Collection: Elohim, The Elohim City, The Gatekeeper, and Wizard

March 3rd, 2016

(Optimal Earth core shielding)

In this evening’s meditation my only intent was to observer; to allow my mind to wandered through the many images arriving. A few were frames of past dreams I’ve had, most others I didn’t recognize. This was unusual as I generally don’t encountered this perception unless I’m at TMI.

The images appeared clear but when I paused one, trying to observe it more specifically, the image would dissolved. This went on and the clear sense of viewing these images from somewhere increased – extraordinary. Then my alarm went off and I was surprise my one hour meditation went by in no time at all, so I decided to do another meditation. {Note: I use a timer to limit my practice meditations since I don’t expect any contact}

I started the second meditation, also a manual meditation, deciding in this time I would move through the focus levels via my mnemonic controls (What are the ‘Mnemonics’?) intending to compare the image quality in the focus-levels with the former meditation.

Once in F21 I intended to maintain what I call the blank slate; one of my training methods. In this practice I’m not focusing on anything particular other then inspecting and weeding out stray thoughts at their root, catching my own distractions, working on developing a pure undistracted steady focus. But now I noticed the adjoining stonewall that’s near the Wizard’s dwelling and so I gave my attention to that.

As I turned my focus fully on this Raphael became apparent at the dwelling’s entrance and he call to me. I walked along the wall that adjoins the path approaching the Wizard’s place and I saw the Gatekeeper was also waiting at the dwelling’s gate as he stood on the main path. Once we met we walked up the inclined cobbled walk from the gate to the doorway. I greeted Raphael as we all entered the dwelling.

The Wizard was standing at the far end of his table. I walked over to my usual spot and stood there. The Gatekeeper entered and he approached his chair. Raphael entered and proceeded to lean in the corner next to doorway as seems to be his habit as he observers our conversations. Raphael gives the impression he is always ready to resume some journey. I waited and after the Gatekeeper sat down the Wizard and I also sat. I could feel the wooden table before me.

After a pause as no one else was saying anything, I turned to the Wizard and asked if he could explain more about our roles, our connection; how is it that he is a future me. He answered, “As you know we are at a confluence of emerging realities. I am here to provide your connection to that future”. The Gatekeeper immediately added, “You are here as a result of the Great Ones’ intention. They, and you, are bringing forth their intention into reality. We all contribute our specific interests in this – into you – but ultimately it is the intention of the Great Ones that provided the original direction for this. We are all here as a result of that purpose and this reality’s emergence will emerge through you; the reality that emerges as a result of you and through you first. The two of you are conducting this emergence (ie The Wizard and I)”.

Responding to the Gatekeeper I asked, “Your part has been guidance”? “Yes,” he answered and continued, “Raphael is here to add his particular attributes to you in this process”. I realized Ethereal was not there. The Gatekeeper apparently noticing my realization instantly added, “She is assisting you with your activities closer to the material reality in which you reside”.

I seemed to know this made sense in terms of the scope and characteristics of the persons involved. For awhile I considered inquiring about other areas (aspects) of F21 that provide guidance etc, but I realized it was all here in one manner or another. The conversation congealed into an understanding, knowing the parts, and the roles of those involved.

The discussion and its understanding felt complete and I found myself exiting thru F15. I don’t clearly recall leaving the dwelling. Then arriving in F12 I wondered whether I would see Ethereal there but I did not. I was able to comfortably exit through F10 to C1 and the timer happened to go off for my allotted time at exactly that moment.

The Elohim City 3/10/2016

What a week. I had lots of great clear energy as the eclipse approached but then things completely turn negative for me – powerfully so – as the eclipse finished (March 8-9, 2016). I struggled to get my mind under control in the mornings; deep, irritating aggravated feelings. The morning meditations have become a mess. The galactic core on the horizon ie poor conditions for me too.

