The Wizard

3/2/17 The Wizard Explains

Currently it is a long frustrating time . I feel so far from all the things I’ve been learning and experiencing so deeply this last couple of years, but where has it gone now1:

Recently I’ve been doing more hemi-sync but getting nowhere until today. When I passed through F21 I had the vague sense that the Wizard said I should come see him. Continuing to my SP27 however, I had the sense that someone had placed their hand on my left shoulder as if to steady me; help me consolidate. I studied that perception for awhile. Was that real? As I thought about it I could not escape the notion that someone was there with me but I could not perceive who or what that was.

Later that day in manual meditation I went to find the Wizard in F21 as he directed. It was difficult to get solid images but in time I did get to the Wizard’s dwelling and I knocked on his door. It opened and I went in. Things were very vague, phantom-like, nebulous. I tried to consolidate by holding on to the wooden table in his main room. Seeing him I found it was best to not focus on him directly at all but to maintain an open awareness similar to averted vision that astronomers use. Then we began our conversation.

“Bill (I’m addressing the Wizard) do you ever come to know the truth of these things”, I ask? “Yes”, he answered. “Was that in the next phase or this lifetime”, I added? “It is in this lifetime”, he assured me. I pressed further, “In my lifetime I will come to have these issues truly settled and I will know”? “Yes“, he confirmed. I continued, “So in your life, in my future, you have successfully accomplished the tasks”, I asked? “Yes, but as you see it results in me being here2.

I wondered and asked, “Are the missions with Raphael in this lifetime or the next [phase]”? “They are in your current lifetime” he answered. “How will this be – that we will travel together on various missions”, I asked? The Wizard explained, “It is much like the intention you purposed for your friend ‘A’ (in Europe). You went to your SP and Raphael was there. Recall that Raphael directed that he was going with you as you purposed to go to work on ‘A’s’ future self”? “Yes, I remember”, I answered. He continued, “It is much like that3“. You will be going on spirit journeys together, those will pave the way for real effects”.

Pondering how this would work the Wizard explained further, “This state of being is the emergence of future realities to present. Raphael and others work in this domain; crafting or shaping the reality that is to become present”. As I begin to get the idea the Wizard continued ,”Humans have the ability to consider future potentials, the past, along with the present, some neglecting the present, but beings such as Raphael exist, or work, in the spectrum of moments that is distant future to near future and present. That is how they articulate existence”. (This all is sinking in)

“Can you tell me more about the Elohim as I call them”, I asked? “We are working as an extension of Them as They seek to carry our their role shepherding [as you say] creation. We are less abstract extensions that serve Them in carrying out Their purposes”, he explained. I wondered, “Can you tell me, is the Elhoim City real or imaginary”? “It is real…. but non-physical”, he explained. I was somewhat stunned by this notion as I for an instant I understood what the Wizard just stated – at some other level of myself.

After a time I was getting tired of the weight of the conversation, feeling that I had spent some portion of myself and felt a need to go. After struggling with that for some moments I informed the Wizard that I needed to leave to which he responded that was understood. I left and quickly felt more oriented – more able to go on now. At least I found a reason as to why I should come back to all this.

The Wizard is next discussed in: The Wizard and Yur’ael a chapter in the Collection: The Wise One and The Ancients. It is best to continue reading w/ the chronology of the Lore Menu or at least to read the Collection: The Wise One and the Ancients from the beginning of that collection.

  1. By this time 2017, and even in 2016, it’s been clear our Sun was definitely progressing in our Solar Minimum of Solar Cycle 24. This Spring of 2020 there has been some indications that Solar Cycle 25 may be beginning. 
  2. It’s unclear which epoch the Wizard is referring to when saying the tasks are complete as I am aware of tasks in multiple time horizons. 
  3. Digression: The Wizard above is referring to a trip to F27 on 2/6/17. In that trip I intended to boost a friend of mine (‘A’ in Europe) at the Education aspect of F27. At my SP27 Raphael was also there and indicated he was going with me. We traveled together to the Education aspect and worked together on my friend ‘A’. To my surprise the archangel Michael also appear. After a time, which seem quite powerful, Raphael and I finished our work and left. I saw Michael remained behind. I do not know what his activities were. Later my friend emailed me reporting remarkable power even for the whole mediation class he leads; that all his students felt it. Following this I fell into a depression.