I decided to go to the Elohim City in manual meditation; I felt it approaching earlier. Getting to F27, at my landing area, I again detected the large angel I had previously met. I wondered why am I loading this memory but thought to ask out loud in F27 what was the meaning of this presentation. To my surprise I receive a prompt and clear reply. “This is our greeting to you. This one is here to welcome, assist, and guide you when you are here”. This lifted me up; that I had such a strong and clear reply. From there I headed back to F21.

Arriving on the cobblestone path I commonly encounter in F21 near the Wizard’s dwelling I wondered how to approach the Green Wall from this aspect and I immediately saw Devenoir waiting and so I went toward him. Together we were soon at the forest tree-line barrier that is adjacent to the Wall. I paused for a moment to express my regret to Devenoir for how I trivialized meeting angels at times, taking them for granted. His calm infinite face display a gentle smile in acknowledgement and then he extended his arm directing me onward thru the forest toward the wall.

I proceeded as he directed me and was soon at the Green Wall. I paused at the Wall to again enunciate my affirmation, that I am here because I understand I was directed to come here, and that I seek only truth in this experience free of any self deception on my own part, or anyone’s part.

Emerging from the Wall I immediately met the young princess-like thought-form I met before. I bowed slightly to her in greeting and explained that I was called. Seeing her I couldn’t help but reflect that I have a strong fatherly sense of caring for this young created being; as if she was my own daughter and she said to me, “I… We, have been waiting for you”. With that she turn to lead me somewhere. We walked a short distance and came to a beautiful garden bench with a wonderful ornamental tree overhanging it along with rich greenery. The setting was beautiful, it was perfect. We sat and I turned slightly to face her but didn’t know where to begin.

After a moment I started by asking, “Is this place real?”, and instantly the scene turned into black void as I was immersed, confronted by thought; a mind of great mass as I heard, “It is real in a manner of speaking – a construct; as all realities are constructs”, and I realized I was being addressed by an aspect of ‘Those I Know’.

Its hard to bring the whole conversation back as it was rich in comprehension. “I do not know how to conduct my being [in light of multiple dimensions or worlds]”, I explained as They replied, “This is understood – the adaptation/adjustment of physical. You are frustrated by the limitations of the physical, as it is”. “Am I hearing different parts of you [pertaining to thoughts I have during the day]”, I asked? “You know us; know us as one of us”, the darkness replied.

“Is there something more, some discipline I should practice that would assist me [in this]”. The Mind enunciated, “Some, but what you anticipate [know to expect] will largely take place in time. WE will bring forth these aspects [… in time]”. Then I sensed a span of years for me, the near future but none-the-less illustrating that all this was going to take place in time and I would have to be patient. In our conversation I would often ask the blackness something then wondered if I lost contact. But allowing/extending them my mind (shelling-out) I would get a responding explanation or illustration in reply.

“Who am I addressing? Is this the EMA or The Ones I May Turn To, that is now speaking/present”, I asked? “We are One”, they definitively stated. I then recognized or sensed they were all there but it was hard to apprehend the proportion/mix/or focus of who was present. “We are One”, was again reiterated. “Thank you my lords”, I offered out of courtesy but they replied, “There is no need. You are one of us”. I then felt I needed to look to/for more and asked, “May I reach Source?” In response was only, “Facilitation [implicit]”.

Throughout this conversation I had a growing sense of completeness; that there were no more questions I could think of as pertinent. This feeling strongly pervaded and then concluding I turned my thoughts back to my world. As I turned to leave I suddenly found that I felt I was turning away from a void, an deep emptiness, and also that I was vividly facing and again seeing the beautiful garden bench and the way back before me. In that space I could still feel, I still knew, that behind me was blank, dark, near absence of form. In stark contrast, I could strongly feel the void behind me as half of me, even as I faced the city’s vivid form before me. I studied this sensation for awhile. It was so clear and then I proceeded on, to return. This sense followed me as I approached the Wall and then the sense dissipated as I neared leaving.

Exiting the wall I immediately found Devenoir in front of me, almost walking into him. There we stood together and I wondered about the return. Then the soft moon-like light for transport appeared above us. I wondered how to get back into it for the return and after a few moments I suspected or understood Devenoir would facilitate this. Then suddenly I sensed for a very brief moment that I was in the Light, but then in less than a blink of an eye I was back in C1.