Thursday 5/25/17
I write this now a day after the event. I was so angry I decided to not bother writing anything down and wondered whether I should be pursuing any of this at all anymore.

Lately I’ve been quite frustrate with everything; with the lack of accuracy from the Elohim, and why the Pleiadians still have not produced a physical meeting. It all makes me suspicious. One’s imagination is quite capable of producing all sorts of fantasy; just look at the content of dreams. So I did a long session in focus 27, and mostly fell asleep. Then later I tried another long session in F27 which didn’t really get anywhere except I did succeed in getting to the education aspect and there I stated my question concerning the resolution of these issues. Something I will call Reception stated, “The Pleiadians are here. You may ask them”. Then turning I believe I did see Atur, but I recall nothing after that.

Getting to focus 21 as I was placing my mnemonic, someone’s hand was placed on my hand as I held it. Turning I saw the sachem and greeted him. I was glad to see him. He merely smiled in acknowledgement and turned away. From there I was considering going to the Elohim City.

I found the tree-line that is near the City and then I proceeded to the wall. Passing through it I immediately met the princess-like thought-form. It was pleasant to see her again and so I greeted her and asked, “Is there an identification for you that I may know”? “My name is Veronica”, she replied and I thought to myself, right an Earthly name; looks like I will never know a true name. Then she added, “I am a court assistant”. That made me wonder about the social structure in the city and we began to walk toward the Tower. As we walked I asked, “There is one court?”. “No, there are many. Each court represents an Elohim family. The greater courts represent elders” she explained. I asked, “So I am in a court now”? Yes, this is the court of your family”, she explained.

When we arrive at the tower, knowing her interest, I stated she may attend my meeting with the Chamberlain, but she declined saying, “I will allow you to meet the Chamberlain in private”. As I headed up the stairs, I was more aware of how high the tower is as the stairs circle round the tower’s inner wall; the stairs having no railing, as I looked down the height of the structure. When I got to the top I briefly looked out the window.

Then having greeted the Chamberlain, I began to address my concern. “I do not know how to resolve whether all this is a valid construct. These images – my human imagination could readily fabricate all of this. I do not understand why certain things stated do not appear to be true. The El my anchor (EMA) has said I may come be with him in my quiet time, but I do not find him when I try. Other el have said that I may depend on them, but I do not know in what way that is true. The Pleiadians wished to plan a meeting, yet that has not happened. How am I to know this is not merely my imagination? Or, how do I know all this is not some ploy to present theatre to me, generated by some dominant alien species controlling Earth [if this is possible then anything is possible]? How do I know this is true?”

There was no response, and in time I found I was not speaking to the Chamberlain at all, rather it felt I was speaking to the blackness of an Elohim audience however, I received no response. In time I left, though I don’t remember leaving. (Gone 50 minutes)

Later that evening, feeling quite cynical about the journey – feeling cynical about everything actually – I thought to look up the meaning of the name Veronica. I found the name is a Latin baby name which in Latin means True Image or Honest Image. In the Greek the name means Honest Image. This disarmed much of my criticism as it was too coincidental.