Exploration 27 (May 2016)

**** TMI: Exploration 27 May 2016 Notes ****

Saturday Afternoon

With the beginning of every course there is an interview with one of the two TMI facilitators conducting the course. As I began to explain the extent of the things I was trying to adjust to, along with the things I needed to know, I found at many times I was on the verge of becoming unhinged. I didn’t realized how much this whole experience: spanning realities, those transitions, the internal conflict of exceeding one’s own boundaries, the unresolved questions about its meaning…was straining me. This in itself was extremely upsetting . Once I began to talk about it – to convey only the very smallest part of it – I saw how off the edge I was.

Saturday Evening – Focus Ten Reset exercise.

The first session was a visit to F10, a basic exercise to start easing into the week’s adventure. Once comfortably in F10 I saw a visual data-stream of disparate images – places. The images flowed past me quickly; just as I was beginning to focus on one particular image the location or the image would morph into something new. This happened so fast that it was hard to get a fix on any particular thing. One interesting aspect however, was that this felt quite normal to me.

Saturday Night

I couldn’t sleep and/or I was lucid dreaming; trapped between two waring factions within myself. On the one hand I realized how resentful I was with “Them – Those Beyond” regarding many things. Why is it too much to ask, for direct answers as to why? Why is that too much to ask? I’m really tired of the cliches, the retorts, “We are with you”, and the “We understand”; statements that seem totally inadequate with respect to the numerous struggles in one’s life. I was clearly angry.

Then I found myself in a crowed room – a living-room – people mingling, passing in and out, as if there was some social party. Then for a moment I saw through the crowd clearly seeing one person sitting on a sofa facing me. The individual was looking directly back at me; my decease friend ‘D’. He was more vivid then waking reality itself. His eyes, incredibly clear and bright as he smiled at me in a welcoming and joyful manner. I could ‘feel’ his visitation and that I will be there soon. Then suddenly I was awake.

Sunday AM: 1st Session – Focus 12 Reset

Nothing outstanding took place in this session. The flow of visual images was presented as before. I was, however, able to slow them down somewhat and then I saw a long table before me. The table was contemporary in style with settings for perhaps a dozen people but I could not see the full length of the table as it extended into the distance. I was able to stop this image and study it. I asked outloud, “What is the meaning of this?” And someone, clearly answered me saying, “It is the Gathering”.

Sunday AM: 2nd Session – Focus 15 Reset

Some refer to the F15 environment as “The Void”. For myself however, I don’t know that I sense a particular void here more or less than in any other level. At this time, given that F15 works well for manifestation, I went to work on various target projects I have since there was no assigned objective for this session.

When I was complete I wondered to myself, “What do I need to understand now”? Immediately someone said to me, “Be Patient”, and I retorted, “Anything else”? “Relax…” echoed back.

Sunday AM: 3rd Session – Focus 21 Reset

That morning I was beginning to feel troubled. Usually at TMI I have more visual acuity then normal for me but this wasn’t happening and I began to worry that something was wrong. Am I loosing my abilities even here?! I felt considerable anxiety that the whole week was going to be like this – a diminished or even a pitiful dud. How will I ever deal with the internal conflicts if I am loosing my abilities even here? {As an aside my loss of perceptive acuity began some time ago as I was told the imposed limitations were to insure I would stay here on Earth, but I could never accepted that}

Entering this session, starting out from focus 10, it was all black except I began to see an eye looking at me (it’s never a human eye). This is actually quite familiar to me but I did wonder why this was happening now? I proceeded on to the Wizard’s dwelling1 as was my standard practice in F21 – determined to ask him what was happening.

When I got there, acquiring my first glimpse of the Wizard’s place, I saw laying on top of his stone dome-shaped dwelling an enormous dragon; colorful, huge, and it was looking directly at me. Then I saw the wizard and he was standing outside his dwelling with his back to me as he was looking at the beast. I came to stand along side him looking at the magnificent creature, noting the stone roof of his dome-shaped dwelling was cracking in some places under the dragon’s weight.

I walked up to the creature and placed my left hand on it as I applied what I call the Sequoia energy2 which I’ve found these creatures have liked it in the past. The creature appeared to accept me touching it and then for some unknown reason the Wizard shouted out to me in a loud commanding voice, “RIDE THE DRAGON”3.

I leaped onto the dragon’s back and immediately the dragon launch upward into the sky as my body contorted under the incredible power and acceleration the creature had. With that the creature rocketed high into the sky as I stayed centered on its back. It flew up and banked around, then plunging down hard and fast it dove into what I call the Abysmal Chasm’s depths. Then pulling back up hard soaring again high into the sky I could see so much more then I thought was possible as we travel fast and high, then turning back and gliding lower toward the Chasm. So this dragon took me over the mountains, the nearby range, allowing me great vistas, things amazing and beautiful to see.

When we returned the dragon slowed and glided, finally landing heavily on a rock ledge near the Wizard’s dwelling where the dragon talons clawed through the rock to get its resting foothold. When I got off the dragon I found that I was – abruptly back in C1.

Back in C1 it came as a surprise to me that I felt utterly torn; torn throughout, torn away. Why tear me away? And WHY this wonderful image and encounter with a dragon? WHY is my mythologic dilemma thrown in my face like this? It is hard enough to accommodate the things I’ve come to know but knowing the dragons has been one of the hardest and most wonderful of all the things I struggle with understanding, but again why? Why do I meet the dragons? How can I share this with the other trainees at our debrief; to mention this completely crazy aspect of my life, my encounters with this powerful wonder of Creation. Why visit me? I remained fairly upset for the rest of the day.

Sunday Late Afternoon – Focus 27 Reset

Here I was surprise that I was back to visualizing nothing again. I search and waited, but nothing. Then I was in contact with something that I could not perceive at all but I felt and knew it was there so I called out to it, “Would you explain your nature to me?” “Guidance”, was all that was returned. “There are others present?” I asked that I couldn’t be directly aware of but suspected. “Many”, was replied. “You are a distinct being or a representation of a plural one?” I continued. “Distinct”, it answered. “May I learn about the various aspects or facilities here?” I asked. “Yes”, was all it offered.

The conversation continued, much of it I could not bring back, but I do remember my last question. “What is the primary purpose of this place (Focus 27) and its aspects”? “Orientation…. Adjustment”, was all that was replied and then it was gone.

Sunday before dinner time:

I asked the I Ching why I was having such diminished perception so much of the time now. What I received was the exact answer I received when I asked this same question last April 28th and the answer felt completely true. Note the odds of getting the exact same answer from the iChing including the exact same moving lines is 1 in 16,777,216.

