The MtnGoat’s Discussion on the Focus Levels

A while back I wondered whether I should write anything about the focus levels. I asked someone who I had been in a number of TMI courses with whether she thought one should do that and her thoughts on the matter were, “Nah”.

Still, when I read the standard TMI descriptions about the focus levels I find they are somewhat vague and I understand, as having been a student of this myself, that one may desire a more descriptive explanation.

At the risk of fostering dogma I’ve decided to write down some descriptive generalities regarding these states. After all, you’re reading my website and the best way to follow my verbiage is to know the environment I’m referring to when I mention a focus level in my notes.

In this discussion I address the basic levels one may become aware of while one should first understand that the numbering system of the levels is completely arbitrary. The numbers have no actual significance in themselves. The numbering scheme was developed by TMI to avoid associations some may make with levels of heaven described in various religious traditions, etc. TMI wanted to keep the focus level identifications benign.

It is also important to note that the focus levels do not address all of it out there. In the TMI model some suggest the focus levels generally listed may not be the only levels that exist. That is true, however in my experience it is equally likely the focus levels do not have to be discrete levels for all conscious forms out there as some forms exist in continuums.

As I implied above there are other states for which the notion of a focus level does not apply and remember also this notion of the focus level may just be a self-imposed human construct resulting from some inclination in our human disposition; a framework that we may require at some level to differentiate those environments. Maybe this results from structures of the human brain. Who knows? None-the-less from the human point of view there does seem to be some sort of structure out there for which the notion of focus levels offer a sense of orientation.

Now there is a balance on the one hand of helping someone become informed/oriented regarding these levels of awareness, and on the other hand, front-loading understandings or passing on some dogma regarding what these levels are or what they should be. The reader should consider these states may interlace perhaps not for humans but the levels may not be rigidly defined for other things that transcend all of this (as I mentioned above – continuum conscious-forms).

For myself I’ll say I have proof of the focus levels’ existence. My Evidence page (Evidence That Can’t Be Ignored ) illustrates some examples of human-on-human psychic contact that occurred between individuals while in the same respective focus level. However, I cannot validate most encounters w/ other intelligent forms particularly those beyond the Earth Life System (ELS). How does one prove who they are or what they are? How does one validate statements made by intelligent conscious-forms that are outside our own physical context?

Lastly, training in hemi-sync is work. By that I mean one does not do one session on a weekend and achieve incredible far-out experiences. The CIA disclosed documents mentioned in the reference section (What the CIA says about Hemi-Sync:) state their test subjects needed about 10 sessions before they obtained any result. During on-site TMI courses it is common for many individuals to have nothing happen for a couple of days while doing 4-7 sessions per day. I believe like any meditation one should practice near daily; maybe twice a day.

So here we go:


C1 is our normal everyday conscious state.

Focus 10

In TMI’s Hemi-Sync multi-binaural mixed brainwave entrainment (entrancement) one starts at C1 and begins to train first in Focus 10. This is how hemi-sync is encoded. This is considered a base state in which optimally one’s body is put to asleep while the mind remains awake and alert. It’s funny, many times at TMI I’ve heard roommates snoring during a session and I’ve startle myself out of meditation by my own snoring on a couple occasions.

Anyway, this state takes some practice to produce; that physical state of being deeply relaxation – Body Asleep – while the mind remains alert – ie Mind Awake. The hemi-sync helps one do that. This is also the state TMI trains users to carry out their Preparatory Process (C1-F10).

Body asleep (mind awake) allows one’s awareness to begin to have more unfettered bandwidth to focus with, so to speak, ie Mind Awake. Yes one may find some kindle book all about Focus 10 but it is simply this in its most basic description. As an aside, if focus 10 was so profound as some write TMI wouldn’t blow past that training in their Gateway course. Do things happen to people in this state? Sure, but where that really starts is beyond focus 10 which is why TMI courses are primarily conducted in F12 (sometimes F11) and beyond.

