The Dead: Lifelines @ TMI (Mar 2015)

Lifeline Course Notes
Following are my notes from when I took the Lifeline Course at the The Monroe Institute March 2015. This course is about focus levels 22-271, primarily about what many consider to be the afterlife. It is not what most of us think. The course is also about what some call, soul-retrievals. I include notes from just before I flew out to TMI because they illustrate some of the internal struggles one may go through while trying to understand these weird experiences.

I will add that although some might think, gee how cool it would be to do soul-retrievals reading the following one might begin to see that it is anything but cool.


The Thursday before going to Lifeline:   

I again went to focus 12 hoping for explanations.  For a moment I thought Raphael would be there, he’s around so much I expected he would show up as usual, but in the session he was not there. Looking to something greater, thinking out-loud, I wondered whether there is someplace, or is there something that one can turn to get true and complete answers? Again, I found nothing. Then I wondered for an instant if I sensed something there beyond me, but then I wondered whether I was just talking to myself?

Is it too much to ask, to simply be told – plainly? Is that really too much to ask?  Now all this seems completely unreal to me – it’s absolutely crazy. Why did I ever sign up to go to TMI next week?  I feel like I am becoming utterly lost.  (151 hrs of Hemi-Sync to date)

The Monroe Institute: Lifelines Course

Saturday 3/28/15

During my flight to TMI, and certainly when I arrived there, I had a distinct concern that nothing would happen at all during the seminar; that my doubts would dis-create everything.  Along with that worry I had the disconcerting feeling that I was in the wrong place. Did I do the wrong thing coming to this seminar?


Sunday Morning 3/29/15 – 1st session: Focus 12 Reset

~ 9:00AM (20:37 LST) No EC Shielding. 14.3 protons/cm3. Flares: C3

Sunday morning, having a bad night’s sleep, I was tired and feared that I had lost my connections. I couldn’t shake the feeling that nothing would happen, that the trip would be a complete waste, and I would know that.

The first lesson of the day was a re-visit, in free flow2, to the focus 12 environment. At the resonant tuning portion of the session I tried to draw energy from the two energy conduits that I’ve been given access. Then during the affirmation state of the preparatory process I simply requested an understanding of my purpose at Lifeline, and then I felt Drago nearby as a power moving in the valley. I was uplifted by the awareness of this familiar and great being.

When I got settled in focus 12 I made a desperate plea to who, to the Source of all things. Then immediately in complete and utter clarity I heard, “We are with you as before! We will always be with you. You are not separated from us… You are not separated!” Such a relief I felt, to be back with familiar contacts, the transcendent and powerful clarity of their voice. And I was finally filled with rest and the release from all care.

I called out to them, “What is my purpose here, at Lifeline”?  “Service…as you know”, was softly stated. And since I had no other questions for them, I turned my thoughts and my energy to the whole campus, to all the people in their CHEK units; extending myself – my field, around the whole facility. I gathered it so that everyone was encompassed in my intention. There I invoked support for all the other students: invoking illumination, understanding, and personal answers to all that sought it. Immediately I sensed a great radiant power, and I maintained this one intention for the whole session with absolutely confidence and focus.


Sunday Morning 2nd Session – Focus 15 Reset

In this session, since the lesson was to revisit focus 15, I thought to utilize that environment on dis-creating my negativity and doubts. At the affirmation I stated my intention to work on this habitual negativity and doubt that I struggle with, but I then added that I also would respond to a more important task at this time, that I would be willing to comply.

Once I was in focus 15 I began to look for assistance not knowing what direction was deemed best for this time or what to expect. Then something said to me, “Do you wish to first take care of your concerns?”  And so I did, spending some moments dis-creating things I was aware of. After that I waited, wondering whether who had previously spoke to me would direct me at this time.

Then I saw a dark mountain ridge in the distance as if lit in the background from what I presumed was a sunrise or a sunset. As I studied the image I didn’t know what to make of it, but since the image was clear I accepted that I should go with it. Next I found myself seeing a few more peaks as if from a higher vantage point then I just had. As I looked at the scene, I noted a large bird soaring above those peaks. I wondered if it was an eagle, or a hawk. Then I said to myself, you bonehead you don’t know what kind of bird it is, just go with a big bird and I noticed this bird was circling out in the distance.

Then the voice that spoke to me earlier said, “Mount up with wings as an eagle! It is our intention to enable you…”. I considered that I had learned more about patience, and the voiced continued, “You will fulfill our purpose. You will also fulfill your purpose. We will gather our brethren. Current man will be removed and new man will be restored to this place”.

Then the session track interrupted with narration for the exit. Back at C1 I wondered at how the morning has completely change me from one of utter worrying and doubt, to everything is ok; that “they” are here and I am ok.


Sunday Evening –  Focus level 21 Reset

That evening we were introduce to the notion of the pick-code used to assist us with tagging dream events for recall later and/or tagging images as they pass us so that we may return to that memory or image at a later time and then address whatever need may arise. We also discussed the use of what is called the LL-Remember as a mnemonic to recall those tagged events. This lesson was mostly about placing those markers along the journey to focus level 21.


Sunday Evening – Introduction to focus levels 22 & 23.

~ 7:30PM (6:44 LST) Excellent EC Shielding

This was our first exposure to focus levels beyond 21. For myself it was difficult to get much of an impression of focus 22.  However, focus 23 was quite clear to me. When I arrived in focus 23 I found myself over what appeared as a vast and tranquil empty space, or sea

I saw the state clearly as calm ocean free of any ocean swells. It was draped and encircle by fog in the distance. My perspective what that of perhaps 15 feet or so about the water, hovering. I waited and observed. Then a large old wooden ship that impressed me as some sort of commercial vessel of the late 19th or early 20th century passed by. I saw the hands on deck going about their tasks and watch the ship pass out of site. Shortly after that, what would be behind this vessel, I saw a capsized lifeboat and so I tagged it. That image too slowly passed away. Next I saw what appeared as a early 20th century ocean liner cruising very slowly in approach adjacent to me and it too passed out of sight. Lastly I saw a relatively modern cargo vessel; clearly seeing its bridge as it passed by. Following those images it was then time to exit.


Monday 3/30/15 Morning – 1st Rescue Session to Focus 23

In this lesson we were to reacquire one of our LL-Remember tags from the previous session and be open to a rescue operation. At the affirmation I simply requested that I’d be show how I may be of service and to give me the insight and understanding concerning how I should engage with whatever I may find.

Once in focus 23 I again found myself in a vast and quiet space, then being calm ocean. I used my LL-Remember tag to recall the capsized lifeboat I saw during the previous session. Finding the capsized boat and hovering over it I thought to first right the capsized boat. Once I did that I had to focus hard to make out the details of the image, to understand what I was looking at. Then I saw a man climbing into the aft section of the boat. As I observed him I saw a second man climbing into the mid-section. I then saw two men at the stern who appeared to be keeping the boat steady as the first two climbed in. Then those two men scrambled into the stern of the craft.

The men were very young and dressed in the same clothing which impressed me as some sort of uniform, perhaps late 19th or early 20th century. I had no idea what country they represented. None seemed to be an officers I thought. I saw that they appear cold and that they were greatly relieved to be back in the boat.

Recognizing this my first thought was to create a warm sunny day with a heavenly light and I saw all the men immediately appeared to take heart; seeing their spirits were encouraged and lifted. I then created a beam of light draped in clouds shining down from a great light in the sky and then I noticed that I had appeared over them. Looking at myself I was surprise to see that I had on my old jeans and old track shoes.  I then pointed to the light and called out to them saying that they may return home to their love ones. The men appeared happy and then joyful as they immediately floated up into the sky. I saw them quite naturally follow along the beam of light that I created; each in utter joy.

