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Intro Short:

This is a brief introduction and overview to the MtnGoat’s website (see:Introduction). This is the story of the MtnGoat’s Monroe Institute Hemi-Sync (and non-Hemi-Sync) psychic experiences.  

I provide two types of collections and a reference section in the (Main) Menu. One collection contains some of the MtnGoat’s prose; at least what’s been published to date. That collection is called the Sayings of the MtnGoat. The second collection, also in the (Main) Menu, is what I call the Lore of the MtnGoat.  That is the continuing recount of the psychic experiences of the MtnGoat.

In the Main Menu / MtnGoat Lore one finds many chapters that are distilled collections of encounters that over time pertained to specific non-human individuals or collectives. These may appear as mythologic-like entities in metaphorical and symbolic contexts; others as self-aware purposed non-physical complex thought-forms and non-physical conscious-forms even plural conscious-forms of intelligence; others are alien, some operating with telepathic extent beyond our normal awareness.

Site Functions Overview:

The (Main) Menu is in the upper left. There is another menu called Blog Menu in the upper right. That menu drills-open a right sidebar window. At the top of that window is a small blog I use to inform the reader of additions to the website. There are fast links to the Lore, Sayings, and Reference sections found in the bottom center footer margin.

Also one finds a Hemi-Sync music player in the Blog Menu upper right. For best listening one needs good headphones but it plays well as background music. Depending on your Internet bandwidth there can be momentary delays between songs. Additionally, if one stays on that media player page, the playlist will continue through the selections.

Depending on your device and/or browser the device may need to not be allowed to enter sleep mode or screen locked for the playlist to work continuously. There is also a Native American music player for something different.

At the bottom of the Blog Menu window is a Search tool.

Please be patient. This site is being built slowly and there is a lot of material to go through. Finally, all the photography is my own.

The MtnGoat

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