The Third Angel

Saturday 4/25/15 – Focus 15


In this session my goal was to continue seeking information about focus level 15; the nature of it. I stated my intention to continue learning aspects of [elemental] crystal energies and its identities. I did wondered whether Tatooine would continue to provide insights based on the many things he has learned in his travels. At the energy conversion box, I left the light on in that room for him as he seems to stand still, seldom moving, although I don’t think the light makes a difference to him.

In 15 I encountered something very subtle; a feeling. I could not understand who or what it was but I was pretty sure something was there. I called out inquiring about the nature of it. Then the entity replied only offering to confirm that I could use crystals to increase my perception; this one apparently knowing the intention of my presence there. It continued to explain that the crystal energy would combine with my own, creating a new energy characteristic signature for me. Based on my impression I was guessing this was an angel but that didn’t seem right. This entity had something like the feel of Raphael presence – authoritative, and so I wondered if this entity was more like an archangel than an angel. I asked again who it was.

This presence responded, “You may think of me as akin to Raphael. Where Raphael is endowed with healing… I am endowed with power”. I considered if this being was an archangel, which one was it. But I could not discern any clear identity or name. Except I kept knowing the notion angel and the notion third came to me randomly swirling in my thoughts. But this made no sense to me and seemed like ordinary fragmented thoughts. Why am I have these now?

Next this entity used the analogy I had encountered weeks or months earlier; that just as one may added primary colors to a paint to alter its color or hue, that is how aspects of a being may be augmented without changing the original form. I understood that the energy of elemental stones could modify my own composition.

There was a moment when my mind drifted off to another question I was hoping to explore in 15. That is what are the guidelines for pursuing manifestation projects. Tatooine’s recent statements caused me to wonder about this. What are the fundamentals here? Instantly I recognized that one may use manifestation to alter the course of events and it seemed I receive something about the purposes, or applications of manifestation.

It troubled me however, that I was not learning this from Ethereal or the Gatekeeper whom I thought were going to teach me things like this. This angel seemed to know this question in my mind and spoke up explaining that the Gatekeeper and Ethereal were in me similar in manner as was explained concerning the energies of the stones, or as the primary colors illustration; that Ethereal and the Gatekeeper where now components of my own energy signature. I considered is this what plural being is?

I wondered whether this one was sent to me so I asked, “Has someone sent you?” The presence replied, “No. I have come to you as a result of you drawing me”. This also left this puzzled but the entity’s explanation made sense so I accepted it. There was a moment in me when I strongly wanted to know who this creature was but the only thing that occur to me was: angel, third, third angel… and that would repeat. As time came to a close for me, it seemed we did not discuss much more, but rather we resided there together, facing each other so to speak; while not literally seeing the creature as I have seen angels, archangels, and other things. I was seeing its mind.

Then, and I don’t know why, the entity relinquished an identity that I might used to understand it saying “I am The Third Angel”. And again I did not know how to process this since I had no notion regarding what that meant 1. In the moment, it was gone. I could feel its absence and I also exiting the session

  1. The third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter (Revelations 8:4) ……. The third angel poured out his bowl into the rivers and the springs of water, and they became blood (Revelations 16:4)