Starlines I @ TMI (Oct 2016)

Starlines 1 (TMI: Virginia) October 28th, 2016 – November 4th, 2016

These are my Starlines 1 notes written at TMI (Virginia). Starlines courses: I, II, and the new Starlines ReUnion are designed to provide solid familiarity with focus levels 34/35 through levels 42/49. The scope of these courses’ activities is outside the Earth Life System (ELS) far beyond our traditional human world views. If this reading appears over the top and totally nuts, the writer agrees.

It is not my intention to provide detailed conversation concerning the nature of these focus levels nor is it not my intention to provide a commentary on Bob Monroe’s book that pertains to such states. I offer here my experiences which I believe allow the reader to get a glimpse of things far beyond mankind; if one believes that sort of thing.bug

Saturday: Just arrived at TMI
An interesting turn of events this Saturday afternoon: while hanging out with students as they arrived at TMI for the course, someone asked me if I had ever met a Mantis creature. I was asked this because some people have been reporting seeing them in F34/35. Thinking for a moment I realized that I had met one once in focus 27 but I discounted that experience at the time thinking it was just my imagination. Later that Saturday while hiking on the country road at TMI I found a small Praying Mantis looking up at me as it stood still on the road and so I take a photo of it.

Saturday Night: 1st Session of the Course. Re-visit Focus levels 10-21 For Warm-up

At the onset in this session I was surprised to find the Wolf spirit standing next to me that I recently met. I met this spirit while traveling about the northern Rockies visiting reservations the months prior to this course. I nick-named him Growler (he does not growl) for sake of identifying him in my notes. Now we traveled together side-by-side whereas in the past Growler would lead me. When we came to focus level 21 there we met the Gatekeeper1. The Wolf spirit lingered around us, with us. What also surprised me was that we were meeting the Gatekeeper just past the Wizard’s2 dwelling at a location that was new to me; a short bit farther down the cobbled path in the area, but why meet here?

Then the Gatekeeper said to me directly, “This is an important time for you”. I was concerned that my nonphysical perceptions weren’t very sharp and so I asked, “Will I acquire clear perceptions [again]? Will it be in this lifetime or in my next phase?” “It will be in this lifetime”, he replied.

Then Raphael3 came along but he remained silent as he stoodby, quietly observing our conversation. The Gatekeeper continued, “The dragons4 wish to work with you. It is important you know your origin among the star beings.” With that I received a deep comprehension. We were silent and after being together for awhile it was time for me to leave.

Sunday AM Session 1: Re-Visit F27. Go to the ‘TMI There’ construct, then go to one’s Special Place (SP27).

Explanation:  ‘TMI There’ is a manifestation-construct built by TMI staff and students over time. This structure is used in the graduate courses that frequent focus 27+. The construct typically looks like aspects of the campus/buildings to many students. There is what resembles a banquette-like room that houses a large crystal used in various lessons and courses. That crystal is used for collecting and providing group energy in the group exercises.

I went to the ‘TMI There’ construct in session. I am generally not fond of that place as I find the feeling of the place to be artificial; unnatural. Then again maybe I’m just anti-social. I thought I observed student B and student P there tho I really couldn’t be sure of that without some sort of follow up validation.

As we students were hanging out near the ‘TMI There’ crystal in focus 27 practicing our perceptions someone I have never met before rapidly walked up to me from across the room, appearing from out of nowhere, and handed me a small bowl shaped pot with a grassy plant growing in it; then dashed away.  It was most odd. The plant was alive similar to a sea anemone in motion or something like that while clearly appearing plant-like. I had no idea what this meant, but the approached and the gift was extremely clear and completely unexpected. I wondered whether this had something to do with my former accelerated plant growth experiments5.

Nothing else notable happened in the session, but the gift of the plant or living creature in the small bowl was very clear and most peculiar. I really didn’t know what to think of it.

Sunday AM Session 2: EC27-F27 Reaffirm pick-code Earth Core Focus Level 27(EC27).
In addition to focus 27 there is related state of level 27 that is in the Earth, or part of the Earth (Earth awarenesses). This is referred to as Earth Core 27 (EC27) in TMI speak. Pick-codes are similar to the idea of a bookmark. One bookmarks states, locations, or memories and may references those quickly by accessing the bookmark or pick-code. I call my pick-codes mnemonics. In this session we practiced the slingshot method bouncing (oscillating) between EC27 to SP27 via these bookmarks, so to speak. The slingshot method was first developed by Franceen King I believe. This technique is first introduced to the student late in the Exploration 27 course.

While lingering at Earth Core 27 waiting for the narration to guide us through the lesson I observed a large dragon looking at me. I offered a slight bowed to it in greeting, and then faced it. It asked me, “What are you doing?” I explained the intent of the session exercise and the dragon responded, “I will assist you”. To this I asked, “Why would you help me?” The dragon replied,”Because I know you will assist us”.

The rest of the session was dedicated to practicing the sling shot maneuver between the two focus level environments: Earth Core 27 (EC27) and one’s Special Place6 in focus 27 (SP27).

Sun 4 PM Post Afternoon Break Session 1: Revisit Focus 34/35; a Free-flow Session.
Explanation: A free-flow session is one in which there is minimal narration in the hemi-sync track and no session goal is specified. The student is given this session to experiment and pursue whatever the student wishes in the session.

In session, when I arrived at Earth Core 27 (EC27) I thought I could detect the dragon again but I really wasn’t sure. I did feel something unseen and something did say to me it was there to help. Then I began the first hop to my SP27. There I detected the ancestral spirit7 sachem with a strong looking young Native American man. The sachem’s shaman was not there. The sachem then indicated he too was there to help. After the manuever when I got to F34/35 I really couldn’t detect anything at all. The session was blank. I called out, but received no reply.

