November 17th, 2014

Evening (~ 23:30 LST) Fair to Good EC Shielding. 4.2 protons/cm3. Flares: C1

This day I planned to go to focus 21 using the free-flow track. Entering the session Raphael was not there, but I immediately detected the 3 figures that I was seeing at the beginning of these experiences. They stood before me silently. In those early weeks I came to believe they represented something powerful, something beyond all these surrounding things, beyond archangels, as if they were deities, daemons, gods, something…

As I faced them wondering who they are they gave me the clear understanding that they were going to control this session, that this session was for their purpose, not mine. I didn’t specifically understand that, but I clearly knew that thought from them.

Then we began to rise. It was similar to how Raphael would pull me to wherever he had taken me but it was more like being swept along with them. As we rose nothing seemed to be happening at all other then I was aware of them, and that we were rising. There was a moment when I briefly saw my decease uncle; like slowly passing a turnoff on a highway. In passing he called out to me that this [the other side] was about “helping” [others] and we continued on.

The 3 figures took me higher, again to where I really don’t know. Then they stopped and we were ‘there’ for a long time. Then there was a moment when they stated to me most definitely, “It is about purpose”. That was all they said and then I heard the narration in the background starting the exit. As the session was ending I found I was receding like during the first encounter with Raphael.

It was most powerful experience, but I didn’t understand. It seemed like we were building to something and than… that was it? I really didn’t understand this. Why did we go through all that? They could have just told me it was about purpose. I get it.

We I returned I immediately stated another session using the Wave 5 Exploring Intuition exercise (focus 12). I have found this lesson to be most instructive and productive in the past and as soon as the hemi-sync kicked in, it was like an explosion; an explosive entrance of a very powerful presence. It was like looking into a light or ‘the’ light. This light was bright but bright as a full moon in a dark sky. A light one could look into but this was looking into a Mind.

I was completely overwhelmed by the power and there was incredible clarity – I understood. I understood that this…. that this light or mind was a collection of entities with a pluralistic nature – a pluralism, while being singularly one in identity. Though they felt like God, as a human would think, I understood that the earlier form of 3 statuette-like figures was a crude low-level icon of this higher state of occupied existence for them. I searched for a word and the only word I could find that described this plurality of divine-like entities that was also somehow singular was – Elohim.

We conversed mind-to-mind of different things, remembering it as the most significant conversation of my life. I remember asking why my life has been one problem, one disaster, one failure, one trauma after another. They would only explained, “… to not become attached, not attach to success, not to fame, not to wealth, not to family, not to spouse….to not be attached to anything”.  For some reason their explanation was acceptable to me at the time and I asked to the effect what was my destiny and they replied, “[Your destiny] …is to be with Us”, and then They left.

What can I say? An impressive, overwhelming experience: to be with something like gods. Afterwards having returned to focus 10 and preparing to exit it was suddenly brought to my attention that I should look down and there I saw the large lead ball at my energy conversion box that represents something unidentified in my life. It now laid at my feet but it was the size of a marble!