hemi-sync) or should this be in some focus level I wondered. Then again strongly injected/interleaved I heard, “You may do this however you wish”, was made clear to me. I decided to use focus 12 to make sure I was mentally focused and not distracted.

When I was ready to go in F10 I announced, “My understanding is that I am to meet a council”. Immediately in a strong reply I heard, “That is so”. I then waited for the hemi-sync transition to 12 and immediately I recognized a couple of angels around me; standing very close. Nothing was said to me and I wondered what would happen next. I sensed or knew, that they…we were getting ready to leave and so I strengthened my focus not knowing what to expect.

Suddenly the angels lifted off and I immediately followed as they headed straight up, straight into the vertical. Abruptly Raphael swooped in on our left. He then crossed over just behind and over me, then moving to my right flying next to me. He turned to me saying, “Don’t worry”. I didn’t realize I was doing that but I certainly was really perplexing over what was going on. What could this possibly mean? How can this be happening? Who would want to meet me?

We rocketed straight up in the vertical for some time. I wondered what was in store and then we all entered something like a tube or a narrowing in space; we squeezed in together. I was mostly aware of Raphael but I knew the others were still with us. I saw stars passing by us outside this tube of space and we continued for a long time.

I looked ahead wondering where in the world were we going but all I could see was blackness ahead of us; coursing into it. After more time I found I was growing inpatient at the sense of this journey; not being able to conceive of what may be coming, what was really happening, and then I saw something.

We ‘arrived’ at a place that I could not clearly distinguish. After a few moments it seemed and felt like we were standing on a floor. I noticed we were facing a broad table with many individuals sitting facing us. It was only Raphael and myself. I was most aware of the individual at the center of the table unable to distinguish the others. The individual in the center appeared perhaps as a man dressed in draped fabrics is how I would describe it. There was a bright light over him that blinded out much else. The light was white and I could not decide whether I saw something in the light; a bird or was it a fire in the light. I couldn’t resolve what was there but it seemed that something was in this bright fiery light moving.

I stood there trying to gage my surroundings with Raphael on my right. We stood still together for a long time while the council appeared to be unconcerned with us. This went on for a long time and I was really wondering what in the world was happening. At times Raphael would glance at me appearing to understand my thoughts yet he appeared unconcerned. After a long wait the council members all stood up and began to mingle amongst themselves in a strange mixed up manner. I had no idea what that was and after a short bit all the members at the table sat back down.

Abruptly the individual at the table center announced , “This council will come to order”, and it appeared we were the center of their attention. Suddenly the individual in the center seat, appearing to be in charge, said with a commanding voice, “William! We commend you! We commend your efforts through great struggles, sufferings, and injustices. You should know that we recognize this”. I replied, “Thank you my lords”. The individual at the center retorted, “There is no need to address us as your lords. This is not a high council”. I asked insecurely, “May I ask… I am feeble in [understanding] mind and so request that you elucidate for me the nature and scope of this council”. The central individual immediately responded, “This council is of middle level. Our interests relate to the guidance and unfolding of realities in your realm of existence and at this time we wish to give you a gift”.

“A gift?”, I asked. “Yes. It is a gift of knowledge”, was replied. “I don’t understand”, I said, “What knowledge this would be”? “This knowledge is of times and seasons; a calendar of unfolding events. This will assist you in knowing what will transpire as you move forward with your tasks. You and Raphael will work together and he will assist you in understanding these matters. We want you to know, that we understand how difficult this is. We want you to know, that we do know this”, the central figure explained.

Everything made sense to me but I was still feeling bewildered at how this could be happening to me. Then in a short moment it appeared the council was through with our discussion. Raphael giving me a brief glance, turned, and I turned with him. However, while we were leaving, there was a strong sense that the council was still mindful of us.

Suddenly I found we were descending. There was only Raphael and myself that I was aware of. I felt and saw we were falling through something like a tubular chute of space. Far distant below us I saw lights; stratus-like wisps of light streaming upward toward us. We descended for quite a length of time and finally we were grounded. It felt like we exited whatever we were transitting through. I could feel there were others milling around us but I could not distinguish exactly what was around except at times I got a glimpse of part of an enormous wing.

For a while I struggle with the reality of all this, and then Raphael turned to stand squarely in front of me; as if allowing me to focus on him directly. Next I became aware of an absolutely huge angel whose wing I must have recognized earlier. That being towered above Raphael and myself – greater then 12 foot tall. I looked back at Raphael. He said nothing and we stood looking at each other face to face. In a moment, he turned and rocketed away and after a few more moment the large angel also lifted off heading upward with massive thrusts of its wings.

Then I found myself alone in the dark, wondering what in the world had happened, what could this mean. I stayed for sometime and then left somewhat discourage that I could not absorb or understand the event better; not sure that I believed what had just happened. It’s too incredible.