Last night

Last night1 I tried to force myself back into correct awareness, to turn the momentum of the negativity. In meditation I encountered a shadow being and had new understandings about it. This encounter showed me how easily I got twisted (in attitude). I realized it was a pointless loss of energy. I was surprised to find that I could not resent this dark being’s adversarial nature, if one may use the word as I recognized my own bad attitudes.

Next Raphael, Ethereal, and the Gatekeeper appeared with me (we were in F21) and I had a vividly clear 3D awareness of them; spatially quite remarkable. They explained I should not see this as wrong (previous experience) but rather it was a matter of my purpose being deflected and that I had only lost time or opportunity. I was reminded of my Uncle’s words, “If not to be stopped, at least to deter…”.

They seemed completely untroubled by the matter and I acquired new understandings about thought, energy, and negativity; all made sense and fit together. I became more determined and seemed to truly see through – into the positive.

Then they said we should walk and so I followed them as they turned and led me a short distance to something that I would describe as like an over-look. I look below us into the distance and saw something. A city….? Then Raphael said to me, “This is were you are from. We all gather here. There are many of the Ones you know that gather to this place (to socialize I wondered) but this was very hard for me to accept – that I am from there.

We walked a bit further and it felt like we were emerging from darkness or emptiness into a forest. It appeared to be a beautiful night. I continued to look at the city in wonder at its brightness; something made of light. What is it I kept wondering. I just could not understand and I felt like I did not want to go there. I just could not understand, or I could not accept, that I belonged there. How can that possibly be?

We stayed together for a long time. It felt so good to have this support with me; this feeling of being together, and that they came for me in this way. I considered they were providing me this time so the idea would sink in but I just couldn’t grasp it. This is impossible. After a time everything began to fade away and I proceeded to exit my mediation.

This morning

This morning, waking up, I was determined to continue changing the aspect of energy, determined to rid the negative. My mind was clouded with conflict. I force through it, forcing myself to be still, so I went into mediation determined to turn or stop this.

As soon as I got into meditation (just F10) Ethereal appeared directly in front of me and she placed her hand on my chest. I placed my hand over hers. Then slowly I found myself leveling into a deeper calm without any of my own methods so I turned greater focus on her. I recognized her energy feeling it was like what I call Sequoia energy; completely different from the feeling of the Elohim’s energy conduit.

We stood together and I understood. It made sense that she was there to help me with energy or energy systems. It was as if I finally understood her earlier words. And I considered of all the times I’ve looked for her and the others, now she was here; helping me normalize. I turned my thoughts back to the manifestations for the day to come and eventually exited to resume my normal day.

That next evening I was determine to have a solid meditation. I laid my block of blue kyanite on my chest which helps me level out more as I was keenly aware of the week’s psychic stresses. As I started my meditation again, Ethereal was immediately there. She raised her left hand to me and so I place my right hand up against her upraised hand, palm to palm. How is it that such a sublime creature would come to me?

I wondered if she was there to further level me and so I turned aside from my general meditation, giving her my full attention. This time with Ethereal lasted for awhile and I was feeling better. Then she lowered her hand, and stepping to my side she placed my arm in hers as she said, “Come with me”.

We walked together some distance and then Raphael and the Gatekeeper were there too. We stood together and I felt … well I felt friendship and again I enjoyed 3D spatial clarity of our locality together. I also noticed it again felt like it was evening as in the earlier experience. And again I felt like we were somewhere like a garden or a forest. Then they led me away and we again arrived at the over-look. I gazed at the place they previously showed me. It distinctly felt like we were outside and it was very pleasant.

As we overlooking the site they again explained they wanted me to understand, to know this is a place of gathering for them. They were clearly trying to impress this on me. I studied the image, trying to understand what they were showing me, but I could not process the thoughts. We stayed there for a long time. And as before I felt I didn’t belong there. How could I?

It feels like I belong in some other place … in seclusion somewhere, but they insisted that I should go and meet others. I tried to understand but it was something I just could not accept.

