A Pleasant Visit with the TBs

A Pleasant Visit with the TBs

December 26th, 2016. 

Early day meditation: I thought to do something different today, getting back to hemi-sync free manual meditation, thinking I should go to F15; a place I have explored little. I did select some of my choice large crystals. My intention was to see what I would learn from this base awareness. I did not pursue any other more fundamental awareness in this bedrock awareness of Earth.

Getting to F15 I stayed there maintaining that state for a long time; being in it. Then I sensed a dragon, only benignly accepting that I was truly encountering one; so easy to memory load but then It spoke to me, “What is it you seek”? “It is my desire to know, to find understandings….wisdoms”, I replied. Then the dragon turned and disappeared. After awhile some other individual appeared in front of me, but I couldn’t clear discern it.. It seemed similar to the one I met while at Exp27, the being who told me some Earth history. “Why do you want this?” it asked me. “I need to know. It is fundamental to my being”, I replied. Then after a pause I asked, “Have I met you before?” “Yes, I know you”, it replied.

I began to inquire how many of its type of guiding intelligences were resident with Earth. This struck me as somewhat immaterial but suddenly I received an understanding. I saw that these ‘beings’ are not just concerned with Earth, rather they see the whole solar system as one; there are other similar beings throughout the region, that pertained to the other planets. Remarkable. A moment later he was gone, and so I stayed and maintained that state of calm.

I stayed for a long time. There seemed no need to go anywhere else. Then on my right something was coming into form and I saw a very large bull African elephant looking at me. I was not surprised to meet such a thing given the encounter with Ganesh while at Exp 27 during one trip to F34/35. We where together for sometime, looking at each other. Nothing was said. The elephant moved its head to and fro; sometimes swaying his stance onto a different favored leg as it looked at me. In time we parted and I returned

Late day meditation (with large crystals).


I returned to continuing my exercise used earlier today in which I sit and absorb/enjoy the modification of my astral body – I guess we’ll call it – by my large crystals. Then I thought to go to F27 and be at my SP27. On the way I was surprise F21 was harder to image but continued to my SP in focus 27. Once there I did nothing but focus on the dwelling and the energy of the labradorite sphere watching it throw its light around the room. At times I would cover it with a heavy black cloth so I could examine the room naturally lit. After a time I uncovered the sphere and looking into its light I asked, “Who can I turn to? Who it is that I can go to with my emotionally and mentally conflicted problem? How in the world does one come to accept these bizarre realities?” I considered.

Then suddenly I saw or had the impression of one of the Tall Beings from the healing interests in f27 and wondered if I was memory loading, but the image persisted. I then thought of the distance to the healing center; did I really want to cross that now, but immediately I saw before me the porch of the rangers office that has always been my entrance to the healing aspect; that was quiet clear.

I entered and encountered the reception individual who greeted me happily. It seemed like I was an old favorite customer. In return I extended gifting energy to the receptionist and all there. Quickly a TB arrive, appearing equally happy to see me. All this surprised me since I had the impression it wasn’t appropriate for me to be there. Then this TB led me back down the hall and other TBs rushed up in excitement to meet – I was quite surprised. Then we huddled together like old friends. I first extended my deepest appreciation for what they are doing here, helping mankind and others that aren’t even their own species. I wanted them to know, that it is appreciated.

After that I explained my concerned and they considered it. Then they explained that they could not help specifically with the closure of the doubt I had, but one TB placed his hand on my forehead and I found myself reclining back as if on a bed. Others gathered around and as if a movie that was sped up many times, I watch a few of then work all around me, changing positions, touching different locations, moving about incredibly fast. Then the principal TB laid his hand on my heart and rested it there for some time. It was just so good to be with them. How is it that I am emotionally connected to these beings when I wonder how any of this can exist; to be at home with aliens of such empathetic spirit?

In time they were done. I got up and turning to leave I extended my arms about them and imparted another energy gift; then I left. Returning to my SP27 and then C1 I was glad to have the clearer contact, but wondered at all these things that are happening….It is so hard to understand.

[as an aside I choose not to describe the TBs much because I don’t want readers to mimic the experiences, but i add that another TMI associate of mine has met them and when i asked him to draw them he drew the same beings I know]