Two fishermen stood at the seashore looking at the ocean. As they set up their traps, the two were by and large in agreement regarding what they experienced: a beautiful blue ocean on a calm, clear, and sunny warm day.

There were two other fishermen that also stood at the seashore, but they were a thousand miles away. These two were also in agreement as to what they experienced, but as they cast their lines and held their bated hooks ready, to them the ocean appeared to be gray and frigidly cold.

And, at that time, there was yet another pair of fishermen that also stood at the seashore, and these two were many thousands of miles away.  As they cast their nets, they also agreed regarding the appearance of the ocean, as they knew it. To them the ocean was a clear turquoise blue color, warm, and inviting.

So then, all the fishermen came to the same body of water for their substance. Each group had their own perception, knowledge, and method of relating to the sea, yet they all experienced the same ocean. Even so, among those who think they know the ocean well, who can comprehend the depths of it?