The answer to this question was Gua (Hex) 30 with the 5th line moving; transforming to Gua 13 having a nuclear hexagram 28.

Explanation: Gua 30: 


(Carol K. Anthony): The Clinging Fire. Care of the cow brings good fortune. Attaining and holding onto clarity is the subject of this hexagram. Taking care of docility in ourselves is our work. This means that in spite of the difficulty of all challenging forces, we should cling to what is luminous in our self, and others, and in life itself, not forsaking our belief in good and its power.

(Richard Wilhelm) : Fire above, Fire Below. Perseverance furthers. It brings success. Care of the cow brings good fortune. The trigram means “to cling to something”, to be conditioned”, to depend or rest on something” and also “brightness”. In order that his psychic nature may be transfigured and attain influence on Earth, it must cling to the forces of spiritual life. Favorable. Omen. Auspicious

(S. Karcher): Radiance. Light, warmth, awareness; join with, adhere to; articulate and spread the light, see clearly. Radiance describes you situation in terms of awareness and coherence. It is the bright presence expressed in the omens that shows the spirit is near. Bring together what belongs together. This is a time of intelligent effort and accumulating awareness. It includes unexpected and meaningful encounters, separations from the old and experiences outside the ordinary.

The moving 5th line:

(Carol K Anthony) Tears in floods, sighing and lamenting. Good fortune. We attain a clear view when, in going through difficulties, we acknowledge that adversity is necessary for growth

(Richard Wilhelm) Here the zenith of life has been reached. Were there no warning, one would at this point consume oneself like a flame. Instead, understanding the vanity of all things, one may put aside both hope and fear, sigh and lament: if one is intent on retaining his clarity of mind, good fortune will come from this grief.

(S. Karcher) Issuing forth tears like gushing. Sadness like lamenting. Auspicious. Radiance: the kingly prince indeed.

Gua 28th (Carol K Anthony) is the nuclear hexagram to this answer: Preponderance of the Great. There are those powerful moments in life which present opportunities to make progress. Everything is in a state of flux ready to change to improvement or stagnation. Because the weight of the great is excessive, the danger exists that we may loose our inner equilibrium.

(Richard Wilhelm): Preponderance of the Great. The ridgepole sags to the breaking point. It furthers one to have somewhere to go. Success. The problem must be solved by gentle penetration to the meaning of the situation.

(S. Karcher) Transition, crisis; gather all your strength to make the passage; hold on to your ideals. It feels as if you have lost a connection with someone important. Cry and mourn. Let your sadness be seen. This will open the way again and bring those above you to their senses.

The transformation to hexagram of 13: Fellowship with men.


Sunday Night: Continued Focus 27 Reset. Task: Go Create or Reset your SP.

When I took the Lifeline course the previous year I did not create a Special Place (SP) for myself as is one of the tasks in that course. At that time I just didn’t know what I should really do about that and now I found I was concerned that I would not be able to create a SP for myself. To just make it up? What would it be? I can’t do that. So at my affirmation I asked for assistance only saying, “Where should I be”?

Entering the session when I arrived in F21 I saw the large dragon as before. It was again laying its crushing weight on the Wizard’s dwelling as if the dragon was lounging quite comfortably (The scale of the dragon was comparable to WWII bomber resting on the top of 1 car garage). I continued on and when I got to F27 I wondered to myself for a moment whether I was actually in F27. I thought, “Why not”, was as good as any answered and so I called out to my surroundings, “Please guide me to where I should be”, and then I saw hovering near me the oblong white glow of light that in the past I have found to be guidance. These I’ve encountered before during the Lifeline course. Sometimes I call them the 27GPS as they often leads to soul retrieval locations.

This glowing apparition turned and lead me away in flight toward a distant high mountain range. I’ve seen these mountains before during the Lifeline course, very high, extremely rugged, a large range, great and towering features. During this flight I paused three times as it seemed I was loosing the guide but each time I paused it stopped to allow me to reacquire awareness of it.

We flew to a high craggy peak and landed. There was a large ledge and close by a crevice in the mountain’s buttress. Fashioned in this rock structure the crack looked like it could possibly be a cave. It looked big enough to walk through and I considered it could serve as a dwelling for me as I approached, examining the entrance.

Entering I found the cave to be comfortable in size for me; allowing me to walk around inside. It reminded me of the wizard’s structure, but more importantly I recognize this place from a dream I had maybe 25 years ago, a vivid dream I’ve never forgotten. Inside the cave was another crack that served as a crude window. The view of the mountains from inside the dwelling was incredible but the bigger surprised was inside I found my deceased roommate ‘B’ waiting for me. I had met him frequently during Lifeline and other times following but sometime later I was able or allowed to see him transform when he left F27, yet here he was. I thought he was gone.

I expressed to my old friend that I was worried about my loss of perception to which he replied, “It is a challenge, not evil. You know the dualities simply offer you the chance to fear, to fear the loss of your perceptions”. We discussed much in detail, so much I could not bring it all back, but I remember the notion of choosing light and courage for purpose. How is that? Then we stood together, looking out the sidewall crack that served as a window, enjoying the view together.

I continued settling into the dwelling; creating a large open intrusion filled with large dark crystals points spanning from roof to floor on the right-hand wall; something for recharging and calming myself. The feature emitted a wonderful energy and I took some moments to absorb its rest.

Opposite this wall I again considered the large slanted crack that served well as a window; fashioning it a bit more into a wide and short window shape. There was already a crude wooden table just left of center in the room; keeping the Wizards’s tradition I guess. Then I took a break, considering the room, and my friend ‘B’ informed me that the Sachem could visit here. This came as a surprise as I was not aware the Sachem could leave the Belief Territories so I reexamined the room trying to determine what would make the place appropriate for his visits. I started by creating a stout rough wooden chair and large log bench along the far wall just to the right of the crystal intrusion and just left of the doorway; putting some furs over the seating places. As I looked around the room I caught a glimpse of a large dragon gliding by the view of my window; it was cruising along the mountain range.

Next I went back outside. I needed a large space to serve as a portico for the Sachem’s Shaman. The ledge was a perfect size but I wanted a fire ring with sitting area suitable for the Shaman. I began to have a sense of joy in this place. When it was time to leave I transformed into an large bird and flew down many thousands of feet gliding down then entering F23 riding on large wings as I traversed F23.

When I arrived in F21 I paused at the Wizard’s dwelling where I found the Wizard outside his dwelling surveying the crumbling roof damage to his dome-stone structure. Raphael was there too. It was so good to see him. I went over to stand with Raphael and he patted me on my shoulder. I then noticed the Gatekeeper was also present. I asked them where Ethereal was and Raphael answered, “She is on Earth with you”. As I was considering that I must be leaving soon the Wizard turned and looking at me he said, “Take your dragon with you”!

