Collection: The Wizard and the Gatekeeper

There’s no good way to create this collection so I’ve broken it up to reflect periods of time in the Main Menu according to its respective chronological order. This first “Wizard” collection begins after the Lifelines course 2015 and The Intellect Engineers encounters (which is not written yet), covering the period until You are Not Who or What You Think… The Beyond.

Recap: Lifelines (March 2015) Tuesday 2nd Session

…. At this time I felt a need to stay in F21 and absorb as much rest as possible. I was beginning to feel emotionally taxed in these environments. As I stood there resting an old man slowly approached, walking on the familiar cobble path that’s bordered by a mix of lush green grass. He wore a large hood that draped over his face such that I could not see him well. As he passed he said to me, “We have much to discuss later….”, as he continued to walk away.  I watched him head into the distance and wondered what that meant.

Tuesday Evening Session (Lifelines Notes)

Following the retrieval I felt stunned for a long time – just mortally drained. I felt it must be time to go and so I let myself fall to F23 and then to F21. Another way to describe that is I allowed my exhausted focus to collapse thru the levels. Arriving in F21 I found myself, as if waking, lying on the cobble path near the dwelling I’ve been seeing. I slowly stood up and still felt completely stunned, shocked by the previous experience. I leaned over and laid resting on the stone wall adjacent to the path feeling the relief of its warmth; trying to rest up. Then someone came up to me and said, “You need to stay here”. So I stayed there trying to regain my composure, some energy, and some sense of peace. I felt completely spent.

Then the old man I had seen previously on the path came along. As I looked at him, seeing him vaguely, he pulled back his hood and I saw the long gray hair and beard apparently the Gatekeeper. He said, “You must come back and we will talk”. Eventually I left and exiting to C1 I found myself in my CHCK unit utterly emotionally spent and my chest ached terribly.

************************** Post Lifeline Course 2015 ***************************


Excerpt from one voyage while passing thru F21:

…. From there I progressed to 21 which felt like home again. Now I was able to make out the dome-shaped stone dwelling I saw while at TMI. I could feel the stonewall that ran along the path and passed the dwelling. I pass left through a gate adjacent to the path that led to the dwelling’s door. Looking inside there was a plain room with only the block stone walls and rough floor. There was a wooden table and a window with a wonderful view of Abyssal Mountains as the dwelling is right on the edge of the Abyssal Chasm. This room reminded me of a place I dreamt of decades ago; in that dream that place was my home. This wasn’t exactly like the one in the dream but it was very good to find this place; like pieces were coming together for me.

Sunday 5/24/15

Excerpt from another trip:

Eventually I got to focus 21. There was some struggle with having a sense that I fully arrived. It was a blank blackness here too. I looked around for the stonewall that adjoins the path adjacent to the dwelling I was hoping to find.

Then something spoke to me from behind my right shoulder, “Not what you expected”? I turned and saw the Gatekeeper standing on the path wearing the hooded robe I’ve seen him wear before (during Lifelines). I answered, “Grandfather, it is good to see you again” but this figure answered, “Why do you call me that”?

For a few moments I noticed the wall and stone dwelling but it had only a faint form and I reassessed it. It was not there, yet in a way it was. I could feel the stonewall and yet I could not feel it. Then as the Gatekeeper turned and began walking away he said, “We will talk again… “. I watched him walk away on the cobbled stone path which also appeared odd. I wondered, have I been wrong about this individual’s identity? He’s never actually said who he was. Who is this old man? Am I wrong about all this?

Who Is The Wizard? 5/25/2015

Excerpt from another meditation session; while passing into F21:

At first it was difficult to become oriented in F21 but as soon as I felt consolidated I heard a voice, again on my right say, “I see you made it”. Turning I found myself looking at the old man that I’ve been encountering here. I did not call him grandfather this time and was convinced this was not the Gatekeeper as now I could perceive him more clearly.

The figure turned and walked through the gate heading up the inclined cobbled walk to the heavy wooden door of the stone dwelling. As he went in I followed. Once inside I found myself in the familiar room with open air window viewing the mountains that I had seen before. In a moment we were standing together looking out the window at an absolutely grand view of the Abyssal Mountain Range, as I call it.

