The Ancients


The Ancients
Sept 19th, 2017
This was a very long meditation with a lot to write about.

This is the second day I forced myself back into meditations. This morning’s meditation was productive. This evening, I decided to use hemi-sync thinking I would alternate my practice meditations with hemi-sync sessions. My intention was to go to F34/35+ continuing to reinforce my focus-levels mnemonic encoding.

At my affirmation I stated this intention and given the recent incident with Veronica I also stated an inquiry regarding whether it is proper for me to gift energy to the Tall Beings (TBs) at the Healing Aspect in F27.

I’ve also returned to my practice of utilizing Shen Gong/Nei Gong methods in my preparatory charging process; spending time doing that prior to starting my sessions.

Arriving at my F21 mnemonic I was surprised to find the sachem ancestral spirit standing behind me. He was grinning broadly, and turning to him I placed my hand over my heart in greeting and then we hugged.

It was so good to be with this spirit again. His shaman spirit was also present. When they turned to depart I wondered if I saw the rumps of a couple of ponies with them as they slowly vanished into the dark. I proceeded on to F23.

When I got there it was black. I had wisps of images but I questioned whether those were memory loads of one sort or another. I spoke out to the level saying, “I wish only to perceive correctly, without memory load or imagination – to perceive truly”, and then the angel that I’ve seen in recent trips appeared again on my left.

Together we rose up through F23. At times I had grand views of that Heaven. When we got to F24, after exchanging glances with each other, the angel and I parted ways.

Nothing much happened until I got to F27. There I felt and recognized that I had arrived at a familiar place, but it was only slightly perceivable. Again I announce out-loud my desire for only correct perceptions. From there I flew to my SP27 enjoying the lift of strong breezes that took me high to my SP27.

At my SP I didn’t know quite what to do, so I climbed up on the platform I carved into the arete on the mountain’s shoulder sometime ago, and from there I called the Spirits. After that I called out-loud to the surroundings whether it was appropriate to extend energy to the Tall Beings (TBs) and something said to me, “All such gifts are appropriate”.

So I spent time crafting and extending this to all the TBs at the healing center. When that was complete I turned to climb down and suddenly, it was as if a bright light like the Sun appeared to my right and looking toward the light I saw my old vision of the Ancient of Days; seeing it clearly.

I wondered at this. Why is this image being sent to me so often? [the same old mantra: remember who you are?]. And why is the Alpha Squared memory room drawing attention to this too I wondered? [These are now old worn out questions that find no resolution], so not knowing the complete answer I turned away and climbed down and entered my SP to begin the sling-shot maneuver.

I started energizing the labradorite sphere as I also began to access the conduit of energy given to me, that provides what I call the Creative Force. I used that to charge myself and the sphere. Then I proceeded to EC27 (Earth Core focus 27) and there I focused on using the location that Ethereal had shown me. I was determined to maintain clean focus and after a few oscillations between the levels I went to F34/35.

Arriving there I found it was black and as I had no goal in mind I decided to spend time focused on discerning perceptions, rooting out memory loads and stray thoughts until I got to a steady state. After awhile I thought Tellaidian was present but I figured that was just a memory load, yet the image persisted. As I began to suspect this may actually be Telladian, he turned away to his right indicating I should follow him.

I was on his left as we walked in utter void like blackness – as if we were nowhere – I said to him, “Master forgive me…[I have been slow to return]”, but as he walked forward he raised his left hand in front of me interrupting, as if the matter was completely inconsequential. As we walked, I stayed focused on him so as not to loose the connection.

To our left suddenly the Alpha Squared space station was vividly visible and Tellaidian seemed to discount it as if it was the same old station that’s always there; nothing interesting here.

We continued and after some moments he lifted his right arm pointing outward. With what seemed like a walking stick he directed my attention to an oblique view of a disc galaxy. It had minimal dust lanes in its structure and the rich blue light of young stars was evident and a prominent feature throughout this galaxy. A moment later we were back in void-like emptiness again.

After a time Tellaidian stopped and before us was his crew that had lifted me in energy before; the first time occurring during the Starlines 1 course. He directed me to join them.

