Lifelines @ TMI (repeat): Week Before Starlines 2 (Oct 2017)


————————- Lifelines Repeat Early October 2017 —————–

I’ve taken the Lifelines course before and my notes to that are elsewhere in the Lore menu. I took this course again so I could be at TMI for two weeks; the Starlines II course immediately followed this one in the schedule at that time.

Sunday Morning

Day One: Morning Reset Focus-Levels Sessions:  The first morning session was routine in exercising my mnemonics to reach the various focus-levels. The morning’s second session was a revisit to the what TMI calls the Belief Territories.

In that session when I got to F24-25 I saw a bright white ship cruising in blue sea with white caps; a stiff headwind and three or four foot seas lifting the prow. There was a brilliant clear blue sky.

Accessing the ship I noticed no one was there. I thought to go to the bridge but I wanted to look for any other crew first so I went down a steel staircase into the hole and proceeded to quarters but found no one there. I came to the captain’s quarters and he wasn’t there either; no surprise, I knew I should have gone to the bridge. So I left that area heading back to the deck and bridge. What’s going on here I wondered? Then I went up to the bridge and entered.

There was one man, the captain, faithfully piloting his ship. The ship itself was interesting. It was not military. It was not cargo/small freight, rather it looked as some sort of exploration-instrumentation vessel. As I entered I asked the pilot where he was going and he explained he had wonderful (Earthly) explorations, missions.

I said to him, “There are other explorations that may be pursued; great wonders”. I added,”You would not be alone there. There are… other voyagers”. But he remained fixated on his mission; undeterred. Turning to leave I paused and clearly said to him again, “There are other great explorations. You may leave”, and then I left.

I walked a short way off the ship into a light and I gazed at the sky, brilliant and blue. Then the sky was torn open as with a great gash and I saw familiar shapes emerge; those I’ve met before. I was careful to count how many there were as I missed that detail in the past. As they emerged from the gash walking out into the sky I counted then one by one until I counted 12 figures. They came to stand in a row before and slightly above me in the sky and then they called down to me.

“We wish to assure you”, they said. I waited for more discussion but all they added was,  “Be Patient”. Then they turned and walked back into the sky’s tear as the sky healed-over after them and closed.

After this my sessions became dark, nothing – nothing at all. This annoyed me, having come all this way to TMI, but I was aware to provide background energy for the other students so I supported the group as need appeared.

Tuesday Late Afternoon Session

It’s been dark for two days. At this time we were directed to pursue our first soul-retrieval in this course. I wasn’t sure anything would happen the way things were going, so at my affirmation I just said, “I am available”.

Through the levels I perceive nothing. When I got to F27 I found myself at my old soul-retrieval platform. I called out for any guide with a mission and I waited. I found I waited longer. Then one arrived and after I acquired it, it led off at blazing speed. I raced, pressing to keep up as it led me through many elusive turns but I was resolved to not let go.

We arc’d high over the Earth, not as high as orbit but much higher than a commercial air craft, and when we arrived we descended over deep green continental crust jutting up into the ocean as an narrow peninsula and collection of islands (Sumatra?). We descended lower and then the guide left me.

Once on Earth I saw it was rich, dense with green plants, lush. I looked about the dense jungle forest and soon looking down I saw a young boy mauled and maybe partially eaten. I wondered what had happened as I pick up the seeming asleep boy into my arms. He was perhaps 11-13 years old; little more than a child.

As I lifted off with him he woke and I asked the boy what happened though I already knew. This was a man-hood ceremony and any man would have known the boy was too young. In his solo journey the boy proved this, that indeed he was not ready, so now he was ashamed of failure. I carried him up and in our exchange I assured him that it is not a shame and that there is no such judgement on this matter.

As we rose I became aware of the Belief Territories approaching and the boy left my arms. I followed him wishing to keep tabs but then I was stopped by a guide, or the same guide. This entity assured me everything was ok as it blocked my path, so I turned away and returned to focus 27.

At my landing it was hard to perceive. I called out saying, “I cannot perceive this once beautiful place – this loss [I feel]”!

Then on my left a figure appeared – hard to describe – and it said to me, “There is no concern”. To which I retorted, “Without clear understanding I cannot do these tasks well.

Then another figure and several others appeared before and around me. One figure standing before me said, “There is no need. Why be concerned with these matters”?

As the others observed me, I looked back at them and said, “As a human, it is the human in me that desires to apprehend and understand that which allows me to perform this properly.

The figure on my left answered, “But you are not human”, and we stood together silently as we examined each others.

Finally they began to evaporate or translate, some shift to another state as they effervescently disappeared and I was alone. After a brief moment in F27 I left.

Thursdays Later AM Session – Last Day; Wrapping Up Sessions

Up to this time I continued encountering dead sessions. In this session I entered my affirmation statement only saying, “Why”?

Then I proceed to F21. At my F21 mnemonic I found the sachem ancestral spirit1 and Yurael. We placed hands on each others shoulders as I embraced the sachem. We were together, and after a time I turned to go on.

Arriving in F27 at my old landing area I saw three large angels standing before me. The first and largest angel towering there was the one I have met here several times before. The others, not as big as he, stood to his shoulder’s left.  Together they emitted great presence and we were simply together. We said nothing to each other as I looked at them but then someone one approached from my distant right.

This one was somewhat similar to human and as this figure approached I recognize or understood this vague apparition, that it was Sa-Tash2.

As I wondered why he would be here he strode up to me. Once we were facing each other he said to me, “We welcome you…. and apologize. It was necessary”, he offered.

This was all he said and I wondered, is that all? So I left and flew on the rising winds proceeding to my Sp27. When I was there it was a relief to find at least this place had some substance – good after a week of this.

I charged my labradorite stone into a bright light as I drew upon the energy available to me; the energy conduit from the Elohim. I continued charging myself and the sphere to a brilliant state. After that I went to F34/35 where I immediately encounter Tellaidian (reference: Tales of Master Tellaidian)

We walked together in silence, alone like those hiking an icy approach, in the cold moonless AM hours, peering carefully at their path in the dark. After traveling a short distance, in whatever this place is, we came to his crew but they were vague and hardly there for me to perceive. Then Tellaidian said to me, “Go Join”, so I did.

I greeted the others and acquired some awareness. Immediately a large swell drew upon us quickly and it rose to my chin as it passed. Next the wave that came overtopped us leaving us submerged, in what? This repeated as I was aware the waves were still arriving; passing over us, covering us.

In this blackness I wondered if The Ancients were there and then I plainly heard, “We are here! We are always here”, They reiterated.

And I said to Them, “I don’t understand. Why did I come to this (TMI course)”? I asked – about this – whether I should go. I was told the door was open. Yes this doorway was open but it lead me nowhere. Why”?

They answered, “It was important you were there – for others. Your presence was needed. You went to be there”, is all they would explain.

After this events are hard to remember but I did go back to Tellaidian. When I approached him at Alpha Squared he said to me, “Now we will talk”.

He continued saying, “Be unconcerned with your former self. Turn away from it and come be with us. The answers to your questions are here. You must be with those that are your own – beyond – not of a planet. This is beyond [even] me. You must go be with your own – beyond”, he emphazied.

I said to him slowly, “To remember”?  I opened myself, allowing myself to be open and to extend my awareness saying, “I need the thought – to remember it.  I need to know. How can I know without knowing it is true?” I said. After that I returned.

————————— That was all from Lifeline 2 —————-

————————– Following week is Starlines II —————

Starlines II @ TMI (Oct 2017)

  1. The sachen and his shaman are Native American ancestral spirts I know and associate with. 
  2. Sa-Tash is discussed in collected notes about him.