I thought to hale the darkness with questions but as I considered that I began to realize that my questions were actually quite stupid and trivial. Then I had the growing sense that I was being watched, yet I could detect no one; still the sense was quite strong. Suddenly a group of four dragons clustered around me tightly keeping me within their circle, as they then slowly circled around me. I felt that I was being sheltered (claimed?) by their huddle. I knew no danger from them but did not understand what this meant. For some moments I then wondered whether I felt the presence of a Shepherd8 nearby, but could not detected anything with certainty. Still I was very confused by all this. I felt completely safe with the dragons, yet I did not understand what they were doing, and I didn’t understand why things were happening the way they were, why the signals were faint.

After awhile I was ready to leave frustrated by the weak perceptive signals and also discourage by my own stupid questions. I wonder if given the chance to actually meet a distant alien intelligence (other than the dragons) what I would say.

Sunday 4:00PM Afternoon Break Session

Once out of the session I consulted the I Ching. My question was this: “At TMI… Nothing is happening! Are my contacts gone? This is terribly disappointing. I think I will never come back here”.

The answer was Gua 41 with 5th line moving; transforming to Gua 61. The explanation is from Carol Anthony’s translation:

Gua 41: Decrease refers to the moment of recognition when we know that in and of ourselves, we are powerless to achieve our goal without the help of the Sage, and the powers of the hidden world…… Our first impulse on recognizing inner decrease is anger and frustration. We must, however, sacrifice all barriers we put up against Fate, God, the Sage, or others.

(5th Moving Line:) Our effort to follow the path of the good and beautiful will win.

Gua 41 transforms to Gua 61: Inner Truth.

Sunday Night Session: Intro to TMI Voyager 8. Group Meet-up and board Voyager 8.
In this course one is introduced to another TMI construct – Voyager 8 (V8). We went over the logistics of group meetings and group energies at the Voyager 8 construct. The session was, however, so heavily guided such that it was impossible to concentrate and this became quite irritating; this only angered me as I could do nothing in this session because the constant non-stop verbose narration.

Monday AM: Sessions 1, 2, & 3:
Session 1: In these sessions I began to ignore the distraction of the narration and see what I could find out on my own. At the affirmation I stated to those that say “You Know Us” that ‘if’ you are with me, what is my purpose? Suddenly there were three hooded figures before me, facing me. I puzzled over whether these were the same beings I’ve met about a year ago – the intellect engineers, or were they the figures I met at the beginning of all this insanity a few years ago – the ones that discussed ‘purpose’, or were they something else? Who were these figures? I really couldn’t tell. Then nothing else seemed to happen other than we faced each other as I considered them.

Session 2: In the next session I went to a place that few seem to know of; another ‘TMI There’ site that I call the Crystal Monument in focus 27. I found this site accidentally sometime ago. It may be a natural construct, or expression, of the TMI campus crystal (see Gateway course notes). I’ve mentioned this to others; no one seems to know of this place. In the past I directed student A from Exploration 27 course to this place telling her just a bit about it. She did find the site and correctly brought back an additional feature report of aspects there I did not tell her about.

Anyway while contemplating this peaceful place residing there I clearly saw one of the TMI course instructors appear near the crystal. She ask me why I wasn’t with the others. I replied, “I have goals of my own at this time”, and she faded away. When she left I lingered there as I sorted things out in my mind.

Session 3: The objective was to meet as a group at Voyager 8 and then free flow around planetary energies of our solar system.

During this session I decided to cooperate with the session objectives and so I did go along with the class to Voyager 8. As I tried to tour parts of the ship visually following the narration, I saw a small craft docked along side of Voyager 8 with two alien creatures that indicated I was to go with them. It was so unexpected, and yet so clear, that I immediately joined them in their craft.

The craft was quite small; holding two pilots, myself, and maybe some room for other stuff behind us. When they departed V8 the course of flight they took was most startling and dizzying to me. The pilots plunged the craft straight down into a spiral trajectory from Voyager 8. I had no idea why we were going this way. It was most disorienting but I was determined to stay focused.

As we plunged and spiraled I examined the two aliens piloting the craft. I tried to focus on the being on the left of the small craft that appeared to be primarily piloting the craft. This was all quite peculiar because I remembered a craft like this and pilots like this from about a year ago when I accidentally appeared on such a ship during my meditation. At that time I remember I startled the pilots as I suddenly appeared in their craft. Now I focused on his right hand of the pilot trying to discern it clearly.

The hand had light brown skin that was wrinkled. I saw only 3 fingers. I attempted to study this at length to be certain that was what I was observing. I remember wondering how one functions with only 3 fingers. After a few moments of this crazy descent we leveled off and suddenly appeared to fly through something like a black bore in space. There was nothing but pure blackness with stars encircling it before us. We flew through this quite smoothly. It felt like perfect stillness.

As I no longer felt dizzy I asked where we were going. “The council requested we bring you”, was replied by one of the pilots. I asked what or which council… the Middle Council? I got a conceptual reply [something like our idea of a team meeting]. This was most odd. I then asked what the meeting was about and one of the pilots responded, “We don’t know, we’re only pilots”{figures}. Next we exited the black stillness and entered the atmosphere of a planet as if suddenly appearing in it.

We flew through an atmosphere of very dense clouds. I did not recognize or have any idea where the planet was. After a brief time I observed in the distance something hovering in the sky, as if a space dock or some structure or city appearing in the mist of this thick atmosphere. We came to land on one platform and there appear to be a few figures waiting. They were very short and appeared to be dressed colorfully. I wondered at this. Then as I approach and greet the individuals they appeared to start to shrink and/or I was getting very large. This was most bizarre. This sensation and perception lasted for a couple of moments diminishing until someone that was my size walked up to me from seeming nowhere; apparently taking over the meeting and indicating that I should follow. This individual had a similar appearance, or was the same individual, as the one that invited me for a tour on what I call the Thought-Vessel back during the Exploration 27 course.

