Starlines II @ TMI (Oct 2017)

My on-site Monroe Institute (TMI) Starlines 2 hemi-sync course notes: This course took place at the TMI Faber, Virginia campus. The scope of interest in this course is focus levels 34 – 49. These regions are completely outside our Earth Life System (ELS).



In the 2017 schedule of TMI (week-long) courses Starlines 2 followed the Lifelines course at TMI, Virginia. Lifelines took place the first week of October. Immediately following was Starlines 2, the second week of October. I took Lifelines a second time so I could be at TMI for two weeks.

The notes below are somewhat sparse. We had a busy schedule with many sessions per day which was quite welcome. At times I was not able to write notes as well as I would like and sometimes I just couldn’t make myself write much at all. One common occurrence this week, which I generally have not encounter before, was many phasing travels involved time slowing or shifting through time scales.

For continuity the reader may checkout my Lifelines 2 notes representing the prior week: Lifelines @ TMI (repeat): Week Before Starlines 2 (Oct 2017). Those notes are short. If interested here’s a link to my notes covering the first time I took Lifelines: The Dead: Lifelines @ TMI (Mar 2015)

Sunday AM Session 1

This session was a refresher in focus-level 27. The session turned out to be a complete dud for me. I think that was because I was still pissed off from the previous week Lifelines course.

Sunday AM Session 2

This session’s objective was a refresher visit to focus level 34/35. I found this session to be most peculiar. When I got to F34/35 I had the clear and growing feeling that I was being watched. For a moment I caught a brief glimpse of an alien.

I would say this individual was ‘similar’ to what is commonly stereotyped as a Gray. However, I want to clarify that is an over simplification loaded with connotations. This individual did not look exactly like the stereotypical Gray. I use this image to allow the reader a sense of the creature’s semblance.

The feeling pervaded and so I offered the impression I was requesting a clarification, that the observer would reveal itself. Then there was again a brief and subtle glimmer of this individual’s personification. I believe it posed the question “What star system?” and I realized that I did not know what star system the Earth is in – from an outsider’s point of view. Then this visitor appeared to point to an illustration of a star field but I had no idea where or what It was referring to. Next I understood something like a farewell.

I actually didn’t understand fully what was happening until it was over. My guess is something observed me, inquired what star system I was from, which I initially misunderstood. The figure then clarified that it was referring to the notion of a star system, or was showing me its home star system, and then I guess it gave up on communicating with me. Most peculiar.

Sunday AM Session 3

A dud.

Sunday: Last Afternoon Session

This session was a free-flow in focus 34/35. Our task was to inquire what new and/or old pieces of our lives may need adjustment. When I arrived in F34/35 the session immediately became overwhelming. The session was packed with far too much detail to bring back. It was also psychicly overwhelming is how I would describe it in terms of the mental load.

What I can bring back is that I encountered some of (who I call) the Shepherds of Creation (a mix of Elohim & Ancients) presenting as one body of mind. There was far more breath of mind than I’ve encountered with Them before. The theme of what they impressed on me was to, “Trust…. Trust Us”. This is something I have an ongoing beef about as there are parts of this plural group I do not consider good, from a human point of view.

In this session I experienced being away for a very long time. I would best describe it as simply being with Them during which time elements of the nature of Their plural being was reviewed with me. I’ve been aware of those aspects of Their nature since I first met Them a few years ago.

This review specifically address scopes of various roles within Their organization; illustrating or indicating the parts of Their collection that I trust and the parts I do not trust. In the discussion I noted to Them Dark aspects that were present, but they insisted the emphasis was the good; clarifying the parts of Them that are good indicating the emphasis should be on this aspect, while avoiding to address the issue of the dark.

In the end we came to an understanding, to an agreement on what we both accepted as the good. Finally they reiterated They intended to make good on Their promise to me that – You will know, which was promised September 19th, 2017 (see collected notes regarding the Ancients)

The session was so strong that exiting the session all I could do was sit on the edge of my CHCK unit (bed) trying to normalize. It took some moments before I could even try to write. Then I could hardly write anything at all. It was so vast. I was stunned. How could I write anything using words of this small language?

Sunday Evening

This was a focus-level 42 refresher in which we were suppose to visit the Pleiades and Arcturus systems. I don’t know if I clicked-out but I don’t actually know what happened during this time.

A interesting aspect concerning this lesson: on reviewing my older notes I found that this exact same thing happened to me last year at the Starlines I course. At that time this same refresher session was used in Starlines I, so this session was a repeat of that exercise, and that experience of being clicked-out which happens very rarely to me.

Monday AM

Refresher: visiting the Alpha Squared (AS) virtual communications station and memory rooms in focus-level 42 (see glossary notes for what Alpha Squared is). Per my notes, Monday, the whole morning was a zero.

Monday Last Afternoon session

This was an introduction to new states: focus-levels Earth Core 34 (EC34) and Earth Core 42 (EC42). The task was largely directed to create ones’ respective pick-codes (what I refer to as mnemonics) for these new introduced states. Accessing these states was facilitated with the sling-shot method developed by Franceen King.

When we first got to Voyager 8 (V8 for short – see Glossary) in F34 from “where” we commenced the sling-shot to Earth Core 34 (EC34), we were instructed by the narration to look at ourselves. When I did that I found I was invisible, or rather there was nothing there.

