Collection: Encounters w/ Sa-Tash

Following is a notes collection of my encounters with the individual I call Sa-Tash. This first encounter began while I was attending the Exploration 27 course at the Monroe Institute May 2016.  It is a long read approximately 23 pages and represents events over about one year up to Starlines II.

May 2016 Exploration 27

Tuesday AM Lesson 3: The lesson’s goal was exploration of planning aspect of F27.

While traversing focus levels 10-12, though I did not directly see, I had the feeling that something/someone perhaps Devenoir1(angel) or Adoret2 (archangel) were around me. They had visited earlier so I was guessing it was still them. I requested to the space around me that whatever was present please reveal themselves. Then Adoret appeared on my right as a very large presence 9 foot, roughly angelic in appearance. In front of him were smaller phantoms of white blurs that seemed less significant compared to the magnitude of Adoret’s stature.  On my left was Devenoir who has been assisting me for nearly two years. These individuals did not addressed me at this time however.

From there I proceeded through the focus levels. Passing through F25 or so I noticed or felt that something had observed me passing through belief systems. I was then concerned I might disturb the belief region and so I decided to leave the area quickly, not sure whether I posed an interfering effect (I have in the past been observed in one territory and was aware that my appearance startled an individual there that was not yet ready to move on from that belief). So at this time I quickly exited upward out of that belief region. Following that quick move, I found as I flew upward that I was flying into bright blue sky illuminated with bright light. The light defined an opening above me in the sky, so I continued following this obvious route before me which led me straight up to the location that looks like one of the large TMI crystals.

This is not the ‘TMI There’ locale used in TMI courses for group organization and energy. This standing TMI crystal – what I call the Crystal Monument – is surrounded by a circular path with small benches around the path and the crystal. That is encircled by low ornamental shrubs, not knee high, which are groomed into a maze. When I was there I stopped and made a general inquiring regarding guidance available that may pertain to planning in this state, but I also stated that I was open to suggestions.

Immediately I noticed the same column of light that had guided my path previously now again appearing above me and I heard something say to me, “Come up”. So I flew upward and after a short distance I began to see the bottom of a white circular spacecraft. From below I saw in the center something that resembled an opening, or engine vents, or entrance. This opening had concentric shields or louvered doors about it opened into an outward position. As I flew up to this vent or opening I paused to look at the structure. I was able to clearly see the material that comprised the ship. It was perfectly smooth and appeared as a fine white ceramic or porcelain. As I entered up into this area the louvres closed below me.

I rose and came to stand on a small deck or hallway like feature of the craft. In this area there were several small alien creatures appearing around me. There were about eighteen inches tall, very delicate stick-like shapes, and they moved very quickly. As a result I stood still as I was hesitant to move fearing I could injure one of these creatures. Then through a doorway that entered this corridor an individual approached me. I could not make him out completely. This individual appeared slender with fair complexion, about my height, having long straight thin white or very blonde hair that draped down to the middle of his chest and his back. He looked similar to a human.

He wore a cloth wrapping (white shawl) that draped over his shoulders; this over a long cloth tunic-like garment. The shawl wrapped around him was long and the excess fabric was gathered up and draped over his right arm that was extended forward slightly. I offered a slight bow in greeting but we did not address each other as he appeared to be observing and assessing me, and I was observing and assessing him. There we stood silently looking at each other, and then this individual turn slightly back toward the doorway he entered through as he said, “Would you like a tour”? So I proceeded to follow him as he led me back in the direction he just came from.

The ship was clearly circular and we proceed to walk on a deck that looked as if it encircled the interior portion of the ship. The ship was not big. We walked forward  what appeared as a counter-clockwise orientation on this deck about the center of the ship and we entered into a portion of the ship that appeared as the control or piloting area. From this view it appeared we were on a second level deck looking down into the piloting area. On our level and above us was seating. I noted the seating below us too in the lower piloting area. This was similar to a movie theatre where there are seats below and above the main entrance aisle. Looking carefully it appeared there were a few rows of 3 seats rising above the deck, and below there were a few seats and a large view screen.

On that screen I saw we were looking out into that looked like space. In this theatre/amphitheater-like arrangement the individuals seat below were facing the screen, and there were also perhaps six or seven individuals seated above; some empty seats.

I was puzzled as to why there was a ship seeing no traditional piloting controls, and my tour-guide as if knowing my thoughts explained that just as I require time and concentration to traverse what I call focus levels they too have translational issues in reaching the vast spaces throughout the Universe as they carry out their functions. I understood this pertained to attending to needs that occur throughout the Universe and sensed this was a large operation. I thought this ship would be for exploration but clearly understood that they travel to places that require specific attention, assistance, or nurturing. I seemed to just understand.

My thoughts wondered how the ship moved and again this individual began to answer as if knowing my thoughts. He explained that the individuals in upper balcony navigate/locate by virtue of thought; that they travel not so much as by coordinate system but via thoughts as to where they wish to be. I understood this takes several individuals that coordinate together their intended goals.

I asked whether he had a name, to which he explained that they apprehend each other as complete individuals and so they did not need names among themselves to identify each other but he quickly returned to explaining that the nature of the ship was not physical in the sense that I am use to thinking. He explained that the ship was a composite of thoughts, thought-forms, and energies that do have a physical aspect but one that is not in the sense of the physical definitions I am aware of. He added they traverse a universe of thoughts and energies at very high rate which he explained I had witnessed an example of that ealier when I could not keep up with a guide in 27, it accelerating and disappearing into the horizon at the time. He explain that was a small example of their capability.

From there we continued our walked to our left which was a counter-clockwise direction relative to the ship. We passed a fixture on the wall of the ship (on our right of the deck) that caught my attention. It appeared as two one-foot wide, 6 foot tall sections of dark porcelain that were joined at right angle. This resemble the inner corner of a shower stall. In this open right-angle shaped feature, not quite chest high was a small shelf that might resemble something like a empty soap dish shelf in a shower corner. Next to that was a handle. I paused looking at this. My tour-guide then explained it was for their refreshment. I wondered what refreshment that might be in the non-physical (or whatever existence we were in). He then demonstrated the unit by placing his left hand palm up (his hand looked similar to ours) over the shelf and operating the handle.

There was a effervescent light that shown down on his upturned palm. He then offered that I try it. I placed my hand similarly as he did and when I turned the handle I apprehended a sense similar to a feeling of a peaceful or joyful uplift, the intensely of which was like what we may call the moment of deep spiritual enlightenment; as something that supplements the need of our moments of deep spiritual lack. The sensation/awareness was very interesting.

Continuing our walk around the ship we came to another large open area of two levels. As we walked along the corridor-balcony separating levels it reminded me of an aquarium but there were no tanks. Rather I observed a few enormous clear glass windows that looked like they were in contact with the ocean’s undersea.

As I was puzzled over this my guide explained that while here, they wish to maintain contact with various aspects of our biosphere, in this case the ocean. He continued they have interests in individuals such as myself but also other aspects of nature that humans are not familiar with – other aspects of the Earth’s life systems.

From there we walked to another area where there were things similar to view screens or view ports of scenes unfolding on Earth. Here he explained that these were not news feeds but unfiltered event monitors they used to keep track of objective Earth events unfolding.

Continuing we came to a propulsion room in which I observe a large glow of white light. It was explained that this was not physical propulsion, rather the propulsion system was a thought-energy form that was conceived and developed solely for the task of propulsion. At this time I wondered about weapon systems, and again the being as if knowing my thoughts explained that they have no need of weapons due to the nature of being thought-energy; they are not in danger of a physical attack. He quickly continued to explain that the particular conflicts they do engage in are more a matter of encountering conflicts that arise in dualisms, these giving rise to dilemmas, paradoxes, and impasses to situational developments. What they do is work to resolve, to determine solutions for those sorts of problems as these conflicts arise naturally in the fundamentals of the Universe.

Shortly after that, as we walked along, this individual asked me if I wished to stay with them. To this I responded, “I would except I don’t know that this would be proper given purposes that I believe I am expected to attend to and serve and so – I cannot”. To this the individual replied, “That is the answer we were looking for”. He then seemed satisfied and explained that when I return to Earth if I wish to contact them, and they are docked, I may simply give thought to them in that place and they will be available to assist. He continued to explain however, the assistance they would offer might not be in the full scope of what I may like.