The old man looked at me as if waiting for me to say something. After a moment he said, “Alright. I’ll say it for you – I am you”. “You’re me?” I replied. “Yes – in this reality. You are you in your reality and I am you here”, he explained.

Things like this no longer surprise me but I wondered how this worked so I asked, “So this is my place”? “No”, he answered, “This is my place but you do have your own place in F27 as you call it. You haven’t been there yet but you know the place I’m referring to”, he explained.

I did recognized that this place had a strong resemblance to a place I encountered in a dream decades ago mentioned earlier and that place was my home in that dream. This made me wonder if there really was such a place for me somewhere. This place felt close to that but wasn’t quite it. The more I tried to focus on clearly understanding what was happening the more my chest ached.

Then the wizard said, “Take that kyanite1 and lay it on your chest”. So on my physical body in meditation I put the piece (the stone was nearby) on me as he directed and I immediately began to feel better.

I stood thinking for a while as I looked out his window. He looked at me and asked, “Why don’t you come out and say it”? I stammered, “You’re…. You’re a – wizard”? With a hint of humor he answered, “Well there are many words one might use like that and all of them are wrong”.

I continued looking out the window trying to figure all this out and asked, “…so the beings that pass through these levels – this isn’t there reality”? The Wizard explained, “Think of realities as a rich forest. Some beings can pass through the trees of the forest as mist that pass through the branches of the trees. Others may be confined to live within the scope of one branch or one tree – their reality”.

After a bit I asked, “What about crystals, how are they present in these different levels”? He continued, “Just as there is a vast forest of trees in this metaphor there is one ground level; a bedrock that supports all these structural places, so to speak. They [the mineral structures] pervade and permeate as a result of the time they’ve existed”.

For awhile I leaned with my back against the wall that adjoins the window looking out the open door at the expanse. I could see in that direction. He asked, “What troubles you”? “There are so many possibilities and directions I just don’t know how to come to think about any of it”, I replied. “You’re not happy in your reality?”, he asked and I answered, “There is so much suffering, pain, fear, and confusion in that world… I can’t stand seeing it and I can’t control the doubts and confusion that plagues my own mind”. The wizard said nothing in reply. It seemed time was of no concern here. I felt in no hurry to form questions and had no thought of when the hemi-sync session would end.

I turned to rejoin the Wizard looking out the window but just noticed someone was entering the doorway. I realized it was Raphael. He walked in and at first I thought he looked displeased but as I focused on him he portrayed his general commanding and serious presence.

He stood on the other side of the wooden table in the center of the room as I said, “Raphael! I am so glad to see you”, as I turned to face him, my back to the window. He seemed to acknowledge that in his usual quiet demeanor and it appeared he knew the nature of the conversation prior to walking in.

Responsing to my comment about my doubts and confusion Raphael said to me, “That will all change soon enough”. I didn’t know what that pertained to but I seem to have some inner sense that he was referring to a new phase or new time. When would that be I wondered. After awhile Raphael turned to leave. As he stepped out the doorway he turned and said to me, “Remember pizza isn’t good for you”, as he left. In time I left also.


This brief passage occurred while passing thru F21 on a journey:

I proceeded on through the levels and when I came to F21 I found myself at the Wizard’s dwelling as I’ve become accustom to. While getting perceptively oriented, I immediately noticed quite clearly the Gatekeeper. “Grandfather”, I said2, “Do you have words of wisdom for me”? “Be true and be not afraid”, is all he said. He asked me whether I wished to see the Wizard and I explained I had a task in 23. Then I moved on…

8/9/15 The Gatekeeper

I began my affirmation by calling out thanks to all those around me for the help I’ve received throughout my life: the protection, healings, messages, and visions not withstanding my insolence, anger, and more. I requested to speak with Uriel (who I just recently met) or any that would help me with understanding these events – those free of guile and deceit. Everything was absolutely still, darkness filled my field of view. I remained quiet, clear, watchful … and I waited.