It felt like I merged or swam to them; hard to describe but in some manner I floated up to join with two individuals that I recognized from before. I took their hands and became aware of a third individual in front of me. Then we formed the ring formation between us as we did during our first meeting at Starlines.

At this time I was able to study the hand of one individual as he held my hand. The individual had very thin delicate slender forearms and wrists smaller than the size of a 5 year old human. The hairless skin was light brown and their small delicate hands had 3 slender fingers. It seemed there was an opposing thumb clasping my hand but all I could see was the 3 fingers; very fine or delicate anatomical structure.

Then I felt a wave crash upon us, striking me squarely. It was like standing in the ocean perhaps knee deep and having very large waves (head tall) crash over oneself at the beach, but not so strong that it would knock one over. I felt the thrust of the wave and in time more came, one after another.

I asked what these waves were and I thought it was Tellaidian who answered, “Gravity…… waves….. subtle ….”.

I asked, “What is the purpose of increasing one’s energy with these waves…..”. To which Tellaidian replied, “Illumination”. I began to ask another question and then he abruptly interrupted, “No more questions”, so I stopped and concentrated on the waves themselves.

As I focused on the waves I noticed they seemed to be slowing down, but it was more like the waves were now approaching as if in slow motion. Everything slowed until one wave came and it appeared to stand still. I found I was standing in the maximum height of the wave in the mist of its full crash as it thrust onto me. As it stood still I felt as if time was stopping.

During this the crew had been fading away and I found myself alone in this wave of energy, trying to apprehend what I was perceiving/feeling. Then clearly again the vision of the Ancient of Days appeared in front of me and I was looking at it as if I was entering it.

I sensed something was there, ever-present, all encompassing, and then it said to me, “You have many fears”, and I answered frankly, “Yes [I’ve learned fear from a lifetime of misery].

The Force replied, “There is no longer any need to fear. Be at peace”, and I asked, “How can I be at peace with so many questions? There is no validation of these constructs. I have been shown so much, yet – how can I be at peace without its validation – without knowing its true?”

Then they/it continued, “We care for you… there is no need”. I asked, “Who are you…. I am your father [of Source]” and the vision disappeared. I was in darkness and found I had mind to mind contact which I apprehended was something far beyond even that which I’ve had with those I call Elohim. [I can’t remember all the conversation as the discussion was an extensive debate. The magnitude was mind blowing. It just felt beyond everything].

Then it or they said to me, “Accept us”. I asked, “Who are you?” “We are the Ancients…. “, they answered. I added, “If there is no darkness, no guile… if you are light, the positive, the creative – true, then yes I accept you, but I need to know this is a valid construct.

Next I saw a mirky darkness, a death-like force, creep in as it had over 40 years ago when I first saw the Ancient of Days but now I brushed it aside with a gesture of my hand as I continued, “I do not know that you are the same one who I knew – who spoke to me then. Now I must know this is the same root”. To which the Ancient(s) replied, “We will…. You will know. There is much doubt”. “Yes”, I unapologetically replied. “It is now time [we] dispel all doubt. You will know…”, they assured.

Then, out of curiosity I thought to asked, “The Wise One(s)… Who is the Wise One(s)”? They answered, “That one is an Ancient who has chosen more form”, and I found I realized what they said.

After what was a long conversation, when it concluded I found they (Ancients) faded away and I realized I was back with the crew that assisted me with the rising energy. A bit later Tellaidian was apparent and after disbanding from the three that coordinated the energy lift I walked with Tellaidian.

He turned slightly to me as he said, “Come back [You may come back] to be [study] with us”. We walked away from the crew and in time Tellaidian faded and I was left alone in the darkness.

Then there was a long exhausting return. I felt a need to get out; too much energy, or too much something. Back at my SP27 the view from my open air window facing the peaks was amazing; seeing down the U-shaped valley, in the distance the ocean.

That must lead back to the beach on the other side I considered. I proceeded directly to my F21 mnemonic. From there I counted down slowly to reinforce my mnemonics. Back in C1, I found I had a new perspective now and it was more peaceful as if I could accept things better. This felt like it was some sort of answer.

Lifeline (Repeat) – October 2017
Starlines 2 – October 2017