You see the body is a big distraction. Does it need to go to the bathroom? Is it cold or too hot? Is the skin itching? Is the body tense? Is the pillow too soft? There are lots of things going on between the mind and body that distracts one’s focused attention. The goal here is to put all that to sleep, while not actually falling asleep, to reduce the multiplexing activities of the mind’s self awareness of the body

As an aside I’ve come in contact with people seeking their OBE experience and they are totally involved with figuring out if it feels right. Does it feel or act like some franchise or YouTube channel says it would? The problem with this is the more one focuses on that stuff – the preoccupation of obtaining an OBE – the more one is actually preoccupied with their body or some form of it. As a result their body is NOT asleep.

I know of a popular YouTuber that talks about his OBEs and when this individual went to Gateway Voyage he thought it was just a bunch of relaxation therapy stuff and got nothing out of it. Really? Nothing!? Here’s a perfect example of concentric-self unable to look beyond self-indoctrination; entrenched in a concentric trap of expected OBE feelings and preconceived notions/contexts.

During my Gateway onsite course there were about 25 students. All but 3 had life impacting experiences. One of those three individuals knew all the latest Internet New Age lingo inside and out; even telling people what was happening to them at Gateway but he had nearly no experiences himself at TMI.

Now I want to clarify right away that one does NOT have to have perfect control in this state before proceeding to other levels. One does not have to master focus 10 before going on to focus 12. That F10 skill comes with time and practice. One can come back and work on this particular state during one’s more advanced training.

In sum, in F10 one aims to relax, set aside all bodily distractions and preoccupation while remaining awake. I wish to stress you must be alert not just awake. If one is not alert one is not vigilant to every nuance of perception and thought that presents. Alertness is what one needs to discern the details. Finally if the practitioner does falls asleep that’s ok. It happens to all hemi-sync users. In this case get a good night sleep, or a few, and try again.

Focus 11

F11 is a state often not discussed. It is called The Access Channel by many TMI associates. In this state one’s body is asleep but one’s awareness is directed at the body’s systems. I think this is all I’ll say about that. A very basic introduction to utilizing this level is in Joe Gallenberger’s MC Squared pyschokinesis course that is also available through SynCreation.Com as home work-study. One also gets a passing exposure to this in Bob’s Monroe’s Gateway Voyage CD set. There are just one or two lessons that pertains to this. F11 is not of particular interest during the Gateway course.

Focus 12

When one successfully put the body to sleep (more or less) while the mind is awake (pretty much) then what’s next? It is simply looking beyond self; looking outward beyond one’s typical physical perceptions and self-absorbed, busy, noisy, thought patterns. For me the goal here is to turn one’s gaze purely beyond oneself and observe. This is the first step into expanded awareness.

Consider, if one does attain an expanded awareness state, but is not looking at that new field of view one may not notice it. To clarify, think about all the background noise one experiences throughout the day but does not pay attention to because one is not actively listening or watching to it. Is the baby crying ever louder for someone to please change its diapers cuz the parents are busy on Facebook? We may be distracted by some preoccupation and miss details about other things occurring in our vicinity.

If one is still thinking about self, my OBE, my checklist of what’s suppose to happen, my inner complaints that I’m not seeing some cool etheric reality, then one’s awareness is not expanded. Here is a simple illustration of what turning one’s awareness outward is like:

Stand with both your hands in front of you while looking at your palms. This is roughly C1/focus 10; one’s concentric human disposition involved with its sphere of interests. Now turn your palms facing outward, away from you. Do not look at the backs of your hands. Close your eyes and ask yourself what your palms see? Now extend your arms; still with palms facing out. Reach out and feel; without opening your eyes look past your hands.

Notice how you shifted your mind’s eye away from the status quo of your normal perceptions? How far can you feel or see? Look farther. This is not an exercise in perceiving some stored image of your surroundings via your imagination. Attend to the space beyond your hands. This is turning your perception outward.

In F12 one may find one becomes highly focused and much more single-minded. This allows one to penetrate more deeply into what one is aware of, without saying what that awareness is. This is an early effect of what hemi-sync does for an individual. There is a lot in focus 12 that is very close to us. This is also where one may begin to control limited aspects of one’s local reality.

