The Brethren

The Brethren
January 18th, 2017


I was going to proof some notes today LOL, but thought I’d do a practice (manual) meditation instead. I had avoided this because on the one hand the experiences can be just too much to absorb or believe, yet on the other hand they can often be complete duds. The duds do help one clearly recognize when nothing is happening, so when something does happen it can be quite clear in contrast with the other experiences. Now I thought I should face it and decided to return to the discipline of my mediations.

Given that as I’ve reread my notes in recent weeks, struggling with various issues in my personal mythology, I am reminded in many of my notes of an invitation to come be with the ones I call, Those I Know. I often call ‘them’ generically Elohim but their name(s) are meaningless as I have been told since their name(s) varies throughout the galaxies and the specific Elohim (one species or culture) is part of the composite form of Those I Know.

Sometime ago there was a clear place I had been shown that I may use to access them and recently I have been reminded that I have not been utilizing this so I thought I’d put this to the test. I proceeded with some skepticism that this would actually pan-out. I proceed in manual meditation (ie w/o hemisync) and in my affirmation statement I stated my general intention in this test. Let’s see if I actually am able to visit Those I Know.

Passing through the levels F15 felt odd. I was impressed of things just beyond my perception; a current or motion of something, and again I had the sense that this level is the primal level of this space or locale at the dawn of our protostar’s birth; 15 is an arbitrary number man-made designation. I didn’t know how to proceed since I did not recall exactly how I was brought to the contact point location provided before, but something indicated to me that I may proceed in any manner I chose.

I continued to focus 21. Once I engaged my focus level mnemonics I proceeded to where I thought the entrance was. I waited unsure how to proceed. Then it occurred to me the appearance of the place began in some woods that lead to a clearing with the green wall surrounding something and suddenly I found myself back in those woods, but this time the tree-line was different.

It was beautiful, dark, and presented clearly to me. I could have stayed there for the wonder of the trees and forest alone, but I passed on thru them and approached the towering Green Wall that appeared before me as I had encountered it before. And again, as before, I found I was able to pass thru the Wall, like a phantom. Inside the Wall I felt myself walking in this thick structure observing the green color, appearing translucent. I examined it as I pass through slowly.

When I emerged on the other side I found one person waiting for me. I’ve met this species before, a number of times. This species is the group I felt in the past as if we were a tribe (or clan), a very strong feeling of association/affiliation. They describe themselves to me as my Brethren and insist I belong with them. This individual appeared youthful as adolescent or very young adult; here age I think means nothing.

We’ve met in the past though I am not sure about distinguishing specific individuals since they seem alike to me. This individual, as the others, had blonde hair. It was long, draped very straight, and was a couple inches above shoulder in length. This individual and the others were dressed most simply and appeared as having fair young complexions. They are of light build not appearing like the mature, peak of fitness athletic Pleiadian who are physical.

I took some time to get oriented and this individual appeared to allowed me that time. I felt a need to really get consolidated. Then we sort of greeted each other but that was completely unnecessary as it appeared we are already acquainted, is how it clearly felt. Then this individual took my hand and we began to walk. I wondered that he took my hand, but I felt it was something similar to what family members may do when going on a walk together. As I became familiar with the setting others appeared and as we encounter the group.

It all seemed very familiar as I then recalled we had met a number of times like this, and in this setting. I turned my attention to beyond the group and became aware of structure in our surroundings and distance that was just beyond my perception. There was no limit to the time I had to do this.

I began to more clearly recognize and feel that these figures were clearly the same tribe, or brethren as they say, that I had met before. Then things consolidated substantially. I knew we are not strictly immediate relations but the relationship is clear.

Next it seemed that we were going someplace; proceeding in some manner to someplace I thought. I worked to give attention to staying focused on this so as not to loose the connection but they assured me that they would conduct me along with them.

We proceeded a short way and paused. As we conversed a large handsome white horse came up along side me from behind and I recalled clearly that I had met this group with a white horse like this before. It was more than dreamlike; this felt like reality. The horse was utterly magnificent not only in form but also in demeanor. As I considered all this I sensed the others were available for my questions.

