The Image of God

Two men went to a calm lake to ponder God; both gave their attention to gazing intently at the still water. The first man looked at it and upon seeing his own reflection thought that God was like himself: paternal, a loving father, having children, having desires, feeling anger, jealousy, vengeful, and ready to punish his children.

The second man also looked into the water. He saw that the water sustained all life. He could not see the water directly, rather he saw the many things that lived in and around the water, and he recognized all the things that flourished there. He understood the effect the water had on the many plants and animals alike, all depending on the water for life, but when this man reached out to touch the water, he found he could not grasp it, yet he felt it.

So then, the first man saw God in his own image. The second man could see no image at all.