I was about to leave, but “felt” that I should examine the lifeboat further.  I looked at the boat studying it. It was hard to discern, but there was something dark along the side of the boat floating in the water and I realized it was the dead body of one sailor face-down in the water. Descending I reached out to the body and in an instant I had him in the center of the boat.

He looked extremely cold, depressed, and as if utterly lost. I called to him saying that there are love ones waiting for him. With a worn look he replied that there is no one that loves him. I was gripped; torn, by what he said as I ‘knew’ what he felt. My chest ached, and I countered that there “are” those that love him waiting and I went down to him and took him by his hand to lead him up. We drifted slowly upward into the sky. In a brief moment he was traveling up on his own and he then appeared to be well, suddenly disappearing.

Next a thought occurred to me. I thought to take the sunbeam and enlarge it that it may serve as a beacon for possibly others. And then immediately I saw a myriad of individuals drifting up into the sky; this extending far into the distance. A stream of spirits or souls. These were not rescues, I was seeing the current of souls naturally departing for home. As I gazed at of it I also saw numerous angels receiving these souls and found I became emotionally overwhelmed; it was just too much to see. To my surprise I saw Raphael orchestrating or managing parts of the operation and found I was completely overwhelmed by the emotion of seeing such a place; far more emotion then I could process and I felt I must leave; my chest ached terribly.

Exiting back to C1 I found I was completely emotionally and physically drained. Meeting the young man in the lifeboat, though I knew he moved on, I also knew and felt his dying thoughts – that no one loved him. This left me in a deeply pained sadness.


Monday Late Morning Session: Focus 23-26 Lesson.

The goal of this lesson was to introduce to a few levels beyond focus 23.

At the affirmation I requested understanding of whatever I may find. Then I heard, “We send you God’s strength”, in a commanding voice, and when I looked I was facing Gabriel who stood squarely before me (I’ve met Gabriel a few times before and now recognize him). He placed both his hands on my shoulders and facing me directly, he then slapped me on my left shoulder with his right hand as he bid me farewell. Surprised by that, I then continued deeper into the levels and so I peered at the darkness.

The narration guided us thru and then out of focus level 23. I found I stepped through the light that shone there which I used as a marker to help me exit 23.  Now however, rather than finding myself in the blackness of focus level 24’s vague environment, I suddenly found myself in space above the Earth in something that is higher than low Earth orbit.

I could see the deep black of clear space, its stars, and below me the Earth cloaked in its atmosphere. This looked like there was a shell about the Earth as I was outside it looking back down. I turned and saw the moon in crisp detail. Then I looked back at the Sun, which now I more correctly recognized as a star. It wasn’t the yellow ball I’m use to seeing throughout my life. It had a more pure color quality to it; more white.  As I gazed at this vision I wondered to myself, why are I here…seeing this?  This isn’t the lesson. Promptly and clearly I heard, “We had something else planned for you”.  Everything was completely clear, and the statement was clear.

I looked down beyond the Earth and saw infinity below my feet. I found I could travel at incredible speed and before I knew how, I did. In an instant I was up and over looking down at an outer arm of the our galaxy; seeing the wonderful light it emitted. As time began to lapse I gave thought to getting back to Earth and in an instant I was back and roaming over parts of the Earth looking down at it. I intended well being and healing for the ocean, its sea life, all the animals, the weather systems… but then there was space junk everywhere. So much junk it disgusted me. I thought to impress some of it to reenter the atmosphere and burn up.

Looking clearly at the sight of Earth reminded me of the times I had seen it with the Gatekeeper who would extend his arm showing me the Earth suspended in dark space and I wondered what was the meaning of all these experiences. Again I wondered to myself, why am ‘I’ here? Then clearly something said to me, “We thought this would be more fulfilling for you….”. I was then left to enjoy the wonder of all this; so much wonder. I had completely forgotten that “wonder” even exists.


Monday Late Afternoon – Free Flow Focus 25

3/30/15 4:00PM Excellent EC Shielding

At my affirmation I stated that I was interested in seeing the Belief Territories but I added that I was willing to go wherever was needed; if they want to work on my own beliefs that was fine.

Heading out to focus levels 24-26 I disregarded the track guidance to find a point of light in order to find 23. Rather I again found myself very high above an ocean. Was this the same area where the lifeboat was I wondered.  Looking about I could now see a shoreline stretching into the distance. Then I followed the light, which looked like sunlight over the ocean, up into the sky. This was like following a sunbeam or ray of light upward as following the path that I had seem the lifeboat souls follow as they went up. Soon I found I emerged from bright white illuminated clouds and had no idea where I was.

As I looked about I saw the balcony of a beautify villa. It struck me as one of those beautiful postcard-like places in the Mediterranean; absolute perfection in the craftsmanship of white plaster and stonework structures. There were beautiful green plants tracing the borders and railings of multilevel balconies that outlined buildings that fronted along a narrow roadway below me. With the perfect sky of a wonderful sunny day, I began to walk along one balcony of an upper level. Looking down at the cobblestone street I marveled at the absolute perfection of the structures; the beauty of handcrafted perfection itself.  It was absolutely perfect. However, in the mist of this perfect scene, I saw this very large complex was completely deserted. No one.

I continued walking along the balcony puzzled. Where is everyone? As I wandered down the balcony, I noticed a handsome saddled white horse hitched in the street below; yet no one was there to be seen. There were doors along the balcony’s walk on my left, a sculptured railing along my right, with the small roadway below.  I came to a door on my left that took my attention. I was about to pass by, but there was something about that door that held my attention, so I went in. Inside I found a wonderful apartment with rich looking dark woods, beautiful plaster and stonework, and a large bright red area carpet. I walked across the main room to a very large open air stone framed window that had a view of the city. Looking out I saw many villas and homes nestled into the green hillsides; appearing as a small town/condo-grouped. This view was also beautiful and amazing. Yet still, there was no one. I decided to leave and turned around.

As I walked back across the main room toward the doorway I noticed a room on my left. It was a bedroom and as I looked in, there I saw a large bed with an old man laying comfortably in it. I asked the old man resting there where everyone had gone. He told me, “Everyone would say, that if you stayed here you would die, so everyone has left”. I asked him why he stayed. He said, “I like it here. I’ve been here a long time. I don’t want to leave”. Then he looked at me and asked, “Are you an angel”. I explained that I am another messenger and that he may move on from here if he wishes. I told him that there are other beautiful places that are not abandoned and he may leave anytime he desires. He seemed to think about that, and said nothing more, so I turned to leave but pause again to remind him, “You may leave any time you wish”.

As I proceeded to leave him, exiting his apartment I immediately  found myself in darkness and wondered what this was about. Then suddenly I remembered, from a previous trip that I observed a man in the Believe Territories that I had memory-tagged. Referencing him via the LL-Remember tool I then found the man as I had seen him previously. He was sitting in a simple wood chair dressed in drab gray worn shabby garb. He was hunched forward with his face in his hands as if looking at the ground in darkness. Around him it was all totally black, and there was nothing else. He seemed unaware of me.

I then created a light shining down on him, but he still did not notice me or anything it seemed. Given the lack of response, I turned the light into a blinding brilliant brightness and directed it on him. Then slowly he turned his head and looked up at me, peering through his fingers, covering his eyes as if unaccustomed to the light. I said to him, “You don’t have to stay here. There is another place where you are not in the dark and you won’t be alone”. Then he said, “No. There is no light. There ‘is’ only darkness”. But I quickly retorted, “Yet you are shading your eyes from this light.” I then saw, he recognized that he could not dispute this, and then he looked at me as if uncertain.