Then it was time for me to return. We circled back in the ship to where I entered.  It was hard to tell how the apron/louver doors of the ship opened but I perceive open space. I detected no structure between us and space and guessed they had some means of distinguishing/defining inside-outside. So I drifted down and out through this opening in the ship and saw we were in Earth low orbit. I was able to observe while floating. I could see the Earth, its atmosphere, color, other details, but what attracted my attention the most was looking back at space and the stars. I was impressed by the darkness itself, a deep pearl black that seemed rich in itself – not empty.

Drifting downward I encountered the light column path I took up earlier and I followed this down. This allowed me to land at the Crystal Monument  site, and just when I was about to sit down on the bench suddenly the narration interrupted guide the return. I then phased back to C1 directly.

June 11th, 2016

At home this evening twice I had the sense that something was calling me to meditation. This was somewhat frustrating because just that afternoon I had tried a hemi-sync session to stay tuned-in to contacts but I mostly fell asleep, falling into a very dreamy state of images that were hard to track. One image was quite impressive and clear but I could not grasp it and lost memory of it. I did decide however at this time to respond to this call and so I got a warm blanket and went to manual mediation w/o hemi-sync.

Entering the mediation I greeted the many things I’ve come to know and once in focus 12 something welcomed me and invited me deeper, so I proceeded to focus 21 via my mnemonic focus level cue. Once there it was dark with no images or thoughts and so I waited. Then something greeted me. In responding to that sense I said, “I feel that I recognized that you are those that have said I may turn to you, turn to you in trust”, I offered. “You know us”, they replied. I offered a small bowed in greeting. “For my clarity, would you increase the sense of distinction between me and you?” I offered. “Understood” is all they replied. Then for a time we were simply together and I had a distinct awareness of them but no conversation was offered and so I waited for what they planned

Then I sensed the presence of the individual that gave me the tour on the thought-vessel when I was at the TMI Exploration 27 course last month. “We wish you come with us”, he stated. I lost focus on the others and found I was focused on this new input. I replied, “You understand I cannot come with you unless purpose allows me”. “Please come to the place where you had met us before if that helps you”, they directed and so I decided to proceed to focus 27 via focus level mnemonics. Arriving in F27 I found myself appearing in their ship finding the individual I had met earlier there waiting for me. He offered in an assuring tone, “This will take none of your time.”

So I consider his request not knowing what to do. What could it possibly mean I wondered and I also wondered what Raphael3 would think. Instantly I was viewing Raphael as he stood at my special place in F27 (SP27) and I sensed a distinct no from him, but then instantly I found the Gatekeeper’s4image personify smiling at me – and he indicate that I should go ahead and see what transpires. Looking back to Raphael he said, “Remember your mission is here”, which I acknowledged. Following that turn of mind, I found I was still in the ship’s command navigation area with the being that gave me the previous tour. The being offered that I sit in one of the group guidance navigation seats that was vacant and so I sat facing the viewing windows as the others began to operate the ship.

I felt a leap and instantly the view screen was filled with racing images faster than any star field display in a Star Trek movie, or even the racing lights in 2001 Space Odyssey. The speed of what was displayed was far beyond my comprehension. We traveled for just a few moments and suddenly appeared stopped and in orbit over a huge planet, something on the scale of Jupiter I guessed. It had a pale soft beige-orange color. I distinguished no land features giving me the impression we were at a gas-giant planet that had no banding as Jupiter does.

I then addressed the individual that invited me on the trip, “It is my understanding that you are addressing conflicts and dilemmas that arise naturally. Why are we here?” He replied, “This planet’s structure is destabilizing as a result of natural processes effecting the planet’s being [understanding issues of core temperature, magnetic field…something like that]. “There is however other life on this planet that we have “attachments” [only word I can think of that resembles their relationship/interest] with, as you would understand it. The creatures of this planet are as aquatic life on your planet while you understand that these beings are grossly different due to the nature of this planet. [I understood the gas planet as dense gas, not liquid; life here accommodates the pressure and temperature of a gas world at whatever density that is]. We offer this to you as a crude representation”. “I understand, but what is the dilemma here that requires your assistance?” I replied.

“It is not our place to interfere with the natural end of this planet’s existence [in the sense the planet has an aware identity of its own], he explained. “But you wish to for the sake of the other beings”, I offered. “Yes” this individual admitted. “What is required” I asked? “The planet’s physical properties need to be modified to re-stabilize it” was explained. I offered, “Can you simply ask the planet whether it would be willing to undergo such change, for the sake of the other life forms” I asked? “Exactly”, he immediately replied and then he seemed to wait for me to continue. “If you could give the planetary being an understand of what you intend to transform it into and how that would benefit the other life forms wouldn’t this provided the planetary being with the knowledge it would need to make this decision? It might agree to the change you suggest” I offered. “Yes” he replied. “Then what is the problem”, I asked?

“The changes to this planet are happening slowly with respect to that being. However, these effects are immediately effecting the life forms present and we need a decision quickly relative to those creatures. As a result we need to act quickly”, he explained. At that point I wondered, “Are you showing me this as an analogy regarding my life?” “Yes” he replied. “Then like this planet if I were shown what I needed to become, how that benefitted a greater good, and if I could know that which I could trust to perform that, then I would be able to decide. I would need to understand… to see the decision”, I stated.

Then suddenly, the ship left orbit in less than an instant, returning to Earth was as a blink of an eye. I was aware they slowed and I could see our approach to Earth. Then suddenly I found myself outside the ship’s portal as before and floating in space. With a turn of mind I placed myself back at my SP27, but found I could not acquire that state. I was instead back in black void with Those That Say I May Turn to Them. There, we were together. I tried to mentally acquire them more clearly. I repeated that I need to know who they are, what my relationship is to them, and that I need a signature from them so that I may authenticate these experiences as not simply a whim of fantasy. They responded, “Understood”, but that was all they offered. I decided to not be contentious or make an issue of this and then quietly bowed to them and then they were gone.

Starlines 1 Course at The Monroe Institute – Early November 2016

Monday session #3: this lesson directed us to meet as a group at Voyager 8 (V8). From there we were assigned to free flow around planet energies of our solar system. Rather than using the REBAL I charge via my own QiGong meditation technique.

In this session I decided I would go along with the class and so I went to Voyager 8 for the group energy meeting. As I tried to tour parts of Voyager visually per narration directives I saw a small craft docked along side of Voyager 8 with two alien individual that indicated I was to go with them. It was so unexpected and yet, so clear that I joined them immediately getting into their craft. The craft was quite small, holding two pilots, myself, and maybe some more room for other stuff behind my seat.

When the pilots disembarked they took a dizzying dive plunging in a spiral trajectory straight down from Voyager. I had no idea why we were going this way. It was most disorienting but I was determined to stay focused on them. As we fell through this spiral trajectory I forced myself to examin the two beings piloting the craft. I tried to focus on the being on the left of the small craft that appeared to be primarily piloting. It was peculiar, I remembered clearly a craft like this and pilots like this species from a time many months ago when I accidentally appeared on such ship while in meditation. At that time I remember I startled the pilots as I suddenly appeared on their ship with them so i quickly left at that time.

I focused on his right hand of the pilot trying to discern it clearly. The very thin hand and arm had light brown skin that was wrinkled. I saw 3 fingers I think. I attempted to study this at length to be certain of what I was observing. I remember wondering how one functioned with only 3 fingers.

After a few moments of this crazy descent we leveled off and appeared to enter something like absolute still blackness as if it was bored through space; it was nothing but blackness with stars encircling the bore we were in. We were in this perfectly still and absolute blackness for some moments.

As I felt more collected and no longer feeling dizzy I asked where we were going. “The council requested we bring you”, was replied by one of the pilots. I asked which council… the Middle Council? I got a conceptual reply, something like the idea of a team meeting. This was most odd.

I asked what the meeting was about and one of the pilots responded, “We don’t know, we’re only pilots”. {that figures I thought} Next we abruptly exited the black stillness and instantly appeared in the thick atmosphere of a planet.

We flew into very dense clouds. I had no idea where this planet was. After a brief time I observed in the distance something hovering or protruded high in the sky. It appeared as a space dock or some structure couched in the thick atmosphere. We came to land on one platform and there appear to be a few figures there waiting. They were very short and appeared to be dressed colorfully. I wondered at this. Once out of the craft I approached and greet the individuals but they appeared to start to shrink and/or I was getting very large. This was most bizarre.

