The Start of Hemi-Sync: The Gateway Voyage

My journey into the Hemi-Sync environment began in early October of 2014. Having been trained to think critically and being a skeptic by nature, I really had no idea what to expect from any of this stuff, if anything.

To clarify for the reader in these initial chapters I will be writing about my experiences from what some call an OBE point of view. As chapters proceed I will be speaking less and less about the mechanical details of how these things happened to me. In time as I got use to coming and going in a variety of manners I really didn’t dwell on the OBE aspect at all, so in my writings I’ll be focused primarily on the content of the contacts, places, discussions, and relationships that developed. If the reader is seeking a ‘how-to’ induce an OBE these readings will be a disappointment.

I add at this time that some reading this may think, gee this stuff is really cool – that’s what I want to do. To those that think that I can assure you a life caught between worlds is not easy and it is definitely not fun. Although some may think it would be a blast to do soul-retrievals – how cool would that be (!) – each retrieval is a serious event and sometimes traumatic in itself.  These experiences in general are not an escape or entertainment. To engage with the ‘beyond’ authentically, warrants a respectful sober attitude.

I’m also not writing this to provide an endorsement as to what Hemi-Sync will do for the reader. I know people who got the CD set (previously called tapes) and initially found them to be useless at home, but once they went to TMI and took the Gateway Voyage course things opened up for them. I write in the context of Hemi-Sync because that had a lot to do with how things fired up for me in the initial years of its use.

How is Hemi-Sync used? When I started the Gateway Voyage CDs I didn’t actually think anything would happen and so I only acquired the first CD set. The first set is called “Wave I” a 3-CD disk set. There are six Wave sets in the whole series that comprise the Gateway Voyage CDs bundle. As mentioned previously at that time I had read part of one of Bob Monroe’s books and decided to stopped reading it because I did not want to pre-condition myself (what I call “front loading”) with any particular interpretation or expectation of what I should expect to encounter. When I finished the set called Wave One and having no ‘experiences’ I realized that was just very basic training and so I decided to moved on to Wave II, another set of 3 CDs.

By the week prior to October 27th I had worked through Wave III (another set of three CDs) in the full six Wave set Gateway Voyage course. This is when things began to happen for me. By this time in the series one has been introduced to Focus 12. At that time there were a number of experiences that were just so impossibly incredible and clear that I realized I had to start writing about what was happening. Along with these experiences the difficult adjustment of recognizing other realities besides our own began to test my mental composure so to speak.

So here we go, following are my notes regarding these experiences: the lessons, messages, and of course, the deep internal struggle I found myself in as I voyaged deeper into the rabbit hole.