“Feel the Stones”

On occasion in my notes one may read my comment that I can or cannot “Feel the Stones”. What in the world does that mean?

“Feeling the Stones” is another one of my practices. I have 6 or 7 very large crystals on the order of 2-5 lbs each. In this practice I concentrate on feeling specifically the difference between the stones, or whether I can feel that at all. This exercises one’s non-normal perceptions while also training one’s sustained focus.

I arrange the stones at about arm’s reach and select a stone one at a time placing it directly before me. Often I use a rectangular guitar stool to sit on which allows space before me to set the stone down on; so the stone is close.

First I start with no stone and observe myself; my mood, feelings, physical state. I then switch one stone into position, needing a couple minutes to start detecting the changes in me. Can a person find one word to describe the feeling or perception one detects? It may not be a physical sensation, or maybe some specific part of your body does feel it. You may see ‘it’ as something like a deep emotion or a change in mood at a deep level. Does it effect you mind? Has anything changed spatially in your immediate vicinity?

It’s easier to note the contrast or difference between the stones by swapping stones selecting based on distinctly different stones. For example I may start with a large purple fluorite then switch to a celestite; completely different. From there I may go to a large amethyst and follow that with a rose quartz; again different.

The difference between a purple fluorite and an amethyst is subtle enough that it may be hard to detect the difference between that pair initially, whereas the difference between the fluorite and an celestite is quite distinct. This is what I call contrast. I do this well enough that I am sure if someone randomly switched stones for me while blindfolded I could tell them what stone they’ve swaping in.

Why the large stones? Think of it like a bathtub full of water. If I put one drop of green dye in the tub one may not notice a difference in the color of the water as the dye diffuses throughout, but if a person puts a cup of green dye in the bathtub the change in the water would be readily apparent. Or if one adds a teaspoon of hot water to a bath one may not feel that change, but if one pours a gallon of hot water into the tub that warmth is clearly noticed. For me large stones on the order of a few pounds work great for this exercise.

What a person can do if one does not have large stones (although this is much more complicate to switch) is to use small stones in a grid. For example I have 3 small fluorites, about two ounces each, and if I place then in a small triangle connecting the stones with high quality quartz blade points I can feel that quite clearly, but not so much one small stone alone. An easier solution is to use a pile of stones. It is a hassle to try and switch stone grids quickly enough to feel the changes when one is fussing with switching the smaller stones and arranging them in a grid but one can use small cloth bags or net bags or a sock and put in about one pound or more of the same stones together in the bag and then switch the bagged stones into position by swapping in the sock of stones; much more convenient then a grid and very effective.

There are times when I can do this exercise very well and other times I can’t feel anything at all. This is why I comment in my notes that I “can’t feel the stones”. This helps clarify in the notes that I’m not sensitive that day and so if the session is a dud it may certainly be me.

I’ll do this exercise about 30 minutes to an hour plus. By that time I am quite on. If I go get some coffee and come back to my seat the strength of all the stones together may be too much of a sudden contrast shift (the result of stepping out and back into the whole field) and I’ll quit the exercise for the day. That is walking out of the total field of all stones and then back into it can be very strong in contrast and may not feel good at all.

Note I often do not use ‘crystals’, I like rough stones tho most of the stones in my exercise happen to be crystals, but it’s not necessary. A pile of my rough iolites is very distinct and unique in feel. Also some crystal configurations work better than others. For example I have a large amethyst geode which actually makes me feel sick at very close range whereas my large amethyst open-face crystal is quite comfortable.

During the above exercise occasionally one gets deep insight into the nature of the stone. Again can you find one word to describe it? You may find that the feeling is very illusive but none-the-less there; keep studying it. I will say that much of the crystal-hype on the Internet is overblown marketing crap. Reading that stuff one thinks one gets vision into million year old histories, sees ten past lives, has OBEs, telepathic abilities, one even finds that their dishes are magically washed along with finding the car is waxed too. These embellished promises of psychic adventure are of course important to those franchises for sales. Best to forget all that when you do this practice.

Finally if you want to try this you don’t have to buy a bunch of big expensive crystals, or crystals at all. Large ‘rough clear rock quartz’ chunks are cheap. The goal here is to see if one can feel one type of rock.  Put the rocks in a sock and place them at arm’s length distance. Sit for awhile with nothing; note how you feel. Then reach over grab your sock full of clear rock quartz put it right in front of you close and observer. I often sit facing a table with the rocks at distance and then bring one rock to the edge of the table so it is inches from me. Then maybe after 10 minutes put it away and sense what you change back to.  After 5 or 10 minutes put the sock of quartz in front of you again.  Feel it now, any change in you? After a while if you begin to detect something, keep practicing to really lock in on identifying that change. Put on some F12 hemi-sync if you wish and do the exercise. You can also do this lying down alternately lying the sock full if rocks on your chest and moving the rocks away arm’s length.

It may take awhile as one typically has not looked into this space throughout one’s life. Once you notice it you’ll start getting the hang of it. When ready for a the second type of stone pick something distinctly different from the clear quartz, like a deep blue or purple family stone. Be patient.

If you’re having a difficult times with this, try this exercise while having optimal Earth shielding. See the chart in Sidereal Time and Psychic Ability

Lastly I think everyone should have some good quality deep purple amythest (not faded) and rose quartz given our stressful lifestyles. Are you surprised I did not suggest some grounding stones?

Off topic, below is a pix of my blue kyanite bar I use to recover from soul-retrieval strains. I take this stone to TMI for the advanced courses in the event I or others need this first-aid. In the past a couple of people have successfully benefited from this stone for their own psychic strains as well.