The Wise One and the Dragons

The Wise One and the Dragons

Aug 29th, 2017
I am really angry for a couple of days now. This just does not make any sense! And now I can’t feel my crystals; I feel nothing, absolutely nothing from them. There is NO validation of what they are saying! Why should I believe this?

Later rereading some notes I realized that I’ve been here before; in this dark silence before…. and now I remember I just have to wait as I’ve been shown times before. So I have found that I was at peace about all this; that I must learn to wait patiently. I’m am going to wait.

Aug 30th, 2017
Manual meditation w/o hemi-sync: I’m continuing my attempt to stay in daily meditation, if for no other reason other than to maintain some resemblance of practice in my life; to not completely give up, to focus on the task of this utterly bleak waiting. It is completely silent – the same dark and I cannot feel my crystals. I saw a fear for a moment that the approaching 2 weeks at TMI would either make or break this. Another thought of flight problems or weather problems – dismal fears; pointless. I do not want an unvalidated fantasy, yet these experiences seem to go on whether one obtains the desired validation or not.

In this meditation my intention was to go the obelisk (F21) and work on supporting my target intentions as yesterday. At the affirmation I welcomed all; stating my purpose. I also offered that I would be open to other tasks, to provide for the unexpected wildcard.

Arriving at my F21 mnemonic, I began to go to the obelisk but encountered an internal argument indicating I should go to the Elohim City. I’ve been reluctant to attempt this for some time now. What am I suppose to do there? Will I encounter more storyline that just adds to the crazy? And actually I no longer expected anything would present that I could believe at face value. Why should I? Since the internal argument had a compelling sense to it, and that I haven’t been there for awhile, I decided to go and see what might present.

I soon encountered the angel Devenoir at the place I usually begin my approach that leads to the Green Wall of the City, and here he indicated to me … to proceed. When I got to the Wall, standing before it, I called out to the City saying, “I do not want any images of some fanciful adventure. I am only willing to perceive a true construct”. After that I entered and passed through the Wall.

Emerging on the other side I immediately perceived Veronica whose name means ‘True Image’, as once she told me her name (she is the created nonphysical complex-thought form with the presence of a princess – described in earlier notes). She appeared to be waiting for me and at this time I had no doubt of her identity – I ‘knew’ she was there.

I greeted her, yet I was still hesitant to continue into the city. As she waited for me I apprehended some of the surroundings, assessing what was up. The Tower was clear, but instantly I became aware of the transport area that has taken me to the Wise One(s) in the past; and that was certainly clear. Then I understood, Veronica was there to take me to it.

I was quite uncomfortable with that prospect as in recent weeks when considering whether it was even possible to see the Wise Ones again per my volition, I concluded that even if I could, I had no business doing that. What could I possibly say to such being(s)? What question could I ask that would not be utterly childish to them? I then said to Veronica, “I do not belong there with all my failings”, and she replied, “It is not your nature to be without purpose [as you think now]. It is understandable – your frustration with your current state.”

Then I surrendered to the fact that this was her intention [to lead me to the Wise One(s)], so together we walked to the transport area. Approaching the transport area I immediately recognized the figure I had met there before, who manages this passageway. I greeted him as he welcomed me onto the vehicle. I still could not determine ‘what’ was the form of this transport function, but looking down I clearly apprehended that I was standing on something. I refused to add anything to this image and decided to focus only on the floor or deck, rejecting anything added to this experience’s imagery, at which moment I became aware the transport-form had begun to rise. This went on for some moments while all along I held my attention on the floor as the sense that it was rising prevailed.

In time I saw we were approaching the landing area at the base of the immense staircase that leads to the Great Hall. Stepping off the transport onto the platform I immediately recognized my sister (non-physical sibling) standing on the lower stairs waiting for me.

I greeted her saying, “Hello Hera”, to which she responded, “…..My brother”. She gave me a small kiss on the cheek and I said to her, “It is not appropriate for me to be here – a decrepit mortal”. To which she responded, “This is your homeland. It is appropriate for you to be here”. I chose not to argue and we began to walk slowly up the steps together. It took many moments to walk up the great staircase and there was something I felt from Hera, but I could not figure out what that feeling was.