This sensation and perception lasted for a couple of moments until someone that was my size walked up and seemed to take the meeting over indicating I should follow. This individual had a very similar appearance as, or was, the same individual that originally invited me for the tour on what I call a Thought-Vessel that addressed paradoxes and dilemmas. That happened while at Exploration 27

We walked together for a short distance across the pad and entered inside the structure and abruptly turned into what resemble a meeting room similar to an ovoid rectangle in shape. There was something that resembled a table in the center with other individuals across this feature from me, as if they were waiting. I could not distinguish exactly the appearance of these several figures (bizarre) but I understood the room had representatives from different species present.

As I was considering this collection of creatures the individual who led me in abruptly addressed me saying, “Your impatience is understandable. We wish to address some mental obstructions.

Your understanding is correct that we represent many species and conscious-forms that your recognize. We recognized that these are difficult adjustments. Your agitation is understandable. We wish at this time to request permission to continue contact with you.”

I found I completely understood what the individual was referring to and then I asked him, “Why me?” This individual who led me into the room answered, “You offer specific understandings of man; your life development and origins are of interest to us”.

Clearly apprehending what he meant I replied, “If your intentions are in fact aligned with the good, then I am willing to continue meeting and be in assistance with you”. I continued, “As usual for myself I am concerned with contamination of this data stream as may be a result of my human deficits”. “This is understood and appreciated”, the individual replied.

Then, as if making an announcement this individual stated in a commanding tone, “Then it is agreed. We will begin now and will continue contact”. Given this impressive experience and considering aspects lacking in myself as late I thought to offer the group some token of good intention and so I said I would try to be more patient and open minded to my Pleiadian encounter contacts.

Then the session narration interrupted, beginning to talk me back, and abruptly I found myself in another room in a completely different place surrounded by others that – all I can say is – that we are the same.

I was with my kind I realized. They all appeared humanoid,dressed in simple but elegantly bright white clothing that had a large trim of geometrical patterns in gold along the bottom of their garb. We stood together and I came to apprehend or understand a knowledge and instruction from them. Then suddenly, again in an instant, I was back in Voyager 8 returned to my TMI group.

In sum, a most impressive experience which gave me a new breath of intuitive understanding about what was transpiring on a larger scale. When I reported an outline of this story in our group’s post session debrief, the TMI instructor who in the earlier session saw me at the other TMI Crystal site – the Crystal Monument – while not following the group energy, now asked me if I was glad I chose to rejoined the group this time. To which I replied yes.

Thursday Nov 17th, 2016

Back home from the Starlines 1 course for awhile now, I thought to use the Starlines take-home focus 34/35 track to maintaining my perceptive acuity in those focus levels. I had no expectations at the time. At the affirmation I stated my desire for assistance with this simple task, to help me stay in tune. I continued to use my QiGong (ShenGong meditation) charging method.

When I got to focus 21 I thought I saw the Wizard and so stopped to talk with him but I quickly became convinced that he was a modified memory load and not actually the Wizard so I abandoned that effort. I continued on to F27 to use the ‘TMI There’ collective energy site and then I went on to the TMI Voyager 8 construct. I charged the crystals for others. From there I went to my suite at the Alpha Squared space station in focus 42/49 via my focus level mnemonics. When I entered the room, to my pleasant surprise, I saw the Gatekeeper. I didn’t think he could be here in F42/49 and then commented to him that the suite was quite nice as it was very impressive and he agreed. After that and having him present I immediately went to work with my questions. We had a lengthy conversation and I can only write in the following. It is difficult to summarize all that we spoke of, or even explain it all.

I immediately brought up the problem that these thought/encounters and images were difficult to accept without some tangible demonstration that the contents are authentic. The Gatekeeper responded generally saying that this is understood and will take time; that the migration of things needed to demonstrate this matter will come in their time.

The central issue of discussion was the nature of the meetings with non-corporeal beings. The Gatekeeper confirmed for me that the individual met during Starlines who brought me to the meeting with some other species and requesting permission to contact me, was the same individual that gave me the tour on the “Thought Vessel” craft during Exploration 27. I wondered about the imagery of the vessel given its non-corporeal nature whether that idea is a correct generalization. The Gatekeeper explained that there is something similar to inertia even in the non-corporeal realm. Given that, tasks such as traversing the Universe take considerable effort even in the non-physical. He explained that vessel needs several individuals with considerable mental capabilities to traverse scopes that are on the scale of the Universe.

Wondering about the particular ‘appearance’ of the forms that comprise the non-physical appearances on the craft the Gatekeeper explained that for such individuals to exert their thoughts in concert it helps to have some common stage so as to orchestrate their combined mental efforts effectively. As an orchestra performs together based on agreed forms (collection of instruments), conventions (tempo & music staff), and composition (musical score or melody), it is no different for the non-corporeal to work in unison. For these individuals the thought-forms that comprise the ship with its various facilities suits their common mental orientations and goals.

He then explained that the aliens I met at the meeting room, and the Pleiadians for example, represent physical beings that are capable of interfacing with non-corporeal beings for common purposes through such common thought-forms constructs that provide the context or framework for their telepathic meetings and relationships which is what I am encountering and learning. I asked about the species of the individual that I met first at the thought-vessel tour and now again recently in the meetings. The Gatekeeper explained that is simply the form that individual chooses to appear as, his preferred icon at least when meeting me. This is similar in case to the Gatekeeper who may use different self images as needed but chooses to meet me with an iconic representation that reflects his ancient Earthly life form.

After the discussion closed the Gatekeeper abruptly turned and walked away disappearing. This struck me as quite odd, however immediately the narration interrupted the session; perfect timing yet again, which appears to serve as a signature in itself. We discussed much and this is a general summary of the nature of the conversation.

Friday December 23rd, 2016

This day I had a long, productive, and busy meditation which contains a few stories in itself. Here I will only write the portion that pertains to Sa-tash.

Once at the Alpha Squared space station I went to my suite. As I entered and immediately saw an animated presence standing in the place where Tellaidian typically stands when I meet him here and so I welcomed him. “I am not that individual”, was immediately replied and I understood the individual present was actually the “Facilitator”, previously met. The Facilitator is an individual I’ve encountered recently in F42/F49 and also at the space station. He carries out a diplomatic protocol in which he provides formal introductions to specific individuals. He had introduced me to a couple of figures previously and I wondered why he was here now. “I wish to continue our introductions at this time”, he stated. “Yes, certainly”, I replied. He then led me to sit down with him and once we sat I expressed, “Please proceed”.

He asked, “Shall I introduce you to one party at each meeting?” I replied, “Given my limited understanding I suggest you use your judgement in this matter. I cannot answer this”. “Very well, we shall do this over a number of meetings”, he said. “Now I will introduce you to…” and I got the image of the individual who first gave me the tour on the thought-vessel and have subsequently meet again. To help clarify I then asked, “Is this individual a physical or non-physician being?” “He is non-physical, as you say. He originates from a culture that primarily explored from a very early time. Traveling the universe they found anomalies, as you understand as paradoxes and dilemmas in various aspects of space. In their compassion they desired to find solutions to various problems. You would understand him as the captain on his ship”.

“Can you tell me his name?” I asked. Then as the Facilitator gave me the name and I struggled with this for a bit. The name was very complicated and Sa-Tash, which was only the beginning of the name, was all I could grasp. I could not understand the rest of the name given its long and impossibly intricate pronunciation. I then asked the facilitator, “What is it that is needed from me? I don’t understand why you would need my help.” To which the facilitator replied, “You have unique empathic insights and it is thought you may have additional insights into solutions”. I wondered at that, and then I brought up that I had purposes on Earth as I was mindful of Raphael’s potential objections. “Yes. That is understood. This work should only require occasional input”, the Facilitator confirmed.

Then suddenly the Facilitator stated, “Ah he’s here”, and suddenly I saw Sa-Tash. There was an immediate problem with scale of image as it seemed he appear to come out of space in thru the window and then hovered in the room. As the scale improved he then suddenly present in more consolidated form standing with me. I greeted him as Sa-Tash and inquired whether that was acceptable and whether I was pronouncing that part of his name correctly. Then he replied stating his full name for me Sa-Tash La…… his long complicated name that I could not imaging how to spell. He then asked me how I wished to be addressed. I thought for awhile, thinking what would that be. So I said, “You may call me Bill”. Sa-Tash looked at me puzzled. “So short a name..”, he said. I felt it was enough and asked him, “Sa-Tash, why would you need my help?” “We think you may be able to help us with a couple of our projects.” I could not imagine how I could possibly help but then suddenly I recognized in myself that I did have some ability for this, though I could not understand what it was, only that it was.