Immediately two individuals that I cannot describe arrived and waited on the periphery just beyond his awareness. The two entities drew closer as the man slowly stood up. The attendants each took him by an arm and the man slowly turned away from his chair, as he was guided away. As they walked away slowly the man was looking back at me over his shoulder as if unclear as to what had happened. They walked away quietly and disappeared.

When they were gone I found myself in darkness but it was as if a dim twilight setting. There I found myself walking through a dirty burnt-out war zone, or perhaps a city that was burned to the ground. I found I was standing in the ruin and rubble of a building; all was black charred. There was no one and nothing wholesome about the place so I created a beam of light over myself that extended up into the sky and followed the light beam out of there.

From that place I found myself in a black void and then I called out, “Well is there anything good to see here?!” Instantly I found myself walking on a rural country road, ahead I saw a wonderful cottage just off to the right. It was nestled about by lovely trees and long green grass; green pasture lands around it. It was a picture perfect country scene. I walked up to the front door of the cottage and knocked. A man and a woman answered. They were young. Standing in the doorway the man had his arm around the women’s shoulder and she had her arm around his waist. Seeing them standing together it was clear the two were completely in love. I commented I was passing by and saw that their cottage was beautiful. The women replied, “Yes. We built it ourselves and we love this place”. I apprehended perfect joy. There was nothing they were in need of and so I said goodbye, turned and left.

The narration began to commenced the exit.  I let myself go and drift down through the levels until I got to focus 21. There I came to rest looking at a small domed stone house that I realized I was coming to recognize. The place seemed to naturally appeal to me as a place of sanctuary, a place to recuperate, so I stayed a bit enjoying its appearance and absorbing rest. Then returned.


Monday Night: Trip to Focus 27

I staged to leave focus 12 from a landing area. It is like the ledge that I would leave from during my home Gateway Voyage experiences. To my surprise I found a dragon3 on the ledge with me. It seemed excited. From there I proceeded to focus 15. The narration lets us pause there for a bit before heading to F21. I noticed behind me that the dragon seemed to begin to follow me into focus 15, but did not continue.  Considering that for awhile, the narration eventually lead me out to focus 21.

When I arriving in focus level 27, I found myself near a shore with a beautiful sea in the distance. It was absolutely beautiful. In the distance I saw two large and elegant sailboats in the bay before me. They were tall and sleek with simple but enormous pure white sails. The craft appeared to be built as nothing on Earth that I could imagine. The bay was sheltered, encircle by very rocky and high bluffs that came down to the waterline. The scene was absolute tranquility; completely restful. A place where time is of no concern and has no weight.

I realized someone was standing next to me. When I turned to see who was there I found I was with my old roommate ‘B’ who passed away just some weeks prior. We were standing together, both looking at the scene; it was completely quiet. It seemed there was nothing else that needed to be done. As I looked at my old friend I saw he was smiling and I clearly felt ‘his’ presence. I asked him, “‘B’ is this really you?”  His reply was simple, “I don’t know what I am”. We stood together for awhile and then it was time for me to go and I looked forward to returning at my next opportunity.

Returning to focus level 21, I found I was again arriving near the stone dwelling as earlier and so I rested there considering the meaning of this structure. Why are I encountering this I wondered. I began to recognize a cobble stone path that passed the dwelling and proceeded into the distance. As I was standing there I became aware of a stone wall, not quite chest height, that flanked the path on one side and lead to the dwelling’s entrance.


Tuesday AM 1st Session for the Day

In this session I quickly arrived in focus 27. I found myself on higher ground seeing the beautify shoreline below in the distance and the scene of an ocean extending out before me into the horizon. In this lesson we were direct to follow the narration, but I found it was impossible to leave this particular place. I again saw my friend ‘B’.  He appeared detached, completely unaware of me. Then what I can only call a light-being arrived and hovered above me. I would describe this as an oval-like cloud that was glowing in a bright yellowish or golden light.

In this light cloud I could barely make out that something was in it, as the cloud was translucent. I nickname the light-being the 27GuideGPS later. Then this light-being explained to me that ‘B’ was resting and so I guess I inferred that there would be no contact with ‘B’. Concerning that instruction though, I’m was not sure that I was able to truly understand what was being related to me. Then as a matter of business it seemed, the light being – 27GuideGPS –  informing me that it was there for me and so we drifted away together.

We traveled what seemed to be a short distance and then came to a large structure. It appeared to me as an earth-berm feature settled deep into a large grassy knoll. We moved toward the entrance of this facility which appeared as a large auditorium or lecture hall-like structure that have the feel of being a civic center.  As I looked at the entrance I observe there were two massive pillars, one at each end of the entrance. The earth-berm structure was set low in the ground forming an outdoor amphitheater-like surrounding.

The grassy slope rose up from the center’s entrance area.   As I was examining the structure the light-being said to me, “You will come here when you are to prepare for the time your next phase arrives”. I understood this pertained to the end of my human life and the start of some new purpose. I was able at the time to completely understand what was being referred to as it seemed I already knew something about this. After being there for some time looking at the structure, I then left.

After returning I found it interesting that it felt like I was focus 27 for a long time, compared to the time of the session.


Tuesday 2nd Session

In this exercise we were directed to begin creating a personal place for ourselves in focus 27.  This is called one’s Special Place, which I just call SP27. The idea is that one conceptually creates a personal home-away-from-home construct for oneself to return to in that environment.

Proceeding on from focus levels 15 to 21, I stopped to setup my pick-code (mnemonic) for 21. The pick-code, or what I call my mnemonic, is a bookmark that one creates to assist with identify locales for return. At this time I felt a need to stay in 21 and absorb as much rest as possible. I was beginning to feel emotionally taxed in these environments. As I stood there resting, an old man approaching slowly on the familiar cobble path that was bordered with a mix of lush green grass. He wore a large hood that draped over his face such that I could not see his face. As he passed me he said, “We have much to discuss later….”, and he continued to walk away.  As I watched him head into the distance I wondered what that meant4.

Next I headed into focus 22 and felt a drag as if something clawed at me, or a sort of friction.  I pressed on and found myself looking up and down a pebbled coastline, looking out over the sea I originally saw in 23. It looked much the same as I had found it in the past, here noting the long empty shoreline that lead on forever in each direction it seemed. I drifted up higher eventually recognizing the curvature of the Earth as I rose very high in the atmosphere. Again I identified something like a sunbeam of light and followed it. I then found myself above the Earth’s atmosphere looking out into space, but here I determined to continue into focus levels 24-26, mentally deciding to not drift into space.

As I enter these focus levels (24-26) I became aware of images appearing and fading away: one was an abandoned city, then I saw a door that lead somewhere, next I saw an Indian village of the 18th century I guessed, then something like an Aztec symbol passed by me. Lastly I saw in the distance the skyline of a large city that appeared to be ultra modern. It shown silver-like in the distance gleaming as a tight collection of large skyscrapers that were brightly prominent. As the images passed I found I emerged in focus 27, again facing the familiar view of the sea that I had encountered previously. There was also my friend ‘B’ and now we again were able to be together enjoying the peace, beauty, and wonder of the place.