Actually this didn’t surprise me as I remember two such events in F27. In one F27 case while being with another student he confirmed all the details of our encounter but could not perceived me. The other case, also in a verified incident in focus-level F27, was with a different student. That student also confirmed our contact details, but also could not see me.

Once consolidated in EC34 I found nothing notable about the state at this time. However, when we repeated the procedure for accessing Earth Core focus-level 42 (EC42) I developed a serious headache in two places in my head and also felt great pressure, like a sheer force. It was very painful but being in EC42 was deeply comforting to me; like the embraced of something deeply fundamental to one’s substance and being. The desire to stay was very strong regardless of any pain. There was also the sense or feeling that something great was dawning on me.

One peculiar occurrence took place when I was bouncing back in F42 preparing for the sling-shot down to EC42: I suddenly encountered Tellaidian 2 who reached out and touched me. When he did that I saw his planet. I’ve seen it only once before and this time I again saw the dark dimly lit barren planet with its smooth bare iron plate-like surface and now I clearly saw a geologic feature that looked like a deep riff or fissure that had jagged rows of iron spike-like crags jutting up sharply. I wish I could draw it. It was an incredible sight.

As we continued the sling-shots, visiting these different levels, I found I felt better in EC34 and EC27, as if I was decompressing from EC42; something like that.

At the end of the session I felt disoriented and stressed from the sheer forces or compression-like feelings that were accompanied by the terrible headache. I deeply missed the contact in EC42 nonetheless. As an aside, other students also reported similar sensations.

Monday Night Session 1: a Free Flow in F42

Arriving at Voyager 8 (V8) I noticed an alien shuttle park along side and just below V8. I have met this craft several times in recent years and without hesitation I left V8. The alien shuttle pulled away gently from V8 but this time the craft rocketed into the distance. It was as if we disappeared converging to be a point in space. This was different from other transports with these particular alien pilots and craft, if one may call it that.

After traveling a short time we came to the planet I’ve learned to recognize as Sa-Tash’s base of operation 3 . We landed on the same platform I’ve been to before. It juts up through the atmosphere like an enormous pedestal encircled by clouds. I have no idea how high we are above the surface there; at least as high as a commercial airliner cruising altitude.

As I stepped out onto the landing pad I paused and wondered, “Is this real”? Then someone put their hand on my left shoulder as if standing just behind and beside me saying, “Yes. It is real”. I turned slightly and saw Sa-Tash standing next to me. Then we walk toward the facility’s entrance as he lead me to that doorway.

We entered the faculty and proceeded down the familiar hallway but now we went directly to operations. When we got there Sa-Tash led me to a staircase that brought us down to ground-floor level in operations. I’ve been to operations before and other parts of his facility as well but we stayed on the second level in those encounters.

Now, from the staircase bottom, we walked to the right, then heading slowly counterclockwise along the exterior wall of the circular shaped operations room. It seemed to me that Sa-Tash was allowing me time to look around. As we proceeded I noticed the wall had a surface structure that looked like a glossy black porcelain. The wall undulated like corrugated metal that has vertical wave runs, but the corrugations or ripples in the wall were over a foot in size compared to undulations of a couple of inches one would find in our typical piece of hardware store corrugated metal sheet.

As we walked I saw an alien standing as if at a station I guessed. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing as I tried to figure out what it was I saw. The creatures face was flat, fleshy, not round in shape; more squarish or rectangular; a long featureless vertical face. This creature had eyes on antenna-like polyps that rose off the top of its head. There seemed to be no face. Now at the time of rewriting these notes the only way I can describe this creature’s face is to say it was like the face of a snail, but a snail with a flat face. It was very unusual.

Continuing our walk I saw another alien who specifically turned to face me. This one is also hard to describe. The face looked as if the primary features were tentacles of various sizes that protruded off the face; similar to the confusing appearance of a small octopus. I had no idea how to interpret the function of the facial features. I did not notice other features of these creatures as I was consumed by trying to apprehend or recognize what appeared as faces on these two individuals.

From there Sa-Tash led me to the center of the circular operations floor where I looked up at a large circular skylight that was something like 25 feet across or so. After a pause Sa-Tash said to me, “We wish for you to see this view”. As I looked out into space through this large ceiling window’s view I saw a beautiful closed star cluster system and other clusters of star fields as well.

I asked him, “Why am I here”? As I looked at Sa-Tash time seemed to be slowing down, coming to a stand-still. Then I felt I was loosing my form, loosing… me! Sa-Tash said to me as if reminding me, “Time is not linear here. We have paused to allow you to acquire your future form”.

As the sensation became increasingly strong I said, “I don’t understand”, but then found I had diffused out of the operation facility drifting out as if I was a formless vapor. This continued, the sense of expanding, and drifting away from the operations facility.

Soon I found myself in space above the operations center and could not figure out what I was or what I felt. I looked down and saw Sa-Tash’s facility receding from me. Then Sa-Tash called to me, “We will bring the problems to you”, as I continued to rise and expand. In time I felt utterly and helplessly lost as I grew evermore. What is happening?! I began to be very worried and soon found I encompassed the galaxy… becoming it, being with it.