I felt deeply conflicted about myself concerning being able to actually contribute and in some manner Sa-Tash interrupted my thoughts and i felt the deep sincerity of this being; a clear and powerful insight.  Suddenly Sa-Tash bid farewell, turned and disappeared. That was brief I thought and since business seemed wrapped up I thanked the Facilitator and I then I also left.

Returning to Voyager 8, rather than removing my energy from the crystal I channeled that in for Student B from the Starlines course figuring it would boost him the next time he was here.  I then took some time to examined the ship a bit more, then decided to leave as I realize I had nothing more to do and so returned to my SP27. Raphael was present as usual and after some time I decided it was time to leave, about to walk out I paused and put my hand on Raphael’s shoulder saying to him, “I really do need some sort of validation on all this, and I also do appreciate you”. Leaving I walked to the buttress edge of my SP27 and leaping off I took the form of a large bird. I then continued my descent and entered the heavenly skies of F23… then coasted home.

Jan 16th, 2017

Two long meditations today: The first was powerful and rejuvenating, but the thoughts and perceptions of that one are not essential now. In the second meditation I decided to journey through my focu level mnemonics and visit the various focus levels. I proceeded using my routine greeting to Those I Know and I also stated I was willing to accept instruction at this time if that was deemed. Then I proceeded…

When I got to focus 21 there was a large being opposing me. It was dark, large, massive, and bulky in a form of collected block or block-like structures it appeared, but the image was beyond my comprehension; hard to apprehend what its form actually was. Though difficult to clearly perceive whatever it was was clearly immediately in front of me. I didn’t know if it was barring my way but when I placed my hand on my mnemonic symbol for focus 21 this creature also too took hold of my mnemonic symbol. There we faced each other.

I requested the being provide its identity but the being remained mute without giving any impression of intention. Suddenly I took hold with my other hand the feathered lance that was stuck in the ground near my mnemonic symbol place by the Native American ancestral spirits I know during Starlines and turning back to the being I held both symbols as I was determined to face this being. It immediately stepped back from me, bowed, and knelt. I didn’t understand but at that instant Ethereal5 appeared and stepping forward to the creature she place her hand fondly on it.

Surprised by the whole situation I accessed the IF (Intuition Facilitator), “What is the meaning of this creature?” “This is an Elemental”, the IF replied. Then Ethereal explained that it had come as an act of solidarity. Given her statement and her demeanor, apprehending her attachment to the creature, I decided to constructed a blessing for these Elementals which took awhile to determine how to best formulate, something as a gift to for them. Once done, I lingered for a bit with Ethereal and the Elemental that seemed deferential or subservient to her. Then I proceeded on…

Entering F23 I again found myself hindered, now by something that was requesting a soul retrieval. I could not discern who was addressing me and so I asked for clarification. Instantly I found myself looking at a boy that had been killed while riding his bicycle, maybe 8-10 years old.

I was standing just behind his left shoulder. He had lived in a quaint suburban neighborhood that had great old deciduous trees about the parkway and modest well kept homes. I could see the boy struggling to get into the garage at his house so he could put his bike away, but the physical garage door would not open for him. I slowly drew near to the boy not to frighten him as he was already quite distraught. I decided to walked up as if a passer-by.

The boy did not seem to be aware of me, as he was fixated on the garage door. Eventually I rested my hand on his shoulder to assure him, and as I did I was surprised by several angels who appeared about us in absolute beauty; an utter beauty that was more emotion then I could bare or wanted. I explained to the boy that there were no longer any concerns; that all was right. I explained he may see all those he wished yet again; that all this is cared for. After a few moments, suddenly the boy and the angels vanished.

From there I proceeded through the Belief Territories and arriving in F27 I found myself at my old landing platform I used during the LifeLine course. There was an enormous angel ten to twelve feet tall.

I have met this one before and so I simply looked up at him waiting to hear what he had to say to me. Saying nothing, he slowly lifted his arm to point in the direction of my SP27. As has been my style recently I flew there as an large bird lifted high on the winds aloft to my SP27 abode. Upon landing I found the Indian sachem6 waiting for me which is another story in other notes.

Following that encounter I entered my dwelling. It was filled with the light of the labradorite sphere I created to assist me with my travels. The labradorite’s light leaped fin color splashing and flashing all about. Standing in this blazing light I place my left hand on the sphere as I commenced the sling-shot7 between SP27/EC27 then on to F34.

In F34 I found myself in the dark so I decided to proceed to the TMI Voyager 8 construct and now again, as before, I found the small alien ship guided by two pilots that I’ve met before waiting for me. I paused not knowing what to do. Could this just be a memory load?

Then something encouraged me to join them I felt. So I got in their craft and found my seat, centered just behind the two pilots. The seat appeared to fit me and this time I noted their seats where different. Suddenly we leaped through a flash of bright light into the pure black stillness that we have traversed before; this bore of absolute stillness – nothing – surrounded by stars.

After some moments we suddenly appeared in a planet’s atmosphere high over the landing platform as we have other times before. I wondered if I was being brought to another meeting.

When we landed I saw Sa-Tash waiting for me on the landing area apron. Approaching him I offered my greeting and he gestured gracefully with his arm to proceed with him. We headed down the hallway he’s led me down before. As we walked quickly I examined the surroundings and Sa-Tash turned to me explaining they had tried to make this appear for me as appropriate. In reply I said, “It was wonderful”, and he looked at me as if pleased with the result.

Similar to before we entered what looked like a team room. There were at least two other alien species in the room maybe feeling others but I could not comprehend them clearly enough to know. One looked like a very large hairy spider, or fly, or some insect that was over waist height. Its eyes were fly-like but on top of a hairy body. It was clear in one sense, but not really knowing the anatomy of our own insects on Earth I cannot describe the creature and to be clear it didn’t look like a fly. The other being, that was to my left, was a few feet tall. Bipedal I think and had a complicated form that I could not understand as its appearance was just too different from anything we are accustom to.

Then Sa-Tash, who seemed to be giving me time to absorb my surroundings, informed me that we need to coordinate our activities. I was greatly puzzled by this statement not having any idea what activities this pertained to, or how we would coordinate so I asked him, “What result is it you wish to produce or insure – by this coordinated event”? I could not understand what this was about, so I offered my mind for his answer to be formulated within.

Instantly I understood that a very large gamma ray event resulting from a distant supernova would take place. I understood these beings present represent some of the species in the wake of this disaster. Then I recognized a request that I assist with a form designed to curb this wake of energy and thus spare the life forms. I reflected on myself that I often thought if I created a planet it would not have flies! Recognizing that prejudice I worked to reconstitute my thinking. Given all that I then asked how we were to coordinate. Sa-Tash explained that when the time came I would be informed.

Then, at that time, I took time to practiced apprehending the problem. I formulated my protection intention/image and will it. I repeated this a few times so I could invoke it when the time came. After this I felt ready and accepting Sa-Tash’s and the other’s wisdom in this matter, that is the decision to curb this radiation event, I stated I would assist. Sa-Tash thanked me for coming and he exited. When he left, I then also exited down the hall. On the way to the pilots I thought that I should not need an alien ship to return me and something stated to me, “You are an immortal. You need nothing”. Then I returned directly to my SP27.

The labradorite light was still blazing and I covered it with a heavy black cloth. Raphael was there too and he asked me, “What do you think”? I said, “I don’t know what to think. I feel that I need something. I don’t know where I belong anymore. Do I stay here? Do I return to Earth? I don’t know where my home is. This seems to be my place yet, why me? There should be others…”, I said. Then Raphael said to me, “Who else would understand this event?” I remained doubtful that no one else could do this, and turned to walk out the doorway of my SP but Raphael interrupted me saying, “Remember, I am not far away”. With that said, I left.

April 27, 2017

Early this day I did a couple of training meditations. Late that afternoon I considered using the Starlines take-home F34/35 track. For that session I decided to do nothing; having no intention but to observe and learn. Via standard sling-shot, I traveled to TMI’s Voyager 8 thought-structure spacecraft. Nothing was happening there, but I resolved to have no expectation and to just wait and observed. Then the small craft that has taken me to meetings with Sa-Tash in the past appeared. I wasn’t sure whether this was a memory load of some image for lack of anything else so I benignly observed it trying to decide what I thought about it. The craft waited and after a few moments the pilots gestured that they would be leaving. I still delayed unsure about the image,and then I ‘felt’ I received something like an invitation re-issued to me and so I decided to go along.

