November 19th, 2014

I’ve been continuing a practice of doing sessions back-to-back. The first session would be a focus 21 free-flow and then I would immediately following up with a free-flow session in focus 12. I found this offered more comprehension or depth of intuition while in F12 that would pertain to the events just encountered F21. That is, following various contacts in F21 I would then going back in F12 so I could understand or process the previous experiences better. I found this worked better then having something happen in F21 then coming back to think about it in C1.

On this day in the first F21 session Raphael was clearly present. I wondered where this would go and at this time I also found that I was more capable of traveling with Raphael comfortably. As we were traveling together, wherever we were going, we met another entity I’ll call it since it was so peculiar. This creature addressed me explaining that it was an old ‘Friend’ and it definitely felt – not of this Earth. It explained that it was there to assist Raphael.

Then in the session, rather than Raphael grabbing me and drag me off, both Raphael and Friend took hold of me and pulled me with them as we headed further out. After awhile I understood that I was suppose to keep-up with them and they let go of me. I found I was able to travel with them on my own and that I was able controlling my positioning with them, speeding up if needed to keep pace with them as they led the way.

We traveled/ascended some distance at what seemed to be a fast pace and crossing a great distance. As we traveled I found I could adjust my effort to keep up with them. We traveled far it seemed and eventually we came to rest – hovering as it were in blackness. I tried to observe Friend more clearly. It’s (his) color was purplish, while clearly Raphael appeared grayish/white. Raphael has always impressed me as humanoid in shape or in his representation, but with Friend I couldn’t tell what form he had. He appeared as a large purplish sheet, or like a dense stratus cloud, but he flowed with a slow flutter as if an invisible wind was present similar to how a flag moves in a breeze but that is all I could gather; like a cloud or sheet of purplish energy oscillating.

Friend addressed me again and explained he was a friend that had some interest in my father for a long time. I did not intuitively understand that. I briefly wondered if this pertain to a family line but I immediately knew that wasn’t correct. He must be referring to something else I thought. It was hard to be clear about the understanding of what this entity said or meant. After a time we returned. I don’t know what the reason was for this transit. As an aside back in C1 at another time I told my friend ‘B’ about this experience. He found this to be very interesting and explained to me that Friend has an important divine meaning in Sufi literature. This appeared to have profound effect on my old roommate ‘B’.

Once back I immediately started the focus 12 session and here I had a long encounter with something else, not met before in any or these sessions. I can only describe it as something I have known for most of my life. In the distant past I might have thought of it as God but in recent years I’ve come to view or understand that this presence was more of an emissary.  It had clearly been close to me at many times in my life and now I clearly recognized it. This is not some guardian angel or anything like that. This is a transcendent authoritative entity I’ve known just dimly but for many decades.

This individual felt like the same stuff as the Elohim plurals-entities I’d been encountering, but he (I’ll call it him) was different in that he felt in some manner more accessible to me while the others seem quite abstract. At this time I decided it was appropriate to call him El for lack of better name and the more the encounter lasted the more he did clearly seem to be what or who has spoken to me throughout my lifetime. I recognized him.

He explained we were connected like two voices calling to each other. I try to inquire about the structure of this but he explained I should not focus on creating new paradigms of understanding. He described himself (and I clearly visualize) that his connection was like that of an anchor that holds one fast to the seabed. I understood that he was the seafloor holding my anchor. What this represented was the many many times I was fed up with the intrusions into my life by these entities; I always knew there were there. They would inevitably be around during times of wreckage; I was never able to let go of the fact of their existence. I just could not denied that I did know them for decades. And because of that there was no way I could let go of them despite everything that would happen. To do that – well, I might as well no longer be me.

We discussed much and I was concerned I wouldn’t remember it all but he explained there was no need to worry about that. He also explained this was a good place for us to meet (focus 12).

Again, a session that was utterly amazing and powerfully impressive. Afterwards I decided to call this entity The EMA – El My Anchor. As a sidebar note this individual identity, the EMA, is also known as The Outstretched Hand.