The Wizard and Yur’ael

The Wizard Disappears

Friday 3/7/17

I wasn’t going to write this down as it seemed just too impossible. The unbelievable sense of the journey just make me angry with its impossibility. Now I feel this has set me back again just as I had a little confirmation of my experiences and was beginning to be persuaded that there was some truth to all this. I’ve decided to write this now due to the clarity of the experience, regardless if I believe it; that the content suggested more follow up journeys which makes notes important.

Following my NeiGong and ShenGong meditations I proceeded in manual meditation without any clear idea of what I was trying to accomplish other then to test the effectiveness of my QiGong mediation prep session.

What I immediately noticed was the whole environment was different; things were mixed, distorted, and energetic. I went right through 12 and 15 hardly stopping to clarify those environments. When I got to F21 things were more steady. At my mnemonic in focus 21 I thought to use my staff (rarely used) so I experimented by pointing it in various directions looking to see if my perception would improved and this appeared to work. I was a little surprised by the appearance as the increased perceptive information gave F21 a notable different feel, less apparition-like, more real.

Then the wizard came over to visit me. I tried to communicate with him but it seemed we weren’t communicating clearly and since I didn’t have any clearly specified questions for him I wasn’t surprise by this. One problem was I had a bad attitude at the time, grumpy.

Then while facing him I decided to do something that I recently thought of. While facing him I took hold of his staff as he was holding it, thinking this would help me share being with him. After all he’s suppose to be me. I could clearly feel and see our hands together grasping the staff but other than the clear view of our hands on the staff there was no sense of unity with him and still no answers.

Suddenly, hovering over the ground on my right, appeared a bright white light. When I looked at it there appeared to be a female in the light. She was a few feet above the ground hovering as if weightless. The brilliant white light made her form difficult to clearly perceived. But it was clear there was a female individual in the light who had something that resemble wings but the wings were flowing, making the wing’s shape hard to identify; more like the movement of the fins of a fish as it holds its position.

He cannot answer you! The two of you are one”, the light being called out to me, so I let go of the staff. The apparition reminded me of an angel but clearly did not look like any I’d had seen before buried in light like that; looking more like GPS guides of F27.

I turned to this individual hovering in the light and said, “Who are you”? “I am a messenger”, she replied, and she directed me to follow her as she turned and took flight. I followed and we headed out over the landscape of F21. As we traveled I was surprised by the landscape we flew over. It reminded me of places in F27. We traveled for some distance and came upon a structure below us – an obelisk – and she stopped near it.

I had never seen anything like this before and certainly not in focus 21. The structure had some geometric design carved into it and near the bottom perhaps some symbol that was hard to distinguish. “This is a place where realities have been pinned to this state”, she began. I realized she brought me here specifically to show me this. I studied the object wondering what reality this was connected to. Immediately she answered as if knowing my thought, “There are many realities, but this one is connected to your world”. I understood there was a system of obelisks.

I continued to study the object and while looking at it many ideas came to my mind as visual glimpses of events happening at this time around the world. Then she added, “You may command future events in that world from here”. I wondered a bit and then commanded that the dead mouse in my RV would be no more, without difficulty, the odor of that thing would go away! That should be a good test I thought as the messenger said nothing in response. {as an aside, later the mouse issue was eliminated}

Then I looked at this light creature saying to her, “I can command anything!?” “Yes”, she replied. I looked back at the obelisk and began to consider possible changes but quickly stopped each thought as it was appeared, not allowing it to slip forth and said to her, “I cannot command these things. I do not know the consequences of the changes I may make. I do not have the wisdom to redirect events”. To which she reiterate saying, “You may command as you choose”, and that was all she offered. I thought to myself, really – that’s a bit powerful – and after considering that for a time I turned my thoughts back to the Elohim city as I was unclear how I felt about this obelisk

I then asked the hovering agent whether the city I encountered in F21 a couple years ago while at TMI was also the Elohim city and it was clarified for me that it was not – there are many realities in F21 she stated. As if knowing my thoughts, the messenger turned and began to lead me to the Elohim city I presumed.

After a short journey we were at the forest near the green wall which has been my common entree point to the city. As I stood at the edge of the forest with this entity brightly hovering she called out to me, “My name is Yurael”. “Uriel?! Now I know this is just complete fantasy. You are not Uriel!”, I retorted. She instantly countered, “I am not Uriel, I am Yur’ael, and whenever you are here you may call me and I will assist you”.

