Facilitators and The Nadir

Facilitators and The Nadir 


The Arizona Desert

Last evening I thought to seek out what contacts I may able to acquire, although I didn’t know where to go and I didn’t have any deep questions. First I tried a manual meditation, but felt I wasn’t getting anywhere, so I used a focus 27 hemi-sync track to assist getting go to F27.

At F23 I thought I could detect some angels and one said it would escort me. We traveled through 23 together and as I was about to entered F24 the angel recede behind me as seems common (I can recall no time an angel accompanied me into F24-F26 except in the case of the retrieval the first suicide victim – Lifelines notes). Once I got to F27 I found myself at my old landing area used in soul retrievals and I saw the archangel called Michael and he called out to me, “Peace”. I thanked him but asked, “How does one have peace with all these questions”? He simply acknowledged that was understood and offered nothing further.

From there I went to my SP27. Entering I found a vague appearance of Raphael, but nothing was communicated. After visiting aspects of my SP I went outside and saw a large dragon clawed into the buttress wall, perched there. It directed me to get on its back so I climbed up the rock face a bit and got onto the dragon. It took off most gently and flew high up into darkness to where I saw the sunset or sunrise appeared in the distance as we continued the flight toward it.

Then a second dragon came along side and on its back was the Gatekeeper. He stood as if standing on, on what? He stood as if the dragon he was on was not moving at all. The dragon worked beneath him while the Gatekeeper simply stood still as if standing on stationary ground.

We flew a distance and then came to a large pillared building – immense. Arriving at the bottom of stairs that lead to these Corinthian styled pillars there was a figure coming down the stairs to meet us. I understood the figure to be the one that states she is my Elohim mother. I walked up to meet her and we entered to the Great Hall together. I wondered where we were but got no answer. Others seemed to be there with us and I found that I suddenly remembered, recognizing this place. I can not remember anything after that, but noticing later that I had apparently left.

Returning to my SP I wondered what to do and something directed me, or I had the directing feeling, to go to the library aspect of F27. Going there and entering I asked the attendant if I could be directed to know why I now have so few Earthly-based spirit contacts recent times. This individual, or thing, directed me in and I found Atur and Anosh waiting for me. I was surprised to see them and presented my question to them as I was curious what they might say. They explained that I should go be among [suppose to be with] the star beings as they called them. Thanking them, I left with the intention of next using the focus 34/35 hemi-sync.

Later I started the F34 track and proceeded as usual. I was surprised entering 34/35 that I was greeted by someone/something as he or it spoke to me, “We’ve been expecting you”. I could discern no form only clear thoughts. I sought to inquire as to who or what it was that was addressing me, then questioning myself regarding what I know about meeting alien races and being in alien places. I asked, “Can you clarify your identity or role for me so that I may understand you”. “We are facilitators”, was replied. “We provide introductions and understandings to familiarize you with your associates in this environment”, was added. I found I completely understood what the being explained. Though I tried to search for some image but found I could identify nothing, yet the thoughts conveyed were completely clear. We talked about a variety of things related to “facilitating”. Then the facilitators(s) were ready to make the first introduction and I was curious as to who or what that would be.

To my surprise, or perhaps it was not a surprise, Atur and Anosh1 were there. At this time it was curious that they extended their hands to shake hands. We spoke mostly socially, so to speak; as if the encounter was a formality of some sort. Then they both turned and disappeared. Suddenly there was a distortion, a loss of communication and I wondered what’s up. I thought there would be more to the facilitation than that so what’s with the dropout I wondered. Next I saw a face.

The figure was black, a metallic black; some reflected light revealed the slender face like a man’s but with sharp metallic features; sharp nose, chin; as a chiseled statuette. The figure had a black hood, and the face looked as it if was a mask, a gun metal blue mask. There was no communication just the masked face appearing quite clear, saying nothing. A moment later the face was gone and the facilitator was back. I asked who the previous individual was. “That is the Nadir”, said the facilitator 2.

The facilitator explained the Nadir (individual/culture) oppose the unification of various species for whatever purpose we are meeting which I don’t know. It was also explained that they primarily disrupt communications. I did not get the sense that there was an aggressive posture, rather they simply disrupted communication channels between groups. It seemed clear to me immediately that that was the disruption I experienced a moment prior. Though I can’t remember it all now, we communicated for a long enough time such that I became exhausted and so I returned.

Once back, out of curiosity, I quickly googled the name/word to see if I might find anything that pertained. I immediately found the definition of the word “nadir”. That is, the opposite direction to the zenith. “Opposite to” in general. Lowest points of person’s emotional states, or blood lab values, etc. It was remarkable that the sense of opposition was so clearly conveyed. The experience was simply remarkable

  1. Collection: First Pleiadian Encounters 
  2. The Nadir is again encountered January 10th, 2018. Tellaidian briefly comments on the matter.