After a time Ethereal moved off, rapidly disappearing up and to the right. Raphael and the Gatekeeper remained with me as I continued to struggle with comprehending the meaning of what they were showing me. As I conferred with them, that I couldn’t perceived this clearly or solidly enough to fully apprehend what they are showing me, the phone rang and I was out.

It’s Reality


Earlier this day I spent time working on my Feeling the Stones exercise1. Afterwards I was quite energizer and later recall times when life was very much not good at all. I was upset by the many disappointments and deep heartbreaks in life; so much effort, so much loss, over and over again.

I thought about the entities that I consider mentors and friends; I wondered about them for sometime. I know they say they care and all that, but I couldn’t help but think that they are in their places attending to their “purposes” – all that cosmic stuff – and here I am; in the grunge of the physical; mortals such as we are; slogging away at life pitifully; this completely pointless waste – all for some greater purpose I am to believe.

Later that evening when it was time to call it quits I found it difficult to fall asleep. I was still very activated and buzzing with energy from my earlier stones exercise. I got my large chunk of blue kyanite (which helps me level-out energetically) to help me sleep but then I thought I should go to F21 since I had all this energy. Honestly I felt uninterested in managing the control of my mind to do that at this time. I just wanted to go to sleep and just forget about everything.

But after awhile something pressed me – about going to F21 – so I thought I’d give this a go, if for no other reason then to get rid of this nagging pressure that wasn’t letting me sleep. I used a manual meditation and launched into my routine while not having any expectation that this would go anywhere. I really wanted to just go to sleep, to forget it.

When I got to F21 nothing was happening but something caught my attention. I saw the Wizard’s dwelling with Raphael standing at the doorway as is common but now everything had a glimmering clarity – of being real. As exceptional as the clarity was it was also like looking through a straw scanning the setting. Wherever I looked was a vivid reality but in a narrow field of view. I saw the clarity of the ground, the reality of the mountains, the crisp brilliant alpine blue sky. As I approached Raphael on the walk heading up to the entrance he appeared to be in a very good mood so I commented, “You looked to be in a good mood Raphael”. To which he replied, “And why wouldn’t I be? It is a beautiful day”.

At the doorway, which is the left most of the dwelling structure when one walks up from the gate, I paused to look out and was startled to see how steep and deep the fall-off was next to the structure. I’ve knew this drop-off was here but I’ve never seen it so clearly from this vantage point. Typically I’m inside the dwelling looking outward toward the mountain view in the distance. But it’s a sheer fall here, down that enormous chasm. The chasm between here and there is absolutely huge. This vista and the overall awareness made a strong impression on me given this 3D vividness of that reality.

Inside the dwelling I found the Gatekeeper and Raphael seemed to be sizing me up. I waited quietly and then the Gatekeeper said to me, “We do know. We do understand your pains”. Raphael looking at me sharply reiterated, “We do – understand”.

Then for an instant the Middle Council punctuated into our reality and they asserted that they also do in fact understand. The message they were offering was loud and clear. The scene was vividly real. There seemed nothing else to say. I felt I was absorbing the realization – that all this was in fact real – that they were really telling me this. Why is this so hard?

After a time we bid farewell, and as I walked out the doorway I patted Raphael on his shoulder as if we were old traveling friends; very odd. OnceI was back in C1, for a short time I marveled at what had happened, and then finally I fell asleep.


The Gatekeeper Explains More (3/30/16)

Following my general greeting I proceeded to focus 21. I thought I’d go there to meditate in F21 having no specific intention other then to study the blank slate. For a time there was nothing as I focused on my meditation but then I detected the Gatekeeper off to my right. He stood there just looking at me. He was smiling with that wise appearance that pervades him. I bowed and greeted him. Then he turned to his right and began to walk up the apparent walkway to the Wizard’s door and so I followed.