We walked together for a short distance across the platform and entered the structure.  Down a hallway we abruptly turned into what resemble a meeting room roughly rectangular in shape perhaps and there was something that resemble a table in the center with other individuals across this feature from me, as if waiting. I could not distinguish exactly the appearance of the several figures there but I understood the room had representatives from different species present.

As I was considering the collection of beings, the individual who led me in abruptly stated as if announcing to me, “Your impatience is understandable. We wish to address some mental obstructions….. Your understanding is correct that we represent many species and conscious forms that your recognize. We recognized that these are difficult adjustments; your agitation is understandable. We wish at this time to request permission to continue contact with you.”

I found I completely understood what the individual was referring to and then I asked him, “Why me?” The individual that led me into the room responded, “You offer specific understandings of man; your life development and origins are of interest to us”. Clearly apprehending what he meant I replied, “If your intentions are in fact aligned with the ‘good’, then I am willing to continue meeting and be of assistance to you”. I continued, “As usual for myself, I am concerned with contamination of this data stream as may be a result of my human deficits”. “This is understood and appreciated”, the figure replied.

Then as if making an announcement this individual stated in a commanding tone, “Then it is agreed. We will begin now and will continue contact”. Given this impressive experience I thought to offer to the group some token of good intention and so I said that I would try to be more open minded to my Pleiadian encounters [whom I’ve been skeptical of].

Then the session narration interrupted, beginning to talk me back to Voyager 8 (V8), but suddenly I found myself in a completely different place, a room, surrounded by others that – all I can say is – that we are the same species; my kind. They ‘appeared’ as humanoid-like, dressed in simple but elegantly bright white clothing that had a large trim of geometrical patterns in gold. We stood together and I came to apprehend or understand a knowledge and instruction from them. Then, just as suddenly, I was back in Voyager 8 returned to the group.

A most impressive experience which I felt gave me a new breath of intuitive understanding about what was transpiring on a grand scale. It is interesting to note that when I reported an outline of this story during our post session group debrief, the TMI instructor that saw me at the F27 Crystal Monument site in the earlier session now asked me if I was glad I choose to rejoined the group. To which I replied yes.

Monday Evening Session:
This session was our first introduction to focus 42. After staging at TMI Voyager 8 the narration directed us to try going to Alpha Centauri and then on to the Sirius binary system. Sure. Why not.

In this session we also began to work as a group meeting at Voyager 8 and then to combining our intention in the form of contributing charge to be deposited in the crystal generator image on the ship. Once this charging process was complete we began our travels to Alpa Centauri, but as I was traveling Devenoir10 suddenly appeared on my left saying, “You must not go”. I was startled by his appearance, surprised that he could be here in this level to which Devenoir replied, “I can be where I must, but you must not go to that place!” This was very clear. It was without doubt, and so I turned aside to join Devenoir and I abandoned the group.

I assumed we would go back to Earth, but to my surprise he led me to a place that I can only describe as…. a place of gods, like Mt Olympus in Greek mythology; a pinnacle tier. Here I found myself facing a group of beings presenting themselves as human-like in appearance but clearly a place that felt beyond the mortal or physical created beings.

I observed a principal figure positioned central and higher than the others. To that figure’s left and standing slightly lower was a female who seemed to be like the figure that has appeared to me in the past, the Elohim that states she is my true mother.

There were a number of other figures appearing as similar individuals in form also positioned next to the principle figure; all these stood slightly lower and in the background. The principal figure was very difficult to actually observe as if having no form or none I could not comprehend. The others appeared as gods and goddesses, given their commanding radiance and presence.

After I came to a state in which I felt more consolidated and in better recognition of the environment I asked the assembly, “Why should I not go to Alpha Centauri?” To which the female positioned immediately to the left of the principle figure replied, “That learning would interfere with your knowledge at this time”.

I briefly considered asking some of my pointed questions about who my so-called ‘true’ parents and what our species ‘is’ but I decided against this since previous times I was always been told I would have to wait for those answers. At this time my questions or argument just seemed like the same worn out issues that are never directly answered. However ‘they’ immediately responded to my thoughts acknowledging my deeper questions and they conveyed to me the understanding that those answers were to come.

Parts of the conversation I could not bring back due to the incredible expanse of conceptualization; how to express things of such large scale. I recall being given deep insights into a variety of things. After that there was an extended conversation.

Then, given the audience I had, I considered the many beings I’ve met that have helped me so much – particularly Devenoir – so I requested that some sort of recognition or awarded remembrance be considered and conveyed upon the many trusted beings that stand in service. This was granted. I also requested knowledge; an understanding concerning the remedy for Earth and its inhabitants.

Immediately after that the central prominent figure handed something to the goddess-like female that stood to its left and she stepped forward walking down to me. She came to stand directly in front of me and proceeded to place a heavy wire crown on my head. Shocked I searched for words and for lack of them I said, “Thank you … mother”, to which this individual replied, “I am not your mother! I am your sister and you are a prince!” I was struck – but I immediately apprehended – that I was completely at home with these forms.

After a moment, having this audience I asked, “Why are the Pleiadians11 asking me for knowledge of a timetable that I do not access?” She replied, “The knowledge they desire from you is knowledge of the synchronization of future activities that pertain to the transformation of parts of this galaxy”. I recalled the entity I had met last year that explained his task to me while showing me the Milky Way; that entity explaining it managed the seasons and time tables for this galaxy.

After this discussion, abruptly, my sister to said to me, “It is time for you to leave”, and immediately the TMI narration interrupted directing me to other tasks in the lesson and suddenly – I was gone from that place in a blink of an eye finding myself back with the others students on route to visit Sirius.

