Collection: The Wise One and The Ancients

The following notes pertain to the City of the Elohim, The Wise One, and The Ancients.  These following 17 encounters chronologically follow Starlines 1, and represent events during the span of one year.  I conclude this collection at Starlines 2 of Oct 2017 but encounters w/ those found in this collection continue in the main thread.

As an aside the names of ‘things’ given here are not names I coined. The names I use I learned by hearing other ‘species’ referencing them.

Facilitors and The Nadir

The Memory Room at Alpha Squared

A Pleasant Visit with the TBs

The Brethren

The Tower in the City of the Elohim

The Wizard and Yur’ael

The First Encounter with The Wise One… and Hera


The Obelisk

An Invitation to the Tower 

Another Conversation w/ the Chamberlain

The Wise One Offer No Reply


An Impersonator


The Wise One and the Dragons

The Ancients