For some reason I began to tell ‘B’ about the things I had been encountering with my hemi-sync experiences since he had passed.  We had talked about these experiences extensively before he went into hospice months ago. He was fascinated at the time regarding my experiences. Then wishing to test my own experience I asked him if there was a way he could validate this encounter with him, that it was authentic. I asked if he had a message for his sister that I might deliver to her for him, but he appeared completely uninterested in his former earthly life and all its involvements. This in itself convinced me that this was truly ‘B’.

Looking over my shoulders I saw there was a fantastic mountain range behind us and so I said to ‘B’, “Wouldn’t those be something to climb?”, and I saw a gleam appear in his eye, a hint of happiness & interested for that moment. This too convinced me that this was in fact ‘B’. We had both been climbers in our lives; he did some truly outstanding climbing in his lifetime. The narrative then instructed me to create a wonder land for ourselves in F27 (the Special Place). This struck me as being completely immaterial and unimportant. I had no interest in fabricating anything and ignored the narration.

Then the light-being arrived, again appearing as a glowing cloud of light in the sky hovering above me. It direct me that it had something to show me and requested that I followed it. I seemed to naturally find myself flying to keep up with this figure. Then we started to ascend and we proceeded to ascended higher still. This continued as the guide led me even higher and this then went on for a long time. As we continued to go ever higher I wondered what this could possibly mean, but since the experience was so clear I did not question this and continued to focus on following the guide. After sometime, I found we were approaching a great light above us. I had no idea where we were, or whether we were even in focus level 27 any longer. There the light-being stopped. From it I understood that I was suppose to continue up.

I continued to head straight upward and came face to face with a great light as if I could touch it.  It was like staring upward at a huge ceiling of brilliant light that seem massive. I paused to look at this and something I had never known before said to me, “You should know that we love you…. Be at peace, and peace – you may have”.  I appealed to the ‘voice’ to please speak plainly to me [not wishing to loose any of this due to some defect of my own that might interfere with this]

Next I found I was lifted in the light I was examining and I was engulfed by it. This place was brilliant but I found I quickly became able to apprehend it. I was in something like a fog of light where I could only see my immediate surroundings. I was definitely standing on a floor and as I looked at it I noticed the floor went on and disappeared in the foggy bright surroundings. I had the sense that wherever this was… it was vast. Then I detected someone walking toward me out of this bright foggy light. I had the impression that this individual was female, but the image of her was lost as she was even more brilliant then the surroundings. All I could observe were her lower legs and feet. The rest of the image was completely lost in her own brilliant light. I did see there was fabric that draped about her feet indicating to me that this being was wearing something and giving the impression a human-like form was in the light.

Then she spoke to me, “There will be a Great Recovery of the Earth. It is important you know this. This will be a large focus of your purpose. Be undeterred. Be yourself and all will go well. It is important that the Earth be recovered. This is the work of the Master Creators”.  Then, she turned away and immediately the narration interrupted beginning the exit.  The image was clear and I was stupefied with amazement.

Returning, as I approach my landing area in focus 12 I could see my new dragon friend pawing anxiously with its feet, eager to go it seemed. I had to smile.

Tuesday: 3rd Morning Session – Focus 27

In this session I left the usual way, however when I entered focus F15 I found a single row of armored beings – nonEarthly. They stood absolutely still and did not appear to pay any attention to me; it was amazing.  I have never seen anything that resembled this type of armor or the type of metal used by these figures. They didn’t alarm me, but it was quite an unexpected site and it was very clear.

Passing on, I drifted upward through F23 as appears to be my practice. I again saw the Earth from very high up, then followed as it were a bright sunbeam of light up into clouds.  To stay on route to F24-F26 I consciously fashioned a visual mnemonic representing a turn, or intersection.  One way lead to the Belief Territories, the other way slipped into space.  There I turned, so to speak, toward F24. I allowed myself to drift through levels F24-F26 without pause. This also felt like rising.

Entering F27 I found myself again looking out from a high vantage point over a coastal region noting the familiar rocky shoreline, cove, and the view of the sea that stretched into the distance.  I realized my old roommate ‘B’ was there, or still there. I walked over to stand next to him to his left and he place his left hand on my right shoulder and together we gazed at the wonder of it all as if there was nothing that required any care; it was completion and perfection. Then the 27guide appeared and I understood it was time for me to follow.

We traversed F27 flying high. There we descended to about 75 feet above what appeared to be a coastal plain near the shoreline. I was able to view vistas of the other places in F27 from our vantage point.  We traveled for some distance along this coast line and then below I saw something that was quite odd.  I saw the poop deck of what looked to be a 17th century sailing vessel stuck in a low hillside.

The front and mid-ship portions of the ship were missing; only the poop deck was present, as if stuck in the ground. For some reason I found this structure to be interesting and thought I should go down and see it. Landing there, I walked up to the ship’s ladder and taking one step I paused and thought to call out, “Permission to come aboard?” I then heard a loud raspy voice bellow loudly at me, “Eye, Come aBoarrrd!” I climbed up the ladder to the poop deck and saw a large pirate with large black beard, black hat, and a black patch over one eye.

I didn’t know why, but I drew closer curiously to see this figure closer.  He took a step toward me.  I drew closer yet and he also took another step closer to me.  We got to be face to face about a foot apart staring at each other. Then the pirate leaned forward coming even closer to my face and then slowly…. he lifted his eye-patch to reveal a perfectly good eye. Then the pirate began to roar with laughter at me as if enjoying some prank and I realized this was my very close decease friend ‘DV’ who died about 5 years prior! Appearing to be greatly amused, he continued to roar with laugher and very soon I was laughing too. Both of us laughed and laughed for a long time.

{Note: This experience was interesting because about thirty years prior my friend ‘DV’ and I met while students at the same university.  I was invited to a Halloween party at ‘DV’s house and he and another friend were dressed as pirates having a great time. I should add that if we lived at another time in another place I image my friend might very well have been a pirate}

We eventually settled down and were able to stop laughing and then we just enjoyed the view.  Then ‘DV’ paused and apologized explaining he was sorry he left abruptly when we met several months earlier in focus 21.  At that time, he had crossed over to visit me, or was brought to visit me, and he then told me what it was like when he died5 and after a few words he left that meeting. At this time he explained that he just had to get back here (to F27).

Then he added, “I gotta thank you for what you did”. I explained no thanks was needed. Then he went on to explained, “I always thought if anyone would make it, it would be you”. I replied, “I don’t know too much about that yet. I’m not sure what I’ve made of any of it”. Then he crushed a beer can in his hand that I just noticed, and flung the can into the corner of the deck again roaring with laughing. “Doesn’t matter if I have a beer or not; no effect. It’s always great”, he said and we both started to roar with laughter again for awhile.

I asked him about (what Robert Monroe called) the Park and Reception areas. He said, “Yeah all kinds of stuff is going on there but I’m not interested in that”. I asked how’s Hank (‘DV’s dog) was and ‘DV’ said he’s around here somewhere. Then it was time for me to go and we parted.

On the return, passing through F21 I again needed to stop and rest – to recover. Although there is tremendous rest and peace in observing the perfect state of focus 27 for some reason when I come to 21 this feels more like home to me and so I stayed there for awhile.

Tuesday ~ 4:00PM 1st Official Retrieval

This session was our first opportunity to use TMI’s method largely utilized throughout the course for soul-retrievals.  The procedure is to first go the F27 and acquire a 27GPSguide. The guide leads one to a retrieval target.  The goal is then to retrieve the individual and assist or allow their migration to the Belief Territories or possibly F27.