With narration now guiding us to Sirius I wondered if this was permitted given the last diversion. Should I go to Sirius? But then I had knowledge affirming that this was ok. In time I found myself adjacent and close to a great star. It was very white and immense and I wondered that it might be Sirius A since there appeared to be a second distant star that was must smaller, Sirius B. Seeming impossible, I then apprehended that there were planetary bodies and these appeared as mere dust about the main star. I didn’t realize how insignificant planets could be.

I found I sensed something about the star, as if it had its own presence and so introducing myself I inquire whether the star would accept my visit. This seemed to be acknowledged in some manner that I can’t explain, and as a gift of introduction I offered a benediction upon the whole Sirius system. Then the main star and I… we were together is how I would describe the experience; there are no words for it – being with such an great and incredible thing. Following that it seemed immaterial to consider the planets at the time.

During the return I went to my special place (SP) in F27 wondering if the sachem would be there. To my surprise both the Gatekeeper and Raphael were present. I apprehended in myself a greater insight into the personal being of Raphael at that time. Then the Gatekeeper said to me, “There is not much more to teach you”, to which I replied, “Please stay…. to continue providing your guidance”.

At that time I noticed the gift of the plant in the bowl sitting on the table in my SP. I placed it there while passing through during a previous session, and I wondered again about the meaning of that gift. When I passed my hand over it, it burst into growth. When I removed my hand, it returned to its previous form. After a time of being with the Gatekeeper and Raphael I returned.

In the post-session student debrief, an interesting aspect: when the instructors asked about the experiences first at Alpha Centauri the group was silent. After some moments I spoke up saying I was told not to go. Then suddenly a few others in the group also vocalized they too had received warnings during the session to not go to that place. Others in the group had nothing to add. Everyone including the instructors were surprised not knowing what to think of this turn of events.

Tuesday AM Session Ex 1: Visit Arcturus and the Pleiades systems.
For me, nothing happened. I either fell asleep or clicked-out, having no recollection of the session at all.

{A peculiar note: this same exercise is used as a warmup session in the Starlines 2 course. In that exercise I had the same clicked-out experience as this time. I did not find this correlation until a couple of months after Starlines, 2 October 2017 reviewing my notes}

Tuesday AM session Ex 2: F42 – Visiting Orion Nebula
In this session I tried to get to the Orion Nebula but only encountered a welcome message, nothing else. Then suddenly I found myself unexpectedly yanked back instantly appearing at the TMI Voyager 8. There I again saw the small craft with the two alien pilots docked along side V8. They stated that they were there to take me to the Pleiadian system, so I accepted and we left.

After traveling a bit we entered some planet’s atmosphere and descending I observed something like a landing area fashioned on an immense rock pedestal jutting up from the ground shrouded in clouds. It was an amazing site. Approaching I could see two individuals at the landing area waiting. Once landed, meeting the two, I had the impression but could not see clearly that the two individuals were indeed Atur and Anosh, the two Pleiadians I met previously.

We greeted each other and they led me from the landing area which now seemed as an adjacent appendage to a greater structure shrouded in the clouds. We entered what i would describe as a great hall. Once inside the hall, appearing to tower above us was a grand cathedral shaped structure arching incredibly high above us with immense stone arches. The structure was a staggering height and awesome in appearance . Then after allowing me some time to look at the structure above us, the two started the conversation giving me the impression that this was Atur & Anosh.

They explained that they generally work in pairs. I understood they are somehow related to humans in a larger cosmic sense and that they are aware of the utility of working in female/male balanced pairs when addressing humans. They conveyed a bit about themselves and some things I learned was that Anosh has a love of planetary (earth-like) bodies and animals which is her principal interest. Atur I learned is interested in cultures and civilization [engineering]. These two explained that they had messages for me to give to mankind, to be delivered per my knowledge of the timetable. We had a flurry of various discussion topics that I cannot bring back. Following this I was returned to Voyager 8.

Tuesday AM Session 3: Intro to Alpha Squared Space Station construct – Focus 42.
In this session we were to journey to the space station using the TMI Voyager 8 craft. (The space station is not a TMI construct. It is an alien construct that Franceen King, the course designer, was led to. It was suggested to her that she use this facility in her Starlines course.) Once there we were directed to look for some sort of guide that would take us to our suite in which there would be a ‘memory room’ apparatus. The guide would provide the key to unlock access to the device.

On the way through the focus levels, while entering F21 about to place my F21 pick-code mnemonic, I saw a tall shaft in the ground next to where I place my pick-code symbol. There were a number of feathers on the white leather wrapped lance along with wheels of four spokes attached to the shaft. This spear-like object rocked gently as if in a slight wind, or from just being thrown. The feathers were fluttering on it and the wheels swayed as then turning slowly. It was a most surprising image that had a strong sense of reality to it, quite vivid. I presumed this was something from the sachem and shaman ancestral spirits that I’ve met this past year. So when I got to my SP27, standing on the mountainside ledge at my SP, I made a rallying call to the Cardinal Spirits on behalf of the ancestral spirits of the Belief Territories I’ve come to know .

Eventually continuing the slingshot I migrated to TMI Voyager 8 and after our charging routines we departed. Before long we were approaching the landing area of a very large space station having many levels. After we landed and departed the craft we entered a lobby area that was very large in extent and height. In this main hall one could look up and see many levels of the station. I also noticed there was a variety of different species in the lobby area about us, going about their business it appeared. I could not precisely image them – things were generally vague. Then something came to stand alongside me and I noticed a large mantis-like creature slightly taller than myself, but this individual’s eyes were more horizontal than the earth mantis and this being’s eyes appeared luminous. This creature led me, or we happened to walk together, to an elevator like device. The mantis entered the elevator with me adding to the impression that it was guiding me in this process.

This individual continued to lead me to a room on another level that I understood was my suite. Entering I found it to be very modern in a minimalist style, spacious, and aesthetically beautiful. I apprehended that it was quite an honor to have such room at this facility. The furnishings were a bright red with the room generally having a white decor. It was simple in the sense of modern style; the shapes of things were in perfect curvatures of design and color – very elegant. There were large broad windows that viewed space. These covered the full length of the room, rising to the ceiling.