Suddenly, several large angels appeared looming before me. They were imposing, great in stature, and they stood directly in front of me; one was prominent, standing in front and center of the group. I bowed and thanked them wondering how the answer I sought would be presented.

The prominent angel stepped forward and he placed his right hand on my left shoulder. I felt him lift me up; feeling small in comparison. He drew closer, leaned forward, and looked down at me, still keeping his hand on my shoulder. Then he turned his head slightly to his left as if to look back at something and he extended his left arm with outstretch finger pointing to something behind the angels. I knew he was directing me to look in that direction and as I looked I intuitively understood he was pointing to a light but I couldn’t see it.

This disturbed me, an angel directing me and with my clumsy perceptive abilities I couldn’t apprehend what he was showing me. I struggled to consolidate more as he continued to point. Suddenly he released me and directed me to go in that direction, but the light he was referring to still eluded me. I went blindly in that direction, facing mostly darkness thinking whatever it is it must be there. Soon I saw a pinhole of light but it disappeared.

After a moment I could see the pinhole of light again , but again it disappeared. I resolved to move forward into the darkness heading in the direction I last saw the pinhole of light; I would see it, but it would disapper. Traveling like this for a short time I began to see a small bit of green appear where the point of light had been appearing and in some moments I recognized a patch of green grass as if a small island of green existed in distant space. Then the small grassy island hovering in the darkness became apparent. I realized I had been here before; the place I was taken to for an encounter with my mentors and my entity parents.

When I reach the location I walked onto the thick green grassy area and immediately I recognized the Gatekeeper. At this time Raphael and Ethereal were both with him. Approaching them the Gatekeeper drew close to me, placing his hands on my shoulders he kissed me on the forehead. I asked him, “What is happening? What is the meaning of these encounters beyond F27 with the Elohim3 who require my mind? I do not understand”.

The Gatekeeper replied, “It is a beginning”, and he continued to explain, “The start and preparation of a new phase or charge. It is like a piece of ground being cultivated for the seed. We are sorry we cannot be clearer than this, but we are with you”. As we stood together I felt encouragement, a reassurance or an enabling but then for a moment I did wondered, what am I in league with? Putting that thought aside I replied to them, “I am with you in this also”.

Suddenly I sensed something of an inner understanding, something far from my normal mind, something that was just out of reach, just beyond my comprehension but I was beginning to grasp it.

I looked to my right and saw Uriel had arrived; a large imposing angelic creature with huge powerful wings, looking kind and wise in countenance. He smiled at me while standing silently as if observing our conversation as he held a book.

After a time with them I turned and began my return through the levels. The angels I met earlier were waiting. I greeted them but continue back and soon felt I was walking back into the Earthly.

Saturday Evening 10/10/15: The Gatekeeper Explains

In my session affirmation I clarified I wished to contact those who would help me understand my relationships; the meaning of these associations and to inquire about the Source.

At the start of this session I felt more energy and a notable clarity of purpose. Arriving in F21 I waited to see what environment would emerge. Soon I saw faintly an impression of the Gatekeeper waiting for me at the Wizard’s dwelling entrance. I was aware of the others but in a very limited and questionable manner. In a few moments the pathway and stonewall near the dwelling became clearer to me. I accepted it was a valid perception and so I walked through the yard’s gate, up the short walk to the structure’s entrance, and follow the Gatekeeper and others in. At that time what was weird was we all sort of swooshed in thru the entrance as vague unformed phantoms or smoky wisps; definitely not as if we had walked in.

Once inside I went to the far side of the wooden table as I have in that past. I was only dimly aware of the Wizard. I had a very faint awareness of Raphael. This made me question whether Raphael was actually there.

Ethereal did not appear personified as I have seen her before, rather she appear as a wispy apparition that at times was in the dwelling and at other times she appeared as if she was just outside the window hovering in space. She didn’t appear ghostly rather she appeared to be made of some other substance than that of the dwelling’s reality, or as if she was a projection. The Gatekeeper was on my left seated as usual.