The craft pulled away gently and after coasting a short distance from V8 the craft suddenly leaped into the total black stillness that seems to be the craft’s state of translation through space-time or whatever that is. At this time I was pleasantly surprise to find that I was able to truly relax and to just ‘be’ with the two pilots as if it was a natural thing for us to be together, as if this was normal. I actually began to enjoy the moment being with the two pilots as this sensation was really new – camaraderie. There was no conversation – yet the most odd and pleasant awareness. After a moment we blinked out of the black void space transit instantly appearing near the same station as before with earlier meetings. As we descended I watched the approach to the station landing area. I looked down from the craft at the landing area trying to see who would be there. I thought I detected one individual this time

Once landed I got out and then clearly observed that the individual waiting for me was quite tall, perhaps 8 or 9 ft tall and wore a long straight crimson red cloak or cape. He wore something that resemble a sleek tall gold helmet. I could not detect any other feature other than it seemed he was holding a long metallic staff or some similar elongated object. The individual said nothing. When I walked up to him he immediately turned and led me into the complex. I sensed this individual represented some official capacity, a guardian or perhaps military?  I could not determine his role. He reminded me of a Roman guard but appeared modern as he lead me down the familiar hall, again to the familiar conference room.

When I entered the room, I was surprise to find Sa-Tash was not there. There were two alien species I’ve never met before and I felt that I should sit down with them. My sense of others in the rear portion of the room varied possibly in number but these two were fairly clear. The being across from me had the head and face that I would describe as similar to that of a baby elephant, roughly in terms of shape, though it was not the head of an elephant. The other individual on my left was just impossible to describe. I tried to study its appearance and had many clear glimpses of its facial features, yet the face was something I cannot describe. Again, it was too unusual to grasp. Both creatures seemed peaceful to me and I wondered what I was suppose to do since there were no communications and Sa-Tash was not there.

I sat there considering what I was perceiving and I wondered why nothing was happening, so I decided to just relax and wait. In that time I worked to keep my awareness on this small group of two and our near surroundings trying to not drift off. I also began to wonder what I was doing there. Then there was a fluttering burst of an image into the conference room; it hovered virtually over the table-like feature before us. I would describe the image as a sort of large viewer or projection monitor. Then an image of some non-human species formed in the viewer. This observation was similar to seeing a very crude hologram and I considered that what I was viewing was another individual remoting-in to attend virtually the conference group. Again we all waited.

After what seemed like a long time Sa-Tash entered the room and immediately apologized for being late. He addressed the group but I could not understand what he was saying. I sat and watched feeling pretty useless. Then the individual who was remoted-in began a presentation or a statement is how I would describe it. Again I could not understand what he was saying. Intuitively I felt he was reporting something wrong or something out of the ordinary that was effecting some locality pertinent to him. This went on for sometime and not understanding what was being discussed I sat back passively maintaining my awareness. Then the remote session suddenly ceased and the viewer disappeared.

Sa-Tash then began to address the group. I still did not understand what the group was discussing and so pushed my chair back slightly to take a backseat role and let the grown-ups talk as I felt very out of place, but Sa-Tash quickly grabbed the arm of my chair and did not allow me to recede from the group. (Maybe I was doing something impolite?

The group discussion appeared to be coming to a close as individuals stood up and were leaving. As I sat letting the others go Sa-Tash sat down next to me and drew closer as he turned to me saying, “I’d like you to go on a mission with us”. I wondered what use I would be to which Sa-Tash replied as if knowing my thoughts, “We’d like you to get familiar with our operations – consider this training. There is nothing you need to do”. I considered this for a moment, understanding their time management capabilities ( ie their time doesn’t necessarily take any of my time) and I agreed.

We stood up together and entered the hallway. Sa-Tash walked closely next to me on my left and added, “There is nothing to be concern about. We will come for you”. We then walked out onto the landing area and the guard-like figure was present as if waiting. I still could not infer what the role or purpose was of that figure. Then I went over to the small craft and climbed into my small seat behind the pilots and we took off.

Then, WHAT the HELL(!) is with these pilots as I suddenly sand hard into my seat as we lifted up fast, flipping back over, and accelerating backward while inverted. The the craft was suddenly rolling over hard into the normal horizontal for the exiting trajectory. WHY do we have to go through these fast acrobatic maneuvers I thought(!), but instantly we entered the still black space transit which was quite a relief. After many moments we blinked out of the blackness and came to Voyager 8 which they pulled along side to. After I re-entered V8 I took my position near the crystal and instantly the Starlines track narration commenced the return narration – another perfect timing experience which is the hallmark of these experiences.

April 28, 2017

This day I did two hemi-sync sessions: morning session 1 was a F12 track – noting nothing. Next my second morning session used Starlines F34/35 track. In the second session I intended to look for the EMA. Things were mostly blank but then I sense someone else. I inquired, “Hello?”. Softly replying something said, “I am always with you”. Encountering these nebulous things speaking platitudes before I inquired, “You are not the EMA. What is your individual role?”, feeling the being was among Elohim. It immediately replied, “I am your guardian”. To which I stated, “You are not an angel are you?” “No”, it replied. “You are Elohim?” I asked. “Yes”, it responded. I wondered about its relation to the EMA and why it was present when the EMA was not so I asked, “What about the EMA?” “That is that one’s role. I am your guardian”, it offered.

A bit irked with the cryptic responses yet knowing often the discussions with Elohim are very factual tho basic I thought i’d just ask since I had the opportunity, “Well, why all the trouble and misery in my life? What was that for?” The response surprised me, “Others can help with this…. They are coming”.

I waited and briefly detected something had arrived but there was nothing clearly presenting that would communicate. I thought to asked the big pointed question to these beings, “Why is it I find that I cannot turn to find you, or be with you as Elohim had previously stated? Why are your words incongruent”? I received no reply…. and after giving them opportunity to answer, I left.

Session 3:

That evening I decided to do a manual meditation with the intention of seeing the chamberlain at the tower. I had been thinking about some questions for him and hoped I would be able to see him curious whether I could actually get solid answers. At the start of this session though, I really doubted that I could reach thru in a truly meaningful way as such efforts have been duds in the past. Then I was reminded that amazing things come often at times I feel most lacking and that it does not appear to matter what my ability is.

I settled into meditation with some difficulty getting relaxed. My body was having a hard time calming down. I couldn’t settle my breathing. My focus in F10 seemed poor, but when I passed into 11 I recognized what TMI calls the Access Channel and was glad to see some clarity beginning. I quickly headed into F12 and felt my awareness expand. I wondered for a moment how well it was truly expanding but then I saw the ghost horse9 from the other day’s encounter. I observed it was prancing around in a meadow a short distance from me as if the horse was playing. It was good to know that it was well and I was satisfied that my F12 acuity seemed good.

I passed through 15 into F21 and this time I did not spend time with my F21 mnemonic. Rather I looked around and wanted to get a sense of my surrounding. When I felt I was well consolidated I turned my attention toward the task of heading to the green wall10. As I went in that direction I found I was passing through various scenes as if other thought-construct aspects occupying F21 in my locality. I continued through them choosing to pass by them and on to my specific construct. Observing the interesting variety of representations I passed through and continued to the green wall. Once I got to the forest which is near the wall I entered that and quickly made my way.

At the wall I paused there to take my time and focus on this transitional element wishing to maintain a good connection in this state. Passing into the wall, it was as if stepping into liquid, becoming bathed in the green color there. I lingered in the wall for some moments examining it, again trying to carefully adhere to the state. Then I emerged into the city.

Immediately I encountered a female waiting there. She didn’t look the same as the princess-like complex thought-form11that I’ve met previously and this made me wonder what was going on? Am I confused about the image? Am I adding this? Why am I meeting another form? I paused and after greeting her briefly I explained that I was there to speak with the chamberlain. The young women turned and immediately began to lead me and she accompanied me on the path to the tower. Along the way this young figure seemed to twirl, skip, and dance about. Her actions helped me focus on her and I apprehend the individual to be utterly happy or giddy and my suspicion that she was not the princess thought-form, and that I was perceiving her correctly improved. This individual appeared more as a young maiden to use an archaic term and wasn’t as richly adorned as the princess. I was becoming more persuade that this must be someone else.

As we walked I asked her, “Is there a word or name that represents you”? “You may call me Carla12“, the figure replied. I thought, right a human name, and making a mental note of her name I asked, “Have you traveled through the city? Is there a boundary?” “I have traveled and have never encountered any limitation”, she explained as she twirled about. I then ask whether this environment pertained to the physical Universe to which she immediately replied, “It pertains completely”, while still twirling and dancing along.