In the CHCK unit before the hemi-sync even began there were a number of lights in the booth with me.  This was reminiscent of my week during the Gateway Voyage course when my CHCK unit would be astrally or ethereally vivid even before the hemi-sync would start; that lasted the whole week of that course. At this time I “knew” ‘B’ would be there in F27 but I didn’t know why.

In session once I got to F27 I found ‘B’ at the usual spot, but then I also saw my friend ‘DV’ lumbering up the grassy slope to where ‘B’ and I were standing  (‘DV’ is a big guy. ‘DV’ also knew my friend ‘B’ while in the physical). It was clear to me, again for some unknown reason, that they were there intending to help in some manner.  I had no idea what this meant.

The guide I had previously met in F27 darted up suddenly and I proceeded to followed it. The guide rocketed downward and I plunged down after it. I’ve started the practice of migrating through this levels as if diving.  I dove hard and fast in a free-fall trying to keep up with the 27Guide and soon became aware of the light in F23. We entered focus F23 and I saw the guide take a sudden sharp right turn. I verde hard to follow it and found we were high above an ocean; appearing to be a common feature I had been encountering there. We descended and flew along a portion of coastline that I had not seen before. I examined the land below wondering where we were going, and then I could not see the guide leading me.

I slowed and descended to just above the beach-line then I headed inland just a bit and began to see a very small and quaint stucco home which strongly attracted my attention. I thought to approach the house, landed, and walked toward the home. The closer I got, the greater my sense of alarm became. I wondered apprehensively what I may find in the house. How would I know what to do?

Instinctively I felt the problem was in the tiny attached garage and walked directly to it. I flung the garage door open and there thick exhaust billowed out of the garage doorway. Through the smoke I saw the back end of a car. It seemed to be from the late 40s. I rushed in along the driver’s side of the car and immediately opened the driver’s door. Thick exhaust filled the vehicle as well. I couldn’t see anyone, so I climbed in a bit behind the wheel feeling around and found a body laying down on the front seat of the car.

I grabbed the body and pulled a man to a seated position behind the steering wheel. When I got him sitting up he said in a sleepy manner, “Leave me, they won’t take me, and I said, “I’m not leaving you”, and I dragged the man out of the car onto the garage floor. He was incredibly heavy. I began to drag him slowly toward the doorway and asked him his name. He replied in sleepy manner, “Thomas…… Mc..Carthy” I saw he wore a dark blue jacket that seemed as if it was part of some work apparel or uniform. All along as I dragged him he was repeating in a sleepy distant manner, “They won’t take me…. Leave… me”. I shouted back at him, “That’s not true and I am not leaving you”. As I dragged him I felt a sense of urgency and his dead weight was increasingly difficult to manage. I wondered why he was so heavy?

Once we made it to the driveway, clear of the garage, it became clear to me that he was not going to get up, so I heaved him over my shoulder to carry him finding his weight to be simply unbearable. As I struggled to lifted off from the ground we continued to argue. Then feeling the incredible weight of the lift, hardly a dozen feet into the air, I felt the approach of panic. I can’t carry him the whole way I realized; I can’t do it. Then two angels appear and they helped me carry him higher, but for myself it was still a difficult weight to made progress with, and even with two angels I felt a sense of alarm at his weight.

When we got to the top of F23 entering the light, I could see as if far away my friend ‘B’ calling out to the man explaining to him that it is true, suicide will not keep him out of heaven6. We struggled with him still arguing all the way from focus F23 to F27; I was surprised to find we were still carrying him, that he did not travel off to a belief system. I wondered at that. Finally when we got to F27 the man and I tumbled together onto the ground, as it were, as the angels gave their final lift. There my friends ‘DV’ and ‘B’ immediately came to the man as he laid on the ground. The man just laid there appearing to not understand where he was or what was happening. I sat on the ground next to him completely exhausted and utterly emotionally spent as I watching my two friends taking care of the man. The two angels hovered nearby.

In a length of time that I could not guess I saw the man was sitting up and he seemed to begin to apprehend where he was. ‘B’ and ‘DV’ appeared to have things under control. Soon they had the man standing and they slowly walked away on the grassy slope in F27. I continued to sit there, resting. The two angels also continued to hovered nearby me, but I was too tired to give them much thought. Then I saw Raphael approaching, but as he got closer something seemed wrong to me and I realized it wasn’t Raphael at all. I felt some confusion in my fatigue about the identity and of figure that was approaching. When this being got close it paused and spoke to me, “I am Gabriel”. “I told you we would send you God’s strength. Well done”. Then he and the two angels left and I was alone.

I felt stunned for a long time; mortally drained. I felt it must be time to go and so I fell into a free fall to get back to F23 and then onto F21. Arriving in F21 I found myself, as if waking, apparently laying on the cobble path near the dwelling I had been seeing. Did I fall in some manner? I slowly stood up and still felt completely stunned, shocked by the previous experience so I leaned over and laid on the stone wall adjacent to the path feeling the relief of its warmth; trying to rest. Then someone came up to me and said, “You need to stay here”. So I stayed there trying to regain my composure, some energy, and some sense of peace, still felt completely spent.

Then the old man I had seen previously on the path came along. As I looked at him vaguely, he pulled back his hood and I saw the long gray hair and beard apparently the Gatekeeper. After some time he again explained, “You must come back and we will talk”. Eventually I left and exiting to C1 I found myself in my CHCK unit utterly emotionally spent and my chest ached terribly.

Tuesday Night Session

Before this session began I still felt considerably drained and I dreaded another rescue sesssion, possibly costing me more energy. When I enter the session in focus 12 I was very surprised to find part of the angelic guard gifted to me many months prior standing in two rows facing forward and myself standing in the middle between them. I had no idea why they were in this formation.

When I got to focus F27 I found ‘B’. I could also see ‘DV’ and their expressions were very clear to me. ‘B’ said to me, “You can sit this one out if you want”. ‘DV’ appeared to agree. That seemed like a good idea to me as well. Then ‘B’ said we’d like to show you something and so I walked with them down the grassy knoll. As we walked I noticed I was losing my perception. Things I could detect earlier were confused, and then everything seemed to darken.

In a few moments, I announced to my friends that “I think I’m gonna go”. I turned around and headed back for the knoll. There I dove off my landing area and immediately the 27guideGPS zipped past me. I continued to free-fall down through the levels pursuing the guide. I saw the bright light at F23 and entered it feeling emotionally numb. The guided headed left and rocketed out. I followed.

Then I saw we were high over some tall buttes similar to those of Arizona. However, these buttes where heavily forested and the area was certainly not an arid scene. I had never see a landscape like this. The buttes were covered with trees. It was all green. The guide lead downward and then it disappeared. I descended and landed in the forest. It was thick with trees like a grove of large aspens. The forest was tight with very tall mature trees (trunks about 10″) and tall slender younger trees mixed in among them. There was no path or any sense of direction. The ground was covered by long lush grass. There were no shrubs or bushes. I wandered around the packed trees having no idea what I should be looking for. What would I possibly find here I wondered.

As I wandered about, looking around the trees, I noticed something on the ground leaning against the trunk of one tree. I walk over and had to study the figure very hard to figure out what I was seeing. I realized this was an Indian women who had died in childbirth. She sat there leaning against the tree and showed no recognition at all that I was there. She would not look at me.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do since I had no idea what was suitable and I sensed I had no way to communicate with her. Then I found that I suddenly appeared as an Indian chief which struck me at really inappropriate since I have no association with any Naive American heritages and suddenly from behind me, emerging from among the trees was a small group of Indian men that floated past me like ghosts and then they took her away. I felt assured because in the belief regions I had seen an Indian camp. I thought to just followed them up but lost sight of them.

