Crystal Interference


Crystal Interference
April 24, 2017

I attempted a session this day moving through my focus level mnemonics in manual meditation. One difference, my large azurite and large celestite were close by, while using the fluorite as usual. One distraction, my sinuses were stuffy and I was often distracted by breathing. Overall the session was very unusual.

In focus 12 I began to hear someone speaking Russian, a women’s voice. I would have hardly noticed it, except it was occurring often and became obvious. Nothing transpired in 12 and so I migrated slowly to 21, but everything was confused. I kept loosing track of what level I was in, bewildered about what I was doing, forgetting what I intended. In 21 I planned to go to the Green Wall, then enter the City and ask the Minister a question I thought of this day.

On the way to the Wall, I saw the image of a man in his 50s to 60s, and I continued to hear someone speaking Russian; a couple of voices perhaps. The man had a long over-coat on. Blocking my view of him was another man who also had an over-coat on. His back was to me. I only saw his left shoulder and back. I viewed the face of a first man as he was looking over the shoulder of the second man whose back was to me. I was close, not even ten feet away, and observed that the first man was watching something as if looking out for something. In this view I saw perhaps half of that man’s face as the other man’s shoulder block a complete view of him. Then I regained focus of my mission to go see the Minister.

Getting through the Wall and entering the City, I found a bench that I was familiar near the pedestrian walk. I stayed there to get oriented. Then I started to the Tower. Suddenly I was somewhere else, and had to start my way to the Tower again. Finally I got to the Tower’s door and entered. I moved up the steps encircling counter-clockwise the Tower’s inner wall. Once at the top of the Tower I began to address the Minister, but suddenly I was back at the bench with someone talking to me. I could not understand what was going on and had to start again getting to the Tower. I got to the top floor again, then about to speak to the Minister I suddenly found myself on a path through a rich green hilltop with long grass. It was sunny and bright. Again I worked to be back in the Tower.

Finally I had control over speaking with the Minister and was able to ask him my question, “Sir, what is the meaning, or definition, of the concept of ‘truth’ here?” He gently replied, “It is a valid construct; verifiable”. I asked, “So how can I verify this construct, to know these experiences are true?”. To which he replied, “That will come in time….in time”. After this, given the difficulty in maintaining focus, I decided to leave. I’ve never had so much discontinuity before.

Here too, it was a bewildering exit. I got to the Green Wall and found myself just standing by it as if spaced out, forgetting what I was doing. It was hard to know when I was in the wall, and once out I still found everything to be bewildering. Eventually I exited.

Note to self: large azurite and celestite are too strong to be near while meditating; suspect mostly the large azurite; maybe i should this investigate further.