Who is the Administrator from The Planning Aspect?

Still in draft

From the Exploration 27 notes (May 2016)…. Tuesday Afternoon: First Intro to the Planning Aspect of Focus 27

We were directed to gather at the TMI There1 Crystal Room which is used for group energy exercises. As directed I went and observed which students I could. After some moments I began to wonder how I would find the Planning Aspect of F27, when suddenly, I was pulled out of the room at great speed. I found myself hurtling through the sky-like space over F27 while I became aware of something hurtling along next to me – an angel.

Suddenly I found myself quickly descending and then abruptly I found myself standing on a grassy slope looking at a wooden barn-like shack. As I looked at the structure I noticed a carpenter working carefully as he was very focused on his work. I was about to inquire with the carpenter but had second thoughts as he appeared quite busy and I thought unapproachable.

Then I heard someone to my left say to me, “He can be quite gruff but he is good”. I turned to looked where the voice came from as I faced the carpenter’s shack and I saw the ground was terraced. There was a level perhaps 2-3 feet above the ground level of the carpenter’s yard and I saw the figure who spoke to me, standing just above me.

It appeared as if a being of light standing on the terrace overlooking the area perhaps supervising. As I focused on this individual I noticed more form. This bright figure appeared human shaped, a women robed in fine silk-like cloth. Then this figure said to me, “Come up here”, so I stepped up on the terrace walking over to stand next to this figure who welcomed me and we walk along as if surveying operations it seemed.

I wondered at the welcome this figure gave me and then this figure paused, turning to face me and asked, “Have you not rejected superiority over the archangels”? In response I only looked at the figure considering the question as it added, “So have I…”, as she pulled back her hood revealing herself to me.

I saw a young women, very fair. She resembled an elf-like species; if I had to offer a crude approximation of her likeness. She appeared highly refined, beautiful, elegant, and adorned appearing as how a elvish queen might look.

We stood together overlooking the Planning area as this figure lead me a short way along the terrace. I saw on the other side of the carpenter’s yard there was a blacksmith shop on the left – a strong looking blacksmith was diligently at work. Per TMI’s assignment I then submitted my desired tasks to the blacksmith and offered the desired symbol I wished to be forged for me in the Earthly world so I might know the task was complete.

As I stood with this supervising figure, we looked out at the Earth together. I was astonished and appalled at the sight – seeing the whole Earth – the overwhelming amount of work. I turned to the elf-like figure and offered grimly, “It is a very big job”, to which she only replied, “Yes”.

She then suggested I go to the Education Center to explore more possibilities of the Planning aspect and so I left.


……..When I exited the healing aspect there was someone waiting for me. Was this Sa-Tash? I couldn’t be sure, he was so faint, but I knew there are other species that look similar to him. Who is this I wondered. I inquired, “I am not clear regarding the kind I am observing”.

The individual replied with a gesture of his hand to the place one of this kind had previously told me of – where I would go immediately after I die. Then I recognized more clearly this species, but I wasn’t sure whether this was the same individual I met before. This individual led me away from the Healing Aspect and in time we approached the Planning Aspect. I wondered why go there? I have not been here since Exploration 27 a couple years ago. I have no business here I thought.

When we arrived. I recognized the area but dimly and the one who led me here turned and left. Then I saw an individual, appearing to be the same species I’ve met here before, one that supervises the area. She stood on the terrace, as before, overseeing operations (as during Exploration 27) but I was not sure whether this was the same individual I met previously. I remained on ground level.

Then she said to me, “Come up here. You are not my inferior”. So I stepped up onto the terrace to join her, looking out over the Planning area. She said to me directly, “You wonder why your requests have not come to pass”. “That is correct”, I directly replied.

She continued, “Concerning your first request, we have made good progress. However, more challenges continue to arise and we have not been able to complete the task”. I understood what she was referring to as she added, “Regarding your second request, this will take more time”.