When I returned to F27, ‘B’ and ‘DV’ were there so I stood with them for a time when a group of very simply dressed Indians approached. They were nothing like what we would imagine from American Westerns. They stopped just down the slope from us and then one walked up to me. He then placed a necklace that seemed to be made from hide and bones over my head and around my neck. He then turned away without saying anything and they disappeared.

During the exit when I got to F21 I still felt completely spent. The Gatekeeper and now Raphael were there, and again there was the small stone dwelling. They both rested their hands on me for a moment which seemed to steady me. Then the Gatekeeper said that I should come back here to rest. I looked up at the door of the dwelling. It had a heavy wooden door and the arch over the doorway had some ivy growing on it. Then after a few moments, I resumed my return.

Passing back through focus F15, I was surprised to again find the armored soldiers that I had seen previously. Passing them, I entered F12 and also again found the angelic guard arrayed in formation as before, but still I had no idea what was meaning of this. Returned to C1, I was still tired and my chest still ached badly.

Wednesday’s Lesson: Find a deceased soul.

In this exercise we broke into small groups. Each student was directed to write on a small piece of paper the name of a deceased individual and placed the paper in a bowl. Each student drew a name. The objective of this lesson was to find that deceased person, learn who they were relative to the person that wrote their name, and possibly bring back a message from them. The name I picked was provided by student ‘L’.

When the session started I wondered what the heck this was going to be like. How am I suppose to do this? From my affirmation statement and through every level I called out the person’s name. Along the way I began to see a face and as the moments proceeded I saw the face more clearly. Eventually I got to some level -maybe F27(?) I don’t know – and there a person walked up to me.

This was the person I had been seeing. I began to speak with him and he seemed less than friendly. I inquired who student ‘L’ was in his life and he said it was his wife, but there was no feeling from him. I asked if there was any message he wished I convey for him to her and he had none. I began to think this was very odd and it didn’t feel right at all. He would surely want to send some message if he was her husband I thought. I concluded this was nonsense and figured I’m wasn’t really finding the right person after all and so I left.

When I arrived in F21, this individual suddenly appear  and try to attack me, but I blasted him off of me into the horizon. Then I saw him racing back toward me to attack again and I wondered does this fight go on for eternity now? Then two guard angels rocketed out from behind me and intercepted the deceased figure dragging him out to the horizon in a trail of fading dust; like two linebackers nailing their tackle, and they were gone.

Exiting and returning to the group. We all reported what we found. When it came to be my turn to tell student ‘L’ what I found, I announced this person was her husband and she sort of sneered at me. I thought, yeah this was a long shot and then I told her what the guy was like. I told her it just didn’t make sense talking to him and then I described him. At this point ‘L’ sort of freaked somewhat frightened and said, “My God, your psychic” and went on to explain that who I saw was the deceased black sheep cousin in the family – all trouble; the face I describe was how he looked when he died. She explained he was a bullshitter; everyone in the family was fed up as he was a sort of low-life.

Thursday 9:00 AM Session – Retrievals

At my affirmation I stated to take me wherever was needed and proceeded into the session. At focus F22 I lingered to listen as in the precious session I heard a women sobbing somewhere in focus 22. I heard her both coming and going through that level the previous session (Focus F22 is a state where for example, the comatose or demented may be). In this session upon hearing her again I resolved to go find her on the return, but at that time I no longer heard her and never found her

Entering F27 I again found the deep peace of that environment and spent a moment thankful and amazed to be there. When I arrived at my landing area I stood there waiting wondering where the 27guideGPS was. When it appeared, it paused for a brief moment, but long enough for me to notice that I could detect the faint but bright image of something inside in the bright light that I typically recognized the guide as. This was a rare moment of seeing it clearly when it is not darting around.

Then the guide rocketed downward and I dove after it. When it entered F23 it turned under and out almost causing me to tumble if I can use that word, trying to maneuver quickly enough to keep up with it. We were heading out to sea, but this wasn’t the ocean I “felt” I was previously over in early F23 sessions. This was like I was over a real ocean.

It seemed we were heading out over colder water, or moving toward a colder region. I wondered where this would be. Are we were heading out over the North Atlantic? I wondered whether I should be looking for some vessel in the water but that seemed wrong. I then thought we must be looking for land and then we began to descend. Soon I saw a large land feature below as if it was an island. Could that be Iceland? I had no idea where we were, or ‘when’ we were.

Soon we were drifting lower over land and found we were approaching a clearing in a forested area. It because apparent this was the scene of some battle as I found bodies of what looked like ancient Viking or Celtic warriors littered throughout the area. I then found one man with his leg cut off and a number of other mortal wounds he had that struck me as common for this brutal close quarter combat.

I didn’t know how to appear or how to address this man and so I made myself appear as another warrior. I knelt down next to him and asked him what happened. He said with utter fatigue, “I am weary of war”. I explained, “We may leave now”. He simply replied, “I am ready”. Then I said, not knowing why, “We shall all go together…”, and as the man and I rose up I realized others were rising up too from the group of men laying about us. Then many others arrived and appeared to assist the other men upward as well.

As they were leaving I “felt” I should look around for others. As I looked about the battlefield I saw no one, but I continued to walk deeper into the forest that surrounded the area. As I wandered in I found a man sitting on the ground against a tree with many arrows in his chest. I told him it was time to go. He replied, “Thank God”. Then passing up through F23 I saw a stream of souls, so I stopped at the light to wait for everyone to arrive. Then someone said to me, “You may go up now”.

Arriving at my F27 landing area, I saw cloud-like wisps entering and flowing by. After a moment I turn to a basin of water I had fashioned at my landing area during an earlier trip. I used the basin to splash water over my face to try and refresh in previous session. Eventually returning to C1 my chest ached.

Thursday Morning: 2nd Session 

In this session we were instructed to go to the healing/regeneration aspect of focus F27 and observe. It was suggest that we ask for a personal healing.

Entering F12 I noticed that my chest was feeling better. Once I got to F27 I looked around for something that impress me as being the regeneration center. Then something struck me as odd. I found a group of large Ponderosa pines; the ground beneath the trees was carpeted with pine needles. Just beyond the first trees in the group I saw something like a Forest Service ranger’s cabin.

I approached and then walked up onto the small wooden porch; entering through a screen door. Inside, the structure was much bigger and I saw aisles with various treatment areas on either side of the various aisles. It was hard to perceive and comprehend. Some areas had what looked like treatment tables. Another area looked like a reading or study area. As I walked down the aisle I saw a sitting area that I thought was for meditation. I also saw a hollow toroid shaped room with small opening for an entrance, like a pumpkin shaped booth. It was pure white and inside seat around its interior wall were individuals sitting in a glowing bright light.

I sat down on a bench to observe all the activities. At that time I saw student ‘K’ and called her over. She then came over and sat down with me on what seemed to be a bench. I thought I saw another student walking across the facility, and then possible another one yet. After some moments I remembered I was suppose to go pursue an “experience” and so I left the bench.

Heading down an aisle I encountered what I call a Tall Being (TB) that reminded me somewhat of an alien species from a Star Wars movie, or maybe some movie about Mars7 but the TB certainly did not look like either of those movie characters. This being was tall, nearly seven foot, and clearly alien (I don’t like to describe species too specifically as I wish to avoid fueling Internet craze). This was the first time I met a ‘alien’ species in what I expected to be a human environment (F27 is not solely inhabited by humans).

