Favorite Hemi-Sync Music

Warning: Do No Listen To These Tracks While Driving

Following is a list of some of my favorite hemi-sync music.  I am providing longer samples than one finds at the TMI store. This music is available as download or CD shipped from The Monroe Institute store (https://www.monroeinstitute.org/collections/our-store) and also from the Hemi-Sync store ( https://hemi-sync.com).  

There is more information at the stores than what I provide here in my personal comments.  These compositions are music which have Hemi-Sync buried in the musical track.   There is no narration of any kind in the pieces below as may be the case in some other TMI products. On the flip-side there is stuff I do not recommend.

Something one should understand about hemi-sync music products is that they do not contain full strength hemi-sync like that used during an on-site TMI course. TMI explains this is for the purpose of safety. They want zero undesirable side-effects in the products turned loose to the general public.

I know people who have had serious side effects from competitor binaural products. These were psychological and physical in effects and they were severe. There is one popular competitor company I’ve contacted as a result of hearing a problem with one of their products which I then tested. This company tried to reverse engineer TMI’s encoding and they admitted to me they have had undesired effects in the field with their products.

One gets full strength hemi-sync generally by attending a TMI course. The user should understand that even a hemi-sync music CD is not totally benign, hence the warning about driving. To get the best effect from hemi-sync one needs to use high fidelity headphones.

I’m don’t wish to promote TMI but there is one more thing to understand about binaural products out on the Internet. Anyone with Garageband on a Mac and a signal generator can make binaural music for download. What makes hemi-sync unique is the decades of research in identifying blends of specific binaural frequencies. That’s what make hemi-sync effective. Sure some binaural products claim there is some gamma signal mixed into the product but it could be any gamma signal. Consider your FM radio: just because your FM radio is on doesn’t mean you’re tuned to a broadcasting channel, but I digress.

If one buys the Gateway CD sets from TMI or Amazon, that product which presents the whole Gateway course, does have full strength hemi-sync. There are a few other products TMI sells to the general public that are full signal; one would have to talk to the TMI store to identify those.

Stuff I like:

Heaven and Earth sample

This album by John Gregorius is comprised of many distinct pieces; acoustic and electric guitars.  I like the whole ablum which I listen to for its guitar work.  The album is also available w/o hemi-sync and one may find that on iTunes, etc.


Land of Spirit sample

This ablum is 64 mintues long comprised of one composition.  The artists: Craig Padilla, Richard Roberts and Skip Murphy have composed an interesting musical landscape that really is spacious.  Instruments include analog synths and flutes. The flute is out of tune with other instruments in the beginning of the song so I always skip the first 17 min(s) 40 seconds when I listen to the track.


Celestial Meditation

This single piece composition by John Serrie is 62 minutes long.  The synthesized music is spacious. I like the whole track.



This 30 minute single track composition by Ray Dretskie is an interesting item.  TMI has something called the Professional Division.  That program provides coded tracks to individuals that are doing research in applications of Hemi-Sync.  In many of my courses I have met clinical pschologists, and other individuals, that were interested in how Hemi-Sync may be used in their clinical practices.  This particular piece is part of TMI’S LEK – Learning Enhancement Kit and has received feedback back to the Institute that pertains to: ADD/ADHD, Alzheimers, pain management, behavior changes, and more.

For myself the first minutes are somewhat shrill and so I skip a couple of mintutes.  It may be that my particular audio CD has some production defect.  I don’t know this is a problem for all listeners, but I do like the whole album.



This 55 minute composition by Deborah Martin, Mark Rownd, and Greg Klamt blends drums, keyboards, rattles, cymblas, Tibetan hand drums, bells, bowl, and on.  I like whole track.


Dimensions In Time

One of my favorite pieces:  This album is a single track of Nature American impressions is 62 minutes long.  The  composition, by Deborah Martin and Erik Wøllo,  blends electronic ambient textures and soundscapes with ancient and traditional voices/instruments.


Sacred Realms

This album is also a single track 57 minutes long.  It is composed by Michel Genest.  The composition uses a variety of computer software and electronic keyboards.


Sleeping Through The Rain

This album was one of the give-aways Joe Gallenberger provided with his Manifestion home-study course when I took the course.  I’m not sure if this is still given-away in his course but it is available from TMI and Joe’s website. The album is a single track 29 minutes long performed by Matthew Sigmon and Julie Anderson.


Aqua Aura

This is SAM technology. I would say not all SAM is the same; some is deeply tranquilizing, others are good for keeping focus.  This piece I find is good for focus.  The single track is about 30 minutes long. This music is said to be inspire by Michael Koch. I think he is also the composer.

This particular song is dedicated to Carol de la Herran (former Executive Director & President of TMI), who made her final transition on July 4th, 2013. Carol’s unconditional commitment to, and love of, The Monroe Institute was expressed daily through her actions as leader, administrator, colleague, educator, trainer, innovator, and family member. She will be dearly missed by her TMI family.


Path to Peace

This is one of my favorite compositions by John Greorius.  This is the artist that composed ‘Heaven and Earth’. I suggest listening to these compositions when one has time to relax and actually listen.   One might find this on iTunes as a compostion without hemi-sync.  I listen to the album for the quality of the musics, not hemi-sync.  I believe the album has 10 compositions. Here’s three samples.



This is a collection of sleep tracks by Don Peyote and Naasko.  I’m not sure how one might use this at night. I listen to it before going to sleep while I play Solitaire, and I do like this whole album which is 55 minutes long.


Desert Moon Song

This album is by Dean Evenson and has 11 compositions; total of 55 minutes of music. The instruments are mostly flute and synthesizers. If you like coyotes in the distance you’ll like the atmosphere of this album.


The Shaman’s Heart

This is a sample of Shamanistic drumming.  Some people like it; some don’t.  It’s by Metcalf and Roach and over an hour long; one composition:


Touching Grace

The album by Amoraea Dreamseed has many compositions and the whole album is about 50 minutes long.  I’m not a big fan of Dreamseed but some people really like her:


The Vist

No sample here. I mention The Visit as it is something different. It’s a narrative story Bob Monroe wrote for his wife when she was dying. I think that’s the story about how the track came to be. Bob narrates leading the listener to a special place, leading the listener through a hemi-sync infused story with the nature background sounds of a hiking- trail along the way.

I enjoy hearing Bob’s voice. His narrative is very good and the storyline is good. I’m not sure how many times this works but it’s worked for me. Having the CD for a few years I’ve listened to it again only 2, maybe 3 times. So if you don’t mind it may be of limited use it’s a great classic TMI piece. I recommend every TMIer have it.


The Cut List:

There is music I cannot recommend. Why do I mention these? Years ago one could return Hemi-sync CDs that just weren’t any good. Now TMI has changed that policy. If you buy something ask what the current return policy is.

What are my music qualifications? I’ve played piano, guitar, and cello requiring the ability to read music on two different music staffs. Finally don’t get suckered by some New Age groovy hemi-sync album title.


Beyond the Golden Light

In my opinion this is a terrible piece of meandering guitar music which barely has even a melody that lasts longer than a few bars.


The Creative Way

This is a CD set to boost creativity. Like many objectives at TMI hemi-sync can (maybe) encode access to one’s intuitive skills. The creator of this set focused on creativity is Patty Ray Avalon who is a central fixture at the Institute. For me however, this set is for ‘chicks’. Make your own opinion; but if you’re a chick you may like the style of production.


William Bulhman

I can’t recommend his products

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