More manifestation tricks….

When I have a project that will extend over time, sometimes, I will use a crystal grid – just if I feel like it. I don’t need the grid and I am not invoking any sort of assistance from the stones’ abilities, rather they just store my intention so it continues resonating while I’m not attending to it. Does that matter? I don’t know. Maybe they do help conduct or modulate my internal mood which is very important in manifestation work.

I always use the same stones for this purpose (Authentic citrine) and that’s all I use these particular stones for. I never clean these stones but you can if you want; trust your intuition in this matter.

Here’s a pix of the setup. It works as well as I can intend the process, but it does work. I don’t do any tricks to the stones that one may read about at the sites of crystal resellers. I simple extend my intention through my hand onto the grid while I extend my intension beyond. From practicing QiGong projecting energy is familiar to me. Basically, because I can feel the grid’s energy, I project my intension into the grid through that connections. For more discussion about feeling stone energy see: Feel the Stones.

I like to place a crystal point at the center of a 4×4 grid of citrine and aventurine stones as I feel the point clearly. It doesn’t have to be this elaborate or this size collection of stones. Remember the power comes from you. It can be a 3×3, doesn’t necessarily need a point, or try some point stone other then crystal quartz. It’s a matter of creative choice. Actually, I would like this grid to be bigger; more massive, but haven’t made an effort in that direction.

Finally this isn’t an encouragement for the reader to get into crystals. I’m just mentioning what can be in one’s toolkit. There may be some element of ritual process that helps one focus one’s intention. It’s may also be just something one just enjoys which also helps manifestation work. For more discussion regarding what I do with stones see: Feel the Stones

Maybe try it after you know you can manifest.

See also: Feel the Stones