Then my attention was brought to a key resting on the smooth sill of the large windows. This surprised me since the narration stated that the guide would give me the key. When I pick up the key the mantis being turned and left. I look to my right and there was an adjacent door in my suite which was stated during the pre-session discussion to be the memory room. Putting the key in the door I found the door opened.

Inside the room I saw several floating pads or cushions that hovered in the room. My guess was these adjusted to any anatomy without having any interconnecting structure resembling the frame of a chair. Each pad looked similar to a cushion one could sit on for meditating. There were several small ETs in the room that appeared to be operators or operator functions. I climbed up and sat on one cushion in the center then all the other pads seem to adjust automatically to conform and support me at different points. After a short bit I felt as if I was sitting in a recliner.

It was my understanding that the memory room responded to requests so I requested a new knowledge that would take me to a new level of understanding. Then I waited patiently. Images began to form. First I saw pyramids on Earth and then felt that I was passing over them following along a specific trajectory heading out into space. Suddenly I saw myself as a formless field of deep blue with an indescribably light. Looking outward I apprehended our whole galaxy and recognized it as if it was all familiar to me. Then the galaxy receded and I looked away from it into deep space and then found myself looking into a light. The light was deeply beautiful and rich in color. As I looked into the light I recognized myself as one ray of light…. from the Source, known by and intended by the Source. I then came to understand that I had taken physical form on Earth to “know” what it was like to be a created object, understanding that I am [from] one of the Ancients. Everything then completely fit together for me with what I’ve been trying to learn in the recent several months – that I am an energy form from an energy domain who came here. It was completely clear. I knew it.

After leaving the memory room and my suite, I ventured out of my room into the hall that had an open view of the space station and lobby below. There Atur & Anosh stood. I wondered why they were there.

PM Appointment with Energy Worker

At TMI there is usually someone that does body massages and energy work available for appointment during our afternoon free-time. I thought an energy session might help me acclimate more since I didn’t feel right. The session turned out to really help me center. Afterward, the energy worker ask if my guides were nearby during the session.  I explained they are generally close. The worker then explained that while working on me she suddenly had an OBE and was quite startled by that.

Tuesday Evening Free Flow
At this time my TMI student roommate, B1, was not having any success with his sessions to date. So I thought I would energize B1 with the intention that he start progressing to where he hoped. I also energized student S who after 12 TMI courses in one year had no experiences at all. After this lesson I asked B1 how things went and he explained he had a powerful experience starting at the crystal in the ship. Two beings took him by the hands and led him off. He thought he then must of clicked-out cuz he couldn’t remember anything else. Yet, he said, it was a big break through.

For myself, at my focus level SP27 Ethereal was present, clear and other worldly as if projected from another place (noting that my clearest meetings with her in the past are in focus 12). I could not bring back our conversation, but meeting her is always special to me.

Wed AM 1st Session: Freeflow in F42 w/ goal of learning about Alpha Squared.
In this session, to test myself, I did not charge student B1 to see how he progressed. Later after the session he reported he had no experiences during this session to report.

For myself during this session I again went to Alpha Squared. Upon entering I found something that resembled a stand with a hostess standing at it – in concept. This individual’s species reminded me of some individuals I’ve met in focus 27; long straight white or silver hair, something similar perhaps to elf ears protruding through the hair. He was shorter than myself and of slender build. I walked up, greeted the individual, and informed the individual that I was interested in learning more about the space station. He promptly led me through the lobby area to one of the adjacent halls and explained I may direct my questions to the wall which appeared blank. Then he left

I reached out to touch the wall and pressing it I asked for a list of Alpha Squared’s faculties. Suddenly a long list of functions was listed in front of me:

Environmental Facilities

and I said “Stop”. I then inquired whether there was a counseling department to which the wall panel replied, ‘No’.

I lost interest in the operations of the station thinking it a trivial use of my time here and thought I would go back to my suite’s memory room. Upon entering that room I inquired what the most important lesson I’ve had would be – could I be reminded of that? And immediately I was taken back to DeKalb where I had the vision of the Ancient of Days; the beginning of all of this for me over 40 years ago.  After that I went back to Voyager 8 for the return.

{As an aside, student S who was having no experiences and so I add some extra energy to help her get going…said in her session she had a huge surge of energy which result in a panic attack. She fled her CHEK unit to recover. Oops.}

Wed AM 2 Session: F49
The goal of this session was to go to F49 and experience the sea of infinite I-There’s, per Bob’s book.

Before the session in our prep-session discussion group the idea of combined energies came up as to how we are boosting each other in the session. I offered that in the case of plural beings they are single minded in part by virtue of having a common purpose. In our case in using the canned generic affirmation we are not really forming a common goal as a unit, for that I suggested a modified affirmation would be required. I was largely ignored. Went to our CHEK units.

In the session while passing F22 I noticed a man asleep. I wondered whether there was anything I should do for him but not knowing what to do I pressed on. When I got to F27 my deceased friend ‘B’ was there. “I like what you said back there dude”, he said to me. Following a brief meeting together I move on to the session task.

At Voyager 8 I charge student B1 again and the crystal. I found I was getting the hang of applying energy to targets. {Student B1 did report after the session that he felt tremendous power but became enraged by the insistent narration interrupting the session track throughout the session. He quit the session early saying he had lots of power, but was fed up with the narration. I also experienced irritation with the narration in sessions earlier but I was getting to the point I could tune the narration out.}

Going to Alpha Squared I began to realized and observe more clearly that this space station was consciously constructed by other sentient beings similar to how the Thought Vessel of Sa-Tash was operated. Shortly after this I found myself led out into space by one individual ‘entity’ for lack of better description. We drifted in space toward an enormous blackness in the star field. It was circular and I wondered if I was witnessing a black hole. Then looking off-plane of the galaxy I observe the bright glow of the central hallow of a nearby galaxy which I guessed was Andromeda.