I felt utterly alone in this form, separated by such incredible distances from everything and everyone – separated by this cold empty impossibly distant space – utterly isolated forever. The feeling was quite strong and very alarming – frightening! I might as well be dead rather than feel like this! “NO! I do not want to be this!”.

But then I looked out and I saw other galaxies, a myriad of galaxies. I saw we were flowing together to someplace in the distance. I couldn’t see where we were going; it was too far away, but I saw this myriad of others with me, moving along as if we were migrating together to some distant destination – I could see.

I was there a long time and no longer felt alone. I wondered where the Ancients were in all this. Then seeming after a very long time, a time I can’t estimate, I felt myself again changing, condensing, shrinking, and then descending. After a time I found myself returning to Sa-Tash and eventually found myself standing with him in operations, appearing to be myself again. I said to him, “I don’t understand”, but he offered no reply. He then quietly lead me back to the landing platform and I joined up with the shuttle pilots and they returned me to V8.

Monday Night Session 2: Free Flow session

In this session my affirmation addressed this new problem, what to do with the previous alarming experience. It was utterly beyond comprehension. How can I process that? My affirmation request was for some sort of new understanding that would help me with this.

Following the TMI group protocol, going to the TMI There and V8 locales, I charged the respective crystals for group energy as I drew upon the energy conduit I’ve been given access to 4 . With that I charged myself to a bright starlight, when it was brilliant I stopped. From there I went to Alpha Squared in focus 42.

At the F42 AS I soon encountered Tellaidian in the hallway near my suite as he directed me to come with him and join his crew 5 . From the station it was as if we passed through the exterior wall of the station like ghosts. We soon arrived where his crew was located and he directed me to join them.

Soon after doing that there was a huge massive wave perhaps 50 feet tall that approached. It was immense, but when it rushed upon us, it was as if the wave passed by us like we weren’t there at all; so different from previous experiences. I felt no effect and wondered what was going on. As other waves passed, although I did not feel anything happening, I became aware that time was slowing or changing scale again. A moment later I was gone and found myself in an oblivion is all I would call it.

I didn’t know what to do so I called out to the Ancients (who first revealed themselves to me a couple months ago) and suddenly They were there with me. When I finally gathered my whits I said to Them, “I need a new understanding”. After a pause they stated, “There is nothing to give you”. This confused me and I wondered how that could be, so I persisted, “But I do not understand that experience. How can I understand this”? Then after a long pause They answered, “There is – nothing to add – at this time”. I was greatly puzzled thinking this was all very strange and I wondered what to do next. Then one of the Ancient addressed me saying, “You may stay with Us. Come – abide with Us”, and so I stayed with Them in Their state.

After what seemed like a long time, in that oblivion with these minds beyond description, I eventually returned directly to my special place in focus 27 (SP27). I entered and went to the far end of my wooden table, walking around it to the left, and stood at my open air window that looks out from my SP27 to the peaks far beyond. As I stood there looking out Raphael appeared. He approached and came to stand next to me on my left, joining me in looking out upon the expanse. We stood together, Raphael 6 and myself. We said nothing.

After awhile I knew it was time to go and as I turned away from the window I looked toward my doorway and there was a young women standing there. I knew this was not Ethereal 7 and that this was not Anosh (of the Pleiades system) 8. I was at a complete loss concerning who or what this could be. How could anyone be here I thought.

I called out to her, “Who are you?”, but she offered no reply. Then I walked across my SP toward her and she quickly turned walking out of my SP. I pursued her demanding to know those who would come here as she hurried to the edge of my ledge portico. Then she turned into a large white bird and flew away catching the updrafts rising from the U-shaped hanging valley far below.

I wondered, who could this be and what does it mean? Why would anyone come here except Raphael or the Ancestral Spirits I wondered?

Tuesday AM Session 1: Go to Focus 42 at Alpha Squared and visit the ‘SPA’

The objective in this session was to explore what TMI calls the “Spa” at Alpha Squared (AS). I went to AS and proceeded to the reception area. I inquired as to the location of the “spa”. In response, whatever it was that served as the receptionist at the lobby, directed me to follow the lighted designations. I became aware of a flashing soft light on the floor that led me across the main lobby. The flashing light next appear on the wall at the far end of the lobby, at the entrance to a long hallway so I followed it.

At the end of that hallway I found the entrance to what TMI calls the Spa. The narration of the track was so verbose and insistently irritating, and the place was so repulsive I cried out, “What is this [crap]”?! An information panel on the wall next to me answered promptly, “It is human thought”. Recognizing that, I had enough and left.

I wandered back to V8 and then returned to my special place in F27 (SP27). While I was there considering the crystal intrusion in the right side of my cave-like dwelling that I use for soothing relief I realized the female visitor was standing behind me.

I turned and after acknowledging her for a moment I continued to demand, “Who are you”, but I still received no answer. I then strongly stated, “You have come to my place and I expect to know who and what you are”. At this time I was able to gather more perceptive information about her appearance. I also realized she did not know how to process my energy (aggression) and so I offered that she sit down in the chair covered in furs that I keep for the sachem ancestral spirit’s visits.