Nearing the top of the staircase I saw an attendant waiting at the main entrance level. Hera stopped allowing me to finish climbing the final few steps alone. Once on the main entrance level I greeted the attendant standing between the great pillars. I was hesitant to proceed into the Great Hall. I wondered what am ‘I’ doing here and what might ‘they’ say? They did not answer at all the last time I was here. Then the attendant, stepping aside with a welcoming and diplomatic manner, bowed slightly as he extended his left arm toward the dark entrance before me, indicating that I should go in. I entered the dark void-like emptiness of Great Hall and I stopped.

“WELCOME”, was announced to me as a boom from within the darkness of the Hall’s depths. I replied, “I need to understand that this is a valid construct, and not the whim of some imagination”. Peering into the darkness I waited and wondered whether they would answer, what they would say. Then from deep within the Hall boomed, “[ENTER] Be at peace! You are not here to be rebuked. This is your place”, but I replied, “I don’t understand; I need to know this is true”.

Now writing this I can’t recall all the details of our short conversation. It was quite clear to me at the time; it was mostly cordial formality in address, proper exchanges, is my recollection. I remember searching the darkness, trying to peer into it… to examine the source of the communications while working to be open to hearing what might be said to me; searching to truly discern it – to know it in fact. But it was an impenetrable darkness to me. And then the conversation concluded as the Wise One enunciated, “Be unconcerned with your Earthly existence. Come dwell with us in mind and spirit. You may be at peace”.

After acknowledging its’ words I thanked the Wise One for its’ attention and turned away to leave. As I approached the day light shining onto the entrance floor of the Great Hall I paused to thank the attendant for his assistance and I saw Hera on the stairs waiting there for me. She turned with me and we walked down the stairs together.

As we descended the staircase I was able to look out over the whole city. The Great Hall was above all in that place. I don’t recall if or what I might have said to Hera. I did get on the transport after saying goodbye to her and was taken back down to the city. There I found the transport attendant and thanked him for the service he provided…. and I found Veronica was still there waiting.

As Veronica and I walked back we vividly approached the area of the Tower (where the chamberlain, appointed as my instructor to teach me regarding future matters is available) and I refuse to consider going into it. She was puzzled at my reluctance and so I said to her, “I am unwilling to allow some storyline to continue embellishing itself without validation of this construct”. We continued to the Wall. Ready to leave I then took Veronica’s hand (who is as a daughter to me) and provided an intentional-energy gift and when I was done she suddenly evaporated, rapidly vanishing into a brown smoke as if withdrawn by something, and this troubled me very much as I have never seen such a thing happen before. [Did I have no business adding to a though-form of someone else’s creation and purpose?] I turn and exited through the Wall.

Getting back to the location of my F21 mnemonic I paused there for a moment to consider my exit but then an enormous dragon appeared hovering over me blocking out much of the sky. I looked up at it and greeted it as it maintained its position hovering over me. It called down to me saying, “Come with me“, and it proceeded to land so I might climbed up on its back. Climbing onto it, we then rocketed upward under the being’s tremendous power. We soon arrived among the dragon armada that flies at the place where the sunrise is and comes forth – where it never ends, as long as the Earth endures or is not moved from its place; a place I’ve been taken to many times and only recently have I understood where this is.

Riding with the armada into the light I asked the dragon why it brought me here to which it replied, “We wish to maintain relations with you…to maintain contact”, and then the dragon swore to me, “WE will always be true to you, … standing with you“. I thanked it deeply, and in return I fashioned a Gift – a benediction of power and harmony for all the dragons – a blessing; that they may know harmony in their work, but also, that all working together would know harmony amongst all. I extended this benediction as far as I could conceive with a burst of power as I spoke it! At that time I suddenly saw other creations of the future, or perhaps to understand something about them.

After flying with them for a long time carried on the back of this One, it then banked steeply leaving the group and it plunged down hard as we dove headlong toward the Earth. In time we leveled, as we arrived I saw the Abyssal Mountains of focus 21 (as I call them) – so long since I’ve seen them. Moments later the dragon returned me to the place of my F21 mnemonic. Leaving me alone there I then left to C1 quite comfortably.