About TMI Courses…

In the notes I frequently refer to some Monroe Institute onsite courses.  I thought I should tell the reader something about those courses rather then make the reader decipher the TMI site’s lingo/marketing.  The courses I’m refering to are 6 night/5 day courses.

When one takes a course at the institute site one will attend one of the two campuses there ie presuming we’re talking about the homeland, Faber, VA.  Over time hopefully one gets to be at both.  I love being at the campus that is originally Bob’s house. That was remodeled into one of the two campus center at the Virginia home site.  When one is at a course everything is provided.  Generally one shares a room with a roommate.  Its actually great.

One’s bed is called a CHCK unit (Check unit). One sleeps and trains in the CHCK unit. Bob had a meaning for the acryon CHCK which I forget. The CHCK unit is wire with sound, head phones, lights, and communications implementing the Hemi-Sync session that pursues various lessons/tasks.

While at a course all meals are provided, complete room and board.  There is Yoga in the mornings if your into that. One then works through perhaps 4-6 sessions per day peppered about meals. Debrief and discussion sessions follow the lessons.  There is free time in the afternoon. After that the students go back to work in more sessions or conference materials in the late afternoon and evenings.

The reader will find more specific information about a host of courses at the Monroe Institue website.

Gateway Voyage

The Gateway Voyage course is the flagship introduction to hemi-sync and prerequisite to all advance course.  In this course one takes the first step outside oneself to learn about and explore other states of consciousness or other awarenesses. These initial steps are all about you, some are far reaching.  This course is confined to the bandwidth of awareness that is within the Earth Life System (ELS). Focus levels 10-21 are introduced in this course. See resource section for my blurb about focus levels.

Students go to the Institute for different reasons.  For most, they seek their first psychic experience.  Others may already have psychic experiences and wish to build skill sets, to learn the basic tricks of the trade so to speak.  

There are of course many other introductory courses that TMI offers but Gateway Voyage introduces one to the core curriculum and is the prerequisite to attending the advanced courses.

As an aside, I believe the Gateway Voyage course is offered roughly 36 times per year in about 12 countries around the world, last count.

MC Squared

This course was developed by Dr. Joe Gallenberger for an onsite 5 day/6 night course at TMI.  The course is also available from Joe’s company http://www.SynCreation.com as a home study program.

In a nutshell Joe’s course is about psychokinesis and I’ve met several people who have bent spoons while at TMI.  Other tasks such as lighting LEDs, effecting plant growth, controls of throwing dies are also investigated. Besides psychokinesis there is an emphasis on what many call manifestation technique.  This continues to be a popular course at TMI.

Event Horizon

First I should mention that Event Horizon is not part of the TMI core curriculum. I only mention this course to alert the possible attendee that the course does not resemble the catalog description. I took this course just before TMI acquired the course from Bob Holbrook. This program uses SAM technology rather then Hemi-Sync but not all SAM is the same.

In terms of an critique I’ll say generally when one takes a course the vast majority of people walk away with life changing or very strong experiences which results in many people coming back repeatedly. This was not the case when I took the course; just about no one had any experiences throughout the whole week!

During the course Bob Holbrook discussed how this course was developed out of his clinical work with PTSD patients. I found the SAM in this course to be mind crushing; crushing one down into deep tranquilized relaxation. Another student who has taken other TMI courses and some with me stated that this SAM was not like other SAM based courses she had taken from TMI. She too had no experiences at Event Horizon.

The skills taught in this course may be useful for persons suffering panic or anxiety disorders, someone that needs deep relaxation encoding therapy but I cannot recommend this course to anyone else that is anyone who is pursuing ‘cosmic travel’ so-to-speak.

Now in TMI’s defense, I will mention TMI has standards for their courses. It is possible, now that they own the course, they have made changes to the program but I would call and get a guarantee regarding what is actually in the course cuz it could also be that nothing has changed in the course. The take-home CD is a very nice composition. I only use it when all I intend is to deeply relax.

Save your money and vacation time for some other class.


This course continues to explore aspects of the Earth Life System (ELS) that pertain to where one finds oneself when one dies and where one may experience one’s post-death existence. In sum this course introduces the student to focus levels 22-27.

Focus 27 is a high consciousness state of the Earth Life System. It possesses aspects, characteristics, and agents that pertain to deep spiritual/soul healing, reorientation/adaptation, planning aspects, and more. In this state one may encounter those that assist the human spirit in the post Earth physical form migration. Creation is fair more prolific, rich, and extensive then we can possibly image or comprehend, or have previously been told.

Some come to Lifelines to learn about and perform soul-retrievals for those stuck in the moments of their death unable to apprehend the wonders around them. With this activity and environment one may excounter all that is peripheral to that event.  One of your tasks during the course may be given only a deceased person’s name to go find that soul and bring back details or message? Yes, one can do that but likely not all the students will be able to. This course pertains to focus levels 22-27.

The students that come to this course are motivated to pursue these new psychic skills in their lives; hoping to provide some service in this new awareness – the deeply empathetic student.  Whereas in Gateway Voyage many come to see what they may experience, in Lifelines one encounters fellow students that are very serious about this stuff.

When I first took this course the demonstrated success rate of finding a specific dead person in the afterlife was about 5%. The second time I took the course two validations out of eleven people were successful. In sum about 5-20% of soul contacts may come back w/ proof.

Lifelines isn’t only about retrievals. Near all people are glad they went to this course.

Exploration 27

This course explores in more detail the characteristics of focus 27. One may do a soul-retrieval if that comes along but that is not the purpose for this course.  This course seeks to interact specifically with other agents/aspects that service that state, at the limits of the Earth Life System.

In this course one gets their first introduction to focus levels 34/35.  In these levels one has stepped outside the Earth Life System beyond even our dead.

Those who are students with you in this course are continuing their committment to this area of study.

Starlines I & II, Starlines Reunion

This area is far beyond the limits of our ELS system.  These courses are only offered once or twice a year.  Even with the TMI Global organization these courses are very limited in offering. Your classmates: one will likely know some classmates from earlier courses and these are called advanced graduates; why I don’t know. The experiences in these course are cosmic in scale. These courses explore focus levels 34/35 through 42 and to 49.