The Wise One Offer No Reply


The Wise One Offer No Reply

Recent days have been really getting to me – the isolation. I have no idea what is ‘truly’ going on, or, what I am suppose to think. Yesterday I tried to get to the Elohim; they were far away although they did showed me what this ‘distance’ was – most interesting. So today I thought I would try again to acquire some sort of understanding regarding what all this is about. I used the Lifeline hemi-sync take-home track (F27) and as I was prep’ing in focus 12 I realized I should go to see the Chamberlain in focus 21. As the Lifeline track proceeded through the focus levels I disregarded the narration and journeyed to see the Chamberlain.

Passing through the GreenWall, I clearly recognized the princess-like thought-form. I was glad to see her and greeted her. Together we walked to the Tower holding hands. When we got there, knowing her interest in learning things and how she wonders what it is like to be physical I explained that she may follow me to see the Chamberlain if she wished. I then turned to enter the Tower surprise to see that the doorway was rather small, almost like a service entrance. I never examined its apparent ancient craftsmanship before like this. I proceeded up the stairs slowly, more aware of the tower’s structure. When I got to the top I perceived and greeted the chamberlain and said to him, “May I ask some questions about my personal physical existence”? “You may not” he said, to my surprise and dismay. I was intending to ask about why my physical life was not illustrating what I expect based on what I’ve been told. I seemed to understand that this was not part of his scope. I then asked who I might ask, to which he replied, “You would have to ask the Wise One”.

I then left the tower. It was unclear whether the princess was with me outside the structure as I did not turn much attention toward her as I was focused on the issue of getting to see the Wise One. I wondered how to go see them and then noticed I was aware of the individual at the transport that had taken me to the great colosseum-like hall structure before. Arriving there I asked him if I may have transport to the Wise One(s) to which he replied, “You may not”! I was again greatly surprised and disappointed, but then suddenly I heard a voice from beside me, “He MAY!”, and I turned to recognized my sister was there commanding the attendant at the transport.

Yielding to her, he allowed me on the transport vehicle. I felt its’ rising motion, though I still do not know what the transport it is as it is somewhat intangible to me. I believe my sister was also in the craft but I was focused on my questions. We arrived at the base of the stairs and I looked up to the enormous pillars at the top of the immense staircase; the whole structure now making me feel of a giant temple. As I went up the stairs, I saw a figure at the top that reminded me of someone that may resemble an attendant. This individual looked to be female and appeared dressed in white. I asked her if I might speak to the Wise One and she also said, “You may not”, but then a large voice echoed from deep inside the blackness behind the pillars, “Let him pass. We shall hear what he says”. I then entered the darkness and detected nothing.

I walked in and looking at the great dark expanse before me I then stated, “I do not understand why my physical life is as it is. I have been told that “it” begins now, yet I do not detected anything has begun. I’ve also been told by some Elohim that I may be with them in my quiet time; that I may turn to them. Yet again, I have not found this to be true in my experience. I do not understand why these statements are incongruent with my experience. I do not understand the meaning of these experiences; the truth of them”. I then waited, but received no reply.

I waited longer, and again waited longer yet only to receive no reply. I tried to steady my mind and let it be open and available only to again find nothing. So after a time I turned to leave figuring I was getting nowhere, this was a dud, or maybe it ‘is’ all nothing at all.

Leaving, as I neared the pillars now seeing the daylight of the city shine through the pillars, a man also dressed in white approached me on my right. His hands were folded in front of him as he walked to me. I presumed he was some sort of attendant and when he got near to me he spoke, “The only understanding you may have at this time, is the one you now have.” That was all he offered.

In some sense I felt better that at least I received some sort of acknowledgement and that some understanding was provided. Then I continued to head down the stairs. I could not be sure if I detected my sister when getting on the transport to leave. When we arrived back in the city, the narration interrupted indicating it was time to leave. I headed toward the Green Wall and allowed myself to phase back.

Note chamberlain’s response: Could it be it is not his place to offer [political?] commentary, only instruction and introduction?