Monday 9:00AM 1st Lesson

At the beginning of this morning’s lesson I included in my affirmation statement that I was willing to assist in anyway that was desired of me. Once in the session I was not surprised to find it was dark and soon I arrived at my F27 landing platform which I had arrived at many times during the Lifeline course’s soul retrieval tasks and subsequent travels.

At this time I saw other students entering F27 but then I realized a figure of guidance appeared, the same capsule-like bright light hovering above me – a 27GPS. What very much surprised me was that this light suddenly entered me, merging with me; I could feel it. We then headed out of F27. I wondered where we were going.

Suddenly I found myself in a modern bright decor apartment fitted with clean white appliances, modern furnishing. There was a round white table in the kitchen with a laptop on it. As I looked around I judge the apartment to be an efficiency unit with a long narrow floor-plan. At the far end of the narrow room was a large french window with window seat and cushion. There was a young women that appear curled up on the seat sleeping.

As I approached her she sat up quickly and looked at me saying, “How did you get in here”, she demanded. I replied, “I was passing by and thought I’d see how you are”. She retorted, “But how did you get in here”? I answered her, “That is not important, but it is important that I am here”. She turned away and laid back down on the cushion with her back to me. I walked closer to her and as I reached out to her I said, “There is something you should know”, and with that I reached over and took her hand.

Immediately she ascended out the french bay window and I went with her. We passed the Belief Territories and I noted no resistance from her having any preference to leave me for any of the Territories so I continued to lead her to my soul-recovery platform in focus 27. When we arrived she was clearly bewildered, disoriented, so I explained to her that all the former things are now in the past and that there is no concern now. Then two individuals approached us and approaching her they took her, walking her away, to where I don’t know. Next something directed me to leave the platform area and go back to my SP.

When I arrived at my SP’s portico I saw an angel waiting; standing at the crack entrance to my dwelling. As I approached it directed me to enter. Upon entering I was surprised to find I Raphael there waiting for me. I turned to face him and he reached under his belt removing a brilliant star-like point of energy; the one I gave him last April 6th which left me extremely ill in bed for a few days (Ethereal brought me back to health then). He extended his hand offering the point-energy back to me saying, “You give too much away”, and I replied, “I don’t know how to…..” and I would not accept the energy back from him; wanting him to have it. As he put the point-energy back under his belt he said, “We know”.

Then after looking at me for a moment he continued, “This… It is the beginning of the journey”. After considering the purport of what he said I next realized it was time for me to return and so after a final moment with him I turned and flew back rocketing through the focus levels. When I returned to focus 10 it was dark but I realized the light I had.

Monday Morning 2nd Session: Free Flow Focus 27

Nothing much happened in this session other than I was perceiving random clear images in color of various places. One repeating image was that viewed as if looking out through pine tree branches. In the distance under pines trees was a white brick house, a single story building. I had no understandings of what this meant, but the image repeated a few times and was quite clear to me.

Monday Morning 3rd Session: Intro to the ‘TMI There’ Facility (F27)

Explanation: In focus 27 there is a TMI complex thought-form construct that is a manifestation project built by TMI; having been created by instructors and TMI students during courses over years. It’s called TMI There and is used for group training among other reasons.

The goal of this session was to visit and observe TMI There as a group. To this end a different affirmation statement was suggested. For myself however, I am also aware of a different TMI There site in Focus 27 – what I call The Crystal Monument; a natural occurrence in F27. It is another large crystal representation of, I believe, the large crystal that is at the main campus. Around that crystal is a path that has small benches arranged in a circle surrounding the stone and path. Around that is a system of low cut shrubs arranged as an ornamental maze. Leading to the crystal from different directions are direct axial paths. One does not approach the crystal through the maze; those seem to be more ornamental in a gardeners/landscaping sense.

Once in the session in focus 12 I sensed the whole group was elevated in some manner but I don’t have a word to describe what I sensed from my fellow students. I proceeded to return quickly to them but found myself to be alone. I observed many ‘things’ traversing focus 27 as I waited for the students. After a bit I decided to go to my F27 landing area and wait there instead. After a moment the narration directed that it was time to go to the TMI There locale (ie the TMI construct) I intuitively went to the designated TMI There site though it was in the opposite direction of the Crystal Monument so to speak.

Approaching I paused to contemplate the entrance to the TMI There construct. When I entered I observed what appeared to be a building similar to the course’s residence building of the main campus though I found it lacked structure. I ‘sense’ the crystal room (used for group energy tasks inside TMI There) and going to it I found a large rectangular room with a large rectangular table in the center. The room seemed as if it would make a splendid dining room in a small mansion. It had a high ceiling with large tall rectangular windows along the far wall (There is no physical room like this at TMI). The crystal in that room was perhaps three or four foot tall hovering over the center of the table. The light entering the room through the large windows was vague, diffuse. The whole room had a drab dim aspect to it. I place my pick-code (personal mnemonic) on the crystal as directed for this session. Then I waited and observed.

I first saw student ‘A’ enter appearing in Buddhist monk’s garb. Others that appeared where not defined enough for me to identify distinctly. After a-bit I went down what appeared as stairs to the reception lounge area. Viewing that I went outside to the back of the building. It appeared as a civic area and there I observed many individuals who appeared as brightly elongated cloud-like wisps, like faint white or bright smoke on a wind converging on the area. I moved higher up for a better vantage. As some wisps became stationary I began to detect individuals; again observing student A, but also student L, and student K. They appeared to be standing on an apron-like porch area that approached the center of the building having a couple of stairs up leading up to it.

Coming back down to a lower view, I entered the building and drifted into what looked like an unusual room that that had many columns of tall window-like openings that had no glass, not resembling TMI at all and I felt I was no longer at TMI There but rather someplace else in F27, as if this was some other aspect of F27. There I saw wisps of flowing light pouring into and through these large window shaped openings; a great volume of ‘spirits’. I stayed here hoping to observe something clearly.

Suddenly I saw one wisp as it entered transforming into an old women and then once through the window she began to progressively further transformed or regressed into the form of a younger self. As she moved on I did not follow her but looked back at the other entering wisps. I observed another wisp that had come through the opening and I saw this transform into a very young baby. As I watched it the baby evolve into a young man in his mid-twenties. I turned my attention back again thinking to check for TMI students in the stream of entering wisps, but could not identify any students there.

The narration initiated the return and going to my F27 landing area readying to leave I found I had a disorganized and indifferent attitude to the focus levels or grounding on the return. I felt like I had really been someplace else of a different significance than our reality and found I was completely uninterested in returning to our state.