As we engaged in conversation it became truly amazing and wondrous, not so much in the sense of perceiving the experience, but rather that the experience was so rich in content – the realism. Even as I write this I seem to feel in a deep knowing way the wonder of it still – being there. There was a moment when I considered the issue of perceiving them and they quickly directed me to not bother trying to perceive at all. I wondered at that but then as I abandoned perception as they suggested there were additional suddenly even more vivid glimpses of their environment’s reality – absolutely wondrous! I could not do this very well but I plainly saw that what they directed did work. By not trying to perceive I somehow gained very deep glimpses into the surrounding.

It seemed meaningless to ask who everyone was. I already know how hard that is to explain so I began to wonder where we were as I have wondered often about this issue of location in the past experiences w/ them. They explained and I re-questioned the details during our conversation, that in this case we were actually on a planet but we were not there physically. They explained that to the planet’s inhabitant, we… are as spirits (ghosts) inhabiting the place. They then explained that they actually liked to occupy this particular planet. There are many ‘places’ where they have chosen to ‘be’ in this particular manner. But they like this one.

In the course of the discussion and it was long I learned that the horse was actually a physical inhabitant on the planet and that these creatures that resemble the perfect horse to me are aware of our presence; that these creatures are quite advanced in the sense of awarenesses. It was clear there was considerable joy in the communion or communication between the physical creatures there and those non-physicals of the group – knowing the animal. The sense of knowing it, and that it is knowing back, was wonderful beyond description.

Next I focused my inquiry on ‘where’ this planet is. It immediately became clear that I did not have the spatial knowledge to understand the actual location even if I were told but it was indicated that the planet did reside in our galaxy and that it is in the system that on Earth we refer to as the Pleiades Constellation but that this is not the planet of the Pleiadians, as we call them. It was explained that the Pleiadians, as a regional species/culture were quick to successfully grow into the sensitive awareness of these spirits for lack of better word. They developed a constructive interchange and this is one reason why Pleiadians are actively involve with the spiritual development of mankind and others.

I offered in question my understandings about corporeal/noncorporeals working together in close communications/relationships which my Brethern confirmed was a correct view. There we hung-out together at great length enjoying the place, each other, and of course I enjoyed the beauty of this magnificient animal that was with us.

Returning to the issue of the nature of the planet that attracted them they clarified it was not due to any physical property of the planet as some may think but rather it was the total environment of the planet, its location in interstellar energies, the planet itself, and other aspects that they enjoyed. It appeared this wasn’t a matter of utility but rather that they simply liked the planet.

After a bit the horse ran off into the tall grass before us. Again I was amazed; I recognized this was the same tall grass that we as a group had walked through together long ago in one of our early contacts. I recognized it clearly.

Addressing again the idea of how I could be there, it was explained and I came to understand, that I had passed through what an angel referred to back at Starlines as, the spaces between spaces and I seemed to understand how I may project myself into this distances/space, not as an OBE , but more as phasing as in some other journeys.

I began to get tired and realized I should return but clearly this was a big step in access; this time spent with those that I am somehow related to. When ready to leave I wondered for a moment about how to return through the focus levels and they quickly directed me to look into the distance. There I saw the soft moon-like light that I have also seem before. I once thought that light was an aging star serving as the dim Sun or bright moonlight on this planet in our previous encounters but that is wrong.

They explained I may return through that light and directed me toward it. I understand this light I had seen in the past is actually a portal into spaces within spaces accessing this area. As I approached the light I found I did pass into it, and in time I was spatially in the light. Then I clearly experienced passing through it and emerging out of it into what clearly felt like focus 21 to me; my entry point. Then without thought of process I found myself settling out, or settling down, arriving in focus 12 automatically and next I was easily back home in C1. It was completely effortless; truly remarkable.

The freedom of meditation w/o hemisync allowed me unlimited time to be with them in a way I haven’t experienced before. Though I have done this manual method many times I have never quite felt the total freedom of staying in a state without the stress of time somehow limiting the experience. Incredibly refreshing and wonderful.