She sat and I turned around going back to sit in my wooden chair at the far end of my table. When I was seated she said to me, “I did not know if you welcomed visitors”. To which I replied, “I expect to know who presumes to come here”. After a pause she continued, “I saw you [traveling] and desired to visit”. Then I said, “Please distinguish [name] your self [identity]”.

After a brief moment she stood up and went to the still open doorway. She paused there standing in the doorway’s light. As she stood there the light coming through the doorway clarified her. I saw a fair and pretty young women, petite in size with long silver hair. I wondered if I saw a hint of something like elf ears or something protruding slightly through her straight hair; not my type and having seen the divine beauty of the goddess Ethereal and the overpowering sensual beauty of Anosh, I am not easily influence by the beauty of just any creature.

As I discerned the perception of her I wondered, “Who is this?”. As she stood in the doorway she said to me, “I am Sheila (later learning the name’s meaning ‘blind, heavenly’)”, and I thought, “Sheila huh. Right, whatever… ”.

I was however, concerned with how I felt about this assuming figure, not liking at all that this identity was not more straight forward about who she was, and why she was here. That theme appearing persistent in this intrusion.

Then she said, “I must leave”. She turned, took a few steps out onto the portico’s ledge, then turn into a large white bird and flew off, gliding away on the air currents.

After a few moments I decided to leave. Going to my focus 21 mnemonic, when I arrived I found the Sachem waiting for me but to my surprise this same female individual was standing next to him. Why [you’re here too!]? Then she disappeared. The Sachem had nothing to offer on the subject as I thought to myself what is this crap! I returned to C1.

Tuesday: Focus 49 Reset

At my affirmation, in an ill-tempered mood, I only asked, “Who is the female”?

Transitioning, I appeared at my SP27 and the female Sheila was there on the stone ledge portico outside its entrance.

I walked past her and entering my SP I closed the door. Then I thought that was rude, so I opened my door and standing in the doorway I said to her, “I have work to do”, to which she replied, “I will wait”. She entered my SP and sat down on the Sachem’s fur covered chair.

I proceeded to focus 34 and left for the Alpha Squared (AS) station in F42. I wondered if the memory room would work but found it was under construction. I wondered if Tellaidian was at the station and he appeared. Next he displaced the two of us to some other state that was new to me and we began to talk.

I asked him, “Where are we [in this different state]? Can I explore here”? “This isn’t a place; [it’s] more of a state. You may explore inside and outside self”, he explained. Then suddenly our shared state was pulled back to my suite as something interrupted us saying, “You may use the memory room now”.

I turned to open the door to the memory room and found the system was up and ready. I got into the chair and wasn’t sure what to ask, but after a brief a moment I knew and said, “Who is the female”?

The room responded clearly, “She is an alien as you call them. She is enamored with you and is taking a form more appealing to you. She is not familiar with human constructs/conventions. You may accept or reject as you chose”. “[Well CRAP] That’s just GREAT”, I thought but next I wondered if the Ancients were there and I clearly heard, “We are always here; higher [our] mind, you may be with [have]. After a time with Them, I left.

Tuesday Late Afternoon Session: Objective is to observe the galactic core (GC), the I-There Council stuff, and the memory room at Alpha X (F49).

For this session I was able to spend more time with Shen Gong charging then usual and at my affirmation I stated, “I desire truth: correct perceptions of valid constructs that I may partially occupy. Then I proceeded directly to my SP27 where again I said, “I intend only true perceptions … of the female visitor. Concerning untrue perceptions – let false images be removed”.

From there I continued to V8 and charged the crystal for the others. After that I ignored V8 and went directly to AS in F42. Once there I soon met and greeted Atur and Anosh. I didn’t know why they were there and so pressed on to other business.

I went to my memory room and inquired regarding the truth of the galactic core; not much happened. When I left the memory room I found Tellaidian waiting for me in my suite. He said, “Follow me”, and we walked out to the hallway then headed toward his conference/lounge area.

Once we got to his conference room I viewed his other visitors; these appeared to be milling about or participating with each other in some way. Tellaidian turned to me saying, “Here. This one is JoJo. He comes from the region you refer to”. Then he called this creature over to us.

How to describe it (I will attempt a crude sketch)? Tellaidian proceeded to introduced us providing JoJo with an introductory detail concerning my interest. Next this creature led me toward the conference room window as if we were going to look out. As I looked out I noticed this creature arched what seemed to be a foot up against the exterior wall near the window, balanced on its other foot planted on the floor. Weird.

I realized I didn’t know what to ask but then I said, “Is there any specific meaning or messaging associated with the galactic core”? JoJo curtly stated, “It is impertinent”.

So I next asked, “Is there a star-gate”? To which JoJo replied, “Yes”.

Given that information I thought to go back to the memory room and be more specific about the StarGate. After thanking JoJo, I returned to my suite.

Back in my suite I entered the memory room and posed the question, “May I have correct perception in F49 and may I learn from this”? I waited. Then as if in a dark fog surrounding me, a tunneled vision opened and I looked up seeing several figures standing together in a circle.

They stood around what reminded me of an large iron compass several feet across, or perhaps something like a sextant as it appeared to be a spherical coordinate transit or something. Whatever the device was it appeared geometrically oriented.

I studied the figures and the scene was most peculiar. They stood silently and appear as individuals; shapes that seemed cover or wrap with something. This reminded me of mummies but these individuals’ wrappings were wide and had a fresh light purple hue; it is hard to know their exact shape; oblong upright; difficult to describe.