Monday Late Afternoon Session:

The assignment here was to go back and sense the essence of the TMI There facility, to seek some object, merge with it, communicate with it, and try to sense its message.

For myself this session was becoming terribly obnoxious. I traveled through the TMI There facility at times wondering whether I was memory loading the physical site. I traveled through the building and came to the dining room. There I saw a very large red rose in a small vase on one table. I examined it and studying it I came to know the gentle affection behind placing the rose there.

Then I went back outside and saw an appalling site. It looked like a creative mess, as if someone started with a tree or something and others kept adding tweaks to it. Disgusting, repulsive, artificial, clumsy, obscene, looking like it was made out of cheap green plastic. I left out of disgust and went back out to the Crystal Monument.

At the Crystal Monument I noticed a very small and shy creature moving around. It had fur but I could not determine clearly the shape; that of a shrew, or maybe something like a squirrel? I don’t know what it was. It was quite timid so I could not get a good look at it. After a short time I left.

{Note 1: during our debrief when I reported the discovered rose, one of the instructors had let me know that she had created the rose and placed it there on the table in the dining room}

{Note 2: A fellow student of other course also discovered the Crystal Monument and reported an additionial feature that I had not told her about, though it is in the locality}

Monday Evening Session:

The assignment in this session was to go to the Education aspect of F27 and ask about one’s origin/cycle/role in life etc.

In this session I did not go to the TMI There construct. Rather I went to The Crystal Monument that I know. Getting there I was immediately glad that I came to this spot since it is so peaceful. I place my pick-code (mnemonic) at this place; no one else is there.

I then turned to the assigned task and announce my inquiry to the area surrounding the large crystal, asking for guidance about my personal education here and immediately a bright oblong gold-like glowing orb appeared over me. It began to move off and I instinctively followed it. The guide increased speed and I matched it, but then it went faster, and faster yet. I struggled to keep up since the speed was outmatching my comprehension. In the distance I saw the guide trending upward and it rocket away as I understood it left focus 27. As I had falling behind I suddenly sensed myself also being drawn beyond focus 27 and so I gave up trying to catch the guide as I sensed I was being taken to another state, the place I was first taken to during Lifelines (Lifelines’ Tuesday notes).

In a sort bit I came to a stop and where I was I wasn’t sure as the area was dim to me. Then abruptly, in front of me appeared a row of individuals that looked to be standing on an ascending platform; the second individual standing slightly higher and to the left of the first, the third individual, standing higher and to the left of the second and so on. There were several individuals present, seven or perhaps more. They wore long heavy white robes with large hoods pulled forward so that I could see no faces. As is my custom I bowed in greeting, acknowledging them.

To my surprise they all bowed back. I didn’t know what to think; what that meant, but then one of them spoke to me saying, “Why are you surprised? We are not your superiors. You are one of us”. Puzzled I asked, “….who am I – err…Who are we?”. “You are a Shepherd [as you call them] – as We are. You went to Earth [as you remember] to learn what it meant to be among the [physically] created. We are eager to be in more full communion with that knowledge”, they said. Slowly I offered, “The humans…. there is so much suffering, sorrow, pain…..”. “Yes…. we understand”, was all they replied.

I brought up the topic of reincarnation to which they replied, “Through recycling, evolving, we hope to glean promising results from that system”. Then wondering about my own life’s drive I said, “I yearn for what(?) … God(?), or the Source (?) … [Why]”. “It is the fire. You remember your visit to the fountain…. The fire from the Source – it burns forever”, is all they answered, but then they continued to explain as if knowing I was trying to figure out tangential issues, “There are Shepherds called Great Ones. There are also what some call Ascended Masters who are from us. We shepherd and create. However – the Master Creators are closer to Source providing fundamentals of the underlying principals. Our work builds on that. The dragons [you know] also originate from the Master Creators… a less moderated (untame) expression [branch] of creative forces; different from us. We are pleased with your association with the dragons, their creative aspect. It is our desire to have more … a greater harmony”. “What of my next steps”? I asked. “You may go forward. You have what you need. There is nothing in your way”, they concluded and then they faded away.

When I was ready to return I was surprised to find I was somehow incredibly far away from Earth; so very far away. I headed back fast sensing a challenging separation, then pushing as fast as I could and then even faster yet – trying to come back I found I was on fire or I was fire – encountering Earth’s atmosphere burning through the sky. I became aware of the focus levels. I focused hard on slowing, cooling, trying to re-collect myself back into my form here …. and found myself laying softly in my CHKC unit.

Following this I finally felt deeply – a peaceful and satisfaction that finally – I had some answers. I rested for awhile enjoying peace and a great resident power.

Tues 9:00AM Lesson

Session 1: The Healing and Regeneration Center

In this lesson we were directed to observe healings at the Center and/or request a healing for ourself. One may also examine self-limitations or obtain mental healing, a return to wholeness.

I went to the healing area which I perceive as the entrance to a forest ranger’s office. I waited and watched. I noticed a cloudy breeze of wind flowing into the front entrance, seeing this as collections of cloud-like wisps flowing by. I continued watching and once many had gone by I entered the center myself. I went up to what I perceive as reception and inquired whether I might see one of the TBs 4. The receptionist replied, “Of course” and led me to one of the TBs that appeared older then others that I’ve met before; this TB appearing taller and with slightly darker and rougher skin then the others.

Addressing this specific TB I asked, “Do you know me”? The TB answered, “We know all we treat. You – I do not need to remember. I see you for who you are and as you are”. Then I asked about a recent visit with the TBs during which I thought I was directed to not come back. The TB explained, “You are not rejected, this is a matter of regulation of access to this energy”. Then another TB who was present stepped forward adding, “Your questions are not matters of healing”. I found I was having a hard time maintaining my presence there, struggling to not click-out, then feeling it was time, I left.

Tues AM 2nd Lesson

Education & Training Center

While entering F10-F12 transition Devenoir5 approached me asking, “Do you need assistance”? I explained, “I am irritated by energies about me”, to which he only replied, “Understood” and he faded away. Next as I entered F15 Adoret 6 approached my right. “May I assist?” he inquired and I replied, “I am concerned about clarity in the mind-to-mind contacts”. He replied, “I will convey this matter”, as he left. Passing into F21 I observed Raphael who was with the Wizard conversing, so I pass-by continuing with the assignment.

When I entered F23 I detected many images and made a general inquiry regarding whether my assistance was desired. In reply I heard a peaceful sounding voice reply from somewhere, “No. Your purpose leads elsewhere at this moment”, and so I continued on. In F27 I found I arrived at The Crystal Monument (I generally have little control over where I appear in F27). From there I proceed to the Education Center where I perceived a grassy amphitheater-like lawn leading down to the structure. I walk down the slope to the entrance of the single level Earth berm structure with two pillars at the doorway.