As I faced the TB another TB approached. The first TB put its hand on my head and I could feel energy in my head. I then saw what I guessed was my aura. These two TBs, each standing on opposite sides of me, pulled something like my silhouette – separating it from me – and sliding it forward before me. It appeared dark or dense and had an outer coronal glow. The second TB starting to work on the aura, while the first being maintained his hand on my head. Then the first TB said to me, “You need to come back many times…” The second TB added, “Many wounds this one has…”

Then I began to feel oscillations, as if a resonance between my aura and myself was occurring. After a moment the second TB put its right hand on my left shoulder. The first TB places his left hand on my right shoulder. Then working together as they faced each other they drew my aura slowly back into me. As this took place I felt a number of resonances occurring between my aura and myself. When they were finished I felt normal and ready to go.

Soon it was time to leave and when I was ready to leave F27 I began my dive. As I began my fall, I felt my chest begin to ache8 I said to myself, or perhaps to everything around me, What is this pain? Something replied, “Part of you yearns to leave…[your normal state] …and be here”. Then returning to F12 I was aware of some large white beings facing me, just beyond my clear perception, but there was no interaction.

After this session when we gathered for group discussion. I asked student ‘K’ about her experiences and she did remember going to a bench and sitting with someone though she could not detect who that was. She also commented on seeing the same toroid shaped white treatment rooms as I had, described above.

Thursday AM: last morning session – a free flow 27

A free flow session is one in which hemi-sync coding is provided with minimal narration. The idea is that one use that session for whatever purpose one has in mind.

Entered the session I felt good. My chest felt rested and restored, but as I migrated up though the levels I began to feel tired again. At F21 I stopped and enjoyed visualizing the stone dwelling that I had been encountering. I tried to understand the meaning of this structure. What does this have to do with me? Am I able to stay there? I regret not being an artist as I would like to be able to draw it. Passing through F22, I detected nothing. Passing thru F23 I saw a body laying in the surf and tag it to find later, and I began to feel more tired the whole way. This lead me to think I should go to the recovery center. Passing through F24-F26, I detected pyramids in the distance, then churches…. There was also the city in the distance mentioned earlier. Lastly, of all the unexpected things, I saw the Bear & Bull of Wall Street.

Arriving in F27 I met ‘B’ at my landing area. I explained that I need to go to the healing/regeneration center. Once there I again found the area of Ponderosa pines and then I was so tired I had to just lay down in the Pine needles. I stayed there and just rested for awhile. After a short bit, I got up and went inside. Entering the center there was someone that resembled the role of receptionist. This figure greeted me and ask how they may be of help. I said, “I need to rest; I’m exhausted”. This figure replied, “We have just the thing. Follow me…”

We walked past a variety of stations in which people were being helped in different ways it appeared. I noticed a TB assisting someone. We passed by the same type of toroidal booth seen earlier but this unit seated one. I was led to a small door that opened onto a very small balcony. I was directed to sit down.

Once seated I found I was looking out over a railing of a small balcony that had room for a small cafe style table that seated one.

I noticed the craftsmanship was beautiful as I sat by myself at this small table. Here I found I was looking out at rocky escarp like landscape that descended to the ocean. As I looked I saw this steep, near vertical, landscape was dotted with similar sitting areas of various sizes. There was dense ivy draped on the landscape feature supporting the sitting areas. Below I saw the ocean washing into a small cove, clear I sat looking at the beautiful scene; a perfect combination of sky, land, and sea.

Then a TB arrived entering this small alcove and offered me a beverage. He handed me a large cup of something that was warm to drink. I greeted him, or it, and accepted the beverage. When he left I tasted the drink with a small sip. I felt its warmth penetrating and refreshing my whole being. I sipped more, and in a moment I gulped the whole drink down. Then I continued to sit, rest, and absorb the beautiful view. Then two other beings arrived.

One entered my small balcony. I could not figure what it or they were. It looked like a moving, articulate bush that had more of a tree-like character about it. It moved behind me and placed its branches on my shoulders, as if resting its limbs. This was all it did, positioned its branches on me and let them rest there. I continued to sits feeling very undisturbed, undistracted, and just rested while looked at the landscape, watching the light reflect off the ocean in the distance. It was perfect. In time, the plant or tree being left and I eventually felt I was ready to go. As I stepped out of my booth, I found an attendant there at my unit. I didn’t realize this individual had been there apparently the whole time available to assist.

While I was walked across F27, the closer I got to my staging area, I felt like I was getting low on energy again, so I walked slowly to ‘B’. Then saying goodbye, I realized how difficult going back would be, so after starting the dive I turned into a cloud and descend much more comfortably in that form.

Drifting downward without effort, I was able to recover the peaceful sense I had acquired at the treatment center. Descending to F24 I collected myself to descend directly to my entry point in F23. Then through F23 I descended to the sea as a fog. I drifted inland and allowed myself to sink through F22 still as a cloud. When I arrive at focus 21 I took on my normal form.

I stayed for awhile in F21 and in time I glided down to F12. There I stood experiencing a mix of deeply restful peace and a hint of fatigue. There was no hurry to go do, or say, anything.

Thursday 4:00PM. Our last Voyage.

In this session one is instructed to allow one’s awareness to expand as far as one is able. Initially I found myself above Earth in space. Later I encountered something that said to me, “Come up higher…” I struggled with doing this. Then I saw the Gatekeeper, Raphael, and Ethereal together looking at me. It was as if they were iconic images in space. And again something said to me, “Keep coming higher…”

I became aware that I was rising and I saw my mentors fading far below me. Then I came to some sense in myself that I was aware I was present on the scale of space far beyond my comprehension, beyond perception. I felt completely blank and still I heard something saying to me, “Continue…Continue to come up higher… Give us your mind…” I struggled to communication asking for help with my perceptions since ‘I’ was blank and surrounded in blackness; a flatness of being. In response I heard, “Give us your mind… ”

Then I felt like part of me was going out of body, of my… out of my body state; like being abstracted, distilled, reduced. I have no reference for describing this sensation. Then for the briefest moment, perhaps only milliseconds, I saw …. I saw beyond creation and I was with the Master Creators for an instant.  Then they were gone and I found myself receding.

– End of Lifeline Course –

Following this course I continued to meet some of the characters encountered here; most notably the hooded figure with the long gray hair and beard who revealed his true identify, the TBs whom I’ve have become quite attached to, and elements of the Master Creators that can really piss me off.

I also met my friend ‘DV’ a more times on occasion and I continued to meet my friend ‘B’ until his transformation. At that time I was allowed I guess to see him transform into something I could not comprehend and is beyond words. See notes.

A Couple of Post Lifeline Course Retrievals:

Saturday 4/4/15 Home from LifeLine

Now home I’m finding most everything is dark. This is certainly disappointing and so I have been mostly “bummed-out” as a result. Its hard to adjust to this environment now that I am back.

Near the end of the Lifeline week, I saw the body of someone on a beach so I tagged it for retrieval once I got home. Since seeing that body this past Thursday I’ve thought about that person a few times, so when I got home and settled, rather than get back into my normal routine (unpacking, cleaning up, etc) I thought I should go back without further delay.

In session I immediately noticed I did not have the quality of perception that I was experiencing at TMI. I disregarded that for the moment as I worked my way back up to 27 to consolidate there. Going to my landing area I dove and quickly noticed the 27Guide darted past me. Part of me wondered whether I was simply recreating the images of the body on the beach, but then the guide darted off in a direction that I would not have anticipated and found I needed to focus on it to keep up; this increased my confidence level in the authenticity of this experience. We went in a slightly different direction than I anticipated, but the guide did bring me to the body which was laying face down in the sand on the beach with gentle waves washing up near its feet. Getting closer I could see it was a man and the shirt particularly caught my attention do to the dark horizontal strips on it.