After studying those perceptions I turned to the Gatekeeper and explained that I wished to know more about the meaning of our associations; why I was meeting these particular individuals in all these experiences. I added that I didn’t understand why I was meeting the Wizard who is somehow myself yet not myself in this focus-level reality. After I explained I didn’t know what to expect since things were very faint and at times I wondered how much of this I was creating myself from memory but instantly the Gatekeeper answered me with remarkable clarity.

He explained, “You are meeting the Wizard – as you call him – so that you have connection to foreknowledge, the future (sensing this was a mechanism). Although it was your non-human parents that nurtured the drive in you to seek what you call God, I was the one throughout your life who ensured your particular philosophical 4 mind was developed”.

He continued,“Raphael will be with you as a guide through your journeys. Your experiences with seeking and finding healing enables you to heal others (I began to understand). Ethereal is here to help you with power. She brings the feminine component of power to balance your masculine sense of it. She is integrating that for you, in you now. This is why some say she is in you, yet you feel that she is outside you. She is part of you in a sense – your sense of embrace – your connection to her is the other side of the power that is in you now. This is also why you, as you know, no longer find the Creative Force outside yourself but you are now aware it is something inside you – something of your own.

You may think of her as a goddess of Life – an aspect of the Creative Force. We are all in you working together, a part of you, inside and outside you [your composite being5]. At times I found the image went blank as I recognized what was being said, but once I did that, the images/communications would reacquire”.

Following that I asked, “Why are we here in focus 21, at this place, meeting this way? I don’t understand what is the nature of this reality, why it appears as it does?” Here too the Gatekeeper answered directly, “This place is a confluence of energies, spaces, and times that pertain to your future and a greater future. This dwelling and the Wizard are part of your future, part of what you will become in time – the pattern. Here – are potentials, the flux of things transpiring at a deep level”.

For a brief moment I wondered about creatures such as angels to which the Gatekeeper immediately responded to my thoughts saying. “There are many that have existed from eternities to bring about this place and time … to continue moving things to the future. As you are working with intentions of will for events and solutions, we are also all focusing our intentions as well. This place – or reality – is a representation of the fluence of all … the emergence of realities to come”.

“And the Source… What is the Source? What are its purposes?”, I asked. Answering, “The Source is All. The Origin. Like you, the Source or God as you call it, has intentions. These are unfathomable – because of the depth and breath of the Source – its vastness. That is why it is unfathomable. You may have glimpses. From the Source the nature of all things are bound in dualities. Do not trouble your mind with considering darkness, the Source is as light; consider only that. The Source is beyond duality”, he explained.

I asked, “And what about love – the Source as love”? Clarifying the Gatekeeper explained, “There are emotions that humans use in thinking of the Source that are approximations which represent the Source [to them]. [But] The true nature of the Source is beyond such words”.

Again I found I was blacking out of vision when trying to absorb the clear and precise flow of information I was receiving. When that cleared and I consolidated the conversation was done. All that could be said, was said. I found we were all quietly together and I understood the pieces to this puzzle that were beginning to take shape.

Finally after a time I stood up, bowed to the group, and thanked them for giving me this contact; this flow of understanding. Then I walked to the doorway and just as I stepped out, immediately the hemi-sync narration commenced the exit count down. Again, perfect timing. I felt assured.

The Galaxy: Times & Seasons (11/1/2015)

While passing through F21:

Then something began to emerge, as if made out of smoke, out of the darkness itself. As the image became apparent, I recognized a familiar scene from my early experiences in F21 and I found myself drawn into this image.

As in those early experiences I found myself flying high over what I call the Abyssal Mountains, the structure that forms the separation in focus 21 between here and there as some put it. As before I was able to see the horizon of that land in the distance, viewing it from high above but then I found myself rising much higher. This only happened before when Raphael would appear in sessions and drag me off past F21 to wherever it was we went, but now something else was taking me higher.

This continued and then I saw the image receding. Soon it was far below me as I felt myself moving ever higher while also finding myself changing. Any sense of self-form was disappearing – a very distinct and strange feeling. It’s hard to state whether I was becoming more diffuse, changing in frequency, transforming in some way into something else, or what. I wasn’t in control of any of this. This motion continued and it seemed to have a course of its own.

