Essential Site Information:

I finally see why the traffic on this website is the way it is. Many are accessing my site via the Word Press Reader blog post alerts. That fails to lead the user to the guts of the site.

The blog posts were intended to only inform readers about small additions to the site; not to serve as the website main access.

Starting at the main page one finds the Introduction and a number of menus (in the upper left).

In addition to the Blog Menu, the website home page (not the blog home) provides a (Main) Menu that offers access to the submenu: Lore of the MtnGoat. There is also a prose submenu: Sayings of the MtnGoat, along with an information section submenu: Info and Resources.

To navigate the site one should use the (Main) Menu. Why do I use curve brackets in that name? Because Word Press does not allow me to change the name of the Menu. So what is the Main Menu is only allowed the name Menu. Confusing huh.

The reader should know this website is not a blog. It’s an anthology of chapters and resources that are derived from the history of my out-of-body (OBE) journeys that were cultivated with The Monroe Institute’s Hemi-Sync.

To understand the story one needs to start from the beginning with the Introduction. Once one has a general idea of what the site is about one may jump around to various chapters but eventually one needs to read the MtnGoat Lore sections from the beginning to understand the whole context and meaning.

Finally I see how limited the WP Reader is. One should access this site via the web. One may Google SayingOfTheMtnGoat to access.

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