Turning the body over, I recognized that this man was a sailor by trade, again from a time in the past 19th century or very early 20th century perhaps, I didn’t know what country the clothing represented. I asked him what happened and all he said was “…all hands are lost…” I asked if he was ready to go and he explained he was sick of lying in the sand, so I lead him up. As I led him into the light he said, “It’s real!” I replied, “Yes”. He repeated himself a number of times and seemed to grow in what I would call joy and excitement. Then he proceeded up ahead of me and entered the light. As I followed him, I saw that he veered off to my left into the belief regions and appeared to know exactly where to go.

Returning to focus 27, I stayed there doing nothing, basking in the peace and rest. I had no objective other then to consolidate and stay in this sense of peace. In time I realized that I have not see my familiar mentors here in F27 and wondered what sort of guidance I would find. Then something quite clearly said to me, “We will serve that purpose and will provide you will necessary information when the times comes. The others you are thinking of are carrying out their purposes in the other “levels” as you call them”. I recognized this voice as the voice that spoke to me earlier during the Lifeline encounters about the Great Recovery. With this I realized that roles and purposes continue to carry on without me. Since that was all the communication provided, and after staying a bit longer, I dove off my platform to return.

April 6th, 2015 Trying to Re-establish Contact.

In this home session I was trying to re-establish contact, to get back to F27 beyond the Belief Territories in which individuals arrive for reorientation, healing, and adjustment and I was hoping to absorb some good energy. In my affirmation, I first thanked all Those I Know – both great and small – for giving me this moment of awareness with them but I did voice how tired I was of my nominal existence. I’m sick and tired of grocery shopping, laundry, going to work, taking care of all all the trivial petty stuff that consumes this existence. With that I expressed my need to go to the healing/regeneration aspect. However, I also stated that I was willing to do something else if that was deemed more important.

Staged in focus 10 as usual, getting ready to go to F12 something said to me, “We desire that you perform a rescue for us at this time”. I agreed, and explained that I would likely need help with clear sight of the rescue area and also requested that an understanding be provided of the situation I was walking into.

Eventually I got to F21, and although I could not see the area very well, it was a joy to see the cobbled path that I had previously observed the Gatekeeper walking on. I resolved to come back and spend time talking with him. I had the feeling that now we would have some conversations that would help me understand. I enjoyed looking at the cobble path as it faded into the distance. Then the narration guided me to F22 and beyond. In F23 I looked for the person to be rescued but I couldn’t figure out where the person was. Then it “occurred” to me that the person was in a building, a high-rise in some city somewhere. I tagged that thought and continued moving on.

Arriving at 27 I found my deceased roommate ‘B’ and before I knew it the 27guide appeared for the rescue and darted away. Without delay I raced after it. Very soon we passed back into F23 (the region souls pass thru after death). I considered for a moment that I’ve always found this level to be a tranquil, a peaceful place. It never impressing me as a bad place to be.

The 27Guide seemed to be darting around. I found I got a bit confused concerning where we were going, but in a moment I found myself in a long hallway. The hall looked like that of a hotel, or a motel. It was a simple or economy facility judging by the appearance. I drifted down the hall wondering where I should go. There were doors on each side of the hall and then I come to look at room 514 on my left. I knocked, then slowly press the door open.

The room similarly impressed upon me the sense that this was a low cost hotel room. There I saw the back of a man sitting at a round table looking out the hotel window. He held a revolver in his right hand, resting the gun on the table. He looked as if he was contemplating something. I walk up to him and then he suddenly turned and pointed the gun at me, but then he set it on the table.

I asked what he was doing. He explained he was trying to decide whether he should kill himself. I responded to him, “You already have”. He looked surprised or puzzled. I place my left hand on his right shoulder and explain that we may go now if he wished. He still seemed surprised and then a few assisting agents drifted into the room and together they left peacefully.

I found myself alone in the room and then drifted out the window. I looked down and saw that I was in a high-rise beach front hotel, although I didn’t know what coastline I was on. From there I head up to light and exited.

Quickly I proceeded to F27 and headed to the healing/regeneration area. There I found myself at the ponderosa pine forest and walked into the center. Again I met someone that served as a sort of receptionist and I explained I was there for another treatment. This individual felt female and she led me down the same aisle I been down before. There she directed me to wait on a bench. Almost immediately one of that TB (Tall Beings) was there and requested I follow. It seemed we went to the same treatment area I’ve been in before, the one where my aura was worked on while I was at Lifeline.

Here a TB standing across from me said to the one that led me in, ” Ah. This one…”. The other begin addressed me saying, “It’s good that you have returned”. There again, my aura was separated from me. I reflected that what was separated may somehow be my soul. I wondered for a moment about the semantics of this. In this procedure, I observed that the two tall beings both worked on my aura that I could only faintly perceive. In time they merge my aura back into me, but this time I did not seem to feel anything. When it was time to leave the center, I felt like a dirty coal-mine worker with headlamp and lunch-box resigned to go labor in the dark. I wished it felt better than this, “going back”.

Leaving, I passed back thru F23 and again felt how peaceful that place is, where beings pass out of their earthly lives. Then I breezed back through F21 and home to C1. Exiting C1, I found I actually did feel better. It felt like things were more peaceful. I wasn’t as stressed by the sense of time in this place. It seemed ok to continue now, to be back to “normal”



  1. As a quick orientation: F22 is considered an area where the state of mind of the comatose, for example, may reside. F23 is a state encountered when one first dies. This is a region where those who do not pass on, after death, may be stuck. Focus 24-26 is a region called the Belief Territories, a place where consensus views of heavens, hells, and that in between reside. An individual conscious ‘may’ gravitate to aspects of these regions according to the dictates/limitations of their beliefs. They are not confined here by anything other then themselves; they are free to leave. Focus 27 is a region of consciousness beyond that; some may come here directly. It is however, the limits of the Earth Life System. 
  2. A free flow session is one in which there is no predetermined objective or lesson for the session. One is allowed this time to go to the environment without specific tasks assignment. 
  3. The dragons are discussed in other notes. I first encountered them during my home Gateway Voyage experiences about the time I was becoming aware of Earth spirits. See footnotes in the Starlines course notes. I likely need to make a collection of all my encounters with the Dragons. 
  4. This figure later in time becomes a central character. 
  5. ‘D’ lived alone and died of a heart attack in his home. It was after a couple of weeks before the neighbors realized he was not getting his mail. Soon the police were called to get into the house and they found him. 
  6. During the years I had known ‘B’ he always said that if he was going to die and die slowly, he would just off himself; no question, no big deal. In the end he had pancreatic cancer and made the choice to not pursue treatment and to see it through to the end, and so he died in a friend’s home without narcotics to dull the pain as he wanted to experience his death. My friend ‘DV’ had seen the darkness of depression up close and had considered suicide at times. ‘B’ and ‘DV’ were my two best friends. 
  7. I have continued to meet the TBs since the Lifeline course. I also have a friend that I met in the Exploration F27 course who in recent months also met a TB. He didn’t know I had met them until I offered a drawing of the figures and he confirmed it was the same species that he met while in F27. 
  8. This problem with chest pain what experienced by other students. In post-session group discussion, it was suggested that one inquire as to the source of the sensation; why it was happening. I was also shown in following months how I could treated myself for this ailment by a character I call The Wizard.