They appeared to be focused on their task as they largely ignored me. There seemed to be at least five individuals, maybe six. From my angle of view it was hard to count with certainty all the individuals that were around the device. My point of view was looking up at them as if they were on a platform before me, standing around the device, and I was a couple steps below, but there was no staircase. This was my point of view.

I wondered if this could be what TMI calls a cluster council and then one individual turned suddenly, looked down directly at me and said, “NO. We do not pertain, [but ] we are a council, a council of guidance for this galaxy”.

From my vantage point I turned my attention away from the group looking outward and I could see a large group, a supercluster of galaxies. I recognize their guidance related to the greater collection of galaxies; maintaining the course of migration for this galaxy, is what I understood. Then the one that just spoke to me turned back to its previous focus and I continued to watch them.

A moment or some moments later, suddenly another figure turned and this one pointed at me saying, “We will request your assistance at the appointed time”. Then this one also turned back to its task. Puzzled, I continue observing them work as they completely ignored me.

Eventually I left, returning to V8. Once there I was aware again of a severe headache like the one I had in EC42, but I easily normalized myself with a simple QiGong energy circulation.

Tuesday Night F49: The Stargate

Starting the sling-shot maneuver to EC27, as usual I utilized the place there that Ethereal had shown me in the past for my bounce point. At this time I was surprise to find her waiting for me as I arrived in EC. Facing her, she reached out to me and extended comfort, is what I would call it; a moment together.

In time I got to the memory room at the Alpha X (F49) where I inquired about going to the StarGate. Then I heard, “You will. We will conduct. We will take you”. At that time I seemed to recognize that who I was hearing now was not the same that I usually hear in the memory room, rather I understood these speaking were what I would call facilitators – agents of the Ancients – and then I was gone.

Suddenly a moment later I saw a grand view. It was elegant as a flower but this was some other structure. I sensed it was organic in the sense that it was not manufactured; as if this was some sort of natural occurrence or phenomena. I looked into its deep tunnel as if looking into the hollow stem of a plant, absolutely huge in magnitude. It appeared to have soft warm earth-tone colors, a soft and subtle structure. The flared opening entrance reminded me of pedals in a flower though the entrance did not seem to have pedal segments. It was maybe seamless, is how I would describe it.

I venture in a short way. I’m actually not sure how “far” that is. I felt insignificant in terms of size. Multiple interstates could be stacked in here side by side. After drifting a distance I became aware I was coming to a immense chamber or an intersection. As I drew closer to this I saw it was glowing with a brilliant but subtle colored light.

I drew nearer to this sight and I looked down over what seemed to be the edge to the tube I was in. I looked down into the intersecting tube or port. The light from the tube below, radiated upward with not only a brilliant glow but there was a massive collection of light rays flowing in that light, through the intersection. It looked like a wind of light peppered with glittering sparkles blowing within; all while this light blaster upward past me.

I looked down more closely at the bottom connection of the tube, the up-flowing light arriving and passing up thru the base of this intersecting chamber. I saw the light issuing forth upward toward me, specifically through something like an enormous circular orifice or nozzle. Huge. The nozzle shape reminded me of a circular vent of a volcano but this vent seemed fashioned, while again looking as a natural occurring feature; having smooth concentric rings of what looked something like mud or lava that had rippled up and flowed outward fashioning this nozzle-like collar; concentric rings rippling away from the nozzle collimating the light coming through it.

I considered entering this but thought I should wait. Where am I? What does this mean?

Wednesday AM Session 1

I skipped this exercise objective and decide to investigate whether there was a F42 harmonic of the Elohim City previously encountered only in F21. At my affirmation I said, “I am only interested in valid constructs – meaningful experience. Can I get to the Elohim City in Focus 42?”

When I got to F21 I encountered a peculiar obstacle. The path I was familiar with now fell steeply into a spiral plunging hole as if an enormously strong gravity well. It was a great distortion of the area, funneling down into that space. What is this I wondered. I’ve never seen this here before, so I walked around it and proceeded to the forest that hides the Green Wall; this approach known from previous travels.

Finding my entry point into the forest, I continued through to the Wall of the Elohim City 9 as I have many times in the past. At the Green Wall I examined its translucent state and wondered how I would get to F42 from here (F21), so I fashioned a mnemonic for F42 on the wall as it appeared in F21, and then I waited for the hemi-sync to change.

When the time came, I phased w/ the transitioning hemi-sync and invoked the new mnemonic intending to switch to the other harmonic of the City of the Elohim. Soon I found I was inside the Wall as it now appeared in F42 and I paused there, inside the City Wall.

Now in F42, the wall no longer looked green as it does in F21, rather it was a wall of light. I could detect this wall had internal structure; shafts and beams of even more brilliant light forming a super structure within it. I passed through as I examined it.

When I entered the City I wondered if I would meet Veronica (meaning ‘True Image’. This identity is covered in the collection about the Ancients) the non-physical complex thought-form since she had assisted me with passage through the City in the past, but there was no one.

I took a few steps on what seemed a pathway of light, fashioned with paving blocks of light. I noticed something fly up from behind me on my right. Turning I saw an individual floating in the air. It was heavenly, bathed in its own light.

