The First Encounter with The Wise One… and Hera


Feb 3rd, 2017

I was thinking today that I do have some-kinda access, to something, so I decided to at least consider allowing this to run its course; maybe something will persuade me this isn’t the incredible crazy it appears to be.

I went into meditation not knowing where to go. I didn’t want to presume to go to the Elohim’s City so I stated my case at my affirmation: How does one proceed with these encounters without some validation; statements too incredible to accept?

Entering meditation I was aware of something on my left but didn’t know if I should presume it was the angle Devenoir. When I got to focus 12 I still sensed something was there on my left so I requested that if anything was there that it please identify itself, and vaguely Devenoir became more apparent; thinly materializing. I accepted that it was him.

I was about to continue to F15 when Devenoir stated that I may go there directly. Not sure I truly heard him I was about to stick to my normal approach but then wondered if I shouldn’t be doing this the old way. Should I be listening to Devenoir more closely now? I considered that Devenoir is stated to be an emissary representing Those I Know. I spent sometime wondering what to do. As an aside, Denevoir’s station is also purposed as The Outstretch Hand of the Outstretched Hand.

I vocalize my appreciation to Devenoir and a moment later he indicate we may leave. The perceptions were generally faint so I stay focused on him as he led the way. We quickly arrived at the Green Wall without migrating thru focus-levels. Devenoir went to stand next to the Wall, and then he extended his left arm as he gestured to me to enter. So I did.

Passing through the Wall I immediately encountered someone on the inside; an individual, a species I have never seen before. His appearance was similar to Sa-Tash. There is also a species that looks like this individual that I’ve met a number of times in F27 but this individual had darker eye brows, a slightly darker complexion, and had white or silver hair that was past his shoulders. His bipedal frame had a light build but heavier then those in F27. He was dressed in a wrapped fabrics, a shawl-like garment with what looking like a broad cloth belt. I don’t know the words for that sort of clothing.

The individual had a warm kind countenance to his face. This gave him the appearance of a mature, nurturing being. He appeared father-like, but not fatherly to me; instructor like, but not there to instruct me. He directed me to walk with him and so I did while not knowing where we were going.

We walked for a distance and while I could not figure out where we were it seemed we were in the City. That was my guess. Then we came to some sort of transportation device. How to describe this: Firstly I could not figure out exactly what I was perceiving. There was a feeling like stepping into a coach or stepping aboard something. It felt like the transport was buoyant as if stepping into the basket of a hot air balloon but the platform was solid and steady. All these sensations and notions converged to convey a concept of some transportation purpose-form yet, I could not figure out what it was I was stepping onto.

Next I had the feeling this system started rising. The individual that had conducted me to transport did not accompany me in this transportation. The sense of rising continued and eventually I felt I most be high up above the city.

Eventually this transport arrived at the base of a immense set of finished stone steps. The view of the whole staircase extended into the distance. It was huge, as if it could accommodate tens of thousands. It also had the grandeur of a majestic parthenon-like structure. I looked up the stairs and at the top I saw a portico with huge colosseum-like pillars. They were enormous. The structure was huge.

I started walking up the stairs and thought I saw someone or something on the staircase just beyond me. This reminded me of an earlier meeting that took place somewhere vaguely familiar. I felt like I was in that same place but it was clearer now.

I remembered that was the time when I met the one that states she is my Elohim mother. She was silent at that time, but since I could not clearly discern whether someone was actually here on the stairs now I continued the climb without delay.

At the top I walked onto an expansive portico, the main floor of the single level structure. This extended between the enormous columns and appeared to extend into a dark interior. Again, suddenly this place seemed familiar to me from a number of previous experiences. However now, I was able to ‘see’ the structure. It’s size is beyond what I can describe.

Just past the columns I entered the darkness of an immense hall fashioning the interior. I could discern nothing and then something large said to me, “What do you seek”? I instantly replied, “I seek discussion, explanation, answers to things important to me”.

This presence had no form I could detect, only the awareness of an immense mass of presence, then after a moment’s silence I presumed to state my case: “How can I accepted things stated in these experiences; things too incredible to believe? How can I accept these statements – that I am addressed as if royalty?”, I asked.

“You are. The treatment is appropriate”, the presence stated in a factual manner with what felt like unquestionable authority. “That I am born from gods!? How can I accept this?” I retorted, but all the presence would answer was – “You are”.

I continued, “But how can I accept such incredible statements?! They are completely outside my understanding of reality”. After a long pause the presence offered, “You cannot – at this time”.