This silenced me as I recognized the difference of name and paused as I considered this being’s availability. I also considered the clarity of the name and sought to memorize its so I would remember when I returned; trying to visualize its spelling mentally. How can this be I wondered, and then after thanking her I turned to enter the forest.

I passed through the green wall and entering the city finding there were faint apparitions of a few individuals. One image was a member of the tribe I thought, and I also saw the young thought-form women it seemed. Thinking I would not engage them, I looked around and noticed something like a pedestrian walkway made of perfectly laid paving bricks that lead away to my right. As I considered what to do or where to go, the young women thought-form appeared near me. I turned to her as she appeared to be waiting for me and I said, “Is there a place I may go that will increase my knowledge and understanding for developing my being?” “Yes”, she replied and turning she lead me into the city.

Soon a stone tower came into view. It could not tell whether this one was the same tower we were in before; that first tower I did not see clearly at all and so I wasn’t sure. This one appeared quite clear to me. It seemed this tower was smaller in diameter, however, that was just my guess based on how things felt. She lead me to a door at the base of the tower and I entered. Here too, I saw clearly as i walked up the staircase that spiraled around the interior of the tower’s wall. Up I went carefully examining my steps surprised at the detail. I came to the top level and emerged from a doorway onto the tower’s top floor.

This room felt smaller than the tower I was in previously when I first met the princess-like thought-form, but now I could see this room clearly whereas in the first meeting I was mostly aware of looking out from the tower and our discussion. I began to think this was someplace else.

In this room, about twenty feet in diameter, there was a small table near the far wall and a large book was on it. The young women directed me to the book. I walked up to it to examine it. The book was large, the size of a very large text book, perhaps five or six inches thick bound in thick sculpture leather. There was no writing on the cover which had a slight vagueness. I opened it and quickly flipping through the pages I could see no writing.

Then an individual on my left that I did not notice earlier said, “Use those”, as he pointed to a pair of glasses near the edge of the table. I thought to myself, right – magic glasses; like I’m suppose to believe this. I looked at this individual who appeared as an older gentlemen that looking official. He appeared to be dressed like some sort of chamberlain from premodern times I thought but his purpose was pure conjecture.

I turned my attention back to the book which appeared blank to me, or at least I could not discern any text or images The chamberlain said, “You are of noble birth. This book is for you; it contains information of your future…. One understands the present, by knowing the future”. This struck me as odd but then I realized that this was true. One understands why the present is the way it is, not only as a result of past events, but as the present is preparation needed for sone intended purposes in the future. Yet understanding that, the book still was impenetrable to me. I grew frustrated with this continued game. I come here seeking information only to be given cryptic fantasy. I honestly stated I came here looking for information that would help me understand and I get this.

Then a bright spherical-like light shown high above me and as seeing thru the roof to the sky I apprehended it was some presentation of an Elohim observing. I looked up to it and said angrily, “Why do you do this? I come for answers, understandings, and I am given games that actually tell me nothing”. Then I allowed my mind to be open for communication with the light above thinking there would be some explanation, but received nothing. The appearance of the light above me only made me more angry at how crazy this is.

Typical I thought, looking for real answers and get nothing but more empty delusions that lacks substantive detail. I looked at the book again, trying harder to find something in it, wondering what the trick to this was.

As I flipped through the pages, one had an illustration of a large group of dragons in flight. Flipped through more pages, and another image was of some unfamiliar place. Then I thought to look to the front of the book for something I could know and test, but I couldnt make anything out on the front pages as if they appeared blank. This is all crazy I thought, my imagination is just running loose. Then, fed-up, I turned and headed to the stair and descended to leave.

Near the green wall I began to look for the light (portal) to exit but could not find it. I was angry with the complete delusion of all this while looking for the light. I had no patience to exit through the focus levels and had a feeling that I could not just leave. I struggled with this for a few moments not sure what the resistance was. After a bit more thinking I had enough of this nonsense and I forced myself to break back to C1; screw the orderly return.

Continuing events pertaining to the Wizard and Yurael are documented in one timeline, next appearing in the Starlines II notes.