There seemed to be wisps of some garment, or wisps of white light flowing around the image. It looked like wisps or garments of energy flowed in an unseen wind. This individual hovered before me as if weightless.

I wondered if this form was there to guide me as I intended to see the Chamberlain 10 and the light being said to me as if knowing my thought, “We will see the Wizard 11”. {The Wizard has been absent from encounters since he disappeared from F21 many months ago. I had begun to wonder if he was permanently gone}.

Then suddenly the Wizard appeared also arriving from behind me on my right. As I turned and looked at him, I saw he also appeared in white light. I said to him with some excitement, “You Here?!”, to which he replied with his usual humor, “Well you’re here”, and I figure that made sense. Then he added, “I’m here to help you with the future”. After a pause he added, “We’ll see the Chamberlain together”.

We began to traverse the City which all appeared to be constructed of light. There were no shades of gray or darkness, only variance in brilliance as it looked built with shafts, rays, and panels of light.

When we got to the Tower it too was made of light but now there was a different structure, one not made of large stone block, rather one built of interlace chunks of light. This too had another structure, one of small threads and bits of light rays, but still rectilinear.

Entering the Tower I saw the same staircase that spiraled up around the interior wall of the Tower as it appears in F21. Looking at its structure, it was like seeing the Matrix but made out of minuscule segments of white light and this was clearly not machine code. We climbed the stairs and when we arrived at the top floor I briefly looked out at the City.

The once glittering beautiful city rich with color in F21, now in F42, was completely made of light. Then I looked back to the table that served as a bookstand in my previous conversations with the Chamberlain. I walked over to it.

When I looked down at the book I’ve been introduced to in the past, I saw it and the table were just as they appear in F21; appearing vaguely real with their natural colors, not made of light at all. Then the Chamberlain arrive he too appeared in varying brilliances of light. The Wizard then spoke up offering to explain that he was there to moderated my sense/direction of questions for the Chamberlain.

I asked the Chamberlain why we were meeting like this and he reached forward to the book on the bookstand before me, to open it. He opened to the first page we’ve discussed before, the one that shows the Earth surrounded – everything in position.

After a moment’s pause, he turned the page slowly to the next and on that I saw the image of one ship landed on Earth. I asked him, “What does this mean”? He replied softly while gesturing to the image, “This ship is coming to meet you”.

I wondered who would be coming and he immediately replied as if knowing my thought, “The Pleiadians”. Then he added, “You already know this”. “Yes”, I replied. I was beginning to feel this when I was in Montana. It was …. as if seeing, feeling their ship approach;, as if it was about to happen. I clearly thought it then, that they are going to arrive as they said. Now I thought to myself, what joy that would be as I have grown attached to both Atur and Anosh, close friends and allies – ones that understand.

Then the Wizard abruptly interrupted, saying to me, “Clarify when”. So I quickly asked the Chamberlain, “When will this be?” “Within the year… for you”, he said. I made the mental note – by next Fall. It seems an eternity away but I also considered that then I will know the truth of this. In one year – one way or another – I will know. Then the Chamberlain turned and left. The Wizard and I also left together.

I can’t remember anything about getting back.

Wednesday Late Afternoon Session: Freeflow F49

In this session I went back to the Green Wall in F21, intending to go to the City of Light, and there I saw the light portal that I’ve encountered many times here (C1-F21-other places). I wondered where it would lead now and so I entered the portal hoping to not arrive back at C1. Then I found myself personify at the Great Hall 4 of the Wise One, but now I was in the City of Light, focus-levels F42-F49.

There was an attendant waiting for me so I asked him, “What is the domain of this place”? He answered, “The whole Universe”, as he turned and led me into the Great Hall.

I was hesitant to enter as I did not feel I was prepared to asked the key questions, to address the Ones that are here. The attendant then left me standing alone in the depths of the Hall. Now however, where previously times I could not see into these depths, now I could see a row of large pillar-like structures that were deep inside the Great Hall.

I looked at them. They appeared to be alive as columns or pillars of light. It was as if there were individuals standing there but I could not figure out what the shapes were. I counted the columns of light and here too I counted 12.

I called out to the depths of the Hall, to these pillars saying, “Who are the twelve before me?”. After a moment, speaking as utterly factual I heard, “We are the complete intention and purpose of the Ancients”. I replied,” I am incomplete”, to which They replied, “Understood. You will become complete as you mature, as it is your nature to be here with Us”.

I wondered again about the nature of the good; considering how that applied to these beings or entities. They answered as if knowing my thoughts, “As you look upon these columns you see each with its own shades of light, each appearing so according to its position in the other light as you see them (illuminated)”. Each pillar is unique in the blend of brilliance or luster it reflects.

“These are the variations in Our dualities as you would call them”, They said. We came to an understanding regarding the balance of light and dark. Before me was the light… to the peripheral pillars I detected the lack of light in them [the Dark].

When it seemed time to go I said to them,”You came [forward, revealed to me]. Thank you”. To which They responded, “You came, as We called you. You may be with Us”. I wondered again about the dualities present.