At the tower door I thought to tell the figure that I wished to enter the tower alone, but I remembered how in the past the princess figure always followed for some unknown reason although I knew she is interested in many things, interested in the physical. Then I reconsidered and informed the figure that she was welcome to follow and that I did not mind if she listened to my conversation. Given that however, the figure gave me a small bow and backed away indicating I presumed that she would not attend. I thanked her and entered the tower alone.

Inside I ascended the steps around the tower’s interior wall and soon arrived at the top level, which I realized clearly then that this level had a roof. That was something I puzzled over in the past, what was above that room. Immediately I detected the chamberlain and approaching him I bowed slightly in greeting. “Chamberlain, may I ask you a number of questions”, I started. To which he appeared to affirm that I may. I began, “Do you have awareness of the history of my physical existence”. “I do”, he replied. “Then are you able to address questions I have that pertain to more then this book”, I stated as I rested my hand on the book which had been the center of our previous conversations. “Yes. I am”, he patiently replied. “Can you tell me who is it you represent?” I asked. “Your family”, he replied. I continued, “Is there also a civilization, a community body with administration, that you may represent?” He replied but I was not able to understand his words. I recognized that the meaning he expressed indicated that the matter was beyond my comprehension at this time [in scale, scope, or construct].

Still keeping my right hand on the cover of the closed book, as I sought to stay anchored and to keep focused on constructing my questions, I turned to another topic, “Are you aware of the non-human life forms I am encountering outside of the Earth system?” “Yes”, he again affirmed. “Are you aware of my contacts with the thought-vessel that travels across the Universe addressing paradoxes; the leader I know as Sa-Tash?” I asked. “That individual I do not know”, he replied, “However, I know of the purposes and tasks you refer to”. “Why am I meeting this group, their craft?” I asked. “It is very important that you become familiar with the nature of their work. You already understand its purpose”, he stated. As he said this I realized I did have more understanding of the purpose; that given the many levels and myriads of intentions creatively at work there are bound to be conflicts in intention. Some conflicting intentions that positively work together are constructive, while other interfering intentions working destructively in many case appear as dilemmas, paradoxes, disharmonies – these often requiring resolution.

After that tangentially realization I returned my attention to the present moment with the chamberlain, “Are you aware that the Pleiadians: Atur and Anosh, have contacted me? Is this truly so [actually Pleiadians]?” “Yes. We had coordinated with them in this matter”, he replied and I was surprised by his answer but it made sense13.

Then changing subjects I asked, “The being I met that referred to himself as my guardian and is of the Elohim, what is that…a guardian?”. “That being is [concept of large army in size, similar to the idea of a breed in type, occurred in my mind] your guardian”, he conveyed. Thinking for a moment I asked, “Is there a better term then the Earth word Elohim to describe these beings”? He replied, “Thinking as you do in terms of Shepherds of Creation is suitable. Now including Guardians – a role in addition to shepherding, strongly protecting aspects of creation and more.

As I pondered what he was explaining, understanding there were many roles among them, while still keeping my hand on the book to keep myself anchored, I tried to focus on constructing the addition questions while I had this connection and so I asked, “This book… You have said it is my future…Is it a manual that will guide me in what I should do?” The Chamberlain countered, “It is as an outline of events and tasks. Think of it as a docket of what we have to address”. I turned a couple of the first pages, wondering how I would ever read this.

“And this will pertain to the physical life I have now?” I asked. “Yes, these events have begun; it has started. Because you are able to be aware of us we moved forward with you in your current state”. I looked at the pages, the first being the picture of Earth surrounded with things in position – the image we first looked at some time ago. “Does this first page pertain to the Great Recovery?” I then asked directly. “Yes”, he directly replied. “This is happening soon?” I asked. “By our standards this is occurring very soon, and by your standards you will become aware of operations soon also”, the chamberlain confided.

I then considered my doubts, “These thoughts and images, I do not have a way to determine that this is a valid construct”. To which he replied, “That will not matter as all this will soon become obvious to you”. I again looked at the images in the book and expressed, “I cannot read this. I can’t see it clearly enough”. “That is why I am here to help you”, the chamberlain patiently replied. “….. and I do not know how to straighten out these attitudes I have [antagonistic doubts about the trustworthiness of some Elohim I meet “, He kindly responded, “That is understood. When the time comes you will readily step into your role”. As I was rather filled by the detail, I turned my questions to another topic to closure.

“The young female that I met, she is not the princess-like thought-form that I’ve met previously. Correct?” I asked wishing to verify my perception. “No [she is not], we were expecting you and wished to have you met and accompanied here when you arrived”, he explained. Continuing he added, “There are many here that assist with conducting individuals to their destinations”. After this I decided it was time to leave as I felt deeply satisfied that finally I was able to get some solid answers, amazed that I have this resource that will explained things to me.

Thinking it time to leave, after bowing slightly in thanks, I turned toward the stairs and looking to my left I saw the open air window looking out over the city, as it was when I was first brought here by the princess. I then realized that this ‘is’ the same tower, as I questioned that. The sense of a gift was tremendous and was emotionally overwhelming….to be there again; a place that is true joy….. After some moments I headed down the staircase.

Exiting the tower I found the same maiden waiting. She walked with me as we headed toward the wall. Along the way, far off to our right I saw the princess figure standing on a hilltop. Clearly that was the individual I first met, recognizing her poise and countenance was unmistakable. Seeing her I place my hand over my heart to gesture a hello to her. She turned and smiled radiantly waving to me. Then I continued to the wall with the young maiden.

Approaching the wall I noticed the light in the sky (a previously used portal access). I wondered if I could get back from here, or whether I had to pass through the green wall first to use the portal. Not intuitively knowing what I could do I decided to go through the wall. There I found an individual that I could not discern. Whoever it was it instructed me to mentally place myself in the light. That was all the person offered. Then doing that, I found I was in the light and felt … well I felt joy and a deep peace that I have not felt in a very long time. I could feel well-being and again the sense of deep joyful peace. I stayed there and something indicated I could stay there as long as I wished, and so I remained in that state for a long time, enjoying the moment. In time I began to noticed my body and that it too felt this deep restful peace. There was a sense of completely healing, being well beyond anything that could possibly be wrong. After staying there awhile I began to recognize that I should return. As I decided that I found my body to be slightly ringing mostly from the chest down. Then after a few moments I decided it was time to be back and I exited directly to C1 without transition.

Monday June 13th, 2017

This day I did a manual meditation although in recent days I was having problems making any sort of contact. At the beginning of my meditations I still go through the process of the energy conversion box although I typically don’t put anything in it. I just maintain this routine as the energy conversion box area had been a contact point in the past. In recent weeks I began to see something beyond my conversion box in the distance. As days and meditations have gone by in those weeks I began to see the shape of two individuals in the distance watching me and/or approaching. I could not see them clearly given the distance and I wondered/concluded that I was creating the images and so I had been disregarding them throughout this time. In the last week or so however, the two individual images have been appearing closer and closer to my energy conversion box with each mediation. I presumed I was imaging that.

Then today at my energy conversion box, I had not yet invoked my mnemonics that I use to advance through the focus levels, and the two individuals seen previously were now clearly viewable standing directly across from me, standing on the opposite side of my conversion box. They were both tall, 7 foot or so. The individual on the left was slightly taller. Their clothing was draped or dress like, dark colorful fabric that seemed like formal wear given the colorful elegant appearance of the fabric. The material of their clothing gathered around their neck in a richly billowing collar. The sleeves were baggy hanging to their hands. I only saw their heads which were somewhat elongated, their faces hard to make out, they’re hands had long slender fingers, 4 or 5 digits I think.

I wasn’t sure what to think of them and was deliberating whether I believed they were really there when they reach across my conversion box, each taking hold of my upper arms, and then pulled me through my box (as I passed through it like a vapor) and proceeded to walk away from the box taking me with them, each had hold of me by an arm, forcefully escorting me away with them. At that point I stopped and pushed them off of me with a blast of brilliant hot light.

Then staying out of the energy I was projecting, both quickly bowed at which point I demanded, “What are you doing? Who are you and what is your intent”? Still bowing one said, “My lord, we came for you”. “From where?”, I required. “It is from…….. what you call focus 49”, one of the two replied. “Why?” I demanded. “We are here to assist you”, they replied. “Assist me with what?” I continued. “We are here to assist you with your transformation/translation [ loose interpretation, their meaning was unclear]”, they stated and I did not sense any ill intention from them.

I then wondered whether I should scrap this whole thing as my imagination. I should go back to my energy conversion box and resume my mediation as usual i thought but then the other individual said, “My lord, the transport is waiting”. I looked up and saw a white tube of light that was just beyond us.

