Beginnings to The Lore of the MtnGoat

In reading these sections, and the first collection about the Gatekeeper, the reader will detect gaps in this story. That’s because I have not proofed all the notes that pertain to this early time. I chose to not published my notes from the Gateway Voyage course at TMI because there are lots of people that will take that course and I’m concerned what I would write may front-load them. As a result there are no Gateway Voyager notes here. Most people don’t take courses beyond Gateway and so I’m more comfortable letting people read about my advance course experiences.

Finally, these early notes are not proof nearly as well as other notes in terms of grammar etc, so some sections may read roughly. Sorry about that. Someday I’ll fill more of this in and touch up the grammar. In the meantime:

How It Began

The Start of Hemi-Sync: The Gateway Voyage

The Message

The Archangel Raphael

The Dead



Trust us

They are Not your True Parents