Entering I observe something like a tall podium and the vague image of a figure that I thought of as similar to a librarian. I requested assistance or education regarding my situation. I was then given a cloth or robe or something to wear and was directed to wrap that around myself. Then someone like an assistant arrived and lead me away. We came to a bench where I was directed to sit and wait, “Your trainer will be here shortly”, I was informed. (The reader may wonder why everything looks like stuff we are familiar with. The explanation is to remember F27 is largely constructed to service humans. Though those servicing the area are generally not human.)

Then a large being shaped similar to a man but much bigger arrived. It was difficult to have more then a general fuzzy perception. I could only detect clearly what resembled big feet and a long fabric draped down to its feet were clear. This figure sat down next to me.

“I need to understand how to resolve my inner conflict, one of identity – how to be”, I explained. The trainer answered, “There is no how here. You are. You do. Within is knowledge. You are complete. Thoughts are structured within you that are assembled to meet the doing of growth of being. What you seek is (already) developing within you. Your being knows how to do this”.

Then I saw the image of a lake. The trainer continued to explain, “Somethings (lessons) adhere to memory based on form, forms of thought”. Next I saw a fish in the lake going about living its existence and notice student L was present appearing to be listening as the trainer continued, ‘Somethings are as nutrients (fed on) among sediments in the lake. Such nutrients do not necessarily enter into memory, but enter the heart and are assimilated as nourishments there, not remembered. This comes and goes, nurturing, accomplishing it task [the vision next illustrating a fish nourished all the while by virtue of the water it swims through, nourishment [is] also respired and not directly consume. The nourishment continues without the notice of the fish]”.

Then this very large trainer stood up to leave and as it is walking away I saw the form of something like a large white hair cover creature (Yeti-like) dressed in something that resembled a shabby worn robe draped down over him. Suddenly the narration enters talking one back to C1. I phase back.

{As an aside, after debrief I wrote down the lesson with explanation at the lake for Student L. Giving it to her she said it completely pertained to where she was (a lake)}

Tuesday AM Lesson 3:

The lesson’s goal was exploration of planning aspect of F27.

While traversing focus levels 10-12, though I did not directly see but I had the feeling that something/someone perhaps Devenoir or Adoret were around me. They had visited earlier so I was guessing it was still them. I requested to the space around me that whatever was present please reveal themselves. Then Adoret appeared on my right as a very large presence 9 foot, roughly angelic in appearance. In front of him were smaller phantoms of white blurs that seemed less significant compared to the magnitude of Adoret’s stature.  On my left was Devenoir emerged into perception. These individuals did not addressed me at this time however.

From there I proceeded through the focus levels. Passing through F25 or so I noticed or felt that something had observed me passing through belief systems. I was then concerned I might disturb the belief region and so I decided to leave the area quickly, not sure whether I posed an interfering effect (I have in the past been observed in one territory and was aware that my appearance startled an individual there that was not yet ready to move on from that belief). So at this time I accelerated quickly upward out of that belief region. Following that quick move, I found as I flew upward that I was flying into bright blue sky illuminated with bright light. The light defined an opening above me in the sky, so I continued following this obvious route before me which led me straight up to the location that looks like one of the large TMI crystals – The Crystal Monument.

When I was there I stopped and made a general inquiring regarding guidance available that may pertain to planning in this state, but I also stated that I was open to suggestions.

Immediately I noticed the same column of light that had guided my path previously now again appearing above me and I heard something say to me, “Come up”. So I flew upward and after a short distance I began to see the bottom of a white circular spacecraft. From below I saw in the center something that resembled an opening, or engine vents, or entrance. This opening had concentric shields or louvered doors about it opened into an outward position. As I flew up to this vent or opening I paused to look at the structure. I was able to clearly see the material that comprised the ship. It was perfectly smooth and appeared as a fine white ceramic or porcelain. As I entered up into this area the louvres closed below me.

I rose and came to stand on a small deck or hallway like feature of the craft. In this area there were several small alien creatures appearing around me. There were about eighteen inches tall, very delicate stick-like shapes, and they moved very quickly. As a result I stood still as I was hesitant to move fearing I could injure one of these creatures. Then through a doorway that entered this corridor an individual approached me. I could not make him out completely. This individual appeared slender with fair complexion, about my height, having long straight white or very blonde hair, looking very similar to a human. He wore a cloth wrapping (white shawl) that draped over his shoulders, this over a long cloth tunic-like garment. The shawl that was wrapped around him was long and the excess fabric was gathered up and draped over his right arm that was extended forward slightly. I offered a slight bow in greeting but we did not address each other as he appeared to be observing and assessing me, and I was observing and assessing him.

There we stood silently looking at each other, and then turning slightly back to the doorway he entered through he said, “Would you like a tour”? So I proceeded to follow him as he led me back in the direction he just came from.

The ship was clearly circular and we proceed to walk on a deck that looked as if it encircled the interior portion of the ship. The ship was not big. We walked forward  what appeared as a counter-clockwise orientation on this deck about the center of the ship and we entered into a portion of the ship that appeared as the control or piloting area. From this view it appeared we were on a second level deck looking down into the piloting area.

On our level and above us was seating. I noted there was some seating below us too. This was similar to a movie theatre where there are seats below and above the main entrance aisle. Looking carefully it appeared there were a few rows of 3 seats rising above the deck, and below there were a few seats and a large view screen. On that screen I saw we were looking out into space. In this theatre/amphitheater-like arrangement the individuals seat below were facing the screen, and there were also perhaps six or seven individuals seated above, leaving some empty seats.

I was puzzled as to why there was a ship seeing no traditional piloting controls, and my tour-guide as if knowing my thoughts explained that just as I require time and concentration to traverse what I call focus levels they too have translational issues in reaching the vast distances throughout the Universe as they carry out their functions. I then understood this pertained to attending to needs that occur throughout the Universe and sensed this was a large operation. I thought this ship would be for exploration but then clearly understood that they travel to places that require specific attention, assistance, or nurturing. I seemed to just understand.

My thoughts wondered how the ship moved and again this individual began to answer as if knowing my thoughts. He explained that the individuals in upper balcony navigate/locate by virtue of thought; that they travel not so much as by coordinate system but via thoughts as to where they wish to be. I understood this takes several individuals that coordinate together their intended goals. I then asked whether he had a name, to which he explained that they apprehend each other as complete individuals and so they did not need names among themselves to identify each other but he quickly returned to explaining that the nature of the ship was not physical in the sense that I am use to thinking. He explained that the ship was a composite of thoughts, thought-forms, and energies that do have a physical aspect but one that is not in the sense of the physical definitions I am aware of. He added they traverse a universe of thoughts and energies at very high speed which he explained I had witnessed an example of that ealier when I could not keep up with a guide in 27, it accelerating and disappearing into the horizon at the time. He explain that was a small example of their capability.

