The Meeting of the Goddess Ethereal

Jan 4th, 2015 – Sunday Night a Free-Form Focus 12


~ 7:00PM (2:08LST) Good EC Shielding. Solar Wind: 1.2 protons/cm3. Flares: B5

(Some years after these early encounters I began correlating the quality of these perceptions with solar/cosmic ray conditions. The comment about – good EC shielding – were hindsight notes add as of result of this study. If interested for more information see: Sidereal Time and Psychic Ability

Waiting for this session to get underway, while in the dark (at night with eyes covered) I detected that things seemed brighter. This turned out to be a busy session filled with detail. I hope I can recall it all.

At the affirmation I addressed the host of those I know with my usual thanks for their tolerance and patience. I explained I wish to understand my purpose and those related beings that are involved with this purpose – and with me. Again all help is greatly appreciated.

In the session I realized I didn’t immediately detect the captain with guard angels, but as I turned to look for him he was there, behind me on the right; the others with him seeming to be more in a fog. I thanked him … and the others for honoring me with their protection.

Following that nothing seemed to happen; things were sort of blank. As the track narrator leads one to expand one’s awareness I thought I would try to expand my peripheral awareness and then as if a window was opened I detected beings in the distant periphery on each side of me. I noticed them flying above me as well. There was a faint moonlight-like light coming from above somewhere; a soft blue light.

I considered all this trying to know what was going on. Then there was something that seemed to be approaching me. It was invisible at first, but I sensed something there. It approached from roughly my 1:00 o’clock, crossed over in front of me and then came to stand on my left at about my 10:00 o’clock at a distance less then 6 feet away, if one may use the notion of distance here. As the vision cleared I was what appeared to be female, and she was beautiful beyond the angels; utter beauty – divine elegance, a graceful refinement – as if a goddess or deity. That is how she appeared.

As she stood there I asked if she could enable me to more clearly detect her1. At moments her appearance was crystal clear, projecting from the blackness as if draped by a turquoise mist; etched into vision with a microfine turquoise laser-light defining her; a very delicate soft form. Often times I would loose sight of her as I considered what she would say to me. I would have to stop to understand what she said. Then I would have to stop thinking about that and return my attention to regain my focus on the perception of her. That by reacquiring my peripheral view while again noting there were still the others that were about us, but they were not like her.

I asked if she could tell me what she was, since I did not think she was an angel based on previous encounters with them. She was beyond them and she answered, “[I am] a messenger of sorts, as the angels”. Then she stopped and announced formally to me, “The Elohim send their love…”. I was struck, overwhelmed by her utterance, the meaning of it penetrated through me, and again I lost sight of her as it took some energy to comprehend the thought. Then composing myself I reacquired sight of her along with the others that were in my peripheral vision. It seemed she waited for me to do this and then she continued to explain, “…but I have more systems of knowledge then they, more … energy systems as you may call it.” I bowed slightly to her in greeting and she reprimanded me, “You have no need to do that. You are the son of a god”, but I replied,” I offer you my respect, and though I may be what you say that does not mean I yet bare the stature of that appropriately”. She paused, looking at me, and said, “You are growing in wisdom.”

I asked her whether she had a name, and she conveyed to me that I may call her Ethereal. Many times I struggle to visualize and understand her which seemed difficult due to her very sublime nature I guess – her image was so very light and delicate. I continued to loose sight of her at times; needing to stop and understand her. I asked if she was a teacher [like the Gatekeeper] and she replied, “Yes, I am coming to explain much to you in time as your capacity to accept2 grows”. We discussed my regrettable disposition of dis-trust (of the Elohim) but she injected in an surprising manner, “You have been crushed.. many times [it is understandable]”.

After this discussion I asked if she would convey to the Elohim my appreciation and thanks for the [angelic] guard … and for their messages. She retorted, “You have no need to do that; They know”. I explained, “Yes but I still wish to convey it.” Then she turned and left the way she approached; gone like a mist evaporating in the night’s air.   (85.5 hrs of hemi-sync to date)

September 2015

I decided to practice more on moving through focus levels without hemi-sync (This is what I call a manual meditation). My goal was only to contact the IF (my Intuition Facilitator add-on) and possibly learn more about the Elementals. While in F10, I basically extended myself. To explain, what TMI calls the resonant energy balloon doesn’t describes what I do. What I do is extend the near envelope of my energy, and in this case to include the various large crystals in my room. From there I went to focus 12.

Again I notice as soon as I pass from 10 to 12 my Bai Hu (Chinese acupuncture) point (what others call head chakra) clearly activated. Next I made some inquires of the IF and found I could detect it moderately but suddenly I detected something approaching me; crossing over to reside on my left. I instinctively identified this being as Ethereal recognizing this approach pattern as perhaps a signature given from when we first met. After greeting her I made an inquiry about my stones and their elemental energies. I did not get an verbal explanation but somehow I was able to see more about them. I understood what I saw, but I don’t know that I can explain it.

She help me understand how I could arrange and position the crystals to allow me better focus in my meditation session so I left meditation and arrange the stones as she outlined; when done I returned to meditation. At this time however, I proceeded from focus 12 to focus 15 clearly feeling the change. In 15 I paused for some intentional targets. Then I thought to try and go to 21. Getting to 21 I found that I was indeed getting the feel of the environment. I desired to look for the Gatekeeper since he had talked in the past of having more discussions together in F21 (As an aside this was a misunderstanding) but I didn’t know what we were to talk about.

After a few moments I began to think I was possibly contacting the Gatekeeper and wondered if this was really working. Then suddenly we were at my old lamp-post F21 mnemonic sitting on the bench together. It felt good to be back and for a few instants I clearly saw his face. As he smiled at me I could not think of what to ask. He acknowledged that by explaining there was nothing to discuss at this time and I recognized he was completely correct. After being with him for awhile I thought it was time for me to leave.

Suddenly I was distant from the lamp post area of 21 and phased past the dome dwelling previously encountered there. Before leaving I thought to try to get to focus 22 (region of deliriums & individuals in coma) to project some peace and calm. And when I got to F22, suddenly I felt a great deal of energy surge thru me as my mind search for any suffering dementia, or derangement, those suffering nightmare or coma as I projected pure peace and wellness as far as i could reach.  It was a surprising amount of energy and very distinct. Once it was spent, I counted back down to focus 12, returning thru my mnemonics.

When I came back to 12 I realized Ethereal was there waiting for me but I could not actually visual her. I wondered if I could ask whether she would tell me more about herself, so I proceed with my inquiry. I explained that I didn’t know what an archangel or angel actually is, or whether those notions are correct for her, but that I would like to know more about what she was. To my surprise she replied, “Think of me as collections of energies, thoughts, and purposes, much like yourself but without material body and its limitations. It is our intention to assist those such as yourself with development and like yourself we wish to do good for others … to help others in many ways. However, the performance of our intentions are not shackled by obstacles such as you encounter; obstacles that thwart and frustrate your efforts – that are due to your environment[condition]. There are aspects of you that are unique and this is why we continue to work with you”.

I asked her whether the name Ethereal was correct, or did she have another name. “You may continue to refer to me by that name, but a name is not important. I am not of any alien species [fabricating theatre as you consider]. You may continue to think of me as an archangel, or root [goddess] creature of past mythological times as those images may suit you. After this we resided together and after awhile I returned to C1 feeling deeply fortunate to have the clarity of this contact.

  1. In general, she was much more difficult to perceive than angels I’ve met for example. She was utterly sublime and it was also difficult to detect her thoughts…at least at my level. 
  2. Accept, meaning to believe; my capacity to accept what is said to me in this environment as true.