At that time two other entities, the same as the one that lead me, joined us. We joined hands – so to speak – forming a squarish circle between myself at one corner, and the three entities at the other 3 corners. There was a fourth member that remained outside our ring (this was later understood to be the individual Tellaidian, written about in later notes).

Then I felt a lift, as if on a huge ocean swell. It was enormous and powerfully lifted us up. I felt like I was going to slide off this wave into the surrounding star-field as I looked down gradient of the spatial swell but another swell came along and lifted us higher yet. Then I felt another lift of energy and then subsequently more swells coming along one after the other each time lifting or energizing us more

After many swells we came into a higher state. As the swells stopped arriving I understood and felt that this state was very abstracted. I then realized I was in communication with the minds of the other entities. Initially there was some notion offered for agreement to mentally commune and I agreed. Another notion was presented that I may “consider” being with them. I didn’t understand what that meant and put that thought aside. It was also explained that I may pose questions to the group. Then I encountered some approaching fragments of thought or thoughts that I didn’t understand. I was trying to figure out how to voice a question to the group when a comment came seeming from the figure outside the ring, “Come be in communion with them… Practice with them… It’s coming”.

I was in this state for a long time. When the return narration initiated closure of the session I found it difficult to comply. It was very hard to consider leaving that state, but I did force myself back to Voyager 8 although I felt like I was not coming down from the abstracted state. It was very difficult to return to normal even there at V8, but once I began to withdrawing group energy from the Voyager 8 crystal I felt myself starting to normalize.

Wed PM: 1st Session- F49 Goal was to use the memory room of Alpha X
Passing through F22 I again noticed the man I saw earlier and realized that he was dying; presuming he was in a coma or asleep. I recognized this was a natural event and so I did not interfere.

Getting to F4, then going to the memory room, rather than receiving a memory I received an understanding. What I perceived pertained to those of the Shepherds of Creation role; without clarifying who or what comprises them. At this time I was able to see one purpose: the building of systems and planets, transplanting desired materials (peoples/individuals) from other planet projects into new creation projects; seeking to develop more harmonious or improved systems utilizing perceived successes. This was an ongoing process of building new creation projects based on this iterative process of improving the desired outcome.

Wednesday Afternoon. Ex 2
For some unknown reason, I was slightly discourage going into this session. I don’t remember why. In focus 21 I again saw the same Indian lance stuck in the ground next to my pick-code. I also saw the Wizard at this time who briefly said to come see him later, and I proceeded on with the lesson. In focus 22 I again saw the man I saw earlier and continued to understand that he was dying.

I was interrupted on route to F27 encountering two soul-retrievals that pressed me for time, but I didn’t want to pass them up. The first individual was a drowned body floating in the ocean in a rocky cove. The body was about 75 yards from shore and appeared unresponsive. I went down, finding a male, but got no response. I was partially in the water with him and still no response. So I rose up and took him by the collar pulling him up out of the water. He was still unresponsive, but then suddenly after a moment he became aware and disappeared. I was also aware of a drowned women laying on the cove’s small beach. Going back to her she appeared asleep then she startled awake and/or freaked to see me. Then she readily ascended, bolting out of there in a hurry.

Arriving at my SP27 I paused to impart energy to the Earth. Then going to F34/35 I thought to not do another Voyager 8 trip as I wanted to just hang out in space; think I was tired of the Voyager 8 routine. Then quite suddenly on my left arrived a large creature that reminded me of an angel due to the feel of this creature but it did not look like any others I’ve met before. This being did have wings but they were more similar to that of an enormous butterfly, tall and narrower; very colorful and much more fluid than a butterfly’s motion. The creature moved as if it was swimming in space rather than flying through it. I spoke to it briefly and then this marvelous and beautiful creature began to lead me away and I followed it.

“Where are we going?” I asked it. “To the space between spaces”, the creature replied. We traveled for some distance, all this leading to the sense that we were going to a meeting of some sort. Then to my surprise we met the Gatekeeper! I was thrilled and laughed saying, “You’re here!”. All this seemed to be making total sense to me and I asked him, “Can you tell me more about my species, my family?” He immediately replied, “As I’ve told you before you are an energy being, not of the karmic system; as you already know.” Then we had a long related conversation.

One question I asked, “How do I do good out ‘here’… in this place?” To which he replied,”What is good? It is really about balance. There exists those who wish to destroy balance…. others that preserve balance, restoring balance”.

The very long conversation was deeply satisfying and clear. In that context he added, “Your mother is Elohim – a god. Your father is an expression of the Ancient One(s) [above the Elohim, above the Dragons] Your sister and others are a family unit of those beings and intentions. There are other such families [other descendant projected intentions of other Ancients, similarly mixing with other Elohim – those also comprise the ones who refer to themselves as your brethren. Your vision and prophecy is from your father, but the calling is yet above. You are responding to the Source [God] far beyond all. The dragons and others know who you are”, he explained. “Well, I must certainly somehow do my best then”, I commented. After the conversation I had the feeling of a deep completion as finally I had found some of the explanations I’ve been waiting for.

Returning through F21 I encounter the Wizard. “You’re here?” I observed. He said to me, “What I tell you now is more about our relationship – so you understand. You… we – are singular – as a linear thread. I am your future and so we are complete together”. This discussion was brief. It seemed to make sense at the time but I did not understand why he was bringing this up now. What was the deeper meaning and implications behind this I wondered. As time ran out, I left.

Thurs. AM Ex 1: F49 Free Flow
Go to Alpha X (Alpha X is the Alpha Squared construct but this construct is in F49 – some say these are harmonic states). At the information panel I inquire as to the short dragon history, the panel began to replied, “Master Builders……… the dragons are an early creation project”. Before the history continued I changed subjects inquiring how to best work with them. Got the reply … address the dragons in [27]”.