At the doorway I found Raphael in his traveling garb leaning against the door frame. As I walked up I greeted him and entered the structure. Once inside I saw the Gatekeeper settling down into his usual seat at the table. I was about to step behind him to go to the chair that I always use but the Gatekeeper said, “No. Sit over there”, as he pointed to the Wizard’s chair which was directly across the table from him. I puzzled at this but obeyed wondering if I was making this up somehow. But how did I come up with that?

When I seated myself in the chair the Wizard typically uses I sat facing the Gatekeeper across from me with Raphael still in the doorway but now slightly inside standing in the corner next to the open air window. The window, to my right, provided a view of the Abyssal Mountains, though they were less clear to me. Then the Gatekeeper said to me directly, “Questions?”

For some moments I struggled to figure out what the precise questions are. Now that I’m here where do I start? As crazy as this all is, given the chance to ask the most important question at hand, what do I ask? Gathering my wits about me I decided, “Can you tell me again? What I am?”

To this all the Gatekeeper would say was, “All we can say at this time is what you already know; you are an energy entity. There is nothing more that may be added at this time [that you would understand]. However, again to clarify for you, you are not from another [physical world] civilization, some other planet”.

After another moment recognizing that’s all I would be given I asked, “Can you again explained to me this place; what we are doing meeting here?” Immediately the Gatekeeper answered, “This is not a place as you may understand that, but rather this is an intersection of our thoughts. We have brought you here as we include you in our thoughts, as you are bound together with us in purpose”. I focused strongly on the Gatekeeper and Raphael to consolidate the clarity of presence with them, seeing them, recognizing their expressions. Again I realized that Ethereal was not here but I did not entertain this thought further since I had some understanding that she was residing in other Earth states according to her purposes; knowing I would see her when it was needed.

As I examined the images of them I recognized that I could not image or detect the Wizard at all. I looked at the seat that I typically use wondering if he would be sitting there but that place was blank, or a blur. This puzzled me and I struggled to perceive him for a few moments thinking he would be there. I said to the Gatekeeper, “I don’t understand why I can’t see the Wizard”. To which he replied, “I had you sit there, seated in his future so that you would be in proximity of that aspect. You see nothing in the other seat, where you generally sit, because – you are not there”.

The explanation surprised me but I understood what the Gatekeeper was referring to. He wished to place me in the Wizard’s near future-knowledge but what does that mean so I asked him, “What is my future?” He answered quite directly, “You and Raphael share much in the future as you know. He will guide you in many aspects of healing the Earth, men, and other things … all this is to come. You have many missions together”.

Suddenly, I found myself in a field with a dark horse that stood before me. The horse was worn and deeply wounded in its emotions or spirit. I saw myself standing with it, facing it with my hand on its neck imparting the relief it needed. Then suddenly I was back in the Wizard’s dwelling.

Although I hoped for more details as I waited and listened; nothing more was added to the discussion and moments later, all disappeared. I held my state longer but there was nothing more and so I exited.


April 2nd, 2016 – 1 hr meditation (manual)

Late Afternoon (Optimal Core Shielding)

This Saturday was a productive day for me; doing errands and misc stuff. In the afternoon I happened to pick up one of my large crystals that I had place on my living-room table. To my surprise it was quite active and I felt it ringing into my hand. As I did continued with various tasks about the apartment I picked up some other stones I have and they too were quite energizing to me. I wondered why they were suddenly active now after some days of feeling nothing at all from any of them.

As the day wore on and I got more things done it occurred to me that a good time for a long meditation might be right now. I wondered given the chance to ask specific questions, what is it I really want to know? I also realized that each major step over the course of the previous year or so did related to me finding the pressing questions I had, but now I was surprise to find that I didn’t know what to ask.

This was quite surprising since whenever exposed to something new I generally produce a long lists of questions but not now. I peered deeply into this issue regarding all the things I’ve encountered, determined to find the key questions, but again I could not grasp what that was. After sometime I decided to try going to the Elohim City – where they said I may meet Them.