As time passed I felt abstracted, thin, vague, reduced to some very basic state of existence that I had never known before and then I detected – something was there. I attempted to call out, to address whatever had taken control of me.

I acquired an awareness of something but I didn’t know what it was so I offered a greeting and requested the entity clarify its nature or form for me so that I could understand it. I waited. For a moment I saw in the darkness several vague forms as if in a group or a row and I noticed I was being drawn closer to them. Then they disappeared, evaporating in the darkness, but with that I now became clearly aware of them – mind to mind.

I inquired if it was possible to explain to me who or what they were. I heard, “[We are] without name [or word] but you may understand us [as] – an energy field. We see you understand that notion”, they stated. In that moment my mind grasp several thoughts or applications regarding examples of fields and found myself contemplating them. I greeted them again, seeking to maintain a strong sense of courtesy.

“What is the nature of your purpose or role in your state?” I inquired. “We exist from the earliest [times] regulating – to use your notion”, they answered. I asked, “If you understand my thoughts please perceive my notion of god [the Source]. Are you part of an early purpose … What is it that you regulate”?

“Your concept of god is crude and inaccurate. As it is … we may say yes, we regulate times, energies, spaces…”, they explained. Then I realized something about where I was, that I was far beyond focus level 21 in some space that had its own time or lack of time comparatively. I also recognized how I felt; a feeling of not being confined by time, far beyond the times or realities that I’ve previously known.

This was truly new. It was beyond my first experience with the time transcending being that only referred to itself as Friend.

I asked whether beings such as what I would call angels would be aware of them (field beings). “Yes”, they answered, “Beings such as the ones you are thinking are aware of our times and the associated changes that pertain”, they answered.

I continued, “In my world times are sometimes defined as seasons that are dictated by our planet’s orbit around our star. Are the times you speak of similar? Some of my kind also speak of times as defined by stars or constellations of stars…”. For that moment there was no response although I felt firmly in contact with this entity field which to my surprise was even bothering to address me at all, so I waited.

I continued by inquiring whether it was possible for them to convey to my mind further understandings of their function. Again there was only a stillness for those moments. Suddenly I sensed something that resembled a discussion in the energy field, is how I would describe it.

There was something I sensed in the field, a cross-communication, and next I saw our galaxy realizing it had a field of its own. With that I sensed I was changing again even further beyond myself and then I saw something like our galaxy’s aura, if I could call it that but there is no word for what I perceived in our language.

While looking at this aura, or glow, I saw it was all around our galaxy. I understood that times were establish as if by a calendar (of purposes, stages, meaningful seasons) and that these have been ordained so to speak by something within the galaxy itself – a self governance perhaps although I don’t know whether that is a natural thing or whether it results from some organization of higher consciousnesses, or an organization of evolved cultures.

I also understood, or saw, that all galaxies possess this although I could not comprehend what this was. I understood that the particular field entities I was meeting were somehow involved in this governance process for our galaxy. But I don’t know that that limiting thought, our galaxy, as their focused local purpose is correct.

Sometime after this, I don’t know how long, I began to feel myself returning to the state in which the energy field and I were previously conversing, mind-to-mind. For a brief moment I wondered whether any of this had anything to do with the season I’ve been encountering and as if responding to my thought the field beings conveyed, “You are encountering [experiencing something of] the effect in a [very] small manner. [That is] more in the sense of becoming aware of the current [flux] of change and that which approaches”.

Given how they volunteered this information to me I began to thank them for allowing me this contact with them to which they responded, “You are among the first of your kind that we have encountered [being of satisfying interest to us]”.

As I found I ran out of questions and that we were on good terms I found we were drifting apart without any sense of good-bye. Several moments later, returning, I found I was stuck in this new state without much ability to change it or give it direction.

I began to struggle with this trying to assess how to proceed, how to get back. I tried to force images of places in F21 to ground myself to that level but was unsuccessful. After a number of attempts I tried again to focus on the Wizard’s stone dwelling since I had a strong memory of it and found I was in state with some sort of extension beyond the reality framework of the dwelling in F21.

