Dr. Joe Gallenberger’s SynCreation website

Dr. Joe Gallenberger is the creator of the highly successful MC Squared program at The Monroe Institute (TMI).  He has spent more than 20 years exploring the field of psychokinesis, the ability to influence matter through non-physical means. He is a clinical psychologist with 30 years experience as a therapist as well as a published author of several books on Psychokinesis and manifestation.  One may find many YouTube interviews with him.

He offers the TMI MC Squared program as a home study via his own website (https://synccreation.com). He also offers some hemi-sync manifestation training CDs that nicely encapsulate his method that are lower cost ways to get started (see discussion and sample audio below)

MC Squared

To tell you more about the course, I can tell you that I’ve met many people who took the course at TMI and did bend spoons (All but one could not bend a spoon once they left TMI). Many think the strength of TMI is the group energy but I don’t think anyone knows what or who really makes the experiences there so stronger.

I took the home study course. I could get a spoon to soften but not bend. I did however accelerated plant growth 65% or better in many repeated controlled tests, I could also control the results of double-dice rolls and coin flips1, etc. There are other things I was able to do (or still do) on larger scales.

This manifestation course introduces one to TMI’s focus 10, 112 and 12 so there are no prerequisites for this course. In this take-home one gets the hemi-syncs CDs, the Sleeping Through the Rain music track, winter wheat seeds, a spoon or fork, and dice. The manual is substatial in exploring different aspects one can practice. Besides the in-depth prep and explanation for the lessons, there are questionieres that help a person clarify their goals. Once the main questionnaire is returned to Joe it acts as an outline for one of the student’s personal phone consults with either Joe or his wife Elena; both are very pleasant people to talk to. There is additional support via email.

Also explored is what one feels are obstacles, what sort of things one wishes to manifest, strategies for this, what one feels is calling them to this project. Anyway this take-home course is personally more engaging in terms of the individual’s goals then a course at TMI.

As an aside one interesting idea covered in the course but not heard of in the New Age movement is ‘dis-creating’. That is removing obstacles, attitudes, other occurrences in reality.

Personally I thought the take-home course was worth it. One does spend a lot of time with their manual studying the aspects and issues around manifestation so there is bookwork before one gets deep into the lessons.

If your heart is set on bending a spoon I suggest taking the course at TMI (Faber, VA) but if you wish to learn about manifestation in varied ways, don’t have the vacation time and/or money to go to TMI, the take-home course is worth considering. To be honest I find the other things I can do manifestation-wise are more important then bending silverware and I never even think about going back and working on that spoon bending task.

Manifesting with Hemi-Sync

Joe has other products. I like his Manifesting with Hemi-Sync CD largely because I find Joe’s voice to be very soothing and is not overly verbose. For myself I’ve found it’s important to like the narrator’s voice in CDs such as this. This CD has two tracks one instructional, the other a less-narrated track which is very helpful. The problem w/ narrated tracks in general is once one gets the idea from the lesson one doesn’t need narration any longer and at that point narration becomes very annoying when replaying the track. As a result the second track is welcome in his CD product.

Below is a sample from the album Manifestation with Hemi-Sync. This is that album’s first track. It is instructional and full strength hemi-sync so only use this if you are of sound-mind. This lets you hear Joe’s voice and decide whether his album is something you’d like to try. Of course it’s the second track from that album that one needs for significant practice tho it still has some narration, but you’ll get the idea here. Note you need good headphones to listen to this.

The relaxation narration Joe provides occurs in focus 10. The manifestation training segment takes place in focus 12. As an aside it is good to practice getting that deep relaxed state Joe introduces in focus 10. This is called ‘body asleep – mind awake’ and is central to entering all focus levels3. Joe also introduces you to the ‘Energy Conversion Box’. That is a useful tool and one central feature in TMI’s ‘Preparatory Process’. Focus 15 and F21 are also good levels to manifest from but focus 12 is great for lots of things.

Finally if one feels the F12 time is too short in track it really doesn’t take much time to manifest; it’s more about the quality of your clarity of focus and the shaping of the intention. When you shape the intention you will exert it with your will but understand emotions are a form of energy too and there is a sort of emotional exertion with that impressed will. This maybe what Joe call’s love. I’m not sure I would call my emotional exertion that but I can’t find a word for the emotional exertion I use. The trick is putting it all together; having the intention, will, emotional motive in unison.

Also one may use multiple sessions to reinforce the target intention. Another consideration as to why multiple sessions may be needed is as follows. Consider you wish to create rain. If you want rain now, clouds don’t just form in an instant producing rain. Remember you’re working w/ reality. For example one may start by creating moisture over the ocean, guiding its increase, and lead it to you or wherever you want it to go, so there may be a construction process to bringing into existence what you intend. But don’t underestimate the power of one session or what a person can do.

The Healing Heart

Joe’s Healing Heart CD is about inner healing and manifestation. It’s more about suggesting inner ‘transformational’ healing, whatever that is, but manifestation aspects are included. There is one narrated track on the CD but it’s not overly verbose; there’s plenty of time for one to rest undistracted. In a way Joe is talking you to a place of healing and letting you rest there. His narration is very instructive in principle and good for exercising the emotional motivational (positive) energy I mentioned above. I think in that CD Joe had TMI add gamma signal mixed in w/ the hemi-sync, but I’m not 100% about that. He told me about it once and I think we were talking about Healing Heart at that time.

Liquid Luck

Another one of Joe’s products is a one track CD called Liquid Luck. The idea implemented here is similar to the TMI method of learning a state or pattern (often focus 12) that one may cue when in C1 normal consciousness. Again he introduces one to parts of TMI’s ‘preparatory process’. The user is then guided to a state of their positive energy thru carefully crafted narration, then associating with it. The cue one is encoding with that state is Liquid Luck, a manifestation tool for invoking various desired conditions or results while in C1. This is one case were I think Joe’s narration is valuable for repeated use.

More manifestation tricks….

  1. Two aspects of the coin-flip exercise one has to learn to discern is whether one is foreseeing the result or commanding it. With practice one can decidedly do both. 
  2. Focus 11 also called the access channel. This channel connects one to their body’s internals 
  3. It’s a good practice to give special attention to training your body and mind to learn this relaxed state. Either using Joe’s outline or develop your own sequence of getting into that relaxed state; memorize this so to speak so you can access this state faster. For more discussion see: What are the ‘Mnemonics’?