It will likely seem to be just blackness. Look outward, really open your awareness beyond and pay close attention. Try to stop looking at the black background of your eyelids as you try to see something. You have to forget all those conventional inputs that your mind is busy searching for because your gonna start developing new ones; ones that you have not needed in our conventional physical reality.

Don’t worry that its just blackness. It will take time for the mind to release the hunt for natural perceptions and for one to let go of preconceive notions regarding what one is suppose to find. Listen without hearing. Watch without looking. Feel without touching. Be alert, using the part of you that observes your mind’s eye; consider what is it you apprehend.

One utility or application of F12 for example is learning to access one’s intuition or creativity at a deeper level. With practice one may associate or encode a cue for some F12 skill that may be accessed later via that cue when one is back in C1. For example, encode or memorize a cue such as touching one’s nose while one is in a highly intuitive state. Then later, in C1, invoke those deeper skills when one needs them by toughing one’s nose.

As I’ve written elsewhere, there are now at least 17 unique phase states of solid water (ice) known in the physical sciences. Recently it has also been found that there are at least 2 phase states of liquid water. So consider, whatever the mind is – whatever frame of mind one has – that there may be other states of awareness one may achieved.

Focus 15

I will not tell you the difference between focus 12 and focus 15. I will tell you however that I completely disagree with TMI on this matter. Focus 15 is not timeless and it is not nonlinear. Ya can’t have it both ways so take those contradictory notions with a grain of salt. Don’t worry about time. F15 (and other states) exists more on the order of geologic/astronomical time (For more about the nonlinear see: What Does Nonlinear Mean?).

F15 was the base state when and where our protostar was conceived; the local awareness that brought consideration to this creation project. When it first emerged along with the collection of physical matter and materials, that was the mists of focus 15. This bifurcated, proliferating creatively, with time as local awarenesses naturally arose and developed to what we call other higher levels. Due to this huge extent it may appear as timeless to a human conscious.

Consider something easy like watching your fingernails grow. Its a lot like looking at a static photograph of your fingers isn’t it. You really can’t detect any change from moment to moment. Yet with a time-lapse camera you would detect that time was moving forward. This is a crude example but it makes my point. Because there is no sense of time to a human does not mean time does not exist and it is not in itself nonlinear other then perhaps in a turbulent region of a black hole. Remember, even the Earth completing thousands or millions of orbits around the Sun is hardly a blink of an eye in astronomical and geologic time scales.

Of course this is based on my own esoteric knowledge regarding the level and who can prove that.

Focus 21

What is Focus 21? That’s a good question. It is said to be a locale which is generally near the limit of the living human mind’s normal psychic capacity. Here one is capable of being first removed and engage in other constructs of reality not necessarily coincident in time, phase, or purpose with our own physical world. There is an aspect of emergence. This level may represent something like the first potential overlap between the physical and the nonphysical; a junction of sorts but one that is fluid; a place where perhaps the dead may return and engage with the sensitive awareness of love ones for example.

Anyway, it’s something like that. There are other aspects of this environment that I will not address here as F21 is certainly much more than what I just mentioned.


This state is one in which the present mindedness of an individual who may be in a coma or delirium for example, struggles to make sense of their state of mind; perhaps a delirious confusion that is quasi-conscious but not in C1. This state may be adrift near the threshold of dead’s departing consciousness while some portion of life may still be holding to the physical. Some are not ready to proceed and return to C1 when their condition resolves. For others this state could be passed through on the way to dead’s departure; possibly caused by a stroke or head trauma, or during a drug overdose. In sum this is a confused state for a human lacking association with the normal, but not the afterlife.


This is the awareness/locale where the body’s spirit or soul – whatever – has departed in what we call death. This is where one first finds oneself when one dies and is part of a natural migration not to be feared. However, some individuals may be strongly transfixed on some binding thought at death and so are unable to let go of their former physical form’s context; for these special assistance may be needed. This is the realm where, if needed, soul-retrievals are rooted.