From there we continued our walked to our left which was a counter-clockwise direction relative to the ship. We passed a fixture on the wall of the ship (on our right of the deck) that caught my attention. It appeared as two one-foot wide, 6 foot tall sections of dark porcelain that were joined at right angle. This resemble the inner corner of a shower stall. In this open right-angle shaped feature, not quite chest high was a small shelf that might resemble something like a soap dish in a shower corner. Next to that was a handle. I paused looking at this. My tour-guide then explained it was for their refreshment. I wondered what refreshment that might be in the non-physical (or whatever existence we were in). He then demonstrated the unit by placing his left hand palm up (his hand looked similar to ours) over the shelf and operating the handle. There was a effervescent light that shown down on his palm. He then offered that I try it. I placed my hand similarly as he did and when I turned the handle I apprehended a sense similar to a feeling of a peaceful or joyful uplift, the intensely of which was like what we may call the moment of spiritual enlightenment, as something that supplements the need of our moments of deep spiritual lack. It was very interesting.

Continuing our walk around the ship we came to another large open area of two levels. As we walked along the corridor-balcony separating levels it reminded me of an aquarium but there were no tanks. Rather I observed a few enormous clear glass windows that looked like they were in contact with the ocean. As I was puzzled over this my guide explained that while here, they wish to maintain contact with various aspects of our biosphere, in this case the ocean. He continued they have interests in individuals such as myself but also other aspects of nature that humans are not familiar with – other aspects of the Earth’s life systems.

From there we walked to another area where there were things similar to view screens or view ports of scenes unfolding on Earth. Here he explained that these were not news feeds but unfiltered event monitors they used to keep track of objective Earth events unfolding.

Continuing we came to a propulsion room in which I observe a large glow of white light. It was explained that this was not physical propulsion, rather the propulsion system was a thought-energy form that was conceived and developed solely for the task of propulsion. At this time I wondered about weapon systems, and again the being as if knowing my thoughts explained that they have no need of weapons due to the nature of being thought-energy; they are not in danger of a physical attack. He quickly continued to explain that the particular conflicts they do engage in are more a matter of encountering conflicts that arise in dualisms, these giving rise to dilemmas, paradoxes, and impasses to situational developments. What they do is work to resolve, to determine solutions for those sorts of problems as these conflicts arise naturally in the fundamentals of the Universe.

Shortly after that, as we walked this individual asked me if I wished to stay with them. To this I responded that, “I would except I don’t know that this would be proper given purposes that I believe I am expected to attend to and serve, and so I cannot”. To this the being replied, “That is the answer we were looking for”. He then seemed satisfied and explained that when I return to Earth if I wish to contact them, and they are docked, I may simply give thought to them in that place and they will be available to assist. He continued to explain however, that the assistance they would offer might not be in the full scope of what I may like.

Then it was time for me to return. We circled back in the ship to where I entered.  It was hard to tell how the apron/louver doors of the ship opened but I perceive open space. I detected no structure between us and space and guessed they had some means of distinguishing/defining inside-outside. So I drifted down and out through this opening in the ship and saw we were in Earth low orbit. I was able to observe while floating. I could see the Earth, its atmosphere, color, other details, but what attracted my attention the most was looking back at space and the stars. I was impressed by the darkness itself, a deep pearl black that seemed rich in itself – not empty. Then drifting downward I encountered the light column path I took up earlier and I followed this down. This allowed me to land at the Crystal Monument  site, and just when I was about to sit down on the bench suddenly the narration interrupted guide the return. I then phased back to C1 directly.


Note from September 2018: I didn’t finished rewriting these notes way back. Now a couple years later I am looking at my remaining notes trying to recall all the events. I write here only the things that I clearly remember and what the notes specifically describe. Anything vague I have disregarded below.


Tuesday Afternoon: First Intro to the Planning Aspect of Focus 27

We were directed to gather at the ‘TMI There’ Crystal Room which is used for group energy exercises. As directed I went and observed which students I could.

After some moments there I began to wonder how I would find the “Planning” aspect of F27 when suddenly I was pulled out of the room at great speed. I found myself hurtling through the sky-like space over F27 while I became aware of something hurtling along next to me – an angel, and just as suddenly I found myself quickly descending and then standing on a grassy slope looking at a wooden barn-like shack. As I looked at the structure I noticed a carpenter working carefully as he was very focused on his work.

I was about to inquire with the carpenter but had second thoughts as he appeared quite busy and I thought unapproachable. Then I heard someone to my left say to me, “He can be quite gruff, but he is good”. I looked to where the voice came from and to my left as I faced the carpenter’s shack I saw that the ground was terraced. There was a level perhaps 2-3 feet above the ground level of the carpenter’s yard and I observed on that level the figure who spoke to me, appearing as if a light being standing on the terrace overlooking the area perhaps supervising. I noticed this bright figure appeared robed in fine silk-like cloth.

Then this figure said to me, “Come up here”, so I stepped up on the terrace walking over to stand next to this figure who welcomed me to walk along with it as it was surveying operations it seemed. I wondered at the welcome this figure gave me, but then the figure paused and turning to me it said, “Have you not rejected superiority over the archangels”? In response I only looked at the figure considering the statement as it added, “So have I…”, as she pulled back her hood revealing herself to me. I saw a young women, very fair. She clearly resembled an Elf and appeared highly refined, beautiful, elegant, and adorned appearing as how a Elvish queen might be (see The 2nd Signal Ship 7/18/18).

We stood together overlooking this Planning area and now that this figure had lead me a short way along the terrace, I saw that on the other side of the carpenter’s yard there was a blacksmith shop on the left – a strong looking blacksmith diligently at work.

Per TMI’s assignment I then submitted my desired tasks to the blacksmith and offered the desired symbol I wished to be forged for me in the Earthly world so I might know the task was complete. As I stood with the supervising figure we looked out at Earth together. I was astonished and appalled at the sight; seeing the whole Earth – the overwhelming amount of work. I turned to the Elf-like figure and offered grimly, “It is a very big job”, to which she only replied, “Yes”.

She then suggested I go to the Education Center to explore more possibilities of the Planning aspect and I left.

Wednesday AM 3 Sessions.

I will skip the first session notes here as it was not notable.

Session 2

This session’s task was an introduction to get familiar with “Spanning Spectrums” namely moving between Focus 27 (the region beyond the Belief Territories but within the Earth Life System (ELS) and what’s said to be a focus 27’s harmonic level that exists in the Earth’s Awareness called EC27 (Earth Core 27).