I tried to appear in the Wizard’s dwelling but had no control over consolidating. It felt as if I was spatially inside and outside his dwelling, as if I was in different phases of whatever.

I wanted to reach out to the Wizard and I sense he was trying to reach out to me; trying to grasp each other’s hands so to speak. However, that did not resolve my problem. I found I had slipped back outside of F21 again. I became aware of the Gatekeeper and sought to strongly focus on him. I could see he was aware of me and noted he was grinning broadly.

I sought to make myself feel my way along the stonewall outside the dwelling using that to hold myself to that level but when I made it back inside the dwelling I found my form or identity was still that of some enlarged cloud, or a field of my own, is what I would call it. But I was becoming able to localize in place, tho I still felt in some other phase that was not coincident with that particular place.

I thought to focus on taking hold of the wooden table in the dwelling to keep myself there. The Gatekeeper conveyed to me that I was in a state of pure something – spirit – using that word loosely since I don’t know any word for what he said. Over a time I found I was becoming more defined, as some form, but still embodying a region in and about the dwelling. At least I got to a point where I could converse with the Gatekeeper and had some sense of being localized.

He said nothing more as I found in my current state that I could not contact or ground with Earth and I recognized more fully I still was not in the form I generally have in focus 21. The Gatekeeper seemed unconcerned and only smiled. I tried to assert more attention on this issue of form, putting more effort into dealing with it. As I worked at that I started becoming slowly alarmed at the predicament.

Then Devenoir appeared and instinctively I reached out something like an appendage to him. He reached back so that my left appendage was touching his right hand. I felt the connection as if this was somehow going to aid me in translating back. I had epiphanies regarding his role, that he is specifically assign to assist me in some transformational project.

Then Ethereal appear and she also reached out to me. Responding I reached my right appendage out to her and she placed her left palm against my right palm that was forming with her touch. With the help of these two I found I was beginning to change, take on or reacquire more form and I sense something else familiar returning to me.

We stayed in that contact for awhile during which I felt I was consolidating back to being me while having many epiphanies about the two in this contact with them. As I acquired more of my previous form I returned my thoughts to those in the dwelling and soon found I was ready to go.

Later as I turned to leave, immediately the narration began the count down from focus 21 and I found I was now able to mentally focus on the reverse process of returning. I was finally finding myself stepping back down through the levels.

Nearly back in about focus 15 I reacquire my personal energy extension, verified its shape, and reached out to establish my reattachment to the Earth system.

Finally back in focus 12 I found I was surprisingly refreshed by a new sense of calm, improved attitude, and patience with the natural conflicts of daily life in the Earth state. Recovering in focus 10 I found myself clearly reconsolidating in my body. I found it was buzzing and quite warm. Arriving in C1 I felt ready to go on with this life again.

Tuesday 12/8/15: What One Seeks to Understand

This morning I woke up thinking about my questions. What is actually being answered? What’s with my inability to grasp, or is it to accept, the explanations? I wondered what to do about this and everytime I considered this during the day the thought occurred to me that the Gatekeeper would tell me, so this evening I decided to go to focus 21 and inquire.

What is all this about? What is God? There was a time when the notion of God was straight forward to me, but now it appears God is a complete abstraction – literally; an infinity away. I find I’m engaging layers of being or existence, various types of being that I don’t think I can turn to. What or whom can I truly turn to for tangible help here?

I made my case to all those around me concerning what it was I intended. Suddenly I encountered a discussion or explanation of things but I didn’t know who was speaking to me. Whatever it was it had lucid clarify in its flow of information. From there the conversation began to go deeper, mostly in terms of the blunt truth of things that I do know.

What I heard went something like this: ”From the first moment of time, the first self expression, the utterance of the Source, this resulted in the expressive creation of being that represents the thoughts and the intentions of the Source. The expressions and intentions of the Source continued and continues which results in yet greater extension of being and consciousness. There are specific energies, being, that carries specific aspects of this expansion. They are uncontaminated; being not of material form, representing the true intention and expression of – the image of – the Source. As duality arose, the signal that resides and permeates all may be viewed as a mixture; some aspects acting as a destructive interference others as constructive.