In that case a departed individual is transfixed with some notion of the former form. The individual is not aware of things around them that could help them migrate. Don’t freak, these individuals are not forgotten or hopelessly trapped. It is very important to state that just cuz a person dies, or even commits suicide, does NOT mean or mandate that the person needs a soul-retrieval. The need for soul-retrieval is the exception, not the rule.


Roughly speaking, this region is referred to as the Belief Territories in TMI speak; the consensus realities of many, or just one individual; framing their post-human reality in some preconceived or otherwise agreed construct. Those individuals are not in general bound by any external means and may leave whenever they can get beyond their belief.

It is a mistake to associate this area with large organized religions as if they are somehow to blame for the existence of these zones. We do not know why these regions exist. We don’t know the purposes working out there. These regions may represent heavens and that which is much worse. It is extremely prolific as are the notions of what people expect or hope for after they die. There are those that exist there in complete bliss, so it is best to not judge these states as that is likely the psychic traveler’s own prejudiced belief systems acting out.

There are also those that reside in the Belief Territories with full knowledge that other states exist. Some, perhaps all of these individuals, are able to move among other states and then return to their primarily chosen residence in the Belief Territories for whatever reason. All that likely pertains to some greater purpose of the belief system or the purpose of these specific individual(s) in that system. One more time, there is nothing wrong with the Belief Territories.

It should be noted that not all, upon death, necessarily take up residence in the Belief Territories, rather they proceed beyond those territories directly to Focus 27 for whatever reasons or personal disposition.


Focus 27 is beyond the human self-limiting mindsets of the Belief Territories. This region is the limit of the Earth Life System (ELS). Although one may find non-human intelligences in all levels, beyond this level (F27) is the realm of the non-human, non-Earth based forms of life, physical or not. Courses such Lifelines and Exploration 27 focus on the introduction to some of the particular aspects, characteristics, and acting agents of F27. The Starlines courses takes one distinctly beyond F27.

F27 is also the location of what TMI has manifestly generated and is called TMI-There. This manifest construct, or whatever one thinks it is, is utilized in TMI’s advanced group activities. Focus 27 is also the domain in which TMI courses suggest the student create a happy place or F27 home-base for oneself. That is called one’s Special Place (SP or SP27).


Beyond the Earth Life System (ELS) is F34/35 which represents what is roughly called alien awarenesses along with the various constructs they represent. Some of these entities are relatively similar to humans in their thought frameworks; something like that. I should say I have never heard an explanation as to why this state is called 34/35.

F34/35 is the location of another TMI manifested construct called the TMI Voyager 8 vessel or just V8 for short. That construct is used for group exercises in the Starlines courses.

F42 & F49

One should recognize that humans tend to think in human-centric terms and scale; both spatially and in time. That can be a limiting problem. These states may be a region of consciously aware forms that possess extents of awareness far beyond what mankind can conceive of; individuals, groups, facilities, structures, cultures that are working on galactic and supra-galactic scales; vast nonphysical formed states or planes of nonphysical expression representing other types of aware beings that may also exist in different scales of time.

I’ll mention one thing with respect to Bob Monroe’s books and TMI’s system of beliefs. I have never encountered anything that I would call Bob’s Cluster Council, an I-There Cluster, or a Sea of I-There Clusters. I know it’s a big part of Bob’s books and the TMI franchise but I haven’t encountered it at all. Now, that belief system has been enlarge to include cosmic scale clusters of super-clusters of I-Theres. I can’t endorse this dogma in any way.

I won’t say more about F42/F49, again to not front-load the reader any further as these notions can easily become dogmatic and propagate. In general, dogma may initially provide some guidance but may also dispose an individual with rigid self-limiting mindsets. It is important the individual study their own experiences and develop their own opinion; enter the levels with an open mind to the possibilities. All the levels discussed here are certainly far more then what is described above. I offer this info so one may have some general idea of context when reading my notes.

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