Starting out in C1 at my affirmation I called out for assistance with this task and immediately I found Ethereal standing before me, waiting for me with her commanding presence, that of the divine – a goddess – subtle, beautiful – the sublime. (see The Meeting of the Goddess Ethereal). She reached out to me and taking my hand we left together and were soon flying high over the Earth. I looked down and saw all the damage done to the Earth. Then I saw we were descending as if along magnetic field lines falling toward the Earth. We fell together to what looked like northern Spain and then we plunge through its surface deep into the Earth.

We came to stand in a place I can’t identify, deep in the Earth. I saw no crystal as TMI instructs but what I saw struck me as the heart of Gaia – ineffable and alive. There Ethereal stood next to it. She appeared as if standing in a living light issuing from the core, a silver fiery delicate light that seem to breeze past her radiantly illuminating her in something I can only call Glory. She stood facing me in this wind-like light. I saw her divine being. She waited for me as I then commence my one breath technique to go back to Focus 27 starting the span technique between the two levels.

I then phased to my Special Place (SP27) in focus 27 and found a figure standing there. “Raphael”, I said greeting him with some excitement but this figure interrupted me saying, “I am not Raphael. I am Devenoir. The One you call the EMA has directed me here”. “I don’t understand, I thought angels don’t come here generally”, I stated. “No, it is the preponderance of purpose that directs me”, he explained.

It was time for the next shift back to EC27 and taking one last look at Devenoir I disappeared again finding myself back with Ethereal. I could feel the deep Earthly feminine in her and the closeness between us. Then I noticed there seemed to be something like a large mass before us as I also became aware just out of the corner of my perception of a large dragon as it appeared to be slumbering in the background. Intuitively I place my hands on the mass, perhaps to anchor myself to the state, or was it to ‘be’ more deeply connected with the Gaia itself.

Then I said to Ethereal, “I wish I could access the depths of Earth. How does one heal these wounds”? Then Ethereal reached out and placed her hands on my hands as she explained, “The yearning you feel… it is a guidance leading you into new branches of development. This is being communicated to you now … as you enter into this new phase of deeper development”. I stayed there with her a long time, but in time I had to return and left the Earth’s Core.

Session 3

The goal of this session was to return to Earth Core (EC27) and seek some intelligent force within the Earth that would convey some Earth history.

At my affirmation I had no idea how this would go, so again I called out for help with this task – to learn something of the Earth’s history and immediately I heard something powerful addressing me saying, “WE are all with you… [we are] supporting you”, and suddenly I was gone from my CHCK unit C1 never having entered hemi-sync.

As in a blink of an eye I found myself looking at something that resembled the core or heart of Gaia as the same place I was before with Ethereal, and I found she was was still there waiting for me. Now I noticed more distinctly the sleeping dragon curled up as if it was something that was inanimate part of the Earth’s rock itself, as if an ancient geologic feature of the Earth.

I proceed with the assignment taking a step closer to the core and as I placed my hands into it I said out-loud, “I seek an intelligence that will express a history to me. How is the damage I’ve seen in Earth healed”? Then a dark, vague, and very dense looking figure appeared as if melting out of rock saying, “You must remove your hands to hear me”, and I removed my hands from the core as this figure directed.

Addressing the form I said, “I have previously beentold of an early day when the dragons assisted in the Earth’s creation”. Then the figure paused as if sighing and said, “That was long ago… Long ago indeed.” After another pause it continued, “There was a time when those you know as Shepherds were directed by Master Creators to create a new being, a composite in your thinking. Requests were sent out for input; design characteristics… A design and specific materials were received/contributed. In time we found this protostar and went to work. The dragons were enlisted for their exceeding power in crafting rock and mixing fire. Abundant water was mixed and this body grew to the size you see it now. But as to Life, the dragons had their own thoughts and there was created confliction in purpose”.

This figure explained, “….the dragons – they are persuaded very slowly, [and] over a long period of time”. Then I noticed the dragon was awake and it was listening very carefully. Its eye was directly focused on the figure speaking. As it proceeded to wake from its slumber the figure that was addressing me appeared to become cold, solidifying, it become inert and faded or disappeared into what seemed as rock.

The dragon next turns its attention on me … and it said to me, ‘I will tell you of this matter….. [but] we must fly high…. over the Earth”. Then the dragon took me and moments later we were rocketing straight upward thrusting up high into the sky. Soon we arched into a low orbit looking down at the Earth seeing its continents.

I saw something faint, a system of lines etched over the earth. As I looked more closely I saw this network of lines was filled with fire; fire rising up, oozing from the Earth itself, an energy brought up from the depths of the Earth to fuel life I understood. As if watching it in a past time I saw this system of Earth fire fed aqueducts enriching the Earth’s surface. It cooled and fade – a system built by the dragons.

Then the dragon veered northward and banking it gave me a view of the north polar region and I saw lines as if the Earth’s magnetic field arching up and falling back down into the Earth; these lines appearing to interact with the cooling aqueducts, at specific points producing intersections of life bound power. As I considered the interaction and what it could possibly mean the dragon said to me, “I will concede that that was a good addition to the plan…. ‘by others’”. Then the dragon said something else to me that was interesting, “Use those [intersecting] points – locations to access and to create, to direct the places”. In time the dragon returned me and I wondered about those places on Earth; access locations to create…

In my notes I find I stopped writing any more details with one last comment saying, “Very remarkable. Indeed!”. In my memory of the event the illustration from the dragon completely preoccupied my mind with possible meanings and uses of the system it showed me.

Wednesday 4:00PM Session (The Gathering)

This session was the first introduction to F34/35. We examined the ‘slingshot method’, in this case an oscillation between F27 to EC27, ultimately jumping to F34/35. Discussed was the matter of the quarantine and then presumably being allowed to pass beyond the isolation of the Earth Life System (F34/F35 is the first step outside the ELS).

Following the maneuver when I got to F34/35 I found absolute stillness, a notable sense of weightlessness something I’ve never noticed before (the quarantine). There was only pure silence, pure calm, and the sense that one was truly at rest; deeply comforting.

Then I sense something close and wondered whether it was an angel but then I heard, “There are no angels here”, as I felt a sense of greeting from whatever it was. I felt this in my heart. I spoke out to the nebulous awareness, “Do you have form”? Then more rapidly then I could think, answers to my questions personified as occurrence in my mind but they were much faster than my own thought; answers coming faster then I could think the question. “No form you know corresponds”, it replied so I asked, “How do I understand you without any form”? In reply there was only silence, but in a moment it added, “We will adjust. Patience”.