The manifestation of the energy being in this energetic pattern are manifold; carrying and fulfilling intentions of the Source, forming the image of the Source itself. There are many names and cultural structures used to illustrated this by mankind and this extension reaches into members of mankind as some cultures have attempted to describe it. The origin and nature of such beings are no more alien then the reality that permeates all. You correctly seek God”. When this monologue ended I thought to myself, now that sounds exactly like something Devenoir would say and I smiled to myself.

Later when I arrived in F21 something stopped me and ask whether I felt ready for this and if I truly wanted to know. I was not able to recognized who or what was addressing me. After giving it some thought I replied, “I do not believe whoever I have been relating to would allow me to harm myself with such knowledge and if they are not stopping me now, then yes I want to know… What I am? Are the entities that say they are my parents, truly my parents? What are they? What’s the deal with wanting my mind, but not explaining what is being done with it?” In response, whatever it was that was addressing me said, “Much will be hard to absorb…”.

I moved on, wondering how to find the Gatekeeper and suddenly I found myself at the bench under the lamppost where the Gatekeeper and I first met in F21. I saw the Gatekeeper sitting there waiting for me. I was unconvinced that this wasn’t a memory load but as I sat down next to him he began to draw in the fine gravel and sand at our feet with his staff. This seemed to lead my attention and as I studied the things he was drawing, I realized it was him.

I ask, “Grandfather, what is being done with my mind by these entities (beyond F27) who are requesting it?” He answered, “You cannot understand that yet but you may think of it like a cultivation; as a gardener cultivates a garden before planting a seed. Or think of it as a foundation one first builds before building a structure. They are preparing your mind so that in time you may receive the information you seek and the knowledge you will need”. I asked, “Is this preparation for knowledge I will receive when I die, or will this occur in my lifetime”? “It will be is in your lifetime on Earth”, he answered.

We discussed things deep, seemingly simple at the time, but unfathomable now. At this time it seems all mixed together and difficult to explain. Again I asked, “What am I”? “You are [as explained] an energy entity”, he replied, “[Again] You are not from some species of some other planet [to clear that up for you]”.

As I tried to understand what he said I realized I did not have the basic framework to understand what he explained. What is an energy being? Numerous aspects where elucidated and I understood this to be the most basic introduction to an continuing process; the reality of which was, and is, very difficult to grasp although the sense of apprehending the truth of it was clear. There was a sense of gravity to his explanation which felt ponderous even in its childlike explaination.

Then I found I was becoming mentally worn out, tired, and then the Gatekeeper faded away. I felt a need to leave due to this exhaustion that came with the recognition of the scale of just this small bit of information. It was too much to apprehend. It seems simple in writing, however there was nothing simple about the fullness of meaning and purport he gave me.

When I returned to C1 I was blank and numb, not knowing what to think or do. I found that I was deeply troubled by the explanation.

This concludes this period of the Gatekeeper & Wizard Collection. The next segment is found in the primary Menu.

  1. The Wizard was referring to the 1lb bar of blue kyanite I have. As a result of this conversation with the Wizard I found it treated energy/emotion deficits from soul-retrievals. I thereafter would take this kyanite piece to TMI as first-aid for myself or others at the courses. The blue kyanite has successfully treated two other students at TMI w/ energy deficits resulting from psychic strains while in hemi-sync sessions. I haven’t tried treating more than these two other cases. 
  2. The Gatekeeper is not my grandfather. At times I call him this out of respect. 
  3. Elohim and The Intellect Engineers encounters following the Lifelines course. 
  4. Philosophy – from the Greek literally: love of wisdom. By definition, the study of nature, causes, or principles of reality, knowledge, or values based on logical reasoning. 
  5. Though we commonly think of ourselves as individuals among collectives like the Shepherds of Creation and others, plural collectives are not uncommon. One may think of them loosely as similar to flocks of birds or schools of fish that move in unison; collectives of individuals that work together with common mind and purpose.