Trust us


November 23rd, 2014.  This is a Repeat of TMI’s 5 Messages Session (focus 12):

In this session during the Preparatory Process and continuing through the following startup narration (one is just at the F10 prep) I was startled to suddenly and clearly find myself above the earth. I was looking back at it and realized that I have been up here before. How did this happen?

As I thought to look around I quickly noticed traffic; a cross-traffic of things going on all around me. I was in the mist of this although I experienced no interference. I focused on perceiving what this traffic was and I clearly saw it was a myrid of angels, moving in all directions. I noticed particularly one enormous angelic-like figure that stood static as I in this traffic and it too was not interfered with by all the activity around us. I also detected an impression on its face.

As I was here, or there depending how one looks at it, I heard Bob’s narration in the background and as before I did not receive answers for all 5 messages in this lesson I was repeating. I heard the first question and then I hear the answer, “Be Kind”.  Some moments later the second question was presented. “Who and where was I prior to this form”? The answer was clearly stated, “We Are One”.

This confused me since in an earlier encounter They explained that I was “one”, and “They are many”. At the time however, I was informed and understood that we were becoming one, or were one; hard to comprehend. Could it be that that Their reality was becoming more real in mine? Is that what the answer meant? What does this mean?

Bob’s narration continued in the background to the next question and and in the mist of all activity I knew to wait. In Bob’s narration he explains the answer to this next question is the most important answer to all his narrated questions and at this time I fully expected a response. I could feel it coming as it seemed like … like my eyes were about to be opened. I felt the answer taking form; about to be enunciated. And then I heard, “….. Trust… Trust us“.

I detected, or I just knew, that there was more that was desired to be communicated to me, so I said, “Please formed an image for me”. And then I saw ….. The Ancient of Days. This was a vision I had in 1974. To me at that time I thought this was God, together with a myriad of winged creatures alongside in that vision. Now I was shown this vision again. It was as if I was back there, seeing it again; the realism of it – remarkable.

It was some years later after that vision that I learned who or what the 1974 image was. Daniel encounter something like it in the Old Testament and so I adopted the name as that was most descriptive of what I encountered – The Ancient of Days. I don’t know this was the exact same entity Daniel encountered but I fully understand what he encountered; at least to the best of my human undertsanding.

Now it was like meeting a very old friend; thought gone or lost. Then Bob’s narration interrupted talking me back down from the hemi-sync level.

Again I found it was hard to leave that state of existence. It was very difficult – to return to this World.