Entering the session I proceed as usual to focus 21. Once there it was blackness. After a few moments either I recalled or I was reminded of the image of the Elohim City from my earlier experience. Suddenly I found myself looking down a steep descent as I’ve seen before, so I began to walk down into this forest, recognizing the way. Once clear of the trees I was in a shallow ravine. Crossing that I walked up an incline approaching what looked like a wall of greening light. I place my hand against it allowing myself to synchronize with it and suddenly I found I could walk through the wall beyond. On the other side of the Wall immediately an individual appeared.

He looked like one of the entities I had met previously who describe themselves as my brethren. This individual appeared human, as a very young man with straight long blonde hair cut just short of shoulder length. He seemed to be like one of a group that I had first met in the grass field. At that time I had the sense of belonging to a herd (I need to collect my notes about the Brethren).

As we faced each other I tried to organize my thoughts and asked him, “What is my relationship to you – your species?” To which he responded, “You are one of us”. We paused for a long time as I search for strategic questions and then asked. “What is my relationship to the archangels I’ve met?” The figure answered frankly, “You are their superior”. I was somewhat appalled by that and asked him to explain. “The angels and archangels are beings that we created – to assist us with many tasks throughout our efforts. They are not slave servants; they work with us according to their free will”, he stated.

I was hesitant to ask more as I was unsure how I felt about what he might say and then it occurred to me to ask something different so I inquired about the tool Tattooine had given me, the device Tattooine explained was used to help sort information. I produced the device in my hand, raised my arm and gave the device a spin. Its twirled spraying off something like beautiful colorful sparks as it coasted to a stop.

Turning to this individual I asked, “Are you familiar with this device?” “Yes”, he answered. “Do you know how it is used?” I asked. “Yes. Spin it again”, he instructed. To my surprise the device then spun-up as if it was motorized. I looked at it as it was clearly activate in my grasp. “Ask it a question”, this figure directed. Addressing the device I asked, “Who are the Elohim”?

The device reported, “The Elohim are progenitors of humanoid life and other forms through the galaxy. They oversee such beings at times”, the device responded. I then asked, “What other names are the Elohim known by?” The device responded, “You are not able to understand the names due to your limited ability to process such symbolic enunciations used by various civilizations”. I realized it was referring to other localities in the galaxy and so turning my attention back to this human-like individual, trying to find another pertinent question I asked, “What is the future of mankind”? The figure frankly reported, “The future of mankind is dire, however the possibilities for individuals is without limit”.

I was puzzled by this individual speaking to me, feeling something wasn’t quite right. This figure appeared as a young man so I commented to him, “Earlier in my life, when what I thought was God, that One that called out to me [the vision], but now I think was actually representing a collection. I wonder are you one of those beings?” The entity replied, “As you know there are many levels and representations among us. The representation you are referring to – is much higher – profoundly higher than I”.

I continued, “Your species [presentations] and I have met other times and I’ve asked that you provide some validation event that allows me to know that your collection of beings do in fact represent the One [in the vision], that one who originally called out to me”. Instantly he replied, “You wish a sign, a miracle [as proof of our association]”.

Now more clear about what I was looking for I bluntly replied, “Yes. A signature should be provided. If I should associate these encounters with that being and accept many things that you claim, a signature – some validation – should be provided”. I continued, “Are you able to provide me more mental grasp [proof] or illustration of your being”?

As I turned my attention to this individual, as perceptive and focused as I could be, suddenly a planet flash by in my mind; that was followed by star clusters, large star systems, all rushing toward me, and then it was blank. I worked to allow my mind to be more receptive and at times it seemed this entity was doing something to me. It reminded me of the times I had been asked to give them (the Intellect Engineers) my mind and suddenly, at that moment, I felt my mind relax. It felt like my eyes were about to be opened, but nothing followed. Then I found I became exhausted as if I was about to fall asleep but suddenly things changed.