After a moment I asked, “This service… and the Healing services: there are other worlds, are such services provided for other worlds also”? “Yes”, she replied, “We [are as gilds] in healing arts, going to worlds that have such needs [similar to your hospitals]. “What do you need [in your mission]? Is [additional] support needed?” I asked. “Yes”, is all she said in reply. “I will remember”, I said to her as I considered this new problem.

But the grief – it is all so sad, and I am so tired of all this (misery in the world). All I could think of was leaving. Then she spoke up saying, “You may return to solitude… if you wish”, and so I thank her, turned and went to my SP to rest.

Nov 22nd 2019 8:00 AM (12h 1m LST) 1 hr manual meditation

In recent days I’ve found I continue to successfully stop myself from striving as soon as I detect it. I’ve also been able to stop myself from allowing any distrust to take hold. But given that, where am I? Now what? As there was a brief opportunity to get a meditation in before the galactic core would rise above the horizon I pursued a manual training meditation, not expecting any contacts – likely poor seeing conditions at 13hr LST.

I’m continuing my new energy cultivation process early in the meditation session. In this practice rather then gather energy to myself I disperse it around me to all Those With Me, a moment of fellowship. Then I proceeded slowly thru my mnemonics giving special attention to making solid attachment to the respective focus-levels, but I encountered nothing. In F21 I called out to Yurael but again, there was nothing. I wondered, maybe I’m not actually in F21, maybe I’m not getting anywhere at all, so I began to force myself into the levels as Tellaidian had directed at times.

I began to get a faint hint of perception in F21 but I moved on as I thought it was too easy to memory-load in this place. I stayed in F22 for a short while working on relevant targets there. When I got to F27 I wondered again whether I was really there or here that is. I couldn’t tell where I was but then there was a faint image in the distance of the creature that appears to serve as an administrator at the Planning Aspect. She always impresses me as resembling some elvish-like species; appearing very young and fair in features. She also strikes me as royal in some manner but it’s hard to identify what that is about her.

As I carefully studied the image of her I clearly saw she was looking straight at me. I wondered whether it was actually her and then she extended her arm toward me as she called out, “Come”, in an inviting manner so I proceeded to try and consolidate with her. When I arrived I found this petite figure facing me wearing a thin cloak-like garment with a hint of some other garment underneath; a faint delicate glitter as if jeweled (a rank or royalty?).

She welcomed me announcing in a golden feminine voice, “It is a joy for us to have your assistance”. I bowed answering, “I am privileged to do so”. She looked at me for a moment and said softly, “I wish to show you something. Come”. As she turned I followed. We walked along the Planning Aspect as I’ve seen here before in F27. Once we were past that we came to an unobstructed view of the Earth. I saw a grievous site. The Earth appearing ruined and decrepit.

Then this figure of splendor said to me, “The time is coming”. I asked her, “What time are you referring to”? She promptly answered, “The time when tides will turn. We will wash away the filth and purge the poisons that are upon the Earth”. Pausing for a moment, she turned and looking at me she added, “We will call you when the time arrives”. Again bowing I answered, “It is my honor to assist you”.

After this exchange I was about to leave but then she held up her right hand palm facing me, as it appeared she was imparting something to me. When she lowered her arm I thanked her and left for my SP27. When I got to my SP in F27 I immediately went to touch the large crystal inclusion in the right wall of my cave. I paused as this offers me comfort. After a time I turned and going to the large crack that fashions my window, with my right hand I began to draw upon the energy conduit from the Elohim while I placed my left hand on my labradorite sphere which I charged. After a short time I went to F42.

Jan 21, 2020 1 hr training w/ F27 hemi-sync (D, NM)

At my SP27 while drawing energy from the Elohim’s energy conduit, charging myself and my labradorite sphere, I suddenly became aware of someone behind me. Turning around I saw the female administrator from the Planning Aspect of F27 standing there looking at me. I had been thinking about the Planning Aspect for awhile as I had a request for them but I doubted I could get there. I had been wondering even if I could get there, would they accept a request from me.

The splendor of this figure always impresses me. I wondered if she knew I had a request and that I doubted I could get to Planning Aspect on my own. Is that why she’s here now? We discussed my request and finally she said, “Generously you have given, generously you will receive”. Then having accepted my request she turned and left.