I had a sensation that something was happening to me and then I felt very sick, but that passed. As I felt better I called to it, “I know the Shepherd’s Collective [Do you know them]?”. Then out of the stillness I heard, “We are part of that collection”. Given this audience I quickly sought to determine my most important question for them…. “Are my notions of the earliest intentions of the Source pertinent?” “Very pertinent”, was replied out of the stillness. “Do you have a role I may understand”, I asked? “We unfold these earliest intentions of Source. We are carriers of those intentions”. As I tried to understand who or what that would be I wondered, “What relation do you have to Master Creators”, I asked? Then out of the still space they replied, “….. We are Master Creators”.

“Are you familiar with those I call Elohim”, I asked? “Yes”, they replied. “Do you know my life content”? I continued. “Yes”, again they affirmed. “Do you know my parents – their species?” I persisted. “Yes. We represent them to you”, was replied.

“Is it true I have no previous life”, I asked and it explained, “You are not from that system nor will you stay there”, was stated. “Then can you tell me what I am”, I asked? “Your characteristics are more important than what you are” they retorted and I continued, “Do you know my purpose – future purpose”? I asked. “Yes”, and after a pause it continued, “You have all the requirements….. You are a Shepherd [as you call them]”, it concluded. Then it was gone.

Thursday Morning:

I woke feeling quite low; discouraged. Tomorrow is Friday and have I found what I need? How to be … whole?

Thursday AM Session 1

This session was called a Super Flow Extended. That’s basically a slightly longer free flow. There’s no assignment just the encoding hemi-sync; do what you will.

When I got to F34/35 I found two dimly lit candles flickering as if in a slight breeze. They were on a long table; just enough light cast by the candles to see the main body of the table top. On it was a very large open book. I had to walk around the table to face the book. I asked out-loud, “What is this book”, and something answered me saying, “It is a catalog of species here”. I closed the book to look at its cover and on the cover I read, The Gathering.

As I considered this I wondered how to resolve all these issues – how to know. Then on the other side of the table I saw myself sitting in a large leather chair looking at me. Then he said to me, “It’s not about knowing. It’s about deciding – deciding whether it’s true”. That seems reasonable enough and then something to my left caught my attention.

I turned around to look at a large mass, or clump of something in front of me. I drew a bit closer but I couldn’t make sense of the image. I looked at it more closely and it appeared disfigure, a pale fleshy maybe damp surface. No, it was like a skin – almost repulsive in form. I looked at it more trying to figure out what it was and then I began to detect a face, but what kind of face is this. Finally as I studied it more carefully I began to recognize that this was similar to the face of an elephant, but an unformed face.

Then the creature said to me, “Man makes creation about himself”. And I understood this creature was the proto-elephant, an old creation pattern species or was this Ganesh itself? I understood this creature was the creator of Earth’s elephants and then realized there were many ‘(species)beings’ I guess, involve with the details of Earth’s creation.

Following this I guess I wondered around a bit and eventually went to the Healing Aspect. Once there I met what I believe was an older TB and understood the others with him were his students I think. I seemed to be having a hard time communicating with him, but then he said clearly, “We have no healing for you now, but request your assistence”. He gestured to the side and I saw sitting on the floor huddled against the wall very young children.

I could see the fear in the children; fear, confusion, disappointments, injury – all the things a child shouldn’t see. As I looked at the children their facial features, color of hair, became clear and I understood these are Syrian children. Then the elder TB said to me, “You see many have arrived that require attention. While you are here, [this is why] we request your assistance?” I turned with the older TB and we went to take care of them (is all I care to write about it).

After that I went to my SP and found Raphael there. I accosted him, “Why? Where is the love Raphael?! Why do you not reveal it? Why!”, and I turn my back and left.

Thursday AM Session 2

This was a Freeflow session to F34/35. There were a number of misc events but I will only write about the main event.

Here’s one I’ll never forget: I was waiting in the darkness of F34/35 when suddenly the head of an enormous dragon appeared before me; absolutely huge. I noticed others crowding in closely to look at me. The first dragon was smelling me, its nostril about 5 feet in diameter and only a couple feet from me; most intimidating. Then its eye came close to examine me; a huge face. There was a crowded examination of me as other dragons pushed to more closely to look at me. Then as if by consensus they commanded, “COME WITH US”, and they took me away with them.

We flew through space. I looked at these dragons that were the size of airliners or bigger (celestial dragons). We hurtled forward through the blackness of space. In time we came to a rocky barren planet of absolutely enormous mountains, terrible tall sharp crags, knife-like spires; a sterile austere place. They plunged downward as we raced toward into craggy peaks.

Suddenly they pulled up hard and I was thrown onto a near vertical face of an enormous sheer mountain face. I found a ledge of just inches to stand on with my back to the near vertical rock. A few dragons hovered in the air as others clawed into the mountain face on either side of me perching themselves. As I looked beyond the dragons there was nothing but rocky crags and sharp mountains of incredible height; a place with nothing growing anywhere – all was rock.

Then one dragon hovering drew near before me and it reached out an enormous talon ripping a gashed in me from pelvis to shoulder on my left side; searing pain sliced me upward. It then moved out of the way as another enormous red dragon pushed close to also pause hovering before me. It breathed a fiery blast on me and I was burned. Hardly a moment later as I reeled from the caustic breath another dragon, this one white, also came to hover just before me and when it breathed on me I was frozen by a blast of terrible ice.

As these dragons crowed in the air in front of me I felt that I would be crushed. Then the first dragon moved back hovering before me as it pronounced as a great noise, ‘YOU have breathed with US”. Then I called out to them, “HOW is the EARTH healed”? They appeared to consider this, but turning away they flew upward disappearing and I was left alone on the small ledge facing an abyss of rocky crags and sheer mountains. Alone again.

I stayed there for awhile viewing the incredible scene of this foreign planet; nothing remotely resembling it on Earth. In time I phased back not knowing what this meant.

  1. Collection: The Wizard and the Gatekeeper 
  2. Some time ago while working on my willed plant growth acceleration experiments I found I have more than one type of motivational energy that I could exert. Sequoia is the name I use for one of those energies. I have also found in the past dragons are very irritated by the wrong energy. 
  3. If the reader is interested in more commentary concerning the Buddhist meaning of the phrase “Ride the Dragon” go to: Ride The Dragon 
  4. Tall Beings: a specific alien species that I don’t generally describe due to not wanting to front-load the readers. I will mention that a student I know once asked me about these creatures. When I asked him to draw and describe the species he met it was the same as those I know. 
  5. Devenoir is an angel that was stationed with me about 2 years ago. 
  6. An archangel that is unnamed in Earth’s literature.