I felt something approaching and I immediately sense the EMA. “El!”, I called out. I was so glad to meet him again and I noticed the huge difference in stature between the presence of the EMA and that of this other figure previously conversing with me. Rather then conversing with someone, one-to-one, this felt like a god drawing near. We did not speak. All I needed was the feeling of his presence [knowing him], his reassurance. Then suddenly everything suddenly diminish and my alarm went off alerting me that it was time to exit. I was so happy to again encounter the EMA but do to the fatigue I was also ready to leave.



(Sunday 4/3/16)

I realized the key question today: Why have these entities not provided a signature or validation of their communication’s authenticity? I decided to take that question to focus 27

Once I got there I encountered a 27guide and followed it. After just a short distance I saw it drift away and I understood I was at my destination. Slowly I merged into the foggy light that I first encountered back in the Lifeline course, when I learned of the Great Recovery (Tuesday entry in the Lifelines course notes 2015).

After a moment I found myself inside the bright hall as before and I waited. Immediately I was challenge by something accusing me of insolence and I dismissed the entity. I waited, called out, and waited longer.

In a vague sense, a variety of entities or a collection emerged but I was unable to distinguish a specific one to communicate with. Then the Elohim who says she is my mother seemed to present and intervene in some manner; the group became more cohesive.

I called out to them, “I wish to speak with the Shepherds of Creation”. After a pause I offered a brief greeting and assumed to restated my question. Then this collection of mixed entities seemed to congeal into a singular voice representing the many there – but they remained quiet so I reiterated again, “I wish to speak with the Shepherds of Creation”. Without much acknowledgement I commenced my issue. “I wish to know why a signature or validation of these conversations has not been provided. One has been promise”, but there was still no reply.

I continued my case, “In my early physical life, the One who stated it’s intention for me was willing and clearly able to provide proof of the authenticity of its message and its other words spoken have proven to be true. Why should I expect less from these discussions? After-all for all I know I may be speaking to some shadow which many channelers unknowing speak for, or some aliens from other planets presenting theatre – they are a dime a dozen. So why should I think these conversations are in fact more than just that? I listened carefully for some reply but apprehended nothing clearly. I continued, “I know you are able to clearly enunciate your communications to me. You are able to do that if you chose”.

There were hits of interactions, murmurs, whispers occurring among the collective but I could not clearly identify any individuals. I stood my ground focus on this question unwilling to be redirected to any other issue without a response. I listened carefully, intuitively knowing an answer might be formulated. I persisted with reiterating my position with precise statement and self-determination but got no response.

Then I challenged, “Are you NOT Elohim! GODS!?” Abruptly They answered, “We are”. “Are there other names you are known by on Earth”, I asked? “We are many things to many [cultures], providing guidance and raising up spokesmen in those peoples to represent our principals and leadership”, they answered. Through my mind flow images of times, histories, cultures… like visions the images flowed through me.

When that passed I asked, “Why have you not authenticated yourselves to me”? Abruptly They retorted, “It is not time. There are many aspects to our collective that you have been encountering and coming to recognize; many levels of differing concentrations and aspects which are unclear in organization. This imprecision is necessary and providing some qualification results in untimely and limited focus of aspects – It is not time”, They concluded.

The reply was impressed upon my mind quite clearly and I recognized it was a reasonable explanation – if I was able to accept it.

Somehow, I understood the truth of it [what They said]. Then the narration with Bob’s voice started the return process but I was not leaving. I was still determined to hear out my answer more fully, yet as I persisted I realized that it what had just been stated to me was complete in some manner and so after a few moments I relinquished my stance and returned.

  1. Optimal time for me is a function of sidereal time, but more specifically whether the galactic core is well below the horizon providing shielding from the bulk of the interference created by cosmic radiation. See: Sidereal Time and Psychic Ability