The Tower in the City of the Elohim

January 22nd 2017

I was quite irritated today about a number of petty daily obstacles and that I don’t know the truth of these experiences. It is – too incredible.

After thinking about it I considered, on the one hand there is no point in indulging more possibly fantastic imaginations any further, yet – on the other hand, where else can I go for answers? I decided to do a manual meditation intending to go to the place I was shown by Raphael and the others; where they say I may be with Those I Know.

At my affirmation I stated I had questions about the truthfulness of all this and I eased slowly into my meditation. This turned out to be a very complicated session, too detailed to fully remember so I only outline it here. The experience was also quite fatiguing given the intricate focus on the nuances of the interaction I maintained.

When I got to F21 I detected the Wizard. He indicated I should come to his dwelling. I proceeded in his direction while having imaging difficulties. When I got to his dwelling I stepped into his doorway and stopped.

I watched the Wizard as he walk slowly to the far end of the table in his one room primitive dwelling. I waited and watched him as he turned to look out his window where he paused.

He turned toward me and said, “You know this place is not physical. It is as once discussed: a confluence of thoughts, creative intentions, a locale of the emergence of these intentions into realities that are presenting and yet to be”. I replied only saying, “Yes”.

We seemed to have an understanding about the abstract nature of this place. It was helpful to have it spelted out and I thought it helped me accept all this more. After this “meeting of the minds” so to speak I turned and left heading toward the location of my entry point to the place where I may meet Them.

I found my way to the forest area I’ve previously been taken to by Raphael1 and the others. It felt good to be here although I still felt a bit of my irritated mood. Descending the woods there was a foggy transition out of the woods to within sight of the Green Wall. After crossing the shallow ravine that the forest edge leads to I scampered up the small embankment and came to face the Wall. I entered its green translucent structure and passed through it.

When I emerged on the other side I expected to meet one of the young men from the tribe I recently met but instead I met a beautiful young women standing in the finest of light and sheer fabrics. She had something that resembled a wire crown that I thought was not made of a precious metal rather it was some other substance. I wondered whether it might be some designation of status.

I had time to grasp and study the image of her fully and clearly. To clarify: she was not beautiful as Ethereal is and certainly not beautiful like Anosh. I use beauty now more in the sense of characterizing her total image; one of splendor, her fine appearing attire and elegant stature.

I began to introduce myself but she interrupted me saying, “I know who you are William”. I was surprise to be called that and she looked at me saying, “It is a strong name. You wish to not be called by that?” I gave no reply as I was contemplating who and what she was. She turned and led me away from the Wall.

We did not end up in the fields of the dimly lit planet as before with the tribal members I met earlier, rather we walked a short distance into what appeared as a stone tower in the medieval European sense. The keep stood apart, not attached to any other structure. After ascending the tower’s interior staircase we walked onto the floor of a room that was high up; the top floor of the tower. From this vantage I was able to look out upon a rich city.

The city was brilliant, colorful, majestic, and it spanned the near horizon glittering richly in a golden light. I turned to the women and said to her, “This is a fitting room for royalty” as I addressed the princess-like being but she immediately countered saying, “This is for your royalty; not mine”. I was struck by what she said and wondered to myself, where am I? What is this?

Instantly she replied to my thoughts, “We are here for your debate. That is what you wished”, she stated. “Yes”, I slowly replied in a muttered tone. Then speaking up I asked, “If this isn’t for you, can you tell me what you are”? “I am here because I wish to know. I am here to learn many things”, she explained and continued saying, “You wonder whether I am real. I have no physical basis as you”.

After a moment considering I said slowly, “You’re … you’re a … a thought-form – a created complex thought-form”. “Yes”, she replied, “And I desire to know”. Then as if to give me a clue she added, “I think, therefore I am”.

Recognizing what she was saying I decided to get to business and asked, “I don’t understand why I’m having these experiences. Why am I here? Are you a form of my thoughts, my imagination”? “No”. I am created by others”, she explained, “This is a state of your becoming – your being. This is being communicated to you”.

She continued to explain, “This state is not real as you consider yourself. This is … as a plane of mind. You encounter here thoughts: yours and others”. I interrupted her, “But you exist. You think – therefore you are”. “Yes”, she replied, “All this does exist, just not physically as you are use to thinking.

I wonder about the truth of this as she waited for me. Then I found the words. In my past when beings from here – I guess – spoke to me about what they were going to bring forth they were able to authenticate the truth of their reality to me by providing a powerful and impossible sign in my physical world exactly when and how they said it would be. Can you provide some authenticating sign in my physical world that you are authentically speaking with me”?

“I cannot. I do not have that power”, she answered. This in itself, the honesty of it, washed thru me deeply. She completely understood what I was asking. Then she looked out over the city and said, “That power – belongs to the Elohim. You need to ask them”. Though I did not say it, I certainly thought it … I thought I had asked.

As we looked out on the city I muttered, “The City of the Elohim”, remembering what an angel once called it. “Yes”, she replied as she turned and looked at me, “It is called that.”

The depth and detail was of course much deeper then what I can write. There was too much to bring back and I became exhausted by the intensity of the intricate articulation of the conversation’s nuanced notions. After a bit I explained it was time for me to leave. But before I left I imparted to her a gift of continued nurturing for her knowledge and being – that her existence would be rich. She walked me back to the Wall and left.

At the Wall as I was about to leave, one of the young tribal members I had met previously was there and he said to me, “I thought you would stay”. I replied at this time I must go and then I wondered where the light portal was that I used previously to return through.

I continued through the Wall and quickly arrived back in the forest. I was quite tired and had a difficult time thinking about the effort to get back. I laid down on the ground to rest and looking up at the sky I saw a light as if it was a moon. I thought to go back that way but I was so tired I wished to first stay there and rest. However, the next instant I suddenly found myself back into the light. Again I was aware of being in the light and when I exited I was suddenly back in C1 requiring no reentry at all.

I don’t know that I am being convinced the way I hoped but the information provided in this discussion is …. amazing, wonderful, and in itself so uncanny it is hard to ignore; absolutely amazing.