Then They added, “Our representation is communicated to you…. your becoming”. I replied, “I see now”. They continued as if knowing my conflicted questioning thoughts, “There is no other understanding [for you], as you know… [other then] this is”. I asked, “Why should I explore the StarGate”? As one voice in response They answered, “This allows you a greater breath of range of recognizing Our purpose. See the one Tellaidian in this matter”, They replied.

After this I thanked Them again, but in reply They insisted, “We thank you”. I wondered at that and asked, “Why [thank me]? “For answering Our call. We look forward to your return”, then having answered me, They disappeared.

I turned to leave the Hall and as I looked forward to the Great Hall’s outer platform that stands at the top of the stairs, I wondered about getting back. Then on the platform I saw the F21 portal appearing as sun-like disc, in a vertical orientation. I decided to take that way back and so I walked into it.

I was in a light, and then suddenly appeared in F21 below the portal as times before. I looked up at it and it had its characteristic moonlight-like appearance that I have known on this side.

Exiting the portal I found the angel Devenoir waiting for me, where he usually waits for me, and as I approach he bent down upon one knee to me. I shouted at him “Do NOT bow to me DEVENOIR! It will not be!”

Once back I thought, this is too much.

Wed Late Afternoon:

At my affirmation I stated that I wished to know the utility of the Stargate.

F21: The Sachem ancestral spirit was there. After our embrace we addressed the needs he looks over and afterwards I departed.

I went to AS42 via V8 and found Tellaidian. I asked him of a need of F49 to which he replied, “No. It is immaterial”. Then we left the suite and walked down the hallway together.

I thought we were taking a slow gate and considered how old Telladian is, but then decided this pace was good as I noticed how Tellaidian walked. But than we slowed further decaying into slowing motion. When we approached his conference room I saw things were even slower there. Then Tellaidian told me to join (his crew).

So I went to his crew and we stood together. Its now familiar to be with them. I think I saw their bounded minds and then I felt their energy raise. At our feet was a trickle of water, as if we stood on a smooth flat slab of slate in a small laminar flow of cold water passing by. I looked up before us and saw a smooth black wall; the pure vertical before us, a gentle stream of sheet-water flowing at my feet.

I sense the others clearly, and sharing together, we raised energy. This time as I participated I saw a bright ring of light form through us. There was a bright spot on the ring and the spot of light together with the light of the ring circulated through us faster.

I knew how to energize it and heard the others called to me, “State your goal”, and I called out loudly “I need to let go of this mind, to acquire and share Mind. My goal is to enter the StarGate, to acquire understanding of its utility”.

Then the circulating light appeared to be moving in slow motion through us. As it continued to slow I saw the StarGate and went to it. Again it was aesthetic to behold – this deep phenomena of nature.

I entered it and wondered what it actually was and then heard, “Transdimensional-translation uninhibited by the physical universe”. I floated in casually and found myself drifting as if carried along in the tube by a current.

As I drifted I saw a brief flash of an alien species similar to Grays and I wondered if they were the same ones I previously met during Starlines 1 in a session that took us to the StarGate. Then they were gone.

Drifting further in I came to the chamber/intersection of these portals. Now I decided to take the plunge and I step out into the current of light blasting from below up past me, from the incoming port.

Drifting in this current I wondered how I might use the portal to perform my purpose, whatever that is. And I heard or felt a directive that I should see Sa-Tash. With that I suddenly realized or learned that the effect of the portal is not limited to within it. That is, the effect may be accessed from outside the Stargate and I understood this could help pilot Sa-Tash’s translation ship, or it is how they do it now.

Then my attention was drawn back to looking at things passing by in the portal. In the distance approaching I saw something like enormous fuzzy balls of cotton-candy like forms drifting toward me in the oncoming traffic of the port.

They were different soft colors evenly spaced as they approached in the stream of light. I wondered what these were. Immediately a mind overlapped and I learned, “You may contact celestials”, and I asked “What are celestials?”. ‘These are bundle[packets] intention-purpose-function.” I understood (these huge fuzzy cotton-like balls) to be like signals… as in a nervous system. Then something injected, “…..the consciousness of the physical universe”.

I stated, “I wish to acquire greater understanding of purpose”, and I found I was left in the portal for a long time drifting with tangential thoughts or illustrations; moving with this flow for a long way.

Then I heard the hemi-sync narration begin the return and I wondered about turning this star-gate thing around. I was befuddled by what to do for a moment but found the StarGate had just circled-round and I was instantly back where I started, as if stepping out of a doorway.

I immediately recognized Tellaidian’s three crew members I was joined to. The circulating light among us was gone, and now I saw the alien face of one crew member clearly. I wondered if this was an Arcturian (distinctly different from Tellaidian), but that’s a wild guess influence by human New Age thinking. I have no idea where these three are from.

Returning I eventually came to F27 and saw the large angel (12 foot) that has often been here at this spot. He stepped forward toward me and bent one knee to me and I said “NO!”.

From there I went to my SP27 and wandered over to look out my window. Then suddenly Raphael appeared. He step forward to be with me but stopped and also bent one knee. I admonished him, “No. I will not allow this!” as I lifted him by his arms. Then he turned to stand next to me as we looked out the window as before.

I realized it was time to remove group energy from TMI There and V8 but rather than going to the place I could see my starlight point I left there a great distance away. As I reach out calling the energy back to me it streaked across the distance to my hand. I left the SP and stepping out the door I saw the female alien.

