The Message


I should first explain back in Bob Monroe’s early research years he created an arbitrary numbering scheme for what TMI calls focus levels of consciousness. Bob’s own experiences began around 1958 (I don’t remember the whole history) and the Institute, along with a body of individuals (fellow investigators, psychics, military interests, etc), continued to use this naming convention.

The focus levels one is introduced to in the Gateway Voyage course are called levels: 10, 12, 15, and 21. There are other levels addressed in advanced courses but traditionally this is where one starts the Hemi-Sync experience. See the link Monroe Institute’s Focus Levels Overview (TMI: UK) in the Main Menu’s resource section for a description of what the level’s context may represent. Re-reading some of this I think I should give a brief explanation here concerning what Hemi-Sync does and why focus level has meaning.

First one has to recognize how much noise there is in one’s mind all the time. I’m getting hungry. I feel like crap too. Oh shit, that guy cut me off. Why are my co-workers such jerks?! I hate going to work. I should have more coffee when I get there. Hell, NOW what’s going on at home … and so on. There are also layers of near-subconscious noise rifling through one’s mind though one may hardly notice it, but it’s there.

If one tries doing any sort of meditation one quickly finds how difficult it is to stop one’s own non-stop train-wreck of thoughts. In a nutshell what Hemi-Sync does is allow a person to get to a state of true single-mindedness and maintain that for long periods easily and with little practice.

Some people have click-out experiences which is TMI speak for failing asleep or slipping off somewhere in which one looses self-awareness (or memory of it) then suddenly wakes up or re-emerges in present self-awareness. It’s hard to say what really happens when one clicks-out but I’ve found in some cases ‘something’ did happen during that time. In general, during the years I’ve been doing this, it’s unclear to myself and TMI instructors what actually happens during click-outs.

In a well controlled focus level state one may become aware of other things – notice other perceptions – let’s just call them inputs signals that are not related to our normal physical perceptions. One may become aware of other awarenesses in one’s vicinity. The focus levels may feel like anything from quite natural to very abstract.

The Gateway Voyage CDs are narrated hemi-sync lessons that slowly introduce one to the various levels progressively. General the CD lessons are the same as those provided at an on-site Institute Gateway course. These lessons progress through the focus levels helping one discover what sorts of applications a focus level may offer; what its context might be. Some lessons pertain to exercising a specific task, others provide a free-time session that allows one to just see what transpires. Free time session are called free-flows. As an aside I will mention that there are more lessons in the CD set (36 lessons) then one has when taking the course at TMI.

Below I describe the first lesson that blew the doors open for me. It was lesson 5 of the set called Wave 3. Note I had been working on these lessons for a couple of weeks, doing one or more sessions per evening. Hemi-sync doesn’t just work the first time. Even at the Gateway course, which may have its first lesson on a Saturday night, many new to this stuff do not have experiences until about Monday or Tuesday. Then they may continue to have prolific experiences the rest of the course. As mention in the Introduction the CIA found their people needed on average 10 sessions before it ‘kicked-in’.

My notes:

Wave 3 Lesson 5: The 5 Messages (Focus Level 12)
This was an extremely impressive and imposing experience and that is certainly an understatement! This experience left me completely awestruck, dumbstruck; there is no way to adequately describe the magnitude of power I encountered. This was the first time ‘something’ really happened and it was BIG!

This TMI lesson contained five questions that the narration guides the user through while one is directed to listen for an answer. ‘Who’ the questions are addressed to – is not stated in the lesson.

The first question lead by the narration was to ask, “Who am I”? For this question I received no response – nothing. After a few moments the narration continued to the second question, “Who and where was I prior to this form”? Again this question yielded no response; absolutely nothing. All I experienced was blackness and dead silence.

At that time I was becoming somewhat skeptical that anything at all would happen and I was beginning to think this whole business was one big waste of time; as I suspected. I remember thinking I was glad I only wasted money on three Wave sets.

Up to this point the earlier lessons were very instructional in nature; the student being introduced to various methodologies that enable one’s mind to be still and perceptive so for myself this lesson was the first chance to demonstrated that something really was out there with this hemi-sync stuff. At the moment I was becoming convinced my doubts about the whole damn thing were correct.

Then the narration directed the third question, “What is my purpose?”. Immediately a response blasted through my whole being as if I was standing front row at a rock concert with a pile of amplifies pointing at my chest. There was a pressure wave of raw power that punched right through me and answered, “TO GROW AND DEVELOP IN BEING!”

I was absolutely stunned; blown away by the sheer power and the enunciated clarity of the response and whatever it was it carried a clear sense of authority. No dreamy hallucination here. It was like being pushed me back in the chest.

Stilled shocked I waited for Bob’s fourth question, “What is the most important message for me at this time?” Again a powerful blast impacted me as I heard, “BE PATIENT – WITH ALL THINGS”. This was loud and forcefully unmistakable. I had the distinct sense that the messages were not trifle notions while I had no idea what had just spoke to me, although again whatever it was clearly had a sense of definitive authority.

The last question of the lesson did not produce an answer but given the magnitude of what had just happened, not having an answer to the fifth narrated question didn’t matter. {I will mention here that after a few years have gone by I’ve come to know why those specific questions where answered and why the other questions were not}

The next day I was again in a hemi-sync focus level 12 session. In this session rather than the loud speaker-like vocal communication I encountered earlier at this time I was made “aware” in some manner that I cannot describe.

I began to apprehend in myself an awareness that I was receiving an understanding. It was like seeing someone else’s thoughts come to you rather than hearing a voice. In this session I recognized a clear message, “All of this will take time…”, while at that time I did not understand what “this” was being referred to.

I also encountered a very clear understanding that if I had to fashion into words I would say something like this … their reality needs to grow in my reality…

This was clearly conveyed. It was something I just understood, but learned from outside myself. I did not know however, who was communicating with me. I felt as if I was being given foundational instructions for something or some time to come. One impressing aspect of this experience was that I recognized I did not have to actually have things verbalized to me, rather I could perceive thoughts; have recognition of concepts/thoughts that originated from outside me and so I found a new modality of communication; the apprehension of exterior thoughts received without any physical perception. What impressed me was that I could clearly distinguish which thoughts were mine and which thoughts were not.