How It Began

I was in the hospital 2014 with a type of heart attack that is said to commonly kill the patient outright. It surprised both myself and the cardiologist that he found nothing fundamentally wrong with my heart, although I did feel like I got hit by a truck. I never thought at anytime that I wasn’t going to be ok and never believed for one moment that I was in any danger – sometimes I just know these things.

While in the hospital’s ICU I started having the most alarming hallucinations. Whenever I closed my eyes, even for an instant, I would see another reality in perfect clarity1. It was actually difficult to allow myself to look at these images because they were just so uncanny; images that were vividly clear and always there, whenever I closed my eyes even for an instant. This left me in a very alarmed state. I became more alarmed by the visions of this other reality then by being nearly killed and landing myself in the ICU.

I demanded to know what medications the nurses gave me but they just look at me puzzled as they didn’t know what to say. As my sense of alarm grew I came to the mind-set that I could not go on like this. What would I do when I need to sleep? What would happen then? So I spent most of my time in the ICU considering that I can’t live with these perceptions.

By evening the next day (I had been awake for more then 36 hrs) I was moved out of the ICU and once in a quiet room by myself I decided to face this new perception and see where it may lead. I sat up on the edge of my bed and having decide to allow whatever this was to take over, I closed my eyes.

Immediately I was launched out the window of my hospital room. I found myself hovering in the air just outside the high-rise hospital building. Being extremely startled by this I immediately returned to my room and was greatly relieved to find myself back sitting on the edge of my bed as I thought to myself – that’s a hell of a thing. I sat there for awhile wondering what this meant. Again I considered, still with heightened alarm, that I can’t stay this way but I thought I would test it again, so I closed my eyes once more.

Then in perfect clarity and presence of being I found myself just off the coast of Maine; is where I thought I was judging by the appearance of the coastline and trees. It was dark. There was some moonlight.  I apprehended that I was approaching the trees from a point of view just off a rocky shoreline, over the water. I felt myself involuntarily swooping down toward the trees on the shoreline then slowing to enter among the tree branches with perfect silence and with precise coordination.

I continued to pass between a couple of branches noting the rich color and detail of the leaves and branches in the dim light – absolutely incredible – being there. All this was in perfect clarity and in total realism.

And as I came, ever so slowly, to land lightly on a branch I opened my eyes and I was instantly back sitting on the edge of my hospital bed. I recognized that I was in something else; I just knew it. I was seeing through some nocturnal bird’s eyes. It was absolutely vivid and completely real in every sensation.

Greatly relieved to be back I was finally able to relax since I was convinced I could get back to normal and so eventually I did go to sleep; if such a thing is possible in a hospital. The next day when I woke the new capability was completely gone.

When I got back home from the hospital I called my old friend ‘B’ of many years and told him what happened in the hospital. We attended the same university and shared an apartment when I was an undergraduate and he was a graduate student in Philosophy. When I described to him what happened ‘B’ said to me, “Bill, you were having out of body experiences”. I had never hear of this before and had no idea what he was talking about but I recognized the truth of what he said. ‘B’ directed me to checkout Robert Monroe.

Doing that I discovered The Monroe Institute (TMI) and began to read one of Bob’s books2. I learned more about Bob Monroe’s Hemi-Sync technology; a mixed binaural audio system trademarked by TMI which Bob founded. Along with that I learned of the Gateway Voyager CD set and determined to find out what this was about.

  1. Some years later I finally came to understand what I was seeing – the roots of focus 21. 
  2. When I began to read one of Bob’s books I immediately stopped reading it. I quickly recognized the potential for his books to influence my concepts and thinking. Somehow I knew to not read about his experiences.