From this my mind wandered to the issue of whether I should try the memory room in F49 so I went to my suite intending to inquire as to what I needed to know. In my suite immediately the Gatekeeper appeared. He commented on how nice the room was. I stated it is always good to see him and then I stated my question regarding what I need to know at this time to which he only replied, “You may be at peace at this time and also when you return”. At this time in the course I came to know that everything seemed to make sense and I felt deeply completed, so rather than pursue the memory room I decided to go work on my F42/F49 and F34/35 mnemonics for future use. After that I returned to F27

There in my SP, I decided to create a crystal (energy repository) of my own to charge and utilize, to leave this in my SP27 dwelling. So I created a labradorite sphere and fashioned an small alcove shelf where I would keep it covered and stored. I became tired after awhile and after finishing the F-level mnemonics, I returned.

Thurs AM Ex2: Transmutational Linkup.
There were many tasks in this session: First go to Earth Core and see whether the Earth has a specific message to relate. Then go to the F49 memory room and seek a meeting with one’s I-There Council as TMI calls it, which I set aside. Finally, go to the the galactic center and try to go through the Star Gate; to shift consciousness and travel along the Great Emitter as TMI calls it – Sure, why not do that too.

Going to the Earth Core I found the dragon still sleeping, and Ethereal was present. I buried my hands deep into the center of energy I perceived and then asked the Earth if it had a message to which I got an immediate reply, “BRING help!”. With this I also understood that the Earth was at its limits of patience, forbearance, and long suffering with man’s toxicity; the Earth is near the point of ejecting the species – man. This was very clear.

From there I did a slingshot to F34/35 revisiting my mnemonics along the way and then entered Voyager 8. There I charged the V8 crystal to a brilliant blue-white star-light and then proceeded on my way to F49.

At Alpha X I went directly to my suite via the elevator on my left in the main hall. Then a short walk down the hall to find my pick-code hanging on my SP suite door. Entering the room I picked up the key and in a moment entered the memory room. The device presented something different than the TMI I-There council, rather I found myself with immediate access – seeing the Middle Council that Raphael took me to about a year ago. At that time Raphael arrived and took me, as I was apparently invited to meet the Middle Counsel…upon arriving we stood before them waiting for a long time until they paused their agenda to consider us.

Now with the memory room device I wondered how it was that I did not have to wait? I could see them and found I was in direct access!? So I inquired as to whether I would be allowed to access our galaxy’s star gate to which they replied unanimously “You will surely go”. With this definitive permission I bowed and thanked them, then I turned away from their presence. I wondered what would follow. Instantly I found myself back in the memory room and so I prepared for the shift to the star gate’s position [facilitated by the station’s various entities that are there to support the operation of the facility I guess. I have no clue what these operators are; function-thought-constructs maybe. They don’t look mechanical].

Suddenly I found myself entering the star gate. I was puzzled as to what I should expect. Then a gross spatial/orientational shifts took place that made me feel slightly dizzy. Abruptly, there was absolutely nothing and then in front of me I saw a blackness in a just less than black or very dark gray background. It was not quite circular. This structure appeared slightly elliptical and around the interior edge were features that were like wisps of filaments or as eyelashes that projected inward a marginal distance. Facing inward toward this it appeared as what seemed to be an enormous viewport, or could it be like the opening of the mouth of some sea creature. It is hard to explain. The feature had an organic or natural feeling to it, as if it was alive. It did not see like to be a purely physical structure.

Hardly a moment later I found myself in a room. It was furnish with a collection of outdated human furniture of various eras. There were wire framed chairs with small vinyl-like cushions that looked like they belonged in an ice cream cafe or something. I recognized the objects in the room to be a collection of aspects from various Earth periods. However the mixture of the pieces did not correctly match an actual Earth’s historic presentation of those eras. As I looked at the mixed up objects in the room I also noticed that I would not have selected any of these things according to my tastes.

Then three individuals entered the room and came to look at me. They would be similar (sorta) to the Greys as is popularized, but they were not Greys. There was a small table between us. They directed I sit down and from this perspective these figures were about one foot taller than myself; being perhaps four foot tall. Then one of them said to me, “We are interested in a report of what Earth said”. I then conveyed to them the message Earth gave me. They appeared to consider or absorb the message for some moments, and then they curtly informed me that I may leave. Suddenly I was gone.

A peculiar aspect of the star-gate experience was that I felt slightly sick, but I also felt so deep in the focus – so far away  – that I struggled to stay cognizant at times wishing to not click out. Leaving the star-gate I spent most of the session then considering what had transpired traversing 34/35. Later I went to my SP in F27 and added features to it; modifying the sleeping area as a second room, adding a shelf and fashioning an emerald/crystal intrusion in the wall for refreshing myself.

I then returned, going back to the Earth Core. The sleeping dragon I saw earlier was now awake. It looked at me and then it informed me, “The dragon’s are tired of man’s toxic effects as well. We are ready to remove man”. I acknowledged their position.

Thursday Afternoon 4:00PM – our last session.
Passing through 23 I found myself vividly standing on a grassy plane (Earth) which was completely new and unexpected. Given the extraordinary sense of this I suspected there was a soul retrieval but found no one in sight. I wandered forward and then saw a small graveyard of a couple of graves on a small grassy hilltop but detected nothing unusual there. I wandered around the area and found a very simple farm-house and barn. Noting the two structures I wondered what this was about; having a weird feeling. Then the 27Guide showed up increasing my sense of purpose here. I was uncertain as what to do and then decided to go to the barn.

Entering the barn I found two horses in excellent condition; one a beautiful Palomino and the other a Morgan I thought. They appeared healthy as they stood there, but both horse were near completely transparent. After a moment with the horses I walked past their stalls heading down the center aisle of the barn to the left of an very early American tractor with something just better than the old metal wheels. Still looking about I walked around the back of the tractor and found a man on the ground that appeared as a skeleton. I stooped down to look closer and I saw the man was emaciated down to skin on bones. I touched him and he awoke, confused. I inquired as to what happened.