After this I sat alone in my SP27 wondering about the reality of these subtle images.

Jan 21 7:30 PM (D, NM) ~1 hr manual meditation (Sgr A 60 degs below horizon)

When I made it to F27 I again met the female administrator from the Planning Aspect but the contact was very faint so I continued on to F42 and extended my awareness Beyond.

I was able to achieve a very tight focused engagement with some of the Ancients. Given this audience I considered the operations at the F27 Planning Aspect and so took the opportunity to request more power be added to my benisons for those that serve there (F27). As I stated my request I became aware of a discussion among Them. After a moment a voice on my right stated its observation to the Others, “The request [intent – it is ] contains only goodwill”. Then another voice near my left offered its opinion on the matter, “It conforms with [current] purpose [there]”. After a pause a voice seeming to be in a central location before me stated as if with conclusive authority, “It is agreed”.

The return was hard; again the desperate exhaustion; the inability to reacquire my form. I’ve been considering this problem for awhile and thought this was a good time to test the solution I’ve been considering. So when I got to my SP27 I drew my energy back from the labradorite sphere which I commonly charge. After working for awhile, re-absorbed my energy, I began to normalize. I circulated the energy for a bit and found I was definitely beginning to feel better. This was a huge relief; to find a solution to this debilitating problem of exhaustion while venturing Beyond.

Feb 29th, 2020 7:15PM. Excellent shielding (OL) I haven’t been able to get back for awhile now – nothing – a total zero, and so I’ve largely given up trying. It’s just striving. That’s what I’m doing. But yesterday I thought I needed to try going back one more time, so today I’ve went back to some meditations using hemi-sync.

As I suspect my mnemonic encoding was diminished so I did two sessions of hemi-sync early; again everything was a zero as usual. This evening I used F27 hemi-sync intending to go to my SP27 and work on my practice of examining the blank slate.

On the way I paused in F23 as I remembered how beautify this place once was, back when I could see it. Now I had little to no perception of it. Discouraging. Then someone said to me, “Behold”, and for a moment I could see the wonders of souls ascending; the beauty of it; and then it was gone – such wonders.

But I ask, who spoke to me? Am I memory-loading now? I just don’t know. It’s a shame to be so cynical so in this meditation I was determined to hold tightly to my discernment. When I arrived at my SP27 I found my door was open. I felt or knew, maybe saw faintly, the elvish-like administrator from the Planning Aspect.

She stood facing me, apparently waiting for me. Her hood was drawn back and I gazed at the faint image of this youthful fair persona; a highly refined creature. I walked in and was dubious that it was actually her. I just couldn’t believe it. Why would she be here? She has more important tasks to attend then visiting me.

Incredulous I walked past her slowly toward the head of my table but focused all my attention on her as I passed by the faint apparition on my right. Was anything really here with me I wondered. She was just too faint, too hard to believable. Yet, I could not shake the sense that it was her no matter how I tried to clear my mind.

As if to get my attention or help me focus she said to me, “I wish to speak to you”. I questioned the authenticity of this and called out a constraint, “I desire only valid constructs with valid content”, and then as if through a thick curtain or something smothering me I clearly heard, “Listen to her”. It was unclear who directed me but I did clearly heard the direction. Was it someone from the Great Hall I wondered, so complying I turned my full attention on the administrator, accepting that it was her.

Bowing to her I said, “I will heed your words”. Then she appealed to me saying, “The Time approaches as you know. The Time is near for many to be gathered. You must return in all seriousness of spirit”. I acknowledged what she said and then she turn and walked out of my SP and I wondered at this. Return?

How am I suppose to do that? I have such slight perceptions and it’s all so unbelievable. How do I return? After this I stayed for a long time in my SP27 and felt like I was wrapped or surrounded by a thick cloud that was near completely impenetrable. Considering the directed return I thought, there is – no other choice then to return – but how? I detected some sort of encouragement permeating the room as I was reminded of previous power and effectiveness I’ve known… and then I left.

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