I change my course of inquiry to what or who was addressing me asking, “Can you tell me what your role or identity is so I may understand who I am speaking with”? The presence replied again factually, “You know the extent of being among the Shepherds is great”. “Yes. I understand”, I replied.

“[Yet] Of this matter, I cannot explain this. You are not able to understand”, it stated. This I accepted as certainly being an appropriate response given where I felt I was, knowing just a little and few aspects about that entity group of mixed plural-composites.

“I do not understand how to proceed. How do I accepted the validity of these experiences”, I asked? The force answered, “As any experience – as an experience”.

“But I cannot accept these experiences if I do not know they are true”, I added. “They are experiences”, this force reiterated, but then it added, “You will have to wait regarding this matter”.

I felt I wasn’t going to get anywhere beyond what was being said and came to a place in myself where I felt I could consider accepting this, that this was about waiting and this was all I was going to be told.

After a time I thanked the presence and decided to leave since there would be no further progress regarding the matter.

Leaving the inner hall, as I descended the stairs, again I perceived that someone was there; female I clearly sensed. When I got to the level of stairs where this apparition was residing I stopped and asked who it was. It’s answered definitively, “I am your sister”.

This startled me at first but then I found I was not surprise. I recognized the feeling was right (as from the Starlines 1 encounter when we first met). Quickly I thought this was an opportunity to try and get to the bottom of some other questions I had so I asked, “Is Adoret my brother”. She answered, “No. Your first understanding is correct. He is an archangel [as you call them]”.

I continued my inquiry, “Do we have any other brothers or sisters”? “No. It is just you and I [a masculine-feminine pair]”, she stated and so I asked “So how should I understand who our father is”? She straight out replied, “He is as you suspect – an Ancient”.

That took me some moments to handle. I understood her answer and I have understood this in the past, but now or maybe being here the gravity of her statement was beyond grasping. It was beyond my comprehension.

I didn’t know what to do after that, so I changed subjects, “I’ve encountered those that share some tribal connection [to us] it seems”. She replied, “There are many such relationships we have. It is not uncommon for them to have a strong sense of affiliation with us; [but] you are from us [belong with us]”, she assertively stated.

I wondered and asked if she had a name. “My name is Hera”, she offered. I was surprised and she immediately responded, “Your name William is not unique. Why shouldn’t my name also not be unique”? This was hard to grasp – that I was actually meeting a true sibling – my sister. And at this time I found I had an acceptance of what she was saying; sensing this was true.

After a moment of consideration I asked if she could tell me more about why I don’t get answers to these burning questions and she replied flatly, “If the Wise One did not give you an answer, I cannot”.

Given that dead-end I inquired whether she could tell me about my purpose. She provided a complex response that I can’t put into words. I couldn’t grasp, or I couldn’t accept, what she explained. One thing Hera did get through to me clearly though was the purport of all this; that also was too incredible to accept.

Given that, I asked whether she could perhaps show me something of it, since I could not mentally grasp her scope of explanation and I cleared my mind offering it to her.

Then it was dark and I began to see whole worlds…. civilizations…. a great expanse of space…. and then something incredible, something powerful rapidly approaching. This came rushing toward me and I abruptly turned away from looking at the vision she gave me.

After that I felt like leaving. I said to her, “I don’t know what to do with these thoughts”, but then I thought to ask, “Hera, have you had a physical existence?” “No”, she replied (a male-female, physical-nonphysical sibling bifurcating dualism). I sensed there was some weight or reason as to why this was. This didn’t just happen. But it all was just too much so after a moment I said farewell to her and continued down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs the transport was waiting. I still can’t describe what it was. And there was the figure I met before I thought but I wondered about this individual. Getting aboard I noticed that he did not join me. Returning to wherever I was dispatched from earlier was the other fellow who I had first met. I wondered what species these persons were, or are they part of a gild that attended some function? I lost interest in speculating and just wanted to leave.

Approaching the green City wall I again saw the princess-like thought-form that I met recently and wondered if I was memory loading her but she persisted, and appeared to be waiting for me. When I approached her I ask why she was here.

“It interests me… What is it like to be physical”, she asked? I turned away from her and began to walk away as I answered, “There is suffering”, and I entered the Green Wall.

On the other side I found Devenoir waiting for me near the dark woods. It seemed like night. We left together in some manner I did not understand. I wondered at that for a moment and instantly found us back in focus 12.

I could feel we were back someplace familiar to me and as I was about to exit Devenoir took hold of me by my shoulder and stopped me. I turned looking up at him and saw him examining me closely, as if assessing me or something. Then he let go of me and I turned away to exit to C1, deeply discouraged.