More manifestation tricks….

When I have a project that will extend over time – sometimes – I use a crystal grid; just if I feel like it. I don’t need the grid and I am not invoking any sort of assistance from the stones’ ‘abilities’ rather they just store my intention so it continues resonating while I’m not attending to it. I always use these stones for this purpose and that’s all I use these stones for. I never clean these stones but you can if you want.

Here’s a pix of my setup. It works as well as I can intend the process, but it does work. I don’t do any tricks to the stones that one may read about at the sites of crystal resellers. I simple extend my intention through my hand onto the grid. From practicing QiGong I’m use to projecting energy1.

What I use is a crystal point at the center of a 4×4 grid of citrine and aventurine stones. It doesn’t have to be this elaborate or this size stones. Remember the power comes from you. It can be a 3×3, doesn’t necessarily need a point. It’s more a matter of artistic choice. Make what you like.

Finally this isn’t an encouragement for you to get into crystals. I’m just mentioning what can be in the toolkit. Maybe try it after you know you can manifest.

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  1. I have done tests w/ people on the other side of closed doorways who could feel where and when I projected energy through the closed door. In sitting meditation people have reported it was like being near a fireplace when seated next to me. I have knocked people off balance into falling a few times at about 10 feet distance by projecting into their heart meridian – I don’t do that anymore. QiGong is real. It’s a valuable practice.