He explained his family was starving to death. They killed and ate their horses. His child and wife later died of hunger. Getting him up we walked to the open barn doors. Suddenly the two horses ran out and up disappearing into the sky. I didn’t understand then why the man did not ascend, but soon understood that he had no belief in an afterlife. From the barn we walked toward the small hilltop with the graves. Then seeing his wife and daughter appear, who I realized did have a belief in the afterlife, they came to us and we all begin to rises but still there appeared to be some difficulty. The man was just not going anywhere, but then in an instant, the three then drifted off in the direction of the Belief Territories without me.

Following that I went back to F27 and found I arrived at my old familiar landing area I used in Lifeline. From there I turned into a large bird and flew up to my SP27 handing on the rising air current; most pleasant. At the SP27 I decided to build a standing area shaved on the mountain top’s arete and then climbed up to use that area to survey the landscape of F27. There I called out to the Six Cardinal Spirits.  Returning to my SP I found Raphael present which was a most pleasant surprise. He reiterated, “We have a lot of work to do”, and then he left. Being alone in my SP I went back to fashioning my emerald/crystal wall intrusion.

After a while I thought to go down to the F27 aspects but I couldn’t decided which one to visit. I then settled on the idea of going to the education aspect. There I clearly saw student A and so I thought to imparted gifted energy into his being then and for the rest of his life. When complete I left the session.

After the session’s group debrief I asked student A if he saw me at the education center. He said no, but he ‘was’ at the education center, and received wondering gifts of healing there that he was looking forward to using in his practice.

End Starlines 1 

  1. The Gatekeeper is a individual I first met in focus 21 a few years ago. He is an important mentor for me and I call him Grandfather in our encounters. There will be a collection in time that pertains to the storyline and purpose of this identity. I will only say here that he did have a human life at one time on Earth in ancient China. Some may call him an ascended master but he is more than that. The Gatekeeper is a control. 
  2. The Wizard is an interesting character who will also have a storyline collection concerning encounters with him and his identity. At this time I will only say that he is not a wizard as there is no correct word to categorize him. I call him The Wizard do to my earliest impressions of him; the name just stuck. His locality is future slightly phase-time-shifted forward of our emerging present. I encounter him only in focus level 21, originally during LifeLines. 
  3. The Archangel Raphael: I first met him a few years ago and I believe he is largely responsible for my OBE skills – if one wants to call them that. As an aside, one may think of angels and archangels as a religious mythological artifact. I however, have come to think of them as species that are just beyond our field of view and understanding; very common in our local scope of things. Occasional encounters with them, recorded in the legends of various cultures, have simply been added to formal traditions – in my opinion – as they were the most central written repositories. 
  4. The dragons are a species of galactic, likely supra-galactic, domain; Master Builders.  They were involved with the formational foundations of the Earth and some have chosen to stay here since that time. They are NOT reptilians or lizards. They have used the image of the dragon, as they explain it, due to its most apt representation of their nature. They are of course unique in that given their magnificent powers they do not conform to other hierarchies and are old on order of the post-Ancients. I like to refer to them as ‘not tame’. 
  5. In the past I conducted many intention based accelerated plant growth experiments with winter wheat seeds. Using controls in my experiments I commonly increase my plant’s growth 65% and more than control. There was also one experiment I setup in which classmates from my Gateway course had their own test group which they accelerated remotely. In that test the Gateway group demonstrated a 75% boost. These experiments are a story in themselves. 
  6. One’s Special Place (SP) is a home away from home that one creates for one’s self in focus 27 – shorthand SP27. The concept is first introduced in the Lifeline course. The SP27 is a personal manifestation construct. The utility of the construct is varied and is used in the advanced courses. 
  7. There are Native American ancestral spirits I have come to know in the recent couple of years. They are an ancestral sachem spirit (Indian chief) with his shaman spirit who is commonly with him. They reside in focus levels 24-26, however they are not bound by a belief system. They choose to remain in those levels as a matter of service on behalf of their peoples on Earth. I have had a number of very interesting experiences with these two spirits while in the physical and have strong connections with these deeply valued friends. I call the sachem ‘Father’ out of respect for the care he has provided to many families previously in the physical and now as an ancestral spirit he continues. 
  8. The Shepherds of Creation is a role which I find is the best description for a group of plural-related individual beings moving in common purpose much like, in trivialized terms, a flock of birds or a school of fish; both plural and individual being working together in concert of purpose,  their related roles also being One. In terms of roles, they are actually a larger collective than that, an extensive collective of species/cultures working together in concert. The Hebrew word ‘Elohim’ is the closest word in our western notions that describes them that I am aware of. However, that is just a word. They have many names in many worlds and appear as gods when first encountered. That is, when a human encounters them one thinks they are meeting God. This is not something they intend. They will readily state that they are not ‘God’ but for all practical purposes they are in terms of the scope of their presence and the magnitude of their purpose; this often interpreted by a human mind as God. They have no desire for worship at least in general. 
  9. A few years ago I was taken to be shown my own birth. At that time I was told that my Earthly parents were not my true parents. Those taking me to this experience claimed they were my true parents. This has been an ongoing bone of contention between us as I know some things about the truth of this but not as much as I would like; given that the statement is truly incredible. 
  10. Devenoir is an angel that has been stationed with me for about 18 months now. His role is ‘the outstretched hand of an outstretch hand’ and is an envoy so to speak. 
  11. Over a year ago I had a startling encounter with two Pleiadians who wished to formalized contact with me to consult on a timetable they said I possessed. This very clear contact was mystifying to me since I did know something about what they are asking for, but I was not able to access the information at the time.