What the CIA says about Hemi-Sync:

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StarGate: Review of Monroe Institute Applied Sciences (MIAS) (Release 1998). This is a interesting discussion concerning different learning and sleep states. In that context this discussion covers the early years of Bob’s studies that lead to the development of hemi-sync and the associated various successes realized together with possible applications. For being a ‘government’ document it is a pleasant and fascinating read: CIA TMI Review

Stargate: Training Workbook (Approve for release 1998): This is the workbook published by Uncle Sam for their military participants in the Gateway course. Basically looks very much like a TMI document but it is surprising to see the US government publish this: CIA Workbook

Stargate: Mission, Staff, Targets, Methodologies, etc Project Overview (Released 2000): This Defense Intelligence Agency document reads more like a Power Point presentation outline for discussion along with definitions.: CIA Stargate Mission

Stargate: Advance Individual Training (Approved for release 2003):: More Discussion from Uncle Sam

Stargate: The Hemi-Sync Process (Approved for release 2003): CIA 2003

Center Lane: Another intel operation (Approved for release 2004): This is a discussion/introduction by LTC Buzby the project manager of the INSCOM project called Center Lane: Center Lane