Now I could see she seemed to portray part of her alien form or I could just see thru her currently acquired form. I wondered about this and asked her, “What do you wish”. She replied, “Contact”. “What sort of contact”? I continued and she said to me, “Interaction”. “What type of ‘Interaction?’”, I persisted. After a pause, she or it replied, “Affection. We do not know affection [what this is]”. Surprised, after a pause I said, “I will consider this; what I can do.”. Then she turned and left.

I wondered what I could do [to get her off my back gracefully] and I wondered about crafting a packet of kindness (would that serve her need?).

Wednesday Night

In this session I decided to go to the City of Light in F49. I met the Wizard (F42) and after a brief exchange I pressed on into the City alone; soon I met Veronica (F49). I was curious about a couple of things regarding this complex thought-form resulting from our previous perplexing encounter and asked, “Why were you created Veronica”? “There was need”, she answered. Then I thought I’d ask, “Why did you leave so abruptly when we (last) met (Aug 30th, 2017)”?

“I was needed elsewhere and we were complete”, is all she said. Next we walked together as she guided me down a boulevard I’d call it, though it was as small as an alleyway. Here too all structures were light.

Then we came upon a wonderful enormous tree of light in the median of the small pedestrian street. She commented, “This allows us to commune with the tree [archetype]”. Interesting I thought.

Then a beautiful horse approached. I didn’t detected a rider. This horse reminded me of the ones on the planet that the Brethren like to inhabit. There also seemed to be a level of activity on this street that escaped me. After being able to be there and observe the activities I felt it was time to go.

Thursday Late Afternoon Session: Grounding

When I placed my mnemonic in F21 I again found the Sachem waiting for me. We place hands upon each other’s shoulders in greeting and together we looked to the horizon. I can’t remember why.

Getting to my SP27 I went to sit in my chair. I looked out the open air window to the peaks and wondered to myself, “How will I know this is true?”.

Then there were three loud hard knocks on my wooden door. I was startled and as the door open I saw the Wizard standing there. He was embodied with the same white light as of the City.

I said, “Come in. Sit down”, to which he replied, “I’m not staying long”. After a pause he said, “So, you still have not made up your mind”. I answered, “No. It is clear on the one hand, yet this knowledge has come through an imaginary construct that is fleeting. I have not yet seen a validation or signature for these messages [have I not asked many times?]”.

After a moment the Wizard said, “Hmph”, and turning around he went to step out the doorway. As he opened the door he paused. He turned around and looking back at me he said, “There’s an alien waiting here for you”, and he disappeared.

I went out to see Sheila and going to see her, I took her hand and extended a feeling of warmth… and kindness into her. Then after looking at me, she turned and disappeared. After that, thinking that’s finally over, I reentered the solitude of my SP going to my favorite spot by the window. Raphael appeared and he came to stand next to me. We looked out together and as I looked beyond Raphael’s far shoulder I suddenly saw the female figure appeared again. I thought, “Now what!”

To continue reading next Collection set see: Post Starlines II (Nov 2017-Dec 2017)

See earlier notes about The Shepherds of Creation; Master Builders and Master Creators. 

  1. Tellaidian is an individual that I first met during Starlines 1. We have continued to meet and there is a collection of notes pertaining to him (see Main Menu) The encounters with Tellaidian are profound. I will say here that he resides about 30 light years from Earth and my understanding is we meet telepathically. He is typically central to accessing aspects of the Stargate and what he calls “The Root”. I refer to him at times as Master Tellaidian due to the stature and devotion of his knowledge. He is a close association. 
  2. My collected notes regarding encounters with Sa-Tash are post in my Main Menu, “Encounters with Sa-Tash”. I first met him during Exploration 27 and I consider him a deeply trusted association. 
  3. Also discussed in the Wise One and Ancients collected notes. 
  4. What I call his “crew” are three aliens that work with him. With these three individuals we are able to join mind and they deliver and guide me into other energy states. These three are not the same species as Tellaidian. Though I have not yet published the collection of Master Tellaidian encounters which I will do, most recent encounters with him and his crew are discussed in the collection regarding the ‘Wise Ones and The Ancients’ 
  5. I attribute all my OBE or phasing skills to Raphael who arrived when I first began to access F12. He would appear, grab me by the shoulder and drag me off. This occurred over a period of a few months as I learned to keep up with him. 
  6. Simplest description is an Earth Goddess. First met about 2 years ago. See notes. 
  7. The first encounters with the Pleiadians are available in Main Menu: meetings with Atur and Anosh. 
  8. The Elohim City is discussed extensively in other notes. The Green Wall is a barrier around the City. See The Wise One and the Ancients. 
  9. The Chamberlain is an individual appointed to instruct me. We meet in a tower inside the City. One topic we discuss is a book he explains is a docket of future events to be addressed. (See The Wise One and the Ancients) 
  10. The Wizard is an important individual that I explain in a few collections of my encounters with him. I will only say here, that he had existed in a phase of time that is just before the present moment but has no past, arriving in our normal timeline. That state is a fulcrum of intentions and purpose that create and sustain our physical world/reality. After one particular encounter he disappeared and I had not seen him again. Seeing him now in 42 made sense tho.