June 22nd, 2017 (Grand Mesa National Forest)


Lately I’ve been avoiding meditations. I’ve been unwilling to engage if there isn’t more forthcoming presentation. It’s been quite stressful dealing with this mind-twister.

Today however, I had a sense of some presence pushing into this reality; detecting this a few times earlier today. I became convinced that something was here. I waited for it as I could certainly feel the force, but since I’m not as good at concentrating in C1 as I am in mediation I decided to do a mediation. I decided to use a long hemi-sync F12 track for added local sharpness.

I decided I would just be available and see where this went. In 12 I found my perceptions were quite rusty. I haven’t been here in awhile, but then I thought I detected Ethereal approaching.

It quickly became apparent that her image was presenting. My awareness of her was sketchy as she was a very subtle shimmer of delicate light, but that is how it was when we first met.

As her form consolidated she came to stand alongside me on my left and she took my hand as if to lead me. I said to her, “Ethereal, Why are you here now?”, and she answered me, “Now I come to teach you […as I had promised]”.

I walked with her as she led me but now and then I would loose sight of her which also was how it was when we first met. She would wait for me and after I would reacquire her, we would resume our walk together. We walked a short distance with the few restarts. As we walked holding hands I could feel how dear she was to me; my deep friend and ally.

Then she came to a stand still and I stopped along side her. I saw she was looking in the distance, as if looking at something. I looked forward in the same direction and after some effort I began to see… with her – an ocean.

We were standing on a rocky shoreline, maybe like the coast of Maine or Norway; don’t know. I sensed we were looking to the North Seas. Then she turned to me and directed me saying, “Put your hand in the water and heal the ocean”. This surprised me but I obeyed her.

Taking a couple of steps into the water and then putting my hand into it, I began to command… to call into existence now the healing for the oceans and all within. I felt the power rise and sensed some whales in the distance, so I called to them welcoming them to this time – this effort. Then calling to the sea, I said to it, “It is time to be free … free of the pollutions and all the ills of man.”

After sometime Ethereal directed me again saying, “Now speak to the North”, and so I reach out to the Spirits of the North, reaching out to northern polar Earth and spoke to them of their healing, calling them to come forth now as I said to them, “Now it is time to recover the Earth, so go forth with this task”, and I felt that power too.

Then Ethereal yet again directed me commanding, “Now speak to the stars”. And so I called to the stars to now be my witness – of this time – the time to recover the Earth; the time when all within are to be healed, nourished; for all that is within the Earth to be delivered from the pollutants and ills of man. I felt this power too and recognized it as I have known it before.

After this Ethereal turned around and so I turned with her and went with her, as we walked back. We walk together. She was on my right and we held hands as one in purpose.

She then stopped, turned to face me, and kissed me on the forehead. She took a step back to take a place standing on my left as we both turned around to look forward and wait. Then I saw Raphael approaching. He looked as the first day I met him, wearing the coarse cloth long-shirt tunic, his long black hair, and his sure being. He smiled and came to stand on my right.

Then – I knew. I remember now. He is my guide in this Recovery. I remember now. This is how it would start. Two archangels: of Earth and Heaven – companions with me that I have known. And we stood together, looking forward into the future.

Here we are. I have known this. Then I wondered out-loud, “What of the Elohim? Now do I get through”? I called out to the EMA, but I could not hear or find him.

Then something said to me, “We desire you speak to Us as a whole and not as an individual”. I looked to see who spoke, and They added, “It begins”. I inquired with Them, “Why now”? In reply They only said, “We are calling you back….”.

So long it has taken and now the time has come. “I was wrong. You have been there for me to turn to. You have been there for me to depend on. I see it now”.