I found I was not surprise as over the recent years I have been aware that there was some sort of portal just beyond my energy conversion box room (Sunday 1/10/16 – The Beyond entry in You are Not Who or What You Think… The Beyond). It was mostly just beyond my perception, but once I did try to access it briefly. Thinking about all that, and that I didn’t have anywhere else to do, I agreed to go with them.

We took a few steps toward the light tube. Then one lead the way into what looked like a white or light tunnel/tube that was only big enough to go single file. I followed the first individual with the other individual following behind me. The tube was just high enough for me, the other individuals stooped slightly. We walked a very short distance and stepping out of the tube to find there was a small landing area and a craft waiting.

This craft was very similar to the one that has picked me up a number of times at V8; just slightly bigger. When we got in the craft there were the two pilots of species I had commonly met. There was also the seat for myself as usual, and there was enough room for the two individual to sit behind me. Then the craft took off.

We traveled a short time but this time we did not enter the pure still blackness that we have transit through before when leaving V8. In this case it really felt like we didn’t go far and it looked as if we were in space and never left it. In a short time I saw the landing area on the planet I have been to many times now.

Landing, we all got out and there was the guard I had seen before dressed in his red cloak and gold helmet. I watched as the two individuals spoke with this figure.  After a time we were cleared to go I guessed. We entered the narrow hallway as I’ve been in before, but we did not turn into one of the conference rooms as in the past. Rather, the individuals led me straight down this hall and then we entered a very large command console room that was circular. We entered an upper balcony that allowed me to look down at the operation. This is different I thought.

Then approaching on my right, walking on this catwalk that encircles the command area, was Sa-Tash. He greeted me as if glad to see me. I bowed slight and greeted him pleasantly as I’ve come to realize that I do enjoy being with him. I asked him what this was about and who were the two individuals. He appeared slightly surprised at my question and then simply referred to them as two delegates. I understood them to be delegates that somehow pertained to some project Sa-Tash was working on. Those two individual wandered off to our left as if they were just there to get me and had other things to do.

Sa-Tash, appearing pleased with the whole facility then offered to show me around, but it may also be that he is simply happy with what he does and where he is at. I asked or stated, “This facility is part of your thought-vessel project operations”? “Yes”, he replied appearing to enjoy providing this small tour. I was aware that the facility was not very large; the command console area below being about 75 feet across, likely surrounded by conference rooms I expected. Walking along the balcony Sa-Tash directed me to turn left into another room. It was perhaps a fourth of the size of the console room. Stepping in and looking at this room, I apprehended that it was a cafeteria/nutrition/refreshment room similar to the small refreshment apparatus I saw when I had my first tour of his thought-vessel docked in focus 27 during the Exp27 course.

As we looked at the room, I realized that at my last meeting w/ Sa-Tash (April 27th) he did say he wanted to familiarize me with their operation and he did also say they would come get me. Turning my attention back to the cafeteria I said, “Sa-Tash, this is the non-physical correct”? “Yes”, he replied. “Then why do you need nourishment?” I asked. “Ah, this is not physiologic nourishment. It is a replenishment for aspects of our forms”, he explained. This seemed to make sense and then he added with something like humor, “Our crews have big appetites!”

I recollected that the crew on the ship I first toured back in F27 was navigated by several individuals required to intentionally navigate the ship thru distance they travel.  The Gatekeeper had also once explained to me that there was a sort of inertia in the non-physical that required several skilled minds working in unison to orchestrate traversing such spaces. I wondered if that was why his crew members had big appetites – energy replenishment.

We walked back onto the balcony and looking down into the console area I said to Sa-Tash, “Sa-Tash I do not understand why you are bringing me here. I am still in the physical there isn’t much I can do. And I also don’t understand, you spoke to me before of the gamma ray burst (January 16, 2017 meeting): there isn’t anything I can do to help with that”.

“You already did?”, he said. “Did what?” I retorted. “You already help us with the gamma ray burst. [This coming event was threatening some planets and their respective civilizations. Sa-Tash stated in January that he wanted me to help with a solution for that] “You gave us the solution”. [At that time I contemplated as way to block the gamma burst by manifesting a large dust field that would absorb the highly ionizing radiation. I also practiced that while with Sa-Tash so I would know what to do when he said it was time].

“But you said you were going to let me know when the time would come to do that”, I continued. “We did”, he countered. “I don’t understand”, I said somewhat fatigued. “Time is not linear here”, he began to explain, “That gamma burst is already in our past”. “But I didn’t do anything”, I expressed. “You gave us the solution”, Sa-Tash continued. “I can’t believe this, I have no memory of you telling me the time came, and you could have thought of the solution without me.” I argued. “Not in your current form”, he replied, “but you have already done this”, he answered.

“I only remember first thinking about what I would do, and once back in the physical I remember re-forming that manifestation a few times. How am I suppose to understand this?” Sa-Tash then continued his explanation, but I could not understand at all what he was explaining and I was becoming mentally tired.

After considering some aspects of the multiple teams working together and the associated ships, and being tired, I felt it was time to go. Sa-Tash walked me back to the landing area. He patted me on the shoulder and we shook hands. I wondered, why are we shaking hands? This is an odd gesture here. Then I went out to the ship. I saw one crew member climbing up into the craft. I was surprise by his thin stick-like figure under the large head and noted he could walk on all fours as comfortably as on two, the front two limbs also serving as his hands. He climbed up into the craft quite articulately.

Once onboard, this time the pilots took off in a more comfortable manner then in past trips. It didn’t take long traveling in space and I observed the white tunnel we had used. From this perspective it looked like a white light conically projecting into space while originating from an abrupt terminus in space; as if the light was hanging there – hanging on nothing.

When we arrived I got out of the ship and was able to just step onto the edge tunnel’s entrance. Within a few moments, not walking far, I saw my energy conversion box room and realized I was back.

This is bizarre. I was only gone 25 minutes.

August 4th, 2017

These past weeks, more than a month, has been very hard. So many things going wrong in big ways, and what in the world is really going on? I just don’t get it. Why? And I can’t get through at all in my meditations. Am I’m getting through with these faint signals? Who knows. I suppose there is a reason for this, but I don’t understand why someone won’t just tell me. I’ve more or less have given up trying. Two months from now I go to TMI. This is going to be a dark wait.

Today I’m extremely tired; been really sick for a couple of days, and I am sick and tired or all of this. It’s like being in a trap – isolated. I decided to go lay down for awhile with a couple of my large crystals. The amethyst aways makes me feel better and I like to be with my large fluoride too; put on some good hemi-sync, zone out, and do nothing but breathe. I’m just gonna coast out; screw the mnemonics and focus levels. I was surprised to find my breathing was very connected, feeling the local mountains and clouds rolling in. I could feel energy. It was so good to just lay down and do nothing.

Then after awhile I caught a glimpse of F23; so beautiful. Why let me see these things at all and then close me out? Why let me see any of it at all? Then after a long time I found myself at the Crystal Monument [F27]. It’s a comforting place of sanctuary for me. Standing with it; touching it. I decided I would just stay at the Monument and be with this great stone. After a long time I decided to sit down on one of the small benches that encircle it. Here also, I did nothing but sit for a long time. Then as I was looking out into the distance I was surprised to see Sa-Tash walking up. I don’t get it. Why would he be here? But regardless of what I thought, he was clearly there walking up to me.

“Sa-Tash is that you?”, I asked and continuing, “I don’t understand. Why are you here [in F27]?”. “We are docked and I noticed you were here so I came to see you” he explained. I was uncertain whether I believed what was happening. Then Sa-Tash offered, “Would you like to come with us?”, as he made a inviting gesture with his arm. This was all so surprising. The signal was faint but it was clear. What could this mean I wondered, but as he waited for me I thought what else do I have to do and so I agreed. We walked a short distance from the Monument to a very tiny craft, so I asked “Why do we need a shuttle”? To which Sa-Tash replied in his usual manner, “It is for effect”. I smiled.

The tiny craft then took us up to his ship. The shuttle rose up to and entered through the lower vent of the craft. This appeared to be the same ship I was on before, when we first met during the Exploration 27 course. Once inside we walked to the piloting area. The command area seemed busy and Sa-Tash gestured that I sit down in one of the piloting seats that was unoccupied. As I sat I observed Sa-Tash standing on the main corridor’s deck that separates the upper and lower levels of the piloting area. From there he gave a few commands and the ship leaped forward. Light raced across the view screen.

As we traveled, I asked Sa-Tash where we were going. He said, “We going to meet some friends of yours. I believe the names of your Pleiadian friends are Atur and Anosh. Surprised by his statement and still a bit bewildered I muttered yes in reply. Very soon we appeared in the atmosphere of a planet where I had met Atur an Anosh before.  I saw the landing area below as I had seen it before during the Starlines course. The ship descended but we came to hover over the landing area perhaps 25 feet above that deck, rather than landing. Then Sa-Tash and I went to the very small landing platform that used some sort of descending ladder/elevator system. It had just enough room for us to stand together. Once on the landing platform we walked up to two Pleiadians waiting and I recognized Atur and Anosh.

Walking up to greet them Atur reach out to shake hands with me and Anosh leaned forward giving me a small kiss. I didn’t understand why we were meeting. Is this really happening I wondered. Then Atur said to me, “We want you to know you are not alone. We are all with you’. Then getting my wits about me I turned to Sa-Tash and said more formally that it was very good to see him; that I am always glad to see him. I then turned to Atur and Anosh and explained that I was also very glad to be with them as well.

Then I began to nearly cry saying, “I feel so far away. Once I could see but now I am nearly blind, and I don’t understand why”. I felt like I was mentally, emotionally,…psychically broken. Then I started to cry saying, “I’m all alone there [among the humans]”. Then Atur said, “We know”, and Anosh added, “We understand”. Emotionally crushed I muttered, “Everything is just so far away”. Anosh took my hand and held it.

Then I believe it was Sa-Tash who said, “We want you to know that you are not alone and that we are all with you”. Then they waited for me to compose myself. What did I feel in Anosh’s hands? I can’t identify…what was that feeling? We stayed together for quite awhile as I was settling down. [For a brief instant I saw an alien face interleave and it was gone.] In time I felt better. It was good to be with friends who understood.

After a long visit Sa-Tash turned slightly indicating it was time to go saying, “I don’t not want to break my promise that we would take none of your time”. I smiled, and after saying good bye I turned and followed Sa-Tash to the ship. Once inside it was like we just disappeared. Everything was so fast; in a matter of heart beats we were in back in F27 at Earth. Sa-Tash lead me to the small shuttle and returned me to the Crystal Monument. We didn’t have much for words in terms of goodbyes. After a brief moment at the Monument Sa-Tash turned away and left; and I was alone standing next to the great crystal. I was then reminded of when I was first at Gateway at TMI. What does this crystal mean?

While at Starlines II October 2017

Monday Night Session 1: Free Flow F42

Arriving at Voyager 8 (V8) I noticed an alien shuttle along side and below V8. I’ve met this craft many times before and without hesitation I left V8 to be with them. The alien shuttle pulled away gently from V8, but this time the craft streaked into the distance. It was as if we disappeared to be a point in space. This was different from other transports. After traveling a short time we came to the planet I learned to recognize as Sa-Tash’s base of operation 3 .

We landed on the same platform that juts up through the clouds that i’ve visited many times. As I stepped out onto the landing area pad I paused and wondered, “Is this real?” Then someone put their hand on my left shoulder as if standing just behind and beside me saying, “Yes. It is real!”. I turned slightly and saw Sa-Tash standing next to me. Then he continued to walk toward the facility’s entrance as he lead me to that doorway.

We entered the faculty and proceeded down the familiar hallway but now we went directly to operations. When we got there Sa-Task led me to a staircase that brought us down to ground floor level operations.

I’ve been to operations before but we stayed on the second level in that encounter. Now we walked to the right, slowly heading counterclockwise along the exterior wall of the circular shaped operations room. It seemed to me that Sa-Tash was allowing me to look around. As we proceeded I noticed the wall had a structure that looked like a glossy black porcelain. The wall undulated like corrugated metal that has vertical wave runs, but the corrugations or ripples in the wall were over a foot in size compared to undulations of a couple of inches one would find in our typical piece of hardware store corrugated metal sheet.

As we walked I saw an alien standing as if at a station I guessed. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing as I tried to figure out what it was that I saw. His face was flat, fleshy, not round in shape; more squarish or rectangular with the long featureless vertical length. This creature had eyes on antenna-like polyps that rose off the top of its head. There seemed to be no face. Now at the time of rewriting these notes the only way I can describe this creature’s face is to say it was like the face of a snail, but a snail with a flat face. It was very unusual.

Continuing our walk I saw another alien who turned to face me. This one is also hard to describe. The face looked as if the primary features were tentacles of various sizes, spacing that protruded off the face; similar to the confusing appearance of a small octopus. I had no idea how to interpret the function of the facial features. I did not notice other features of these creatures as I was consumed by trying to apprehend or recognize what appeared as faces on these individuals.

From there Sa-Tash led me toward the center of the circular operations floor where I looked up at a large circular skylight that was something like 25 feet across or so. After a pause Sa-Tash said to me, “We wish for you to see this view”, and as I looked out into space through this large ceiling window’s view I saw a beautiful closed star cluster system and other clusters of star fields as well.

Then I asked him, “Why am I here”? As I looked at Sa-Tash time seemed to be slowing down, coming to a stand-still. Then I felt I was loosing my form, loosing… me, and Sa-Tash said to me as if reminding me saying, “Time is not linear here. We have paused to allow you to acquire your future form”. As the sensation became increasingly strong I said, “I don’t understand” and then found I had diffused out of the operation facility drifting out as if I was a formless vapor. This continued, the sense of expanding, and drifting away from the operations facility.

Soon I found myself in space above the operations center and could not figure out what I was or what I felt. I looked down as I saw Sa-Tash’s facility receding from me. Then Sa-Tash called to me, “We will bring the problems to you”, as I continued to rise and expand. In time I felt utterly and helplessly lost as I grew evermore. What is happening?! I began to be quite worried and soon found I encompassed the galaxy … becoming it, with it.

I felt utterly alone in this form; separated by such incredible distances from everything and everyone by this cold empty impossibly distant space – utterly isolated forever. The feeling was quite strong and very alarming – frightening!

I might as well be dead rather than feel like this! “No! I do not want to be this!”. But then I looked out and I saw other galaxies, a myriad of galaxies. I saw we were flowing together to someplace in the distance. I couldn’t see where we were going; it was too far, but I saw this myriad of others with me moving along as if we were migrating together to some distant destination – I could see.

I was there a long time and no longer felt alone. I wondered where were the Ancients in all this. Seeming after a very long time I felt myself again changing; condensing, shrinking, and then descending and after a time I found myself returning to Sa-Tash and eventually found myself with him in operations appearing to be myself again. I said to him, “I don’t understand”, but he gave me no reply. He then quietly lead me back to the landing platform and I joined up with the shuttle pilots and they returned me to V8.

Devenoir is an angel stationed with me just prior to June 2015 

  1. I first met Adoret July 2015.  He seems to appear for his own reasons; not always stated. 
  2. The archangel Raphael 
  3. One large role of the Gatekeeper(s) is ensuring only specific individuals are issued power; serving as a control.  From Earth originally I know the Gatekeeper as one of my primary guides.  I call him Grandfather. 
  4. Ethereal is a diva, or Earth goddess that I’ve met a couple of years ago. Physiologically speaking, if one may, her composition is similar to an archangel. She is close to me in access. 
  5. This is a chief Native American ancestral spirit that I know and work with. 
  6. The Sling-Shot is a technique developed by Franceen King of TMI for accessing focus levels 34/35. The student is introduced to this in the Exploration 27 course and used in the Starlines course. 
  7. The Chamberlain is an official instructor provided me to administrate understandings of a book I’ve been introduced to at a tower in the Elohim City. This instructor will also address some other questions I have. I was led to the tower some time ago which another story, but at the Tower I meet the Chamberlain 
  8. The ghost horse was a deceased horse spirit, walking sickly as a corpse. It came to me in one meditation and so I spent time healing it back to being a healthy horse. 
  9. The Green Wall surrounds the Elohim City and is mention often in my notes. I was led to their city in the past and it was explained I could go there to meet w them. I do not know the purpose of the wall or why it is green. 
  10. The princess-like complex thought-form is discussed in early notes. To clarify, that figure was never introduced as a princess. I use this term only to describe her appearance and demeanor.  It was surprising to learn that as a created non-physical form she is curious about what it is like to be physical. 
  11. Many days after this encounter I thought to investigate the meaning of the name Carla:  that is Little Women. 
  12. Rechecking my notes, in my second meeting w the Pleiadians (July 2016) I